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  1. Which bit? I love reading stuff like this, its such a great story and its the kind of thing the RFL should be jumping all over for PR stuff.
  2. " you need to tell him it was a high tackle son" "Sigh, I know mam, i know".... "Just trying to help, I can stop helping if you want....."
  3. Ecclestone will be one starting winger surely, and I know they are actively looking for another winger.
  4. I know its a bit simplistic but me and some mates were talking about it a few weeks ago, all ex players and the biggest worry we have is now you get multiple players tackling low, rather than one high one low, so all its doing is heightening the chances of tacklers clashing heads. The whole thing makes no sense to me.
  5. I still dont understand how any findings into this thinks high tackles is the main problem for concussion. Every ex pro or semi pro ive spoken to about it believe the majority they can ever remember were from either tacklers getting their heads in the wrong position, accidental head clashes (with opponents heads, knees, elbows etc) or from heads hitting the ground hard.
  6. Excellent news, really hope they get sorted.
  7. What is the saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention". Maybe L1 going to ###### will see the 1895 competition evolve into a very good competition.
  8. Might add a few to the crowd too, a proper showman worth paying money to watch in his previous stint with us.
  9. It will also likely be on the same bloody channel on Sky, so yeah, sooo confusing. No surprise to see who posted that negative as quickly as possible though.
  10. I`ve a feeling it was the other way round, the RFL. Sky, IMG etc endeavored to get all games on a live feed for just this reason, to get it into the betting main stream, as theres a ridiculous amount of money to be made on it.
  11. Totally agree with this, and I cant understand any Town fan that wants the club to splash out on overseas players etc after the last few years seeing clubs get into financial trouble doing that over and over. I think the way were recruiting is bang on last season and into this one, build in the right way within the financial restrictions the club has. Or would you rather see our club fighting for its existence the end of every season after throwing money at loads of expensive imports like our neighbours?
  12. I wish more clubs would look at doing adventurous stadiums, instead we get boring identikit designs. Chelsea had some design for the old Battersea power station that looked amazing, instead it's ended up as boring flats and shops.
  13. He's recently changed job I think.
  14. Oh yeah, I have no way of knowing either, just anything I`ve seen like this in industry has been entirely based on profit (though obviously a lot more nuanced than just that).
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