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  1. I have just read a heart rending article concerning Greg, on Total RL, who played for us prior lockdown on loan, who is having to take on manual labour, and his wife cutting short her maternity leave to make ends meet. Surely if an employer does not pay its workforce their due wages ,they should be forced into administration., and the law then takes over. As this is a Canadian concern , are their laws different.? This is another reason why Toronto should be given the boot. Question:- Am I right or am I completely wrong. Does anyone know.
  2. Absolutely spot on sentoffagain
  3. How can we want or expect TWP to participate in 2021 without any players.? Toi me it is a non-starter
  4. When will rugby league realise that it cannot possible run , even slightly successfully, with 2 governing bodies. Most sports , if not all, are run by one body . 25 clubs in our lower leagues did not stand a chance of a unanimous decision regarding the season, Now even SL And the RFL cannot always agree, Also how can the sport afford the inflated salaries of 2 chief execs and all their separate staff. The game will never learn , I would have difficulty in knowing how many bullets are in their feet in my many years of watching Rovers.
  5. How about Coventry with their supporters in the low hundreds
  6. Maurice Lindsay's Murdock millions has a lot to answer for. There are more teams below SL but they are just , as far as the SL & RL supremos are concerned, just a waste of time(as stated in the post above) All they seem to want is SL and big city teams like London, and of course Toronto, Look what they have done to the credibility of the game. Which has gone further down the drain than is already is. What a bl---dy mess
  7. Rumours are rife , no doubt the posts will be coming thick & fast. But knowing how fast the RL work when will the final decision be made.
  8. However if Longo gets his way we will be playing in the promised land
  9. What a bl---dy cheek, from Toronto stating that they are withdrawing from the Super League, and will be ok for 2021. How can they seriously think they can just carry on as though nothing has happened . However nothing regarding our top brass would surprise me ?
  10. As Cardypaul says what is the point of signing our making enquiries re players when we do not know about P & R, Also where are we getting the money from with no income coming in .??
  11. haskey

    No PR

    I have just read the official statement on the clubs website, regarding todays RLF meeting , and once again the RFL have delayed making any kind of decision.25 clubs will never agree that is why we are supposed to have a ruling body to make decisions ,SO WHY CANT THEY DO THAT.
  12. haskey

    No PR

    The trouble is , Bryan, will it make any difference. I suspect he will have lots to say and mostly negative but will it matter. NO
  13. haskey

    No PR

    Especially now that the SL clubs have voted marginally to keep them and not merge with the RFL ?
  14. It may have been a dump , but look where you could be now.
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