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  1. I think hiding things is a game's and athlete's tendency in any sport; whether it's secretive payments or backstairs enhancements. The only difference will be what you can afford both as a drug and the means to disguise it. It would also relate to how long you've been practising hiding things too.
  2. Personally I'd say that's rather a lot, very telling and shows he's very insightful, intelligent and knows his onions. And he was a bl**dy good winger! "With hindsight I might've been better off staying at Salford" = more proof!
  3. I know we're on "social media" ! but the difference between accidental & intentional and between the ball paying the man and vice versa shouldn't really involve too much in the way of discussion and deliberation. Well at least until someone menti0on the salary cap, expansion and TWP!
  4. I used to love arriving and leaving Lagos the Bribery is illegal signs everywhere was like being like a star in a Monty Python sketch.
  5. They done good, Dave, they run strong! And then you were unlucky to miss the two easy teams in the Draw!
  6. What is clear is that we need to get rid of TWP and on the same basis NT & Ottawa look at at the arguments made on these pages. Pointless, never ending & boring. Yes you're right Dave taking a brave decision is a necessity. A plan is entirely another thing. But everything we might worry about with TWP would equally apply to Ottawa and NY so get rid of all three. It is the only way to stop these interminable discusssions where no one can agree, we can all stop pretending our sport can progress other than at a very low level. And Angry Harry from everywhere TGG can move on to just being cross with the RFL & the rules . In any case if TWP go we can put Cleckedmondbridge straight into SL!
  7. Then prevent NY and Ottawa now and make a real statement of intent!
  8. This is not a surprise, a shock or unexpected. Nor will the many more that will happen either!
  9. All the best kayakman, hope things go well for you all.
  10. "What's happening? Sh*t, the same old soup just reheated."
  11. This is my last post Mike and just a suggestion, if you can, SkyGo it and give her the remote ... stay well, keep safe and make sure your marriage stays intact. I live ont'inerweb in TGG land while the wife watches happy murders and romantic films. Today the 1981 Oz GF Eels v Jets it's like another world, universe and sport.
  12. https://forty20.news/francis-contribution-bigger-than-sunderland-debate-says-caplan/
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