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  1. Cooks to win I wish it would be the USA though for the excitement they bring. Do like the Cooks also. 0 = = Far too many! "Shake hands, we shall never be friends, all’s over; I only vex you the more I try. All’s wrong that ever I’ve done or said, And nought to help it in this dull head: Shake hands, here’s luck, good-bye. "
  2. Because of the limited sums of money the RFL has always been a "risk averse" organisation but what seems to have gone completely unappreciated is that they let TWP in, left it up to the clubs to decide and they did, and essentially, after due dilligence, put all the risk into TWP's hands. Any club with the means of TWP and the attitudes from NA was always going to be a game changer and if not the moaners would just have another PSG field day. So it was always a win win for the groaners while TWP are here whinge whinge andd if they go Ner Ner Ner told you so! Some of the criticism has to be aimed at club chairmen who are not just risk but change and outside the box averse as well! All organisations get too cosy with the way things have always worked, some cling to them like flotsam and jetsam as a means of survival and when in that mode you hope to survive and can't think about prospering. 3
  3. because of excuses, .........NRL gripes, Oh them again when they'd sens NRL players to the Moon for a fortnight for SOO! Most times it's best not to listen or read and turn up at whatever they've managed to arrange between the two things.
  4. Thoughts and prayers with his family and loved ones. RIP
  5. That the article was rubbish, a nice bit of propaganda and a hatchet job by a yawn hack. There have been so many it's hard to keep track. And they're always so enlightening about the sport that produces them and the journalists that write them and a readership that happens to use them as evidence of anything but the bias they represent. I'd thought it was obvious ! Do you need me to do a drawing? 9
  6. What a crock of poo that article was. Who wrote it the Rev. Frank Marshall? I now understand how the forum works though so thanks for that. 10
  7. So how many days was he absent in total then? Or was it just every Games and PE day? And did he forge the note from his Mam? 11
  8. The Blueridge Mountains of Virginia would be a good choice.
  9. So other than that you think his qualifications and credentials are magic and his experience perfectly applicable ?
  10. Shhhhhhhh! Try to be serruptitious at least!
  11. No it's just that you didn't finish on a song!
  12. I have to say this ........ and? I'm not criticising just interested.
  13. On a forum there are no guarantees anyone is what they say they are. Anonimity may be good for personal protection but it's rubbish for stopping clever trolls and for ascertaining the truth. Anyone who likes the game is a bona fide fan and being on the expansionist side or not is not an indication of anything other than they care about the game. Being born near the M62 or a ground is meaniningless. I wouldn't have a definition for a real fan. I'll go to a match and watch matches on Sky, Beeb and Watch NRL, all weekend wall to wall I don't think that makes me bona fide or a better fan than anyone else. 18
  14. Yes I did without stating the obvious; What kind of idiot would accept less money and less everything in a short career like sports provides because they want to prove themselves? There are other reasons but I'm not sure you reading what I'm typing to be honest.
  15. Dave I was just reacting to the post I've no idea what article you're even talking about, though I do think being transparent would certainly be a move forward from what we've had up to now. I also said Kayakman was manure churning which I think this was on the whole.
  16. Yes I did and it would still be a minimal consideration. If our sport becomes ecenomically stronger they will be attracted to come for the dosh and they'll say it's for the challenge. And there's still be a question mark about levels of failure and success. 23
  17. Yeah readies, greenbacks, cash, moolah and coinage. Added to the fact they'd disappear from the media overnight. As far as I'm aware no one has ever undertaken a definitive study of just how many players who changed sport were successful as opposed to those who failed completely to make any kind of mark but made a career out of the decision. Yet we're still regaled with stories of possible defections which at the moment our sport can't afford. The only people who should be considered would be those who've already done it at the highest level. Anyone else is a risk beyond their worth. As an SRD fan I've been fortunate enough to see a fair few players of quality cross over and far more come and go like we had a revolving door. I think the games were closer in quality and expectation in the past and that made it more possible than now. In a short career where you have to earn as much as you can testing yourself in another sport for less money, and less recognition because your Dad did it is laughable. And so LOL Sensible enough for you?
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