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  1. Just remember you heard it here first! and Not really, but thanks for the offer.
  2. Yes we never truly went over to the funny foreign measuring system.
  3. In England at this period of time that would be the equivalent ot whatever is rarer than hens' teeth! The article in question however is about our sport and raises perfectly valid questions that we'd all like answers to. From the sport's point of view though we've been beggars and choosers and sadly we don't have a queue of influencers and celebrities willing to do the hard yards and unfortunately many are simply chancers. If some posts on here are anything to go by it's hard to see how we can expect anything else, to be honest.
  4. They seem to have made huge efforts in this regard and slow as it is just shows what hard work it is in that neck of the woods. Came back to this with another quote "Over 400 investors. It'll be a real achievement if we can get to 1,000 investors." These are the signs of ambition, involvement and all you'd want from fans being connected to a club. And good IMG fodder too!
  5. I think maybe we should all read the admin post on abusive etc posts. There's far too much of this sort of rubbish on here and from top to bottom no one is exempt from criticism on this issue.
  6. It was an "if" Leonard and really just for those who keep posting dire doom messages and little else. Being a fan run club is a dicey gamble and if it comes off will be quite an achievement and if they get enough backing it could prove to be the making of their aspirations and ambitions. It's fascinating that among other clubs on here SRD have been bashed for years for lacking ambition and now it's a case of curbing them. Sounds very much like a lose lose job to me.
  7. I am unsure why you're taking the time and making the effort here but I do applaud you for trying. As an aside I do wonder if the Bulls had followed a similar route how that story might have worked out though I think that might be wishful thinking because I want all our clubs to be okay and even do well. I know, silly isn't it!
  8. I'm not sure why this thread should cause concern good on the Bulls, I hope it works out.
  9. Then it's no good complaining we're a small sport because like it or not that's a small sport's outlook. Sadly just as evident in the NRL. It is also why vichy looks stronger, more professional and more attractive irrespective of the truth behind those things.
  10. No we keep picking people with busy lives when we need someone who will go all out, appear anywhere and everywhere and broadcast the cause ... we're not a sport that can afford fripperies!
  11. It's an odd feeling for me generally on here. When I think of my beliefs about opinions and expressing them, and my adherence to RL as a sport and it's fans as, for want of a better phrase "my People", to arrive at a point where I simply don't see the point of engaging in any meaningful way with many of them. I know there's a tendency for all RL fans to be doom and gloom at times and to be ultra-negative the other 50% but it just gets a bit waring and depressing to be honest. To all intents and purposes, whatever else SRD as a club, are up to, their innovation in this case will answer many of the points IMG have raised about the sport. If SRD do go out of business after their efforts so be it; At least they won't have died without trying. And to be frank why should it bother anyone who isn't an SRD fan if they do try and then become defunct? It could also be argued that IMG's changes may see off quite a few clubs as it does sound like a downsizing and cost cutting exercise in the best management traditions. So to those who don't get a response from me to their questions it's because you're on mute.
  12. More than a Hull fan with a team about to beat Wigan! Have you checked your facts?
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