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  1. Funny thing about sport, results do not always go your way. expect the unexpected,That's why you don't see a poor downtrodden bookie.
  2. Regarding an earlier post about the sending off on Chris Hill by me, he gets the same 3 match ban as Chizzy, The Warrington player gets taken off and could miss matches, whereas Luke turns out for us on Sunday , and scores a cracking try, Chizzy only gets a yellow card. Where is the justice in these 2 decisions.????
  3. 1. Chisholm 2.Hall 3. Blackmore
  4. Right Robin it was. It lead indirectly to 2 on their tries, the other was the only mistake Chizzy made by missing that tackle.I thought the team just did enough to win , which of course they did. However I think if Batley keep on improving they could do OK.
  5. I just wonder how many matches Chris Hill gets for his high tackle and sending off in the Wigan / Warrington match tonight?????
  6. Absolutely diabolical. What a pathetic system
  7. I agree with Gittinsfan in an earlier post , what benefit is there in using DR instead of using our young lads promoted from our reserves.
  8. I should have thought the club would have snapped up your offer Colin, but the internal politics never seem to amaze me.
  9. What about a run out for our fringe players as well as our new boys and to hell with the Leeds DR
  10. 5 of out young lads should all be given a runout, the whole game is just to give these Leeds lads a run out , what is Webster likely to learn. absolutely nothing., don't get upset just my thoughts
  11. Thanks POR , problem solved, Happy Christmas
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