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  1. loved every minute of it and amazed they actually played 80 mins, really glad i watched it.
  2. looking forward to this expecting wigans tight defence to frustrate catalan good gamegoing down to the last minute in front of a good 13000 crowd.
  3. Tony clubb, who is incuded in wigans squad for this friday probably his last game.
  4. saints have played 20 cas have played 22 wigan 24 so.................
  5. it dosen't have to be a group i have one name who would rock the place and i am no joking RICK ASTLEY.
  6. i would also question if carney actually saw the game does he have a private feed to every game.
  7. as usual carney can't find anything good to say about wigan "that was th most abject performance i have seen from two teams" wigan are playing to their strength, defence, and scored two very good tries. if you could pick who to play no one would pick wigan.
  8. no thanks he would have us playing some hyped up 4 a side game in the 02 or some other indoor arena.
  9. It’s the markings that are not there that are the problem I suggest you move one channel back to see how a pitch should be marked out.
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