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  1. He's a brilliant coach and a better bloke. Hopefully over the years he keeps this attitude.
  2. dkw


    Really sad news, RIP Marra....
  3. Watching Ratchford Interview I now know why it's so hard to tackle him, his nose goes the opposite way to the rest of him, confuses defenders.
  4. He needs to let him of the leash too, stop making him play to such a structured game. Look at the young uns at Hull, cas etc, they are definitely allowed to play a much more off the cuff game.
  5. Brilliant stuff by the Welsh, it's a great story for their half backs if nothing else. I wish nothing but good on our sheep loving brethren, had some belting away days with them.
  6. It still looks to me like Harry Smith is being held back from his natural game, he was a lot more direct, played at the line in the games against the young aussies earlier this year.
  7. Keep having to check I've not turned the NFL on without realising.
  8. Should have wrote on it "sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads
  9. Yeah but other than all that horrible stuff......they got of lightly I tells ya. A real punishment would have seen them all doing this...
  10. They need to ensure the clubs and their coaching personnel understand the knock on from this, the onus is entirely on them to treat the game and the ref with the respect it deserves rather than constantly finding little inches to steal. The medical staff are professionals whos entire existence within the game is to ensure the physical (and mental) condition of the players is looked after, they are not there to influence games and con refs. Any of them found to be doing so should be punished immediately, and punished harshly. This isnt a coach telling a player to pretend to be injured to stop the game, thats bad enough but its sporting people trying it on. A medical professional should have nothing to do with that kind of thing at all, otherwise it could be to the detriment of the players they are tasked with looking after.
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