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  1. 22 minutes ago, Man of Kent said:

    Jon Dutton on Sky Sports for the Leeds Vs. Wire game. Doesn’t sound like a man who’s about to pull the plug on the RLWC.

    Why do I get the feeling he'll be this year's Sally Bolton? Hopefully he will stay in RL.

    Well whatever happens now, at least we shown a bit of balls and came out fighting. In previous years, we'd have just cowered to the demands of the NRL and cancel the tournament straight away. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, lucky 7 said:

    If the commonwealth games is happening at the same time as the NRLseason, Aussies will do all the can to wreck that as well

    No cause the RL Commonwealth 9s were for u23s only. Although, I remember Australia didn't take it seriously and sent the Roosters youth team instead.... which included a Kiwi! 

  3. Interesting the BBC reporter was saying yesterday that 7s is unsustainable in its current form, and also funding has been cut for GB as well, as UK Sport want the RFU to fund it themselves. Even with the prestige of the Olympics, it doesn't seem to have helped. 

    I think RL would be better building a 9s circuit and entering regional championships like Commonwealth Games and European Games etc. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Damien said:

    Lets face it the NRL supposedly cant even make a profit from the Pacific Tests and held a shambolic 2017 World Cup which didnt return promised profits and was only saved by Tonga fans in NZ and great scenes at matches in PNG.

    They are in no position to say they are the best people to run the international game.

    The NRL can't even grow in Australia! Where are the sides in Perth and Adelaide? But they're going to grow the sport globally?

    What have the NRL ever done to grow RL globally? They have the biggest market in the world on their doorstep and have done nothing. Even the AFL have gone to China. 

    The RFL, while not perfect, have done far more for the sport. Brought French, Welsh and Canadian clubs into the professional game. Brought Serbian and Russian clubs into the Challenge Cup. Agreed to take internationals to the USA. The RFL funded RLEF has resulted in the global spread of RL over the last decade. 

    Maybe the RFL should take over running the IRL? 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Scubby said:


    When has the game ever had 7 nations - Aus, Eng, NZ, Sam, Tonga, Fiji and PNG - that can genuinely provide fully competitive games against each other? Those communities in those nations cheering their players to win.

    Yet we are obsessed with trying to eek every penny from the same club markets and TV broadcasters. This in a world when TV viewing is in decline among younger people. This will only go one way.

    Are the NRL really delusional that they think having Australia as the only country playing RL will enable their brand to grow? Australia has a sport that only they play in AFL and it is not a blip on the world sporting radar. RL spreading globally would help the NRL grow stronger commercially. 

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  6. 27 minutes ago, RayCee said:

    I think the Denver Test was a breaking point for the NRL. It didn’t involve Australia and they had to release players because the RLIF had the power to organise the match and make it happen.

    Since then, the plan has been to find a way to take over RL (including possibly SL too) and not be dictated to. The vision is the ARLC and the NRL should run the game, with a few media corporations to generate the revenue. I think it is believed the game will be better for it.

    Derailing the WC became the mission to kickstart the take over. Australia's choosing not to attend the WC was not enough to sabotage the event. Getting the NZRL to do likewise was essential. Then the clubs persuading players not to attend was to be the final nail in the coffin. Get all three done and it’s game over for the WC.

    I'd agree that was the end point for them.

    Let's look at the Australian "roll of honour" over the last 5 years:

    2016: Ended the 4 Nations in favour of 3 tests series and NRL run 9s tournament

    2017: Ran the RLWC at a loss putting back development of RL across the globe

    2018: Tried to sabotage the Denver test, resulting in the 2025 RLWC not happening in US/Canada

    2019: Refused to play GB, despite begging for them to be brought back 

    2020: Refused to play at all

    2021: Trying to destroy a RLWC which would have brought £25m to the sport

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  7. 7 minutes ago, DoubleD said:

    This is worth reading, from the very reputable Robert Burgin 


    Spot on and echoes what I've been saying for years. The NRL want to destroy internationals, as they see it as a threat to their beloved NRL and SOO, even though it's the same sport. They will come for SL next, as they don't want any competition. I've been saying for years they want to be like the NFL, the only problem is the NFL is a global product and the US is a much bigger market than Australia. They're essentially a poor man's AFL now. 

  8. 1 hour ago, thebrewxi said:

    Where the same money wont be on the table and it will be lost in the other, bigger world cup.

    They actually just don't want it played at all. Watching watch NRL they arent even bothering to talk  about this; doesn't get mentioned on their daily NRL 360, NRL tonight etc programmes... and theyve cancelled all their games today because of covid. !

    They don't want internationals played period. They just want NRL and SOO. Good luck with that when the best players leave for union in droves.

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  9. 1 minute ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    Before the pandemic we were planning on playing a restructured European Championship system where the different tiers were akin to a football Nations League type thing where I believe there was going to be promotion and relegation between the different tiered competitions. This is essentially what you are suggesting which I think is a good idea so why can't we just resurrect that competition? 

    There won't be any money if the WC doesn't go ahead. 

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  10. 41 minutes ago, Wellsy4HullFC said:

    To suggest England v France would attract 35k outside of a major tournament like the WC is utter fantasy.

    Again, this would be in a major 4 Nations type tournament, not a one off friendly. 

    My issue with playing in London, is the RFL only advertise in Wigan and Hull to RL fans, who are aware the match is taking place already. You need advertise it in London and be smart with advertising. 

    RL fans might not be interested as they think it'll be one sided, but casual fans wouldn't have a clue. They'd just see England v France and assume it'd be a good game as France are a big sporting nation. Plus playing at the Olympic Stadium draws people in as it's seen as an event. 

    I don't see why it wouldn't do as well as playing Australia and NZ. 

    But we won't know without trying. 

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  11. 31 minutes ago, Griff said:

    Just browse the recent teams for France, Wales, Jamaica, Scotland and Ireland and reconsider what you said.

    There have been many players from outside SL and several amateurs, particularly in the Scotland and Ireland teams.

    You do realise most of those were small time matches played in park fields? You give them big games in proper tournaments and more players will start "putting their hand up" (as the saying goes). 

  12. 10 minutes ago, Scubby said:

    If the World Cup is cancelled, you can come up with all the permutations you like - there will be no appetite for International RL to be staged or watched in the UK in 2021. It's hard for me to type but it is true. 

    It won't be cancelled, but we need to plan for life without the NRL for future internationals and tournaments. They have held IRL back for too long now. 

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