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  1. Very sad news to hear of a young lad dying . He had so much to live for R. I.P
  2. This is a PR disaster as far as the supporters are concerned. ll these lads who had high hopes of a chance of playing at a lower level and then be kicked in the teeth, with no chance of bettering themselves, shame on you Rovers
  3. According to the club Spedding is here until end of season 2019, so why is it quote in an earlier post that he cannot play thisseasonb and why do we need a 3/4 anyway.
  4. 1. Day 2. King 3.Sutcliffe Superb team effort
  5. Good team performance after a shaky start. Swinton played well in parts, but could not live with our speed , strength and power. Surprisingly no moans about the ref today from me. Roll on York.
  6. Keep the thread going, but im off to the match now
  7. So all the work done to set up a reserve team playing frendlies has been a complete waste of time and money. What the heck is the thinking behind this
  8. Where have you seen this Gazza
  9. Right attitude , less mistakes, we play whats in front of us, and the rest will take care of itself.
  10. However------ Still Bradford & Sheffield hiding in the wings
  11. Rumours are he made too many mistakes in his last outing and Woolford told him he was dropped.
  12. I hope he performs better than Dagger ?
  13. Talking does not solve anything, action is required, call me cynical if you like but I think it is "pie in the sky". The initial cost in setting it up , the need for a board of directors , possibly new rules and many other obstacles that I cannot think of at the moment, will cost money and plenty of it . Also would the fans buy into this concept. Many competitions have been started, and in years or even months have fallen by the wayside what is to stop this going the same way. I think not a chance
  14. More consistency required on attack. Very scrappy and as said earlier we seem to play better against better opposition. Week off then Dewsbury who again can be up or down .At least it keeps us in the top 5 by 2 wins.
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