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  1. I`m not sure what you thought you were doing with this, but its not what you did do....at all. This is pathetic.
  2. I seem to remember this was actually discussed a while back, but I cant remember what the outcome was. Its basically how the NFL draft works isnt it?
  3. Yeah, it's disgusting when a Club demands a change in the rules like say an increase in the salary cap....
  4. dkw

    2020 Squad

    What about his Spanish cousin, Juan?
  5. dkw

    2020 Squad

    Seems Charlo is a big fan of the blues brothers.....
  6. 1 Saints 2 Warrington 3 Hull 4 Cas 5 Wigan 6 Toronto 7 Leeds 8 Salford 9 wakey 10 cats 11 Hull kr 12 Huddersfield
  7. Absolutely this, nothing worse than seeing a number 5 on the wrong side of the pitch, or even worse in the pack..
  8. He will have made well over $100k in 12 months I think, I read somewhere that anyone getting to the train ons are guaranteed that kind of money.
  9. Excellent getting Connor in, O'brien comes with a good reputation so it will be enjoyable sering how he goes next season.
  10. Toronto are looking after the squad, just announced the signing of James cunningham and Brad Singleton.
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