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  1. I agree looks good . Just ordered mine.
  2. Would someone please give the measurement between the armpits of the 2XL & 3XL replica playing shirts ? I have just received the 4XL , it measures 27 inches across which is far too big . Many thanks.
  3. Looks like indiscipline again giving away those penalties .
  4. He was a really nice Gent to speak to, very modest , when I spoke to him at Duxford.
  5. Tom Neil 97 , fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain & the Battle of Malta
  6. According OCR the attendance was 274
  7. I was runner up in the world cup sweepstake last time. If I remember right Old Faithful organised it . Not going to shout my mouth off, might just go all the way this time?
  8. Thanks very much for the replies, looking forward to Sunday.
  9. Why are the games not being broadcast by OCR ? Does anybody know ?
  10. I prefer an egg most times but occasionally have a pineapple ring
  11. Does anybody know if the game is being broadcast on OCR ?
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