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  1. As much as I would love to have seen a tour next year, I dont think it should come as a huge surprise after a world cup. In my opinion we should plan for a 3 or 4 year international calendar, building up to an Ashes tour in 2025 maybe, possibly multiple teams touring. I understand a touring squad carrying 2 teams is probably difficult to finance.

    2023 - England play France, Wales. Knights play in Euros.

    2024 - England, France, Wales, Knights play touring Kiwis team(s) 

    2025 - England, France, Wales, Knights play touring Aussie team(s)

    Having this calendar in place means a concerted advert campaign can be built, including wheelchair and women's teams etc.

    I think having an actual set in stone plan would benefit everyone rather than constantly having questions and updates every 2 months on what the hell is going on. Stadiums can be booked ahead of time, players can be visiting in between to promote, create a buzz with the build up.

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  2. 30 minutes ago, David Shepherd said:

    Bradford as a Cat B sticks out like a sore thumb.

    The assessment process can't have been that rigorous, they were in administration about 10 minutes later.

    Think of it like an MOT, you go and get your car checked, it passes with flying colours, that doesnt mean that car will now run for 12 months without a failure.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, sentoffagain2 said:

       With Leigh Leopards,Halifax Panthers,Cas Tigers, Swinton Lions, and Keighley Cougars,i hope someone is keeping them well fed.Or we may be viewing from behind wire fences.At least Wakey have dispensed with Wildcats

    I'm hoping some team calls themselves after the Civet, that's the cat that eats and defecates coffee beans to make Kopi Luwak coffee....then we can get back to shirts with an anus on it...

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  4. 3 hours ago, Tommygilf said:

    Grade A is Grade A.

    That point and the expectations of it will shift over time - at one point Odsal was state of the art, it no longer is at all for example. Or it may be that averaging 10k attendees isn't deemed worthy of Grade A in 6 years time on its own if lots of clubs have reached that point.

    As I said, the advantage of being strongly in the A category (or B for that matter) is that you have a decent buffer in place before you drop to B (or C). That's a reward for what work you have already put in, but most will want to maintain their score; hence continual improvement.

    I would hope the criteria is also reviewed at least as often as the clubs are.

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  5. 53 minutes ago, Chrispmartha said:

    Hasn't it been stated that it looks like only 4 clubs will get Cat A status?

    Id suggest that is not as many as people thought I think we can safely say 3 of those will be Leeds Wigan and Saints, Id say that if they aren't Cat A then nobody should be.

    But ATM its pure speculation and we don't know what the actual criteria is so Im not sure what you mean but "if the criteria had seemed more achievable"?

    Unless Ive missed where they have specified it?

    I would be amazed if being Cat A means any club is totally exempt from oversight, there will still be criteria and things those Cat A clubs will need to do to keep that category, and it will be an ongoing check.

  6. 55 minutes ago, Fevrover said:

    No certainly not but even some fans on here are fed up of it being Saints all the time so i asked what it brought to the game fair question.

    I am too, but what it brings to the game is a target for all the other clubs to aim for. I dont see the point though, theres literally nothing Saints should be doing to stop themselves winning it again, its not their problem.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Oxford said:

    Well, Hello dkw!

    I read somewhere that cat A means they'll have exemption for a number of years so that effectively means they'll not be relegated and gives them time to sort themselves out if it becomes an issue.

    I don't know who's involved in the criteria for giving out status but I am more or less certain who will be given which category. I am also pretty sure that certain clubs will be a shoe-in which convinces me of its real purpose.

    If the criteria had seemed more achievable for certain clubs and a time frame to get there I'd be far less suspicious though that may be due to the way it's been reported.

    I'd really love to see criteria that stretched the top clubs as well but so far I've seen little to no evidence they'll even be asked to break out in a sweat!



    I`m almost certain I read somewhere that even though they are Cat A they are still reviewed, and if they get downgraded they can then be relgated.

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  8. 4 minutes ago, pgilmour said:

    Is this not the case why some good players went due to money owed issues and some refused to play.??

    Not sure, but staff and players are apparently refusing to start preseason until they get paid what they're owed.

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  9. 1 hour ago, The Voodooguru said:

    If the meeting doesn't go well tomorrow night at the wreck do you think we could get a couple of players back? 

    This about them being owed a load of money from last season?

  10. 14 hours ago, silverfox said:

    Very confusing  the pricing to watch Town  this coming season . Kids £25 a season ticket  or £2 match day 

    Concessions £15 match day or                   £12 early bird  .                                         Adults £18 match day                               £15 early bird  .                                         Now I see Adults can get a season ticket  deal  for £99.95  5p short of £10 per match  .  So that makes it cheaper than the concession cheapest  price of £12 . So is there a price for a concession  season ticket.              Adults are either getting a £8 match day or £5 early bird  reduction buying a season ticket . 

    I dont see it as being confusing as such, but I`m surprised there no concessions season tickets though, is there usually one? 

  11. 13 hours ago, Welshleaguelover said:


    If he crossed over now then he'd be at least serviceable halfback in both super league and the NRL at the very least.



    I disagree on this bit, I think he could play in RL at a decent level, but I dont think he has the time to change his game to fit SL as a half back at all. 

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