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  1. Super saver off peak with packed lunch egg butties and your rola cola. Enjoy the game!
  2. So is being so tight fisted you start a thread to complain about ticket prices being more than you pay at the council house you call home. Whilst Leeds have not delivered on field this year, they had good intentions for delivering to their fans by spending big bringing in marquee players. Hull didn't. The fans pay for such expenditure. It has been a common theme from Hull supporters for quite some time to moan that little is invested in their squad. Maybe write to Adam Pearson and ask him to increase ticket prices so you can compete with larger clubs spending power. Alternatively dust off the wallet, come and enjoy the new facilities, watch your high flying birds give the not so mighty Leeds a likely drubbing and stop moaning that it's cost you an extra fiver! If I'd guess, you'll be driving over the M62 at 56mph because that is your cars optimum fuel economy and to hell with everyone else on the road!
  3. Realistically Leeds is such a large city they can get away with charging more because of a larger pull of fans, a little bit naughty but every club charges the most they can get away with. It also helps being the most successful club in a generation with the majority of tickets in brand new modern facilities. Prices are also defined pre season, when it was expected they would be challenging for the playoffs..... Spent a few weeks getting nose bleeds in 3rd OF and you're getting all cocky looking down at the relegation fodder! Isn't the KCOM a council house? I guess most fans will feel right at home.
  4. What are Salford fans thinking of Lolohea? He had another couple of assists last night.
  5. I totally agree regarding the fear of relegation but even from the outside you can see certain things are not right. A professional, experienced and competent director of rugby conducts his business with much more grace and in a much timelier fashion. You see it in the NRL all the time, they swap and change players under contract quite easily. Parcel was a Dream Team player 18 months ago, is young and not injury prone. We shipped him on when it suited us. It is hardly a stretch to think if we wanted to do the same in the off season we could. Garbutt, whilst not a silky prop, is the best meter maker in the entire comp, bar none. If he is a lazy bad attitude trainer he should be managed. That is what managers do. Mistake. Myler is literally stealing a living but as pointed out, fear of failure keeps him in the side. Mistake You can keep loading up the examples of Albert, Donaldson, Crosby, Briscoe etc.... So so many players brought in that are relegation or championship standard. Just because he said it is going to take time does not give him protection from not making progress. If you simply break it down to players in and players out, do we have a better squad now or before he arrived?
  6. What choice did he have with Furner? He gave Hetherington the ultimatum, him or me. Very amateurish. He is making desperate decisions that should have been made much earlier and with much more thought. For example, if Parcel was surplus to requirements he could have been shipped out in the off season rather than be a bit player and then used as a makeweight for Martin. Lui is a late in the season panic buy and is not of the quality of a top top side which must be the remit for the largest and most successful club in the competition. He is now tied to the club for some time. The kids that are meant to be the new generation that will apparently take us to the promised land are not getting that much game time but rather we keep persisting with the 'experienced players' not delivering like Myler. I am not saying it is easy, I am not saying he is not doing his best, however from the outside looking in he is absolutely adding to the problem.
  7. Sinfield must surely be under pressure now. Leeds walked out with an arrogance last night like they were top of the league and had it handed to them. So little heart in the team it's scary. So so far removed from the last generation. Where are the leaders shouting from the rooftops..... Where is the biff man that wants it so bad he gets the players and the crowd going.... Agar feeds us, ohh the passion and desire is there. It was, but they were wearing KR shirts.
  8. I made the mistake of thinking the extra intent from the ex Rhinos boys would not come in to play as all players are in a livelihood scrap; what a mistake I made. You certainly could not question Maguire and his two finger salute to Hetherington's cheque book. Great business getting in Myler! Myler made ONE carry making ONE metre, he did manage to make 4 errors though! Send the useless idiot to Fev, it might wake up the arrogant plonker. Garbutt arguably had his best game for Rovers, the man that cannot do big minutes carried the ball more than anyone else on the pitch, made nearly 200 metres, 58 more than any Leeds player! Parcel had another blinder, scoring again. Keinhorst even got in on the act busting a handful of tackles, breaking the line a couple of times and assisting one. Dwyer and Hurrell with yet more 'for every good thing we'll do a bad thing' performance. New boy Martin solid but unspectacular until the sharp shooting kicking extraordinaire starts missing kicks my 13 year old basset hound could nail. Ohh what a shambles.
  9. Amazing what a bit of confidence does. You really do get the impression the Leeds players are looking up not down now. The ex Leeds lads will absolutely be out to prove a point although with both sets of players potentially threatened with relegation amended contracts players should not lack motivation. Headingley will be absolutely bouncing, plenty going on before the game and the Robins often travel well too. It will be the first game since the stadium has been fully opened which will have a positive aura about the place and be close to capacity. Queue Hicks and this year's SL mantra of 4th down can be relegated to spoil the party. Should be a cracker. Free flowing game Leeds to win well or a scrappy, stop start, penalty driven game KR pinch by 2.
  10. No rule change; agreed. Not quite true on the negativity.... but I get what you mean. Taking two is not always negative, it's all about game management and playing the percentages for me. Sinfield won many a game, especially come the business end, poor weather, championship RL with scoreboard pressure 2 points. It's more than 2 points in such games as the scoreboard pressure is just that; forcing teams to play expensive rugby in conditions that dont suit it just to catch up. They then often cough up the ball. It's intrinsic to the game and good players/teams exploit it when it's right to do so. I see it as good or bad game management and no rule change needed.
  11. Good topic. I think Wire cost themselves the game last week with terrible game management 'taking the 2' and didn't play the conditions at all. It was literally perfect RL conditions and whilst maybe the first 2 were warranted those after, certainly not. Saints played the conditions and run the ball. Grand Final conditions are totally different as the conditions are not often conducive to expansive footy. I appreciate the point entirely, however, all things considered most games are well managed and the 2 points are only taken occasionally to apply scoreboard pressure. I've seen plenty of low scoring, nip and tuck, tense thrillers not to be concerned.
  12. I know you're just poking the Wire fans really, but they did dominate for large parts as you say. They made poor choices kicking for two when conditions were perfect for expansive rugby. Saints benefited from the yellow card too, as well as few dubious decisions. It doesn't take much to swing a game against the play. Anyway, I dont know what all the fuss is about, everyone knows the Rhinos will win it from 5th again! Seriously though, best two teams in the league this year by a mile.
  13. Wire were dominant no question, they just thought they should play Grand Final nip and tuck rugby and forgot it's a dry track and not early October. Add to that the charmed 2019 life Saints seem to have and we get tonight's game.
  14. Saints living a charmed life this year! Wire were dominant and, even without the rub, should have won at a canter. Tense entertainment. Wire should have backed themselves more and would have won. They didn't.
  15. Parcel does not have a permanent contract at the end of the loan unlike Lolohea and Lui who arrived on loans but have permanent deals next year. I suspect it could be one of a number of things though; Parcel might have agreed to move but not agree to stay if KR go down. He has a contract next year at Leeds. Leeds probably want a fee that KR would not pay so the loan gets him off the quota but does not throw away an asset. From what we know, it is Leeds prerogative to bring him back next year even if it is to sell him. I'm not sure the visa is an issue, my understanding is that they're centrally sponsored and irrespective, for a few hundred quid, can be processed in a day.
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