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  1. he will miss more than he plays.
  2. sky won't stop showing scores the whole point of showing all the games is to drive viewing figures down so they can drop the price they pay on the next deal.
  3. there are some tickets available on the wigan warriors page on facebook.
  4. so after round 15 will i have to pay for the new sky streaming thingy and if i do can i cancel my sky sports package?
  5. the first game on bbc2 is cas v wigan i thought that had been announced already.
  6. thought it was his friends stag do which is slightly worse.
  7. six catalan games out of the twelve as del boy would say "pot pourri"
  8. be great if we manage to get both the bbc and c4 to take matches.
  9. even if channel 4 offered twice as much as the bbc the morons running rl would pick the bbc.
  10. Dr who fans are very much like rugby league fans forever complaining, they slag it when its on and plead for a new series when its off.
  11. robin park has a 11500 capacity so should be a great atmosphere if the weather is good, i might book for THE LATHUMS.
  12. sky deal impacts on me by me cancelling my subscription as i have never ever watched a football match i will pay to watch the streamed rugby and watch wigan on their tv channel.
  13. Nice little earner for the players at christmas bit of xmas bonus.
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