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  1. Some really interesting and positive comments earlier. and it looks like Webster has a lot of hard thinking to do for the season starts, but lets not get too carried away with this thrashing of Oldham
  2. Not much to add really. A first half of complete dominance , but as you would expect with the changes, it became scrappy. Our goal kicking was very poor and needs to improve before the season kicks off. A few mistakes in the second half did not help. but all in all good things to work with.
  3. Only 22 fixtures so I presume we are 4 short?
  4. One up to you POR never thought of that ???
  5. The days of Wembley memories sadly are unlikely to come back, with the advent of full time teams. David Hobbs 2 tries and Steve Quinn's goals spring to mind , together with that famous head butt. But for Phantoms benefit never say never
  6. Nothing to add what a superb piece of Rovers history, well done
  7. Who knows with the shambles of a management team we have???
  8. Well just have to see how it pans out
  9. Not sure about this Phantom, dont we have a lot of over 30 forwards without any more. I could . of course be proved wrong
  10. Cracking squad, if we ever get off the starting blocks.. Reckon between us and the French outfit
  11. Nothing more to be said, it is just brilliant news.
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