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  1. Nothing political about this John and it's sad that you think so. I put this on here to see if support for 3-4 year olds came from all parties but the only thing that everyone shares it seems is indifference to this.
  2. It just means there's more for you, that's all. Although I put Free I will say one thing along with Demis Roussos they hold a place in the top ten gigs I've ever seen. But he could be on my list too.
  3. Strange thing about music someone not liking it doesn't mean there's more for the rest of us! That can't be right. Gracie Fields Free Sam Costa Hawkwind Bee jees disco Rap
  4. "Here's to all you all you lucky dogs, it's heads or tails. Here's to all you filthy rich, I wish you well. Here's to all the pretty women made for cash. And here's to dashing daddy's son he's such a flash. Here's to all the shi tty jobs that I despise. Here's to two-bit guarantees and other lies. Here's to roads of burning tar and hot cement. Here's to money in my hand and where it went. Here's to people living lives that they regret. Work your fingers to the bone and sink in debt. Here's to all those shaky tricks that hustlers try. You know their easy money is oft' times hard. They flash a grin an' they wink their eye, well... "
  5. I don't mind people doing accents except when they do them badly I had to switch off Holmes and Watson the other day because of that.
  6. Kirsty was wonderful When you read the life of her Dad it is a reminder of all the forgotten things but there's absolutely no in point bringing them up again.
  7. Oh no, not another Parky opus magnus story!
  8. Great stuff, though I think they'll meet resistance if they don't bring a TV deal with them!
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