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  1. Last weekend went to the Rockfish restaurant in Exmouth dear but the quality was top notch! People next to us had fish and chips and that seemed such a shame to me when the alternatives were so good. Judging by what we had they would've been good fish and chips though.
  2. Devon Coast last weekend. There's more Devon through that mist, honest!
  3. Yeah me too but he was always a bit too happy go lucky in my opinion.
  4. No No No it all ends here sorry everyone BUT ...... And I have 456,789 more best songs ever in case any of you feel like disagreeing!
  5. I think it kind'a the level of stress not the general idea of it! !
  6. Thanks Dave, betterer & betterer There's probably little point but a good news section wouldn't go amiss especially round these parts. Oh by the way well done the Wolves against the Red Devils
  7. Never said you did just said it's rife, not unusal and part of the make up of the forum. And now for the health warning Devoted football fans experience 'dangerous' levels of stress, suggests study "Dr. Martha Newson, a researcher at the Centre for the Study of Social Cohesion at Oxford, said: "Fans who are strongly fused with their team - that is, have a strong sense of being 'one' with their team - experience the greatest physiological stress response when watching a match, Fans who are more casual supporters also experience stress but not so extremely." So "Blow That Whistle Ref!"
  8. I think you'll find that on every thread, on every part of the forum that's just what people are doing. But I like your post. Didn't Yorkshire Prose have a poem about people needing to cheer up a bit?
  9. When's the first of the two being shown? Anyone know yet?
  10. Great edition only spoiled by the lack of twenty articles about the Red Devils! Almost balanced by expansion coverage & other stuff but not quite. And I hid the magazines of another sport while I was there so all's well that ends well. ( Only kidding!)
  11. Magic and not a moment too soon! Since the slow demise of Boots N'All it's been something we've sadly lacked. I've been annoyed that it's wall to wall on Watch NRL while we've been given nowt!
  12. It was this phrase that I was asking about, although I know Halal is more general than it's usage but I've never heard it used to describe a bank account. And I've used banks in Saudi, the Emirates and Qatar.
  13. The General 'Toronto Wolfpack' Discussion Thread To save it from disappearing over the horizon of irrelevant. You didn't answer my question though.
  14. Why did you call them this? Pretty poor stuff whoever coined it! Wolfpack Hold 2020 Media Day in Manchester https://www.torontowolfpack.com/wolfpack-hold-2020-media-day-in-manchester/ Cue why aren't they doing it in Toronto? Business decision, Spoiler alert!
  15. Isn't it brilliant that the season is so close? ................. "Blow that whistle Ref!"
  16. I find looking for covers really extreme hit or miss experiences, but I do find myself looking for them more and more, none the less. Trouble is if I like them they move from the disliked artist file.
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