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  1. Other than being short, a double movement and a knock on it was a perfectly fine try...
  2. Kiwis getting robbed here... No way that was a try.
  3. You seriously claiming scrum halves never run an angle from a scrum? Really?
  4. Some real straw grabbing going on here, if that scrum try had been disallowed it would have been ridiculous. Ask yourself if you've ever seen a try disallowed or any team penalised for having a scrum half do that, because I haven't. The obstruction is a penalty now simply because the attacking player stopped in the defensive line. Its a rubbish rule as it doesnt take into account a bad read by a defender but its the rules now and has been for a few seasons. The strip was a strip the ref missed, he made a mistake, the same as pretty much every player on the pitch made a mistake during the game.
  5. How about this, now bare with me as I know its a little extreme but I think it just might work. For Full back....we pick the best full back available. For wingers.....we pick the best wingers available. For centres......we pick the best centres available. For stand off....we pick the best stand off available. For scrum half....we pick the best scrum half available. For Prop....we pick the best Prop available. For second rowers....we pick the best second rowers available. For Loose forward....we pick the best Loose forward available. Or we carry in just fitting in the best 13 players as best we can and continue to lose games we could be winning,
  6. Roosters just got outplayed by a team with an English core, saints will go well against them.
  7. Nice to see do many saints players crediting salford and there fans.
  8. It's not an opinion, it's fact. I've seen players family on the pitch for as long as I can remember watching rl, often after the last game of the season. But hey, you enjoy wallowing in your misery.
  9. Seeing lomax celebrating its easy to forget its not long ago his career was almost over, he's done fantastic the last few years to get to this point.
  10. It's a shame this salford team is going to be stripped next year, would have been interesting to see just how good they would be with a couple of additions.
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