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  1. I meant more the inside the 10 from a kick thing, they were being much more lenient if a player just stood around. I get that sort of, but even not interfering could take the attention of a defender. Imagine if Ellery Hanley played now, he'd really struggle with the downtown rule, he spent half his time in the defending teams line when his team had the ball...
  2. They've changed in the NRL to that kind of thing I think, so if a players within 10 but has no impact on the play at all it's ignored.
  3. Lewis getting a lot more involved... And there's a try on the back of it.
  4. Belting try but shocking defending. Moylan barely even bothered.
  5. See jambos have sacked a player, quite hypocritical considering there handling of Dion Aiyre.
  6. Was told its something to do with this case, maybe he didn't stay away from alcohol.
  7. Been to court for beating a woman up at a football match apparently, so they've sacked him. Bit hypocritical considering the way they acted over Dion Aiyre, this is a case from last year where's he's just been sentenced.
  8. Is Litten likely to be one of the very few sellable assets they have? He`s a quality player, big loss if true.
  9. Its ###### but most ticket sales sites do this now, they wont let you buy 2 of 3 together seats. Right pain in the ###### when your looking for tickets.
  10. Wasnt it about £1k difference?
  11. What a disgusting and unneeded personal attack that is, at least have the guts to put your name to it.
  12. No the new amazing superstar full back Gebbie who has been dropped. Saying on there forum he's not fit, not bothering in training etc. The prison dodger is a separate issue that we all just need to move on from apparently ...
  13. It sounds like he's been offered several alternative places to put the flag but decided he didn't want to. I'll be honest if I'd paid good money for a sponsors board and it was blocked out then I wouldn't be happy either. Hopefully it all gets sorted though, just all sounds very unnecessary. In brighter news looks like our friends down the road are already turning on their new PNG messiah. Real shame that.
  14. No we don't, no idea where you got that from, just reads like someone making a point so you can praise the amazing NRL. "That kind of player" has always been praised and appreciated in this country, more so than most other types.
  15. Anyone know the attendance, shame we've now had 2 home games clash with a Utd v Liverpool game that always sees lower crowds.
  16. Our pack is excellent, just missing a bit of mongrel and maybe some size. Walton, JJ, Stevie, baby Vince and the rest all make great contributions both with and without the ball, all steered superbly by Matty. Getting the PNG lad will add size and hopefully he's aggressive.
  17. Jake looked like he was struggling with an injury 2nd half yet kept taking it in, making his tackles etc. Belting player.
  18. He caught it almost on our 40 line, was marvellous.
  19. 4 times? One was never obstruction he just made it up, one was but our player stupidly didn't take the tackle, I cant remember the other 2?
  20. It's not so much the bad decisions, it's the ridiculous inconsistencies that shows he's either a terrible ref or taking the pee.
  21. We really need to learn to recover from penalties against, we seem to lose concentration every time and let them in, lose any semblance of control on the game.
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