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  1. Or, would it be better to give those tests to vulnerable people, or the NHS workers, or other workers who are constantly in contact with the public?
  2. I think there's some Rose tinted glasses regarding old scrums, the reason they evolved into uncontested ones was they were an absolute mess taking far too much time in a game. Watching older games during lockdown scrums were easily the worst thing about them.
  3. Seeing the size of Canada you may need to stretch that song out to 999999 bottles of beer on the wall...
  4. Good riddance to an archaic restart thats no longer relevant in Rugby League.
  5. Nice straw-man, no one has said they shouldn't or don`t "Engage" with them, just not antagonise them.
  6. Education is often a better way round things than punishment, in this case I wonder if they talked to the referee about this before deciding on the punishment.
  7. I was talking more about the SL teams like wigan, saints, Leeds etc who have fans travelling around the country to their games, it's not the same with in lower leagues as theres very few (if any) who would travel to workington other than the die hard and away fans.
  8. Its sort of both, the clubs rely on the fans who turn up to every single game, they need the steady income and backing. Strangely though they are probably the least "profitable" match day goers for clubs, the ones who have a season ticket, go to their local pub before games with their mates, go to the game, then back to their local pub.The big money lies in the day trippers, the ones who go go the stadium bars, buy in the club shop, buy the programme, the sponsors lounge dwellers etc. Its the same in all top level sport now, the die hards arent who are being targeted money wise as they know theirs no point.
  9. There`s a rumour Leneghan owes around £500k in stadium rental costs and that`s possibly why he`s using the purchase of the football club as a negotiating tool.
  10. The most ridiculous thing about this is it wasnt even the bloody refs decision, it was the video ref so he was aiming his abuse at the wrong target. Should get an extra 2 games for that the moron.
  11. Many of those same lower league fans would be more than happy if the SL became a closed shop of 14 teams that included them.
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