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  1. " I am someone who believes that the Israeli state's policies towards the Palestinians are fundamentally unfair and immoral and (in my opinion, racist) and need to be challenged, but I don't hate Jews, Israelis or Israel " Just a quote from another thread seemed to fit right in.
  2. I could but I've not found it a particuarly helpful or positive experience. But the sentence quoted is fairly self explanatory, and would knowing what it was help you or this thread in any way? It it was the Mail we would all be surpised if it was the Mirror a bit less so and it it was a so called non reputable source endorsed or dismissed. But in and of itself you can agree with the above or not. Or you could just accept there's an alternative out there.
  3. It's all a bit like watching Caligula test how far he can go and how much he can actually get away with.
  4. Yet another example of talking about SOO being incredibly boring and overly dominant if it wasn't good to watch it'd have nothing going for it.
  5. Er that isn't it working. So sad that they consider that a viable strategy. Did they have Mo Lindsey as a consusltant?
  6. " It looks like a BBC Panorama hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn has immediately backfired. And the ongoing smear campaign over Labour and antisemitism doesn’t seem to be working. " That's odd it doesn't seem to have changed much here.
  7. "But a whole lot better than a party which in all seriousness campaigns under the banner ‘###### to Brexit.’ What kind of country does such a slogan envisage? What kind of healing process does it offer, what kind of hateful outcome is it likely to produce? One neither liberal, nor democratic. " It is fascinating that the idea of liberal democracy is under attack from what people call liberal democrats as elsewhere. Apparently so.
  8. Yeah, if you couldn't tell why she made her vote it must be so much clearer now!
  9. "As her argument began to unravel, O'Brien asked her what she is looking forward to regaining once Brexit takes place. She begins by naming a law which stopped people from eating fish and chips from a piece of newspaper" "Yes, it was something that they [the EU] did. I'm sorry and I do listen to the European parliament and the things that they say should and shouldn't be done. I tell you what, we put billions into Europe; do you see the schools or the health service getting any better in poorer countries? I would like to see them have decent schools and decent health" Bless!
  10. The NHS at its best It's funny how things can trigger ideas like the above and the post triggered the response that the NHS is more or less always at its best. And before someone says what about , I didn't say it doesn't have faults!
  11. I was disappointed slightly in the gambling bit, though I agree it's a vital issue, it was a turned inward move and theme and I was hoping he'd take more of a lead in onwards and upwards.
  12. If great train rides of the world with some old Tory holds them in thrall it would only be a step up for them.
  13. You could put approximately 5000 items in the space provided. Add that to the lack of belief in your product illustrated by the Scarlet Pimpernel style of marketing and you'd have to whip it away before someone noticed how effective you were.
  14. Easily sorted more French teams in SL. Don't worry I'll be the one to tell Parky.
  15. When you see this you realise why the Spiv Party were so keen on doing a runner ... "An annual Rule of Law report on EU member states is among new measures outlined by the European Commission to strengthen the rule of law within the Union. The annual report is intended to keep the rule of law on the political agenda of the EU by highlighting best practices and identifying recurrent problems across the EU." and “High-level corruption and abuse of office are linked with situations where political power is seeking to override the rule of law, while attempts to diminish pluralism and weaken essential watchdogs such as civil society and independent media are warning signs for threats to the rule of law,” the Commission added. " When you put this next to you won't be allowed to squirrel your money away, a no deal that will only affect the poorest would just seem like paradise. No wonder the EU hasn't been able to see their anuses for the dust!
  16. Although this is true it wasn't simply latent or even hidden as the immigration policies of every government shows. Have the years and years of this simply left everyone expecting nothing and caring less? By the way the NHS is targeted for failure.
  17. “Government, statutory and non-statutory funders are increasingly looking to organisations to evidence and evaluate their contribution to society in new ways. Politicians asking sport sto prove they're worth having around I wonder if they'll withdraw funding from many on this basis?
  18. I thought they all were! Except for Saintlass and Parky of course.
  19. I think the fate of meat may be a small facet of this and remember it could all be frozen and used to keep the subsidies at the Houses of Parliament going strong. So, it's an ill wind.
  20. " BORIS Johnson’s campaign were forced to deny reports that they are considering plans to prorogue Parliament in late October – a move which could prevent MPs stopping a no-deal Brexit. The Tory leadership frontrunner’s team is said to be looking at scheduling a Queen’s speech for early November, according to Sky News. Parliament would be unlikely to sit for a week or two ahead of the speech, which could hamper MPs’ chances of blocking a no-deal Brexit if a deal had not been passed by that point. A source close to the campaign said the team was “discussing everything as an option”, but Johnson wanted to secure a deal with Brussels and avoid crashing out."
  21. No sooner said than sorted! I don't know I try hard come on Bob ... be kind to those of us less able and fortunate than you.
  22. Or maybe just a populist chancer who knows when you say something enough people will believe it, will spread the story until it becomes generally accepted as fact. And speaking of which his finger is on the pulse "Boris Johnson is plotting to hold an early general election once Brexit gets over the line so that he can face off against Labour 'while Jeremy Corbyn is still around', it has been claimed. "
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