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  1. We have come a long way since the start of the year without a coach and only a few players. To get into the 5 was an achievement in itself, then to take Leigh apart was great. We have a good chance against York, But to beat the 2 Ts is going to be one hell of an ask, but **** lad we can always dream.
  2. AnYone know the attendance at the Leigh game. not shown in League Express?
  3. haskey


    Coaches "live or die" by their team selection .and it seems that Duffegg should suffer for it.
  4. haskey


    That's what you get from a traitor
  5. To me it proves that the game is stagnating, with inept referees, rule changes, and league structure changes part of the reason.As far as Fev are concerned we are a championship team a few miles from 2 SL teams and only a village . I live in Cas but would never go there ,but how many more of us are there??
  6. I have supported Rovers for nearly 60 years , and never have I been so disgusted by our " so called" fans than this year. Please please sort it out
  7. Dubious tactics employed by Toulouse, we did however play well in parts particularly in the 1st half. With 15 minutes to go and 8 points down we came back strong. Scored TWO tries , Ormondroyds try was a definite as I was set right in front of the ball. So off we go to the LSV as the result will not change.
  8. Just seem on our web site the half time score for the reserves of 30 -0, why oh why can we not have a reserve team next year. Off to the match now so wont see the final score..
  9. Only your match is taking place on Sunday
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