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  1. I wonder if Knowles will get away with trying to reduce his 5 game ban , after this disgusting tackle on Mike Cooper ruling him out for up to a year. If this had happened in the street he would be up before the magistrate for GBH. He is a disgrace to this game of ours and should be serving time for the length Mike will be missing not just 5 matches.  No doubt Saints fans will be up in arms with my post. So what.!



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  2. Solid first half, and it should have been safety first, no penalties, second half, up the field. The ref was a joke, I Always thought there was 2 teams in the game not 1. The penalty count was ridiculous. we were not squeaky clean but not that bad. The team were getting frustrated with the decisions which led to both the binnings. Not often you see the ref booed off the pitch when we have won.

    Now to the game , with only 1 recognised half the flow was never going to be easy. I feel for  Dean, especially in the second half when 2/3 of his kicks went over the dead ball line for 7 tackles. Difficult to see their tries from the other end of the field. So no real comment.The no goal in the first half was a definite goal. We did enough to win under difficult circumstances. After London we deserve, and need some weeks rest to recover.

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