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  1. it is written in rugby league law that wigan donate 2 points to the bottom team it happens every year.
  2. watched this series ages ago and it is brilliant though a little strange, i will be watching again.
  3. yes we have a wren it just started building its nest in what was a blue ###### box, last years brood were forever falling out as there wasn't enough room for them all.
  4. i remember when scott taylor sited home sickness as his reason for leaving wigan for hull, just saying.
  5. has anyone seen any frog spawn yet? one of the grandkids has asked me to get some i have been to all the usual spots but found nothing, is it still to cold?
  6. don't watch them on sky watch them on nrl tv full games repeated 24hrs after game for free
  7. i cringe every time i see it i remember the aussie lad breaking his neck in that sort of tackle,i would make it no more than two players in a tackle.
  8. if we are talking about rule changes please end the driving a player back into in goal for a drop out someone is going to get a serious injury eventually.
  9. nice to see google celebrating what would have been clive sullivans 78th birthday.
  10. the NRL site shows all game free of charge a day or so after live you just need a little patience
  11. yes the bigger the station the more they have to pay.
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