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  1. Theres nothing funnier than seeing someone so certain that their opinion is actual fact, only to find out he doesn't even watch half the players he`s discussing. In my opinion the Earth is 100% hotter than Mercury, I have no doubt about this, even though I've only actually ever been on the Earth.
  2. Perfect kind of band for these games, lots of the crowd will know their songs, even if they dont realise it before hand. Better than some random from the BBC1 playlist stomping around miming to a backing tape.
  3. dkw

    IMG Review

    Nah sorry you're wrong, he`s not getting boring now, he`s been boring for bloody ages....
  4. I completely zoned out in the second half after the ridiculous VR call gave Panthers a try, that was pretty much game over.
  5. Bbc sport Cumbria have Blain Marwood as signed too on twitter
  6. Great stuff, very happy he's signed back on.
  7. Good point, he'll know him well from Elbra.
  8. You know we've played the crusaders that Murray has been at in the past 4 years, right? And you know for a fact he knows nothing about the lad whos been playing at a Welsh club? And no, you don't know for certain, how can you? Unless your name is Cassandra.
  9. Obviously not our coach. How about you give the lad a bloody chance.
  10. Couple of good signings, bit of size into the pack which we obviously need.
  11. http://www.townrlfc.com/article/728/season-2022---presentation-night-awards-&-update-statement?fbclid=IwAR36e9d9gOIsH7Y_GHo8OVv9AAk5CIu_ME8K-2vLxxOHP98ikBHkaDSaWDM
  12. So apparently the ref in the bunker is a Penrith referees life member....that's going down well on twitter ha ha...
  13. Ha ha, this is getting ridiculous now, these bunker decisions are farcical.
  14. That's been a penalty all season, that's a disgrace.
  15. Panthers have completely shut down Para'ssecond phase stuff, killed any chance of an offload and that's where a lot of tries have came from for them this season.
  16. How on earth did the ref claim that was played at, ridiculous.
  17. Imagine the reaction if had to put up with that at the SL grand final ha ha...
  18. Looks like Para have blown themselves out.
  19. Panthers cleverly are going down there right side when everyone expected them to go left.
  20. They knocked on literally as the commentary said there had been no mistakes ha ha...
  21. Lovely ground this, unless Para lose then its a disgraceful surface...
  22. NRL budget dwarfs the RFL, of course their grand final is going to be bigger and better. Maybe ticket prices to our grand final should be doubled so we can have karaoke too, I'm sure the fans would fully accept that with no whinging at all...
  23. Partington and Mccarthy Scarsbrook have to be in there somewhere surely.
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