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  1. 2 hours ago, Toby Chopra said:

    If that's how it pans out on the financial aspects, then that's a tick for me.

    It also suggests that IMG will be given free rein to make proposals on structures and competitions from top-to-bottom of the game, where they think it will support the commercial goals. This is also good, although the way I read it any changes will have to be signed off by the SL/RFL JV before they go ahead.

    It's right that the game's current stewards have a say in this, I just hope it doesn't end up with them watering down radical proposals out of short-termist thinking. I do think there are signs that the clubs have grasped that this is a key moment, where they have to see the big, long-term picture, so hopefully they will be brave when IMG puts their plan forward.             

    They may have grasped the nettle finally but when you see the final implications for you club life can become a very different place.

    There are some sides who are regarded and regard themselves as invulnerable from and to the changes that affect everyone, and their view of world is always guided by well we'll be safe!

    If it is mainly based on structure change rather than gain sponsors, coverage income streams and changing the media's attitude to the sport ......

    12 Years Before the Mast!

  2. I've no doubt the Wolves will be fine.

    They are not a laughing stock anymore than Myler at Leeds.

    Taking the mick is just a part of RL culture as much as any other sport.

    Whether or not Powell will be given time to change what he needs to at the club is another matter.

    There is no doubt that change can have an adverse effect and they're missing Hill almost as much as Salford are missing Gil Dudson.

    I don't think they should lower their expectations and aspirations though.



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  3. 21 minutes ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    The pass score on the ones I was doing was 80%. The final test was just 10 questions so you could get 2 wrong and all the questions were were just questions that were taken out of the earlier stages of the training, questions that it wasn't possible to get wrong in the earlier stage because you could change your answer as many times as you wanted until you got it right and moved onto the next video. I did 3 modules and got 90% on 2 and 80% on one despite, as I said, not even watching the videos that accounted for the sum of the training. 

    The ones I was doing were so poorly put together that not only was some of the info misleading but it was full of grammatical and spelling mistakes as well. A training course that couldn't even get basic English right. The test I got 80% on, I actually failed the first time and was allowed to retake it so just changed one answer I was unsure about and didn't bother checking the rest because I knew that would take me up to the 80% necessary. I was only unsure about the one I changed because it was a number of pictures that were so small and such poor resolution that I simply didn't see the difference between them. I still have no idea which other 2 I got wrong because none of the other answers in the multiple choice made any sense at all so I'm attributing that to incorrect info as you allude to. 

    It's not just a measure of those making up and creating the test, it's a crystal clear symptom of the importance they're given and lack of any real substance. E Courses the new outsourcing!

  4. Just now, Toby Chopra said:

    Martyn has promised a story for Monday so hopefully that will take us forward. 

    Well I asked Martyn if he could at least say if it was positive and I haven't seen his Martyn for dust.

    Details were short but that doesn't usually prevent posters basking in the heat of confusion, suspicion and dire expectation.

    The RFL is hardly the most transparent organisation and could give the present government and several of the previous ones a run for their money in this respect.

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