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  1. And to that end less point in discussing it either. I would show you my home page but 750 B doesn't allow it, and that's all about to change now. I've been with Sky Sport because of RL since Gary Jack was playing for Balmain, I've been an SRD fan since about 1965 but all that changes today.
  2. There is little point to watching even the Greatest Game then.
  3. You have to laugh, don't you? I don't know how governments get into threads except as an aside, the RLWC is in jeopardy because of the NRL. The question is not abour who did waht well but how does the IRL and the rest of the World respond to the withdrawal.
  4. That's fascinating like people who only watch One day cricket. I used to love league sevens but a bit like many other ideas never could be as good as the real thing.
  5. So he was rubbish then! Looking over that list I wouldn't mind most of them as a starting thirteen.
  6. I'm afraid that's what it has become to be honest. My post may have descended but it's a level that has been forced on me. If the Aussies get their way on this we won't be going anywhere anyway. A ban still remains the most sensible way forward and the NRL know this which is why their judiciary come down so hard on transgressors.
  7. They were not different times UP racism increases or decreases according to other criteria or reasons. There has never beem a historical get of jail free for prejudice, bias or racism. It's always there but the attitude of the rest of us that lets the Genie out of the lamp, as well how often and to what purpose. Our views of it don't change with time, our tolerance of it does. I can't count the number of fights my wife has nearly got me into pulling up people who've said something and telling them to go and watch football where they'll be more that welcome.
  8. Well I've heard plenty in the crowd and on the pitch. It was lessening over most of the period I've been watching. It was particularly prevalent when Ikram Butt was playing. The general level of this has been increasing once again which is not surprising given the state of play in the country as a whole and the north in particular. We often point to the lack of ethnic minority group players but in all good conscience I couldn't encougare them to participate no matter how good the sport is to play.
  9. I can understand your frustration FI but that track is a bit misleading. We can talk all day about Covid but that's really just a smoke screen for other things. We have to accept that: not enought Aussies in positions of power and influence think International RL is important, that the indifference towards the rest of the RL World is the central issue, that they feel they and their league are all that matters. There is a little more to this but I would only be emphasising the obvious by bringing it up. A ban from the WC is the only strategy to show they're not too important or special and the international game must supercede whatever they need, want, feel or even think about the rest of us. We'll just invite them to the Arrogance World Cup, they'll be the number one seed there too.
  10. Yes already done that twice and I thanked them for all the wonderful footy too. I didn't expect even a reply, or for it to matter to anyone in Oz, so I won't be disappointed and the indifference from pundits etc hasn't let me down yet.
  11. That's a bit spooky, that. You wouldn't imagine there's a complete breakdown, anger and protest about the RLWC from Aus coverage. I do think a ban for the next one is the only way to show that the game is bigger than the parts now, even the most influential and richest ones.
  12. I think more companies are rum than aren't but this is rummer than most apart from the Enron type.
  13. The last day of my WatchNRL subscription today and I put on NRL360 and although it was about the GF location bidding and the way the discussion went explained everyting about the WC and Aussie attitudes towards it. One phrase in particular ...... " .... but you're not going to convince me." there was a ton of argument that boiled down to that's the way we've always done it! Naturally, the RLWC was not even, is not even, mentioned. And yes I know there's a clue in the title so why would it? But a bit of biff from a game at Brooky from 10 years ago was very important.
  14. It's not the discussion it's the amount of traction, like it was more outrageous than any other decision. And It's also Agar, who I used to have a lot of time for, who seems like a stuck record at present.
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