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  1. The ONLY good thing that may come from this is that SL clubs may not need to boost their playing roster by so many overseas players to survive in the promised land
  2. What's the point of ambition. If there is no goal??????
  3. Good few months for MC to sort it out.
  4. Going back a few hours to Phils post re Ryan Carr and our win at Leigh in 2019 and his absolute delight. Which would rub off on the players. What about Batley and the way they put Lingard on their shoulders thats team spirit.
  5. You are entitled to your opinion Coolie, but I did not take you for a cynic
  6. Any thoughts on Leon Price ?
  7. Well done, Batley. As in earlier posts. they were able to offload far too easily in the first 40 With 14 points down after the break it was not going to be easy. WE gave us a chance and then non tackling did us again. In the end it was too big a hill to climb, and Batley did deserve to win. The tactics even in the first part of the second half was 4 drives 1 pass and kick. Not sorry to see Broadbent go, and for me so should Ford, as least Smith would have given his all. For me the only bright spot was the improvement shown by Joey Let's get rid of McD , and get a proven Championship coach. Anyway roll on 2023 and hope for just as good a season.
  8. Team picked. No Smith with Broadbent at centre & Hardy in the second row.. Now turn to go to the match.
  9. The whole point of promotion & relegation is top goes up and bottom comes down. There is got to be incentive in the championship.
  10. Coming together, but the halves could be a problem at the moment, With Smith nor Jacks not as yet resigning. but I am sure Vickers will have some more good news.
  11. Another great re-signing . He has been outstanding this season
  12. Bit of a surprise if true
  13. Seems like a cracking march unable to go. Sounds like I missed a humdinger . close to the end.
  14. I cannot see Hull fans over the moon if they appoint Tony Smith, after the way he left HKR in the lurch.
  15. A good clearout is what the League needs. I hope the new boss will have a bit more get up and go, and sort out the mess we are in . eg referees, the disciplinary panel, the league structure and many other problems.
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