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  1. Yes TPH , This fiasco has now gone up a notch with MC venting his anger. Obviously us supporters have no influence but when the Chairman comes out and speaks his mind this should have some sway. BUT don't hold your breath ?
  2. Even League Express thinks this scheduling of the Toulouse match is completely unfair.
  3. Looks like the have struck again. What a load of …………...s
  4. Why couldn't Boas d o that for us. (their second try)
  5. I see Toronto have signed Sonny Bill on £150k a week, and they say they are not breaking the Salary Cap ???? I was under the impression that only footballers got that kind of dosh. I am , as usual , wrong
  6. Just hope he is here for the right reasons
  7. Hold it !!!!! This thread could be a complete waist of time, as it could just be paper talk.
  8. As usual Oxy boy you have to have your say on all things Fev
  9. Could not have put it better myself Colin. Good luck Ryan
  10. Could not have put it better myself.. Well done the lads
  11. Wow!!! A bit of sanity from a supporter of another club. Thanks Alan E
  12. Switched off after the match, did not hear McDermott, Googleboy what did he say to offend.??? The gist will be fine. Cheers
  13. They will have to recruit to keep away from the relegation zone. Nothing there showed me they will be any kind of threat
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