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  1. The RFL are to bring back scrums, alter the ball steal and injured players must leave the field if injured. For me the most interesting rule change is about injured players. which should stop players going down pretending to be injured to buy time and energy.

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  2. It is becoming more & more obvious that players from Australasia are . on the whole, a risky business recruiting them in this demanding finance climate for our Super League clubs. A large proportion are signed on large contracts on watching clips on NRL matches before they are surplus to requirements by their NRL clubs and offered to Super League clubs. which should rings bells as to WHY. They may not like the weather , get homesick and are not up to the grade expected. Folua(Hull) springs to mind . Some even break their contracts and not return for pre season training.

    A maximum should be brought in. but it is not in my remit to say how many , but I do believe it is absolutely necessary for the health of our game. 

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