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  1. I seem to think far too often that no one hates RL more than RL fans....
  2. I thought France's discipline was much better on the whole too, often after a start like that they would lose their heads.
  3. Between O'Brien, Fitzy and Caine Barnes for me, went with Caine in the end as I thought he was immense, especially in the first half if the season.
  4. Yes, he would have been defending exactly where the player was after throwing the dummy. But that's not the point, you can't run into a defender as a dummy runner.
  5. I can't see how you don't think it's an obstruction. He ran at lomax. It's blatant.
  6. My main take from this is this ref needs brought into SL.
  7. But it was obstruction, do you want them to ignore it because it was a good try?
  8. Been a very good and equal contest since the 20th minute onwards, really enjoyed it.
  9. It was 9 times more than it needed to be as its blatantly obstruction.
  10. Brilliant news, good luck to him.
  11. Going on his previous rumours I would take anything donald says with an EU mountain sized pinch of salt.
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