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  1. Mac was never a talker when he was at Fev but I see he is comparing the NRL as being superior to SL when the seasons have not even started. Typical Mac . the grass is always greener on the other side. The best move ever when he went.
  2. A player on loan with a 2-week recall, not exactly a stable signing, is it? Sutcliffe last season was on loan and for me he did not break any pots. Not the type of signing I would have liked.
  3. WE definitely need a further out and out scrum half.
  4. Typical RFL couldn.t organise a kids tea party, never mind a big weekend like the Bash
  5. Yes , good luck, life moves on.
  6. Great about Bussey. A wholehearted player suited to our setup
  7. I thought we had brought back Field.-- Mark
  8. My thoughts are that we still need a couple of half backs, if as expected Jacks is on his way. Hankinson though is a very good signing.
  9. From failure to the NRL with Newcastle which is a coal mining city. if he makes another mess, he could always go down the mines
  10. Is there any players not on the rumour mill ????
  11. I see Hardacre is off contract at Leeds ???
  12. Mark have newbie & 7 definitely left ?
  13. I am sure he will be getting back to work with his new selections when his stint with the World Cup is done.
  14. Have you ever thought that life is a gamble. Let's just see hope he goes and give him a chance. I can see more players being interested in signing for him than Mac.
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