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  1. Toronto looking to bring back Canadian talent Toronto are looking to re-sign former player Quinn Ngawati, according to League Express. Top journalist Matthew Shaw is reporting that the Wolfpack are looking to bolster their squad depth ahead of next season and have held talks with the 20-year-old about a return to the club. The second close season rumour is that TWP resigned him to stop Parky banging on about the lack of Canucks! And the third is that Total is about to become one huge cross-sport because of all the ywan signings. It will save time and admin for moving threads though!
  2. You didn't realise saying something, anything at all, on this forum would be contentious? Er ...........
  3. The Times, to my mind, too much doubt and ran out of benefit decades ago and it has to said, they've been very good at it!
  4. Agree with all this too. I'm a subscriber and if they'll stump up enough win, win, win! Over to you sky; Make it worth our while or lose out!
  5. Have they realized what it's about?
  6. And that is the crucial bit of all this, isn't it?
  7. Don't be silly. You said you didn't want to be negative and then continued to be so. What the hell is a fan boy page supposed to be? Aren't we all supposed to be fans of TGG on here? Refering to RL as niche and essentially as incapable of commaning the respect other sports get as a matter of course is part of our problem. Amazon being in the market, rumours of it and even the idea of it are useful with negotiations coming soon.
  8. "....... but will try my best to make our sport look second best and second rate whilst not looking on the bright side!" Does TGG really attract only negative people as fans or more than its fair share of trolls? This dreary same old same old post can't possibly have meant to be a positive for the game.
  9. Defining your sport by being a parody always a good move. It exposed nothing and revealed less, unless you count trolling as having any significance?
  10. Well if that's all there is ..... But as an alternative maybe we could discuss how to change things. No I never said you were but you said you were agreeing with me when stating stuff I wasn't inclined towards. Nothing more!
  11. Just read the posts, then find another thread and find banging on about the same things again and again. Same old ideas, someone mentions expansion, aother asks where are all the players coming from? No one agrees. Dress it up how you like, it's a cul de sac. Not what I said or meant, I simply asked why no one ever says enough is enough?
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