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  1. Tats why TO are supposedly top
  2. 1. Davies 2. Hall 3. Harrison Oneto watch Young Doyle .
  3. Just got back. Enjoyable game Rovers fans were immense, and the team groundout a good win in the conditions and in the end a comfortable enough win. Both hookers missing Holmes & Moors but the kids stood up and did they enjoy it ..you bet it will stay with them for the rest of there lives.
  4. .Sorry Robin this is very selfish. some speccies are looking forward to a weekend in London. and it aint cheap
  5. I can see the sense in Dagger playing but no chance at all of any players from the finalists being allowed on even want to
  6. Hope the RL announces early doors tomorrow as we are setting off in the morning.
  7. The team that turned out today was disrespectful to the season tickets holders who have put their hard earned cash into this shambles. Giving Salford a leg up the table . Not good enough Powell. You need to go straight after Wembley. I just hope that St Helens dont put 70 past you.
  8. As said in earlier posts good non-biased commentary, and a good work out for Wembley, A bit of a wobble in the middle of the second half but a very good finish.
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