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  1. In that case tell them to get lost :??
  2. No more to be said, really. Hope your families will be OK.
  3. I agree Robin, but what option did they have ?
  4. The pitfalls of football and rugby league being played on the same ground.
  5. 1. Chisholm 2. Blackmore 3. Hardcastle
  6. Well we got the job done, lets hope for a juicy next draw, and cash for the coffers
  7. A forgettable afternoon. Discipline as usual was ######. The only real highlight was Jouffret,s try What was the point of having a cameo appearance from Liam Sutcliffe, and what baffles me more than anything was whose decision was it to give the kicking duties to Chissy when has been out for a month, with Halls kicking much better, it was a good job it was not down to goal kicks to win the game. Swinton did not disgrace themselves at all , and could so easily have pinched it
  8. 1. Blackmore 2. Hardcastle 3. Worthingtoin
  9. With 10 to go , I thought we might nil them, but no matter what , A fantastic result for the players and the travelling fans.WELL DONE ROVERS
  10. Sounds like a great first 40 for the lads keep it going On Corey Johnson , My grandson goes out with his sister and I believe he has called it a day . Reason unknown
  11. A few wires crossed, read Catalans for Hull KR, and do you think Hull KR v Leigh will be an away win.?
  12. Not sure about Ferres. Bussey was talking to the ref when they had no2 sent off We were poor,did not play the conditions, had no motivation and no halves to take us round the field. Has Barrow not laid on so much and gave penalties away with 13 left on the field they would have beaten us.
  13. Not sure about , he was talking to Bussey when they had the second sin bin. We were poor, did not play the conditions , had now motivations from half back and had Barrow not laid on so much in the second half they would have beaten us with
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