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  1. I get what you are saying OF and maybe we will just agree to disagree on this one - like old times! Obviously the elbow into Myler was picked up on TV not least because Myler jumped up and remonstrated to the referee. I am sure we all agree that it was a needless cheap shot that presumably he thought he would get away with by looking the other way. You are correct though this came later. I put that incident in the same 'needless' category as pushing a bloke into the advertising boards then immediately helping him up as if it was an accident or when an attacker is pinned to the floor using your forearm/elbow/palm of your hand to push face/head into the ground or even when trying to get a up for a PTB throwing your legs upwards with the intent to kick the defender but having the excuse of 'trying to wriggle free'. Hull did all of those things with deliberate intent from the start of the game but when do teams/players ever get punished for anything like that? Almost never and therefore Hull were not inviting pressure by way of penalties. As I said earlier, I like the rough part of the game, I love a strong tackle and I do not object to handbags but trying to rough a rse players as described is just cheap. Grub. Maybe I noticed it more than usual (all teams have moments) in Hull's game the other night and they are not as bad as they appeared but it did feel like they wanted to intimidate/rough up Leeds into submission in ways other than simply playing a physical game within the rules. I will watch on Monday with interest and will be cheering the codheads on.
  2. I am not trolling Hull fans I can assure you. Leeds won the game, this is not sour grapes. In my humble opinion Hull, from the off and at every opportunity, were dirty grubs which as a team I have never noticed from them before. This has nothing to do with the score, how well Leeds did or did not play but rather how Hull players wanted to inflict needless pain/damage to the Leeds players in behaviour outside of the rules. I am all for a hard game and to be honest do not mind handbags. The Myler elbow was the example that was highlighted on TV but there must have been two dozen tackles from Hull players using hands/forearms/elbows pushing usually heads into the ground and other things going unnoticed like pushing Handley into the advertising boards and pretending it was an accident or trying to kick your opponents when getting up from the tackle in the pretence of being held down etc.. Maybe Hull let their emotion for the fixture overwhelm them on this occasion but it is not something I imagined.
  3. 30 seconds earlier the referee ignored Prior's claims for a penalty and so he wrongly made a point by fouling/obstructing and argued to the ref that he can do it if the Hull player can. My point is not specifically decisions either way but rather tonight, Hull 1 to 17 were a team of grubs and I've never seen them that way. Every team in every game have moments but to my mind too much unnecessary spite all game and I even like the game a bit nasty.
  4. What has happened to Hull?! At every opportunity they can't help but try and sneak something dirty in. It is not sly cheating to gain advantage it's deliberately physical stuff to hurt the opponent. I'm not talking just obvious things like Myler elbow but rough a rse tactics in the tackles etc
  5. I do not usually stick my neck out but I think Leeds will slaughter Salford tonight by a big number. Assuming the 21 named are all available we have the strongest team we have had all year. It will be interesting to see if Agar selects McClelland but given the form of Leeming it would not be a shock to see him in the halves and Myler at FB. Salford are also selecting from a strong squad with blokes back but given they concede c30/40 or more the majority of the time, on a dry evening in Headingley and with the crowd back, I can see Leeds posting 50.
  6. Not much talk about Wakefield or Chester. I feel for Chester, it says something that the guy is fighting back tears and his players are coming out to publicly support him. Leeds might have dominated the ball but they had the rub the entire game and have enough bodies back to put on a much more capable showing than that.
  7. If Wakefield do win the game I would say this will be a genuine consideration of the Leeds board. Leeds still have Walker, Newman, Lui, Tetevano, Myler & Smith missing from their best 17/19 but unlike earlier in the season they can now field a capable set of backs. If you include the two hookers; Briscoe, Hurrell, Handley, Gale, Sutcliffe, Leeming, Dwyer, Eastmond is not really chopped liver! Leeds have much more depth to their squad than Wakefield who are also down on numbers. I think Leeds will probably win with something to spare but if they don't Agar must expect to be asked to come up the office. Not many would survive 6 losses in a row.
  8. If anyone has plans tonight or wants to forgo their Our League access to watch this game I will fire them over £40 as a thank you. Cheers
  9. I think both teams were rusty to say the least. Gale was terrible by his standards, young Broadbent, for all his talent going forward will need to improve his defence. Given an almost entire reserve backline and the first game of the season I am quite happy to nick it. It would be unfair to say Wakefield were flattered by the score, the game is about taking chances. Leeds were dominant but not overwhelmingly and it could be argued that the small dominance we had in the game was down to the fact Wakefield repeatedly coughed up the ball or gifted set restarts rather than our great play. The right team won but it was a game from start to finish.
  10. He is only here to add depth to the squad - why all the fuss. Leeds are not making a big song and dance about it like they have just signed the messiah. I do not believe this is a knock to McClelland either but rather accepting that they have just taken two long term injuries to FB & Half of which Eastmond can play both. I think it extremely unlikely he is on big money and expect McClelland to start the season higher in the pecking order.
  11. It could be a slow start for Leeds now, this will be hugely disruptive. One half out for a dozen games and will fairly come back slightly rusty. One half out for the entire pre season and will likely miss the start of the season. Fullback out for the entire season. Centre returning from horror injury, will not make the start of the season and has had no preseason. If Hurrell gets inured that is the full set! It will be interesting to see what Agar does, Myler is a total liability in defence but I suspect he will now be the first choice fullback rather than Sutcliffe. The only silver lining is starting McLelland at 6 might be the making of him, he is a natural standoff but it is sink or swim for him you would think. If he does get a genuine uninterrupted three months in the team he will either retain the shirt when Lui is back or he will drop back into the reserves and probably never make the grade at Leeds. I really like Lui as he is as consistent a player as we have but he is only moderate. McLelland will not need to be better than Danny McGuire to keep the shirt which at 21 going 22 you would think now is his chance. Frustrating really as the forwards have some depth this year which has not been the case for several years now.
  12. Nah, no Rhinos player tried to deliberately concuss the Wigan lad. No comparison. Hicks is useless not biased, he makes a mess regardless.
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