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  1. There's tons of advice for a basic kit but loads of these have dear items or materials that can prove costly over time, so I thought that a truly basic kit and costing using Amazon might help but other suppliers like the Artshop Skipton for example are often cheaper. Winsor and Newton Cotman Brush Pen Set, XCFB658 = £17.68 (This set contains a waterbrush) Sakura Pigma Micron - Pigment Fineliner Pens - 0.1/0.5mm/Brush - Black Ink - Blister Pack of 3= £6.59 Artway Enviro Spiral Bound A4 Sketchbook - Landscape - 70 Sides (35 Leaves) of 100% Recycled 170gsm Cartridge Paper = £6.99 Apart from a water container that's it.
  2. http://www.urbansketchers.org/2015/01/reflections-of-beginning-urban.html?m=1
  3. Like every pastime that involves a level of play it can become a fixation and certainly has for some but what you get out of that "relaxation" can't be measured and its worth shouldn't be underestimated.
  4. Even though I'm not very good, and timid about showing, FI I did try to put some of mine on here but found that every time the file was too big to be accepted no matter how small I made the picture. I did try to put my money where my mouth is " But it was not allowed!" just like in Jules et Jim "I enjoyed what I did ..." you said it perfectly here that's all it's about. As adults we've become rubbish at playing and this is as close as it gets to being in the zone again. If anyone knows how to get round the allowance on here I'd be glad to put some on as I won't be able to hear the raucus laughter ..... from the threepennies!
  5. Because you do the Potée in water without salting and add Potatoes which,as we know, eat the salt content the gammon is not a problem.
  6. So along with Seattle that'll make two places where someone has chosen to live " ...where it rains 11 months of the year."
  7. Where would I rather live is a bit like the above .... "I'd sleep with Betty but I'd be thinking of Wilma ..."
  8. Potée ( in a slow cooker) This must be amongst the simplest slow cooker one pot meals ever Whole carrots and onions, pepper corns, bay leaf and a gammon steak or two covered in water on high for about three hours. (You don't need salt cos of the gammon) Then potatoes and sausages for the next three hours. You have a soup for starters or a stock for soup later and in any case pour a little over your veg and meat when in the bowl Serve with a little olive oil over the top and mustard on the side.
  9. Perpignan ....food, wine and close enough to Spain for the best of both worlds though I doubt even there would make me into an RL fan again!
  10. Amazing that he seems more popular than ever, string arrangements on this album were amazing too.
  11. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10272386/ The Father with Anthony Hopkins well written, excellently acted and far too disturbing for words.
  12. Although some of my sense of wellbeing must come from my fall from grace, being a lapsed TGG fan and a political couldn't care less about the world and its handbasket problems, most of this is entirely due to drawing and painting. Music helps too but that's always been there. Here's a couple of products that are brilliant, not too dear and very good for people who struggle with all the rules and demands of oils, guache and watercolour: The colours are very muted on both the above and if you like brighter stuff as well there's This is a mixture of the those above and some inktense colours( which are a bit trickier to use) but good.
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