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  1. Mmmmmmm I think I'll wait for it to come out in Paperback!
  2. What happened in the past and has given all the evidence to the let's just stay as we are brigade is that the RFL was indecisive, lacked vision, never understood there was a long haul to expansion and never repeat never stuck to anything and saw it through. The reason they have that model in their heads is the Dragons which had far more going for it than against it, did most of the hard yards themselves and were protected from relegation in order to make it work. That is the one real example where the RFL got it right in terms of expansion logic.
  3. I wasn't just meaning TWP, The worng impression was that SL would support expansion, that it would support clubs that had the financial clout to provide it and it would welcome teams from North America for all the right reasons. All that SL had to do was their due diligence and plan well. It just seems to me that SL have simply taken over that most important of formerly RFL roles moving the goalposts. Thank you for your appraisal of my thought processes though, I've included the resounding recommendation in my cv.
  4. I know it's TGG's fault, it brings out the innocent dreamer in me! Enjoy the 50 seconds it lasts Robyn or at least look on the What are you listening to thread, to find it again!
  5. As soon as that eh? In time for the GF at least! Thanks for the info Bob.
  6. Now LD I said it's not about relegation for TWP that's the rules of the competition the same as when they were promoted. It's what Elstone said around that and his attitude was retraction and that's fine if he was more honest about it. The heritage nonsense was icing on the cake and as you point out this model essentially has the Dragons as eveidence which isn't expansion it's redirection, or growth for people who land on the side what's not possible on almost every occasion. I just didn't think, or maybe I just hoped, Elstone had a bit more about him than sounding like an RFL clone.
  7. I see Parky's in charge at SL "I'm not minded that they should be exempt," said Elstone. "I know that makes it very hard for them. "For me, there are two types of expansion. There is the strategic, planned, structured, logical expansion into an area that has got some heritage versus one that is less structured, less stable and arguably more spurious. I've been very consistent on that. It's not relegation for TWP that concerns me here it's Elstone's attitude and opinion, Parky 101 that is, straight out of the we don't really want it, we don't mind who we put off and we don't care how it looks, anyway my bread's buttered by SL Chairmen at the end of the day. They shouldn't have allowed TWP in then, it gave the wrong impression from the get go.
  8. No Thrum Hall ..... yes the programme!
  9. I just wanted to say gone but not forgotten
  10. In an unrelated matter; is there a list of the matches that refs have oficiated at, anywhere?
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