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  1. Fully agree with this, I think its a horrible thing to admit but at the moment both us and Haven are in a situation where we cant afford to stay in this league, but also its unlikely either of us will have the money to survive in the Championship. Its really ###### but thats the reality. Either of us trying to supplement a local squad with the required level of player from Lancashire/Yorkshire will as usual have to pay over the odds, and at the moment theres several Championship clubs who have a hell of a lot more money than us.
  2. And the jameater ruin another thread, great. Getting back to the topic, league express has a rumour thorman is in the running to be assistant manager at Hull KR, and there's no real mention of the union job. Its not inconceivable that he gives back word on the union job, it us allowed and I'd much rather see him stay in our game, even if it isn't at town. He's obviously talented and is a genuinely decent bloke.
  3. Both clubs would need a big squad building exercise to survive in the championship, I said as much last season when we had a chance of going up. It's a very strong league now and is only going to get stronger. I would say you need at least 6 first choice players to even get close to surviving. Do haven have the money for that?
  4. Well if anyone would know about dodgy financial dealings its a jameater.
  5. So if they leave why wont we have the money we were paying them now? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
  6. Oh look, another daft jameater who knows all about towns finances. It's amazing how you lot know so much
  7. Just says Rooney is in the running for it, hardly an amazing exclusive.
  8. Stop saying we you daft sod.
  9. Well according to the league express they will tell us tomorrow who we have lined up as next seasons coach.
  10. Strange that eh, and the young players brought in were excellent. We get people complaining that young players don't get enough chances, yet saints play them and there's complains about under strength teams.
  11. The teams around London should have won more games then, saints have a squad to pick from and used it. Why bother have a squad then if your not allowed to pick from it. It's a ###### excuse.
  12. Footballers are constantly trying to con refs, claiming throw ins, corners, pulling shirts etc, so it absolutely does happen in football.
  13. Horrible news, absolutely devastating news, from such a high of his debut to the lowest imaginable.
  14. Whitehaven fan I think, going by his posts on the Workington forum. So if he has seen every single London game that's a hell of an effort to see a team he doesn't like.
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