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  1. No idea, but it sounds like a problem with too many ego`s in one place.
  2. Another load of directors have walked today, leaving only 4 from the original 12 at he start of the season.
  3. Holmes is an excellent signing and a big loss to cas, he's a very good player both in defence and attack. Not so sure about matautia though, often flatters to deceive and doesn't play to his capabilities sometimes.
  4. I'll give him 15 to 1 odds. Which means if he puts £10 on it....he'll lose £10.
  5. It's because of the license holder quiting apparently, big fall out amongst the directors with a load leaving.
  6. Richardson should be penalised for that, horrible to see.
  7. That's a nasty one, I don't think it was intended to do that kind of damage but it was pretty uncontrolled.
  8. That microphone on Carney is so weird, matched with that jacket he looks like he's missing a great big medallion.
  9. My comment was at almost exactly the same time as yours...so maybe I meant the Hull fans at the game booing. Unless of course I'm now a mind reader and knew what you were writing.
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