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  1. Well said Mr Campbell, Elstone is a lame duck supremo and his comments about promotion is upsetting not just MC but quite a few others, It is not his decision so he should keep his mind on SL and his mouth shut . I am surprised he has not opened his mouth about the division of the £16million
  2. Well done Mr Rimmer, one in the eye for super dooper league. No doubt all the SL supremos will be going cap in hand for a slice of the cake. Which they would not be giving if Sky 's next payout is not to their liking. As its a loan I hope the interest is manageable
  3. In that case tell them to get lost :??
  4. No more to be said, really. Hope your families will be OK.
  5. I agree Robin, but what option did they have ?
  6. The pitfalls of football and rugby league being played on the same ground.
  7. 1. Chisholm 2. Blackmore 3. Hardcastle
  8. Well we got the job done, lets hope for a juicy next draw, and cash for the coffers
  9. A forgettable afternoon. Discipline as usual was ######. The only real highlight was Jouffret,s try What was the point of having a cameo appearance from Liam Sutcliffe, and what baffles me more than anything was whose decision was it to give the kicking duties to Chissy when has been out for a month, with Halls kicking much better, it was a good job it was not down to goal kicks to win the game. Swinton did not disgrace themselves at all , and could so easily have pinched it
  10. 1. Blackmore 2. Hardcastle 3. Worthingtoin
  11. With 10 to go , I thought we might nil them, but no matter what , A fantastic result for the players and the travelling fans.WELL DONE ROVERS
  12. Sounds like a great first 40 for the lads keep it going On Corey Johnson , My grandson goes out with his sister and I believe he has called it a day . Reason unknown
  13. A few wires crossed, read Catalans for Hull KR, and do you think Hull KR v Leigh will be an away win.?
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