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  1. Well we could go back and play wearing skis and snow shoes all of which means we couod accept TWP back into the fold. No there is little logic to doing so and as you point out no compelling argument. Then again football is stil considering the change too.
  2. I was just writing these words in reply on the Floodlit Trophy thread "I never actually finished a drink bought an an RL game during the winter season as it was always to warm my hands though it did nothing for my feet. I remember ice round Mount Pleasant, the wind coming off the North Sea in Hull and I recall Salford v GB where you couldn't see the game for the snow falling and it was abandoned when players seemed to be suffering from hypothermia." When we're "taking stock" of Summer rugby it might be as well to remember what the sport was actually like then, or what the spectator expeience was like. The above are just three examples from what was a season long effect. I also remember going to Wembley and the championship finals at the season's end and thinking how brilliant it all was and why didn't we play it all the time in weather like this?
  3. I suppose it all depends on what you want from a sport, and the only time TGG doesn't do it for me is when a game is too one sided. Also when talking about something like the Beeb Trophy as it was, it's as well if you're talking from the point of having experienced what it was like. I've also seen quite a few kick & clap live stuff and have come away with odd ideas like Fijians seem to have chosen to play a game that barely suited what how they wanted to play it. That and what time does the rugby start? I never actually finished a drink bought an an RL game during the winter season as it was always to warm my hands though it did nothing for my feet. I remember ice round Mount Pleasant, the wind coming off the North Sea in Hull and I recall Salford v GB where you couldn't see the game for the snow falling and it was abandoned when players seemed to be suffering from hypothermia.
  4. That was a bit of evidence that they were willling to listen, certainly. But the stories eminating from almost every RL media outlet confirmed a general outlook that appeared to have already both made the decision and for a majority of clubs not being in favour. The thing that confirms my pessimism though is TWP asking for a slice of the cake and chairmen/women never like having less of central funding. They're a bit like when you visit a family at lunchtime and everyone holds their hands and arms around their plates in case their sibling nicks a sausage or chip.
  5. As it's obviously coming into Panto Season "He's behind YOU!" or "OH, NO WE HAVEN'T!"
  6. Not it's a crisis in the same way that Aunty mentioning RL in a good light outside of RL programmes is real. The pathetic numbers involved don't merit headlines and are more byword material. The "Our BBC" of the OP is an assumption that the money we pay, and the fact that we're voters and citizens means that we have a right to a say. As RL fans that's as legitimate as any other group amongst many. Both viewing figures and numbers through the gate, when we have gates, mean that it's Aunty's coverage that is questionable not anything the game is or isn't doing. Having said all this and it is the thing most often missed by people who disagree the Beeb is excellent when it's good. However, it will never go far enough because of the basic and endemic fault that its make up can't let it move beyond. It will cover some sports far beyond what they merit and ours far less.
  7. Yes I made that mistake once too. NFL has more chances to go to the Bog and not miss a thing than a Yawn game. Although I may be wrong there as I've turned off after 15 minutes or fallen asleep if I've not found a channel with a paint drying competition to tune into.
  8. Yeah when was in that same position I argued with the entire world or in other words hope you're better soon. I'm not sure anyone, especially SL and its clubs were going to consider the players wages as primary concern. However, the negativity from SL ( which could easily match it with stuff on here!) due dilligence may be the last consideration in their rejection.
  9. The effects of Covid are much more likely to be economic in terms of sport, people are worried about getting crowds back but what crowds we have may not be able to attend as, on the whole, they'll be the most affected. They don't "need" a TV deal and this has been part of the lack of understanding by the RFL and SL over this, it will always be far roo long a game for TGG to be able to cope & work on. I was afraid that Ricky Wilby might be an issue for some.
  10. I was away from home at the time and things like this kept me going.
  11. It's the excitement of a different competition, sometime a different type of comp.Today we have silly loop games and compaints the season is too long already. I hate saying this as an SRD fan but we're still in the realm of the same clubs names being on the only two trophies forever. I wouldn't want to take RL backwards of course, but the idea nostalgic or realistic of something different to play for can never be a bad thing.
  12. Steve I think this is all over bar't shoutin' the prospect of all 3 NA clubs will be short lived. On the bad side another failed attempt on the good side forum threads will move on. I don't think TWP being hammered will affect Ottawa in any way but I believe the rejection and demise of TWP certainly will.
  13. I think we'd be much better served severing the World Service But more internationals is the key to every ill, issue and barrier for The Greatest Game!
  14. Just so obvious isn't it? But I've been trying to cut down on mentioning the self-evident . But that means it isn't really a crisis just a self inflicted drama. Now what about the Beeb & TGG?
  15. It is not a crisis in Folkstone, or anywhere else & any crisis has to do with many other things. Rupert you'll be getting the thread locked and me in trouble, again! Now do you want to discuss the Beeb and TGG or not? Are you on the It's RL's fault not lovely old reliable Aunty side or do you think there's a relationship between how the Beeb treats RL and the game's standing generally? Or do you just like giving John Drake apoplexy?
  16. This is all silly stuff and it will sort itself out, though there's a need to stop looking for blame and making it all personal.
  17. 'Ackers for starters and a prospect coming through that'll do till the announcements at the proper time What now for Salford? Onwards and upwards of course!
  18. We should follow any example from anywhere ( but I'm not allowed to comment really!) A little while ago you asked why Leigh things were targeted at TWP and that it had been going on for some time. Well really Leigh should be in SL and there are good reasons why this is the case. But because we are now only to see everything as either or arguments , or black & white choices it has to come down to them or you (as in TWP not you KM) and in the same way it's the heartlands or expansion , SL + CC but no other trophies In other words you're talking to a brick wall of vast indignation and huge injustice. So my advice to you is enjoy though my thoughts are on your side but I'm not optimistic KM, not at all.
  19. Ner ner nerny ner ner! If you can only imagine and comprehend this as nostalgia and nothing to do what it might mean now, no wonder forums seem more like a blast from the past than a Bill Fallowfield lookalike competition.
  20. Shhhhhhh! I don't think we're quite there yet Dave, but if everyone starts thinking of us as top 4-5 we'll lose the sympathy vote. I quite like being everyones second favourite side!
  21. These figures can't possibly be correct for viewers otherwise they'd provide an argument for an upgrade in coverage. I would like forum admin to make these statistics amended to a more accurate and truthful picture, please. Viewing figures for a sport ignored by the legacy media and Trapped in the grim North should read two flat caps, the members of the Devil Talk + Rhinos forums and three socially distanced alcoholics in the Whippet & Greyhound Cleckedmondbridge.
  22. What an illogical and silly argument that is! No one mediocre ever won a Trophy! Be your age, for goodness sake!
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