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  1. Is there any way of showing games on a Sunday at 3pm online, maybe a paid subscription? I would happily pay a normal entrance fee to see some old games.... As long as they are ones we won ha ha.
  2. Ah right, the late one is a replay. I hoped it was 2 different games.
  3. So which games are live today? I notice BBC have a game on the red button at 5ish, are there any others on BBC or ourleague?
  4. I dont mind refs making mistakes like that though, they will happen. The game is incredibly fast now so you have to expect and accept refs mistakes. With Childs it has always been more about his lack of control in games and the way players seem able to influence him far too much. Last night though he was excellent in everything he did.
  5. I dont rate Childs at all, I think hes often far too weak in games but last night he was excellent, was very assertive in his decisions and for once distanced himself from the players and made sure they didnt try and control him.
  6. Brilliant come back by salford, what a tackle at the end by sarginson.
  7. Mitch Clark always makes me laugh, his running action makes him look like he's going a lot faster than he actually is.
  8. I thought it was a poor game too, loads of errors especially in the first half and 2 teams with very little in attack. But at least they can be forgiven as its the first match, these 2 tonight don't have that excuse.
  9. Refs need to penalise Charnley, holds a defender in the tackle every single bloody time.
  10. I think we should treat this as a game we could win and should go with the strongest team we have.
  11. Sounds like a great effort by the team, went down to a few early tries but fought back well.
  12. Yes, I do think it's feasible, it will certainly mean certain teams will no longer need to just rely on being the 2nd worst team in the league anymore. We will see more teams getting into SL, and those teams then have time to nurture young players and feed them into the first team. A knock on effect will also see the championship strengthen too.
  13. Yes, absolutely. I've said this on here before, way before Toronto were evern thought of. I think it should be all the way down all the leagues too.
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