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  1. 5 minutes ago, creditwhereitsdews said:

    Ronan Dixon going to Halifax by the sounds of it. Enjoyed watching him play – and all the others who are going.

    Will the last player out please turn off the lights.

    Tbh we were lucky to keep these players this season, they could have gone elsewhere for more money. Here's an idea why don't we pay our past players and rent then we might be able to spend more on new players 😉

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  2. 3 hours ago, STEVE P said:

    I know it's not altogether related to the Rams, but I just wanted somewhere to express my sadness at the death of Rob Burrow.

    What a fight the boy put up, but then who would have expected anything else from him. 

    Rest in peace  young man, and love to all your family. 

    A warrior on and off the field. RIP Rob Burrow 💙😢

  3. 19 minutes ago, Kelsey The Ram 97 said:

    People come to watch if there's success on the field like you say, if you're getting beat most weeks people don't bother coming unfortunately.

    Am I right in thinking he was going to take the RFL to court after winning the GF and then did a 180?

    I was only 3 back then so I don't know a great deal about the story 🙈

    McDermott stood on the town hall steps and he said he would do whatever it takes to get us into super league after winning the grand final. All sorts of rumours going round, one was saying he took a backhander. 

  4. 1 hour ago, coolie said:

    We need Huddersfield to step up with some quality. 

    We seem to be getting the 

    S.hi..t end of the stick in D/R

    Nevermind their reserves coming first above us 🤔

    Unfortunately certain giants player’s come with quite a hefty loan fee.

    McGowan,Rodgers and Carr to name just the three,and guess what,surprise surprise they are at Bradford Bulls.

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  5. O'Connor is nearing a return, Ronan Dixon should be back for the Fev game along with Dale Ferguson. All three players will strengthen the team. 

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  6. A home game after three on the road and 3 defeats,last 2 heavy losses. 
    New coach and what a game for Marchy to start as head coach ,Toulouse. If I’m honest I don’t know what to expect on Saturday,can Paul lift the players ,how will the players respond to his coaching and how he does things. Toulouse have had a mixed start to their season,two wins and four losses,admittedly three of the defeats have come at Sheffield,Bradford and Wakefield.

    I’ll go.

    Rams 10

    Toulouse 22

    Fts Turner

    Mom Davies

    Att 458

  7. To be honest I didn’t expect a win yesterday,but I didn’t expect a tonking either. To concede 50 points to a team that in my opinion are going to be down at the bottom end of the table like us is not good. I didn’t go so I can’t really comment on the performance,but the score line tell me everything I need to know. The feedback what I’m getting from the supporters that did go is our fitness and how poor it is. Where’s young Rush from the Giants,anyone know? 

  8. 36 minutes ago, Crown Flatter said:

    If Lewis Carr’s touchdown was ruled out for a forward pass, shouldn’t their second try also been have disallowed?

    I’d say so.

  9. Having watched the highlights it was a game of two halves. Conceding four tries in 9 minutes is very poor. A very good second half and scoring some good tries,thought we were unlucky to have the Carr try ruled out. We need to stop the offloads when we’ve got 2 and 3 men in the tackle. Anyway onto the Swinton game,who also like to offload in the tackle.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Blind side johnny said:

    Turner back in the squad but no Rush again - anyone know why?

    Maybe Rush’s injury is worse than they thought. Biggest surprise is the inclusion of Brad Graham. I’d start with Beckett and Dixon at prop to hopefully put on front foot.

    Barrow 22

    Rams 10

    fts Whiteley

    mom Davies 

  11. 53 minutes ago, RogerT said:

    So onto Whitehaven Batley go at the weekend, now I never know whether there nickname is Jam Eaters or Marra's.

    I understand the old Woodman away bus isn't going so it looks like the support for the lads will be a bit lacking. I particularly don't want to listen to the very biased radio commentary. 

    Aren’t they running buses from the Victoria pub Carlinghow now?

  12. Thought O’Connor,Turner and Rush were big losses for us,especially in the kicking game. Widnes were nothing special in my opinion,their bench made a difference,especially Fozard who caused us plenty of problems. I still believe that this team can get enough wins for us to avoid relegation,but we’ll see. Anyway we go on the road now for our next 3 games so we’ll see where we are at the end of the month. 

  13. 22 hours ago, horbury ram said:

    Officials for sunday

    • Referee: M. Lynn
    • Reserve Referee: J. Collier
    • Touch Judge 1: P. Brooke
    • Touch Judge 2: L. O'brien
    • Time Keeper: G. Kershaw

    Personally I've not heard of this referee,but it's not about the officials it's about us. Another tough game but it's one I think we can win,but to do so I think we'll have to up our performance from last week against Batley. Will we go with the same team as last week or will we restore Restall to full back 🤔  In the past we've moaned about chopping and changing the side other than for injuries or suspensions. For me personally I'd stick with the same team.

    Rams 16

    Widnes 12

    Fts Whiteley 



    Att who knows 🤷‍♂️

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  14. 1 hour ago, Blind side johnny said:

    Scrum half or stand off?

    I saw a short video clip of the Giants A team against London and he seems to prefer playing a little wider, so stand off would probably be best. Maybe with Hookem at hooker as well. Looking at the 21 that has been listed Dale will have some interesting decisions to make.

    I’d put him at stand off. Hookem at hooker and with Dixon back from suspension that will give us more power in the forwards. Restall back to fullback with O’Connor back in centre.

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  15. 13 hours ago, distantdog said:

    Have you had lots of injuries to the original members of your squad this season?

    Not that I’m aware of. I don’t like DR but there are bigger clubs than us with bigger budgets that are hooking up with clubs so why not us. Due to Dale been very poorly in the off-season our preparation and recruitment was disrupted so Dale probably asn’t seen enough of some players just to throw them in,we could get away with it last season in league one but not in the championship. Anyway with a bit of luck we can get one or two players in on long term loans,especially Rush.

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  16. 7 minutes ago, creditwhereitsdews said:

    Is Sykesy still suspended? We seemed to do OK without him against Halifax

    No,he served his suspension against York and Halifax. I’d start with Rush in the halves.

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