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  1. And here! I made a mistake FI be well!
  2. Thanks for that whippet15, always glad when someone is helpful and constructive.
  3. And how long has it remained on here? And who do we blame for that?
  4. https://www.telegraphindia.com/sports/rugby-league-makes-a-grand-entry-in-bangalore/cid/1807437
  5. He is not a senior at present but his talks with the family meant he kept some things but dumped RL. And he did this during a pandemic and with a crucial RLWC at the end of the year. Make of that what you will. Hardly he's earned every bit of stuff over the years and there's absolutely no need to change a thing. Getting all miserable and/or moral because he's ill would be the height of hypocicy. To be honest that report button for something you don't like or disagree with is a misuse of the button.
  6. There are two places on the forum people want to send stuff that they don't want to hear, have a guess what they are? 1) Getting a Senior Royal would be an achievement for RL in the first place. 2) Getting whoever it ends up being to turn up for the matches will be a miracle! 3) So ask yourself who is 489th in line to the throne and place your money in BetFreds on them being picked.
  7. Thanks for the response Tommy. So is it about funding or are there other hidden reasons?
  8. How do you know this? It sounds illogical but stupid enough to be true but apart from here I've never seen this reported anywhere. Again has this been said, written, reported anywhere as likely?
  9. Great stuff LD, good news & the whole sport seems to have regained its confidence in France. And after what they've had to put up with over the years the only way was onwards and upwards. Glad I'm early to comment before some of the happier souls arrive too.
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