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  1. Footballers are constantly trying to con refs, claiming throw ins, corners, pulling shirts etc, so it absolutely does happen in football.
  2. Horrible news, absolutely devastating news, from such a high of his debut to the lowest imaginable.
  3. Whitehaven fan I think, going by his posts on the Workington forum. So if he has seen every single London game that's a hell of an effort to see a team he doesn't like.
  4. Greg Bird is a disgrace and needs banning for that, cheating cretin.
  5. Welsh Rugby Union was definitely bad for it, several great Welsh RL converts will attest to that.
  6. Have they said they want bulls to go under? Or want to see no rl in Bradford?
  7. All kickers are now to be fitted with jet packs.
  8. You keep saying this, but as yet have shown us no evidence of people wanting Bradford to go under. I think you need to take your tinfoil hat off.
  9. What a result that is, against all the odds, incredible effort by Canberra.
  10. The amount of decisions that go the storms way is genuinely embarrassing, is there some kind of desperation to get Smith a fatty tale ending?
  11. I get the feeling he does everything at pace, brushes his teeth fast, wipes his ass fast, puts his clothes on fast....
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