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  1. I'm sure St Helens resting a couple of players will be the reason why.
  2. The USARL is only 8 weeks long though. What would they do for the rest of the season?
  3. Good news they're focusing on US players. They are an untapped resource just waiting to have a bit of money put into development. So many athletic 18 year olds don't make it to college, that's who they should be looking at imo, not 25 year old NFL failures or union converts.
  4. Not sure how we'd cope with being favourites. We were underdogs/tipped to go down last time. I'd be happy with top 3, as I expecting a hard year of rebuilding. Featherstone will be favourites given they can pick whoever isn't selected for Leeds.
  5. Philippines has over 100m people. If RL was their top sport, we'd be boasting over it.
  6. National sport of Lebanon too. People think because sports are popular here they're popular the world over. Cricket is virtually unheard of in continental Europe.
  7. Buzzing about London, but just wish it was Newcastle rather than Bolton, a serious lack of ambition there.
  8. But what countries do have money? How much do Serbia or Jamaica have? They're better run as they haven't waited around expecting RFL handouts, they've done it all themselves.
  9. Because there's never been anything "Scottish" about it. They should start from the bottom and develop their way up. It's unfair seeing them in WCs all the time thanks to heritage players when they do zero development. And you can't say they haven't had chances.
  10. Totally alien? They've been in 4 WCs, been on BBC and drew with NZ, which was big news. Even with all that nothing has come from it.
  11. Then you're looking at around a 30 team SL if all these teams want to be in it.
  12. France need to bring in some professionalism and a top coach. There's no reason why they can't be competing with the top nations.
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