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  1. No, what I said is, the next eight years belong to all four....In perpetuity!
  2. Who will have an A licence and why? Leeds. Wigan StHelens, Warrington beacuase they're Leeds, wigan StHelens and Warrington.
  3. It seems an odd final straw but there you go.
  4. Ray you're enganging in pointless argument with a brick edifice, I'm afraid. A debate is not discussion if no one ever reads or listens.
  5. I should also have said if I had enough to put on either! Sneyd needs a mention cos he gets left out in all the excitement understandable thought that is, it's hardly fair.
  6. Avoiding the drop plus an economic model based entirely on success are the two arms of the kind of race you describe. Fev and Leigh are also racing against the what many believe is an IMG restructure time bomb where the gates might be closed. The Wolves example is a bit weird because there are all sorts of problems there. The percieved quality argument is an eye og the beholder opinion and little more, and there is plenty of evidence to the contrary that is ignored by those who believe it. I also think that clubs have grown up alot in their attitudes towards building a side and the value of being frugal and careful which wasn't always the case. Neither your points nor mine are written in stone and clubs could still do what you say but the fates of those clubs who went down the road of buying success and overextending themsleves should be laboured by the RFL/SL in any change that takes place over this.
  7. RIP She sounds wonderful JD, thoughts with you and your family.
  8. I loved Marvel Comics and had a collection of over 200 would've been worth a bit now. No one seems interested in the OP story a modern age grifter who seems to have made a profit from his villainy.
  9. Turned out to be a croissant, a baguette and one of those huge Paellas at the fetes de village!
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