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  1. its ok being a granddad (sp) up until the kid reaches begging age then its just bank of grandad(sp) i have one 22 and one 7 and various inbetween it's been a roller coaster.
  2. oh i'm going to like this thread i am a mssive fan of the instrumental from pink floyd to the shads, but i'll start with a newish one the energy in this is fantastic.
  3. because of this post i watched eraserhead again last night, i was seriously effected by it in 1977 and can say i am again traumatised i never realised how much Twin Peaks draws from this film. David lynch has a lot to answer for.
  4. a couple of photos i like just to keep the thread alive.
  5. i though this was about the best song ever not what we like the best?
  6. Yeah I was on the super league fantasy link and it says starting jan?
  7. she was in our local "the ball and boot" in wigan, practicing on friday night seems a great girl.
  8. incredible how UFC manages to block all these videos practically instantly, i posted the knockout on facebook and it was deleted in 30 seconds,
  9. WISH YOU WHERE HEAR, PINK FLOYD.because i am a floyd fan, but i have always thought "the living years" by mike and the mechanics was just about perfect.
  10. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/10759707/derek-fowlds-yes-minister-dead-82/ RIP derek fowlds.
  11. well we are less than 7000 posts away from that millionth post and i predict we will get it on the first day of the season during halftime of the wigan warrington game and it will be about the play the ball.
  12. not rogers best album but god there are some brilliant trracks on it
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