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  1. Would hope so, they've built pitches at top stadiums round the world and are one of the best.
  2. I wonder if that Maryport firm would be the supplier for the pitch?
  3. I'm thinking more of that time they made my team Workington play Swinton which they decided about 2 weeks before the end of the season, with a coin toss to decide venue.
  4. You think the RFL will have thought that far ahead? They will change this anyway about 2 weeks before the end of the league, then flip a coin for where to paly them if the last few years are anything to go by.
  5. Is there a link to somewhere that shows its a grant and not a repayment?
  6. Does anyone know if this Town funding thing is a loan or an grant? There's nothing on the government site or in the letter that the oaf has put on his Facebook page to show which it is. I still think 5000 is too small a capacity unless its easily extendable.
  7. is that 7 plus whatever the Kolpak rule is now also or 7 in total? Either way 7 is far too many, how is it right that a club can have half its team as overseas players, no wonder we cant progress young players into teams.
  8. Not if its stated in the T's & C's that it's non refundable if games are called of.
  9. fantastic people, genuinely beautiful souls....until they cross that white line then they want to separate the top half of your body from the bottom half...
  10. Genuinely peeved that we have very little chance of seeing much of this on Sky this season, some of the games between the top teams will be fantastic spectacles and I can see this being a better league than the Super League. Not quite as good as watching League 1, obviously but still very good....
  11. As ever I`m jealous of how this club is ran, it does so many things well off the pitch. Good luck to them, they have more of a presence in our area than our 2 semi pro teams have had in years and have some great amateur lads in their set up.
  12. Hes done quite well for us, looks a decent prospect. I think he needs to bulk up a bit, and surprisingly he isnt that great under the high ball...
  13. Weve had this where I work, the first and second time someone tested positivity they were offered help with the problem. Both times the guy said it wasnt a problem, it wont happen again etc. It did happen again and he was sacked, only for the union to fight the company for not helping him. The biggest part of any recovery from any addiction is to admit the problem, unfortunately some people just cant/wont.
  14. Again, it will depend on the wording in the contract. If it states Leigh are entirely liable for full payments as per all others, then they will need to pay the full payment. If it doesn't, they wont. Its totally contractual this, there`s no grey area`s, or at least there shouldn't be, if it is then its been written terribly.
  15. Good summary, this is all down to what was agreed and signed for surely. If good old Degsy has agreed to take on all current and future financial liabilities associated with SL then he has to pay up. If it wasnt signed for then he has an argument not to pay up.
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