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  1. he should stop bleating and get his hand in his pocket as should all the money men in league.
  2. mcshane MOM on the our league app. richardson not even in the four.
  3. even if the season is postponed sky could still choose a game a week for tv, this could also prove a bonus for the lower leagues with bigger crowds and more games on tv.
  4. I also think Salford may sneak a win they very often raise their game against Wigan, whos the ref
  5. Do you not know anyone with a spare it’s easy to set up.
  6. good grief can you not read anything but what suits you no wonder you have made so many posts you post just for the hell of it. thats it your blocked.
  7. Liligiifo Sao (Hull FC) – Grade A Strikes – 1 Match Penalty Notice Sam Tomkins (Catalans) – Grade B Trip – 2 Match Penalty Notice Ben Flower (Wigan) – Grade C Dangerous Contact – 2 Match Penalty Notice Oliver Partington (Wigan) – Grade D Dangerous Contact – Refer to Tribunal
  8. no letters page! my flabber is well and truly gasted, must say though it is a packed edition this week and a great read.
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