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  1. Is the plan to get to SL or to be a small lower league club? I think it might be hard to compete in Liverpool as a SL club, I think there will be a struggle to draw crowds (yes I know that's rich coming from a Broncos fan). It will be hard to develop players, as working class kids will already be playing football or boxing, so RL would come a distant third at best. Obviously James Graham is one, but he's an anomaly rather than the norm. If they focused on Liverpool, the Wirral and Lancashire (Preston, Blackburn, Chorley, Lancaster etc) for development purposes, it would be adding to the pool rather than fighting with St Helens and Widnes over a small pool.
  2. Probably off to French Union or the ARU's replacement for Izzy.
  3. Precisely why they should focus regionally to cut out the large travelling. Even somewhere like Florida has large distances to travel. Cut it into North (Jacksonville, Gainesville, Daytona, Orlando) and the South (Tampa, Lakeland, down to Miami). Atlanta build around the local area, Macon, Marietta, Athens, plus Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama are close too. New York/Philadelphia region. Boston/New England area. D.C./Virginia/Maryland region. Chicago area. Focus locally on those areas, than relying on 7 hrs + journeys, rather than trying to make it more national.
  4. That seems to be the case. Plus the guy who was involved in Boston too, forgotten his name sorry.
  5. The USARL has turned into a complete joke now. I know that is harsh, but remember back to when it first started and there was a referee development, youth development, a reserve league, organised fixtures, no forfeits etc. What's happened to all that? So many teams have been lost in the last 5 years or so. Something needs to change as it can't go on like this. I've said before, but there's too much reliance on union. Not just the USA, but many countries do. The strongest developing nations are the ones who build their own players and take on union, not the ones who sit around waiting for the union season to end before running a two month competition to keep them fit. The best way forward, would be to focus on a small group of clubs and build them as RL clubs focusing on RL development, including 9s, flag/touch RL, middle school age programs, women's etc and build from there. Even if it only starts out small, so be it. Start with a geographical set up and work around there for starters.
  6. Worst player I've ever seen in my life! Why would anyone want him?
  7. I reckon Adbull will be on the blower to his agent come the morning!
  8. Never mind staying up, only 4 points off the playoffs! Old Trafford here we come! Up the fcking Bronx!
  9. Why do people constantly keep replying to Parky with wisdom and intelligent reasoning? Just ignore him and he will go away eventually.
  10. Who are these "Northern village teams" you keep going on about? Leeds, Salford, Hull and Wakefield are all cities for a start. Leeds, Hull, Wigan and Huddersfield have been able to host PL clubs, so can't be that small. Warrington biggest town in Cheshire, St Helens pop over 100k. Salford is good enough for the BBC. That just leaves Castleford.
  11. A Liverpool team would be great, but I just don't see it working that well. All the working class kids will be playing football and if not football, then boxing. Who would the target be? Union is very small in the area and is mostly the posh areas where it is played. I can't see there being support beyond 2-300 at best. Perhaps Saints, Warrington or Widnes could look into playing a few games a road a year to gauge interest and see if it's feasible?
  12. I often get Liverpool and Los Angeles confused
  13. Sounds like they will be in an increased SL next season then. I can't see why they'd move there without certainty they'd be up.
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