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  1. I hope not. Jack is a very good player who covers lots of positions but from what I have seen hooker is where he is least effective.
  2. I have just taken a look at the revised referee appointments page on the RFL website. If you take it that the RFL knows what it is doing then there is going to be the most extraordinary event in the history of rugby league when Huddersfield play Warrington and Wigan play Leeds on the same pitch on the same day and at the same time!!!!!!
  3. A few days ago fevnut was scrolling through the records of some of our favourite Fev players when we noticed that Vince Farrar had started games in all the possible pack positions (Prop, Hooker, Second Row and Loose Forward). We suspected that was rather unusual because hooker is such a specialist position. No surprise that a player should play in all the other three positions but we suspected that to play in all four would be quite rare. After doing some research we were surprised to find that through Fev’s history there were 25 players who had played in all the forward positions. Access the full list by clicking on the link below https://fevblog452.blogspot.com/2020/07/fev-players-who-started-in-all-pack.html
  4. Both of those are already in the blog page, although Andy Hay is the only person in the list who didn't play for Fev.
  5. Possibilities amongst the Barkers: Alan, Nigel, George, Peter and Steve. Does anyone know if and how these are related.
  6. It's Eric and Ray. I got to know Jamie quite well when he worked for the Fev Foundation. He was not related to the others but whether Eric and Ray are related I don't know.
  7. It's still the same page but I have done many updates of it. The link at the top will take you to the revised version
  8. It's worth taking another look at the blog page because we have added loads more since the original posting!
  9. Really helpful is that, Andrew. But who is 'Choco'?
  10. An unknown person has posted in the blog suggesting that Graham Harris and Billy Harris were brothers, that Frank Hemingway is Ian Slater's grandfather and that Carl Dooler and Vaughan Thomas were cousins. Can anyone shed any light on these?
  11. Following the thread started on the Featherstone Rovers Heritage Society facebook page by Benny Towler, fevnut has done some research and produced a list of families we know about. Fathers and Sons, Grandfathers and Grandsons, Uncles and Nephews, Brothers and Cousins. Please let us know of any that we have missed. Use the link below to access the page. https://fevblog452.blogspot.com/2020/06/the-fev-families.html
  12. This is the Fev teamsheet and scorers from that match.
  13. Well done, Mark! I was looking for draws and didn't think to look at two-legged ties.
  14. I've searched the records, Colin and can't come up with anything to match. Only three draws in Fev Challenge Cup matches - 2 against Halifax and even you aren't old enough to remember that as they were both in 1925. We got through after winning the 2nd replay. The other was 1971 against Hull, too late for Eric Batten. Eric Batten played in three drawn matches for Fev but they were all league matches.
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