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  1. I know for a fact the luxury car dealerships around Lancashire and Yorkshire had a good month then.
  2. Heard its the same as last season, needs to be out of the country a certain amount of time to be eligible for a visa. Until the lats sorted we can't announce anything really.
  3. They will next season after weekly batterings.
  4. I think it's very telling that sbw is basically the main part of the super league video, he has brought huge kudos and Interest from non rl people that I know. His impact could be quite significant in introducing new fans to the game. Is he at the forefront of all the stuff the Wolfpack are doing in Canada?
  5. Which of the idiots is he, donnyman? Because he is mental.
  6. Leigh fans infatuation and hatred of all things Toronto is so weirdly extreme, I looked on rlfans and its borderline psychotic on there. Many people on here put across there dislike or scepticism really well with thought out reasoning. Leigh fans though, just garbage whataboutery and made up nonsense.
  7. It's always amazed me that an individual taking a club into debt is deemed acceptable but God forbid someone put there own cash into a club to take them above their "level", what are they playing at, that's not rugby league.
  8. Its a good job those clubs have never been selfish and insular, and always put the game first in all situations......hmmmm
  9. There are sharia banks I believe, though I have no idea how they work.
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