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  1. I'm painting no picture about the clubs. Cutting cloth comment related to every worker, RL or not, spending their means based on what they take home. Ie, earn less, spend less. Earn more spend more. Big earner, big mortgage. Pay cut; 2 up 2 down or 6 bed mansion, we may all find hardship when less comes in each month. My point was clear, it's not about the rich directors or the overwhelming majority of SL players, it's about the regular folk. Whilst they're not Premier League footballers they earn considerably more than average UK wages, much much more. This is not about underselling the comp as per how this thread has been totally hijacked for no relevant reason, this is about Covid19. The merit of that point belongs on a different thread. I agree FWIW, the comp is much better than the revenue it generated pre covid. I'll return to this thread in 9 months when my point will be much more obvious. The best solution for everyone is that ALL clubs survive, ALL employees take home sufficient money to make ends meet even if it means sacrifice and we ALL live to prosper another day. Player strikes risks the entire industry and not just the players, this is exactly why they dare threaten it in such an horrendous time. I'm sorry, it is just wrong. Are people not watching the news? Maybe everyone is home, enjoying the furlough money. In general I honestly feel for business owners. Not specifically SL but across the board. I nurtured a business for almost 16 years that went pop almost a decade ago with over 30 guys joing the dole queue, most of them with family and a mortgage. You take it home. As do most human beings. You can say what you want but I don't believe for a moment ANY club is trying to fleece any player, they're educated folk trying to survive. Cost cutting come from the top and unfortunately for the players it's there and not letting general workers go to facilitate players contracts and that is what it'll come to.
  2. None of us know the finer points of the strike action however it would be fair to assume no club is rubbing their hands together at the prospect of fleecing the players. The world is heading for a depression not a recession. The reality of a moderate pay reduction, in the context of average pro SL wages, still leaves the players extremely well positioned compared to the average man on the street. Put the violins away. Whilst no man wants to take a pay cut as typically we all cut our cloth accordingly, the stark reality of the world we're in should immediately remove any rational arguments they pitch. It is simply wrong to hold others to ransom for your own personal greed especially when it could effect thousands of others and not just yourself. Yes they have a contract. How much will it be worth when they hold their hand out to the official receiver! Nothing. They are not being wronged or cheated, this is something we are all in together. Should these clubs let some admin staff, cleaners, ground staff etc go so these moaning idiots can get their contracted 'decent wage', get real. I'm sorry it's tripe. Try being an employer and responsible for keeping hundreds of people's families fed and you'll soon lose any sympathy for the top earners complaints.
  3. I hope any player that strikes is shown the door as quickly as possible and no club ever offers them another contract. Simply greedy and shortsighted. If they strike they run the risk of taking clubs down, potentially SL.This is not about the wealthy directors or the players but the huge team of normal salaried people each club has as well as all the connected trades. They'll all need a second career so nevermind it is a short career, poor blokes etc they, like the rest of us have to, must get real with what is happening. If they don't like it, retire and get a normal job which will certainly pay much less than the temporarily reduced contract. Geez Wakefield cannot afford paint for the steps pre Covid, just wrong.
  4. He cannot score if they do not pass the ball to him, unless he is expected to score from a kick return!
  5. Hall was standout when the corner flag was in touch. He built his reputation at that time as the ultimate finisher and typically smaller guys couldn't compare. The rules changed so he no longer stood out nor did Leeds employ the same tactics. Hall has never been a fast runner even in his prime, these days he looks distinctively slow amongst other backs around him. I do agree that his teammates don't use him that often as an attacking option, it's noticeable. I know he was always quite reliable at Leeds, you'd not be worried about his defence or the high kick etc although over the years he's coughed up a clanger or someone has picked his pocket. He is clearly very rusty though, he was at fault the other day, positioned wrong leading to a try. He's played 8 games in two years though, he needs a good run in the team before he will be seen at his best.
  6. Exactly. Should be 10 minutes and a penalty try. It was a professional foul whichever way you cut it up.
  7. Just don't get that penalty! Surely it was a professional foul stripping the ball 2 on 1 to stop the try.
  8. I'd have him at Leeds all day long! Arguably the best ball playing prop either side of the world in a generation. If he plays on as long as Peacock did he could make the SL Dream Team on three more occasions. Leeds need another experienced middle too.
  9. Absolutely poor officiating. Broncos were the better side and on a different day would have won convincingly. Manly must had 6 or 7 times the number of penalties and were not penalised for the same offences. They even benefited when the touch missed the 40/20 that hit the line and wasn't called. Broncos were really close but with much less ball, they'll be winning soon. It's almost like retribution from last weekend for Manly and making things right this week.
  10. BJB has never been as good as Briscoe and whilst Tom developed a tendency to be somewhat unsafe under the bomb BJB has always been coming up with more than his fair share of blunders. BJB, for a FB, was always very soft in the tackle too and never had much of a kick return. Briscoe & BJB were in the same Leeds squad in 2014 and BJB only made the team to cover injuries. He was a genuine international too unlike BJB. So independently coaches favoured Briscoe. Those small upgrades is what make good teams great teams.
  11. Sinfield. Very accurate but has kicked more pressure kicks than anyone else.
  12. The only way you will stay up this year is if the rules are changed due to current circumstances and relegation is scrapped. You have been terrible so far. McDermott has lived a charmed life as a coach and he will be the only person in RL happy that the season is in turmoil (I am not saying he is happy about CV...) offering him potential excuses down the line to save his skin. Watkins is a confidence player, always has been. When you add that to his age and injuries he will never be the player he once was nor your saviour. It shows how daft the rules are in SL - TW will spend more on wages than anyone and come dead last. KW will go down as a hero for many a Leeds fan and rightly so. I hope he finds some solace in the weeks and months ahead.
  13. In the context of returning to playing quickly they were - ie before most workers are allowed to go back to work. We must not forget that people are currently permitted to go to work unless they cannot work from home - it is not much of a stretch that in a few weeks once the wave has been through the sport starts quickly behind closed doors.... I am not sure he actually means three games every week but rather he is preempting the PC brigade that come out each year regarding the Easter schedule. The gist of what he is saying is the sport must do what it can to return quickly and complete the season - if that means overrunning the calendar and/or playing some midweek games to catch up, so be it. It is a squad sport and all the teams would be in the same position in the end anyway. At the end of the day it is simply not an enviable position to be in whichever way you cut it up. It is not about lining his pockets. If the players are given the option to sacrifice some off season and a condensed fixture list to include midweek games on the basis the sport/their employer survives I am confident they would take it as the lessor of two evils. You have to remember, we are coming out at the other side of this in a horrendous recession. Many many businesses will have gone bust or will have to hugely tighten their belts.
  14. Seriously people – what has he said that is so controversial!! Make absolutely no mistake – the government is planning for the fact this virus is going to spread throughout the entire population over the coming weeks/months. They did not make a spectacular u-turn when ‘herd immunity’ was slipped into a briefing but rather they have been more selective with the information they publish. In the region of 2+ million are infected in the UK which is now sufficient, with a c4% daily increase (rather than a 26% daily increase this virus can deliver on an unrestricted society), for the virus to spread to approximately 60-80% of the UK within the next 11 weeks (end of the ‘peak period’ stated by government – c21/06/20). The government, using the science, will change the social distancing measures to facilitate the controlled spread of the virus which will not be a linear 4% daily increase over that time period but will end up resulting in that yield over the same time period. Roughly a 1/4 of people are still ‘going’ to work and people are still out shopping inside supermarkets – it is still spreading quickly, just not as quickly. My industry, horse racing, announced yesterday that they intend for flat racing to resume in four weeks, May 1st behind closed doors. Jumps racing to return two months later, 1st July. Jump racing requires more by way of a medical presence onsite and therefore stripping it from the NHS. Hetherington has suggested that a starting point to get the sport back could be behind closed doors and using the cup games first while the turnstiles remain locked. The cup is covered by the BBC and transmitted to the masses, it also means those invested with season tickets will not be losing out. Only sheep and the flat earth brigade are failing to see the wood for the trees…. People in charge (of all industries) have to plan for the future using all of the information available to them. Hetherington is saying that when the time is right, let us be ready to go….. he voiced a sensible first step return. This is not a player welfare issue – players are more likely to get the virus today by going to Tesco without wearing an FFP2/3 respirator and breathing in the aerosolised virus than they will in 7 or 8 weeks when the wave has already been though and a staged return to work becomes inevitable for us all. People need to get their head around the fact the majority of us will get this virus in the next couple of months or so. Controversially an argument also exists that televised sports played behind closed doors will assist the government in controlling the masses too. We have been locked down only for a few days and yet we already have early pockets of civil unrest. People also need to realise that a very real balance must exist between the mental health of people locked up at home for months on end and the economic reality of staying at home whilst business crumbles around them. Like it or lump it, I personally expect the government to sanction the resumption of certain behind closed doors events sooner than many on here expect, want or indeed believe to be correct.
  15. Please god it is incident related and not corruption related as that would be extremely damaging to the sport. You would imagine it is serious regardless if he has had to instruct a solicitor though. Might rumble on for a while too.
  16. Apart from the fact he should have been off for trying to decapitate Handley totally unprovoked.
  17. Leeds had two major issues last year, defense and a controlling half both of which should be considerably better this time around. I'd stick my neck out and say Ward and Martin are as good as any other pair in the league and Prior, whilst not flashy, was arguably the best defensive prop in the NRL. Leeds will get better as the weeks go by as Hull will I guess. Hull and Radford under plenty of pressure with all the hype.... Should be a belter.
  18. He is literally the official NRL 5/8th of the year 2017. I.e he is the Dally M 5/8th of the year 2017. Similar to how SL has the Dream Team.
  19. He was 5/8th of the year 2017. The only risk Wire have taken is on keeping him fit not his ability. Whoever says different doesn't know his a rse from his elbow.
  20. Five minutes ago you were complaining that we didn't replace Peacock & Leuluai.... You do realise that those two were both late 20's when we got them and they went on to become legends at the club staying almost 10 seasons..... Peacock was a few weeks away from his 38th birthday when he was again in the SL Dream Team. For a Leeds fan you do like moaning about them. Give Sinfield a chance to do his job. Prior is arguably the best defensive prop in the NRL year after year. Moan if he doesn't play well, not 2 months before the first game!
  21. To be fair I would be a little embarrassed going through if they got disqualified!
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