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  1. I seem to think far too often that no one hates RL more than RL fans....
  2. I thought France's discipline was much better on the whole too, often after a start like that they would lose their heads.
  3. Between O'Brien, Fitzy and Caine Barnes for me, went with Caine in the end as I thought he was immense, especially in the first half if the season.
  4. Yes, he would have been defending exactly where the player was after throwing the dummy. But that's not the point, you can't run into a defender as a dummy runner.
  5. I can't see how you don't think it's an obstruction. He ran at lomax. It's blatant.
  6. But it was obstruction, do you want them to ignore it because it was a good try?
  7. Been a very good and equal contest since the 20th minute onwards, really enjoyed it.
  8. It was 9 times more than it needed to be as its blatantly obstruction.
  9. Brilliant news, good luck to him.
  10. Going on his previous rumours I would take anything donald says with an EU mountain sized pinch of salt.
  11. How many were injured, how many were returning from injuries, how many had illness issues (covid etc?) how many were out of form?
  12. Its a very good signing for Widnes, and a big loss for town. He was superb on the wing for the first half of the season, and frankly was playing below his level. He moved to full back and was equally as impressive, but I do think wing is his better position.
  13. Great news all round, if the Australians and NZ`ers aren't interested in a viable international programme then we need to create one without them and include as many nations as possible.
  14. I`ve never had a problem with a ref making a mistake, I guarantee they make less than the players do every single game. There are poor refs out there, as much as there are poor players, and some have failings that do annoy me (Childs for example). What really gets me though is when a coach/owner comes out and complains about a ref at the end of a game, after that same coach has set his team up to try and "push the rules" as far as they can.
  15. Its why I still believe a promoted team needs at least 2 seasons of protection against relegation, its getting harder and harder for a team to build in time for a new season. London did the best so far and still got relegated. The promoted side have a real struggle signing quality and have to scramble around for whats left basically, while hoping to get some average overseas players.
  16. Its the first thing I though when I saw the title
  17. Newcastle sign Alex Foster, excellent signing that.
  18. C4 would be crazy not to involve Adam Hills, he's perfect to lead the sport on there channel if they do get involved.
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