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  1. I think we probably are overwhelmed with those very writers but the fashion for Turgid prison sentences instead is a mark of intellect like dense long drawn out pieces of music with no lyrics. They may come to light later on. What made me laugh was that awful Sky Yawn pundit trying to include kick & Clap as an indication of of its iclusion in that kind of group. Having far too many rules that makes the game almost incomprehensible is not a sign of intelligence so much as group of people who can't be @rsed to fix it, and who have never been happy with change. Anyway are you and yours alright, everything okay?
  2. Only if you want to. There is nothing wrong with nice and light and that may be more important in these times.
  3. Doing it as a whole sport. Some of the rest have been tried and then put away for no good reason. Give over you monkey!
  4. TV friendly neans space for advertising so quarters would provide that. Global rules, TGG uniform as opposed to kits and sport specific pitch markings. Like the people who run clubs all over the globe and came to it without any prior backgorund .... Them? We just have to look at people as they're possible converts, the wider spread the game, the more magic we can add the more likely they'll se what we see.
  5. That random list is a great idea isn't it? A bit like the old light programme - don't like this they'll be something else along in a moment!
  6. The TGG The Lomax The First Kangaroos The 1895 The Red Devil
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