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  1. Please god it is incident related and not corruption related as that would be extremely damaging to the sport. You would imagine it is serious regardless if he has had to instruct a solicitor though. Might rumble on for a while too.
  2. Apart from the fact he should have been off for trying to decapitate Handley totally unprovoked.
  3. Leeds had two major issues last year, defense and a controlling half both of which should be considerably better this time around. I'd stick my neck out and say Ward and Martin are as good as any other pair in the league and Prior, whilst not flashy, was arguably the best defensive prop in the NRL. Leeds will get better as the weeks go by as Hull will I guess. Hull and Radford under plenty of pressure with all the hype.... Should be a belter.
  4. He is literally the official NRL 5/8th of the year 2017. I.e he is the Dally M 5/8th of the year 2017. Similar to how SL has the Dream Team.
  5. He was 5/8th of the year 2017. The only risk Wire have taken is on keeping him fit not his ability. Whoever says different doesn't know his a rse from his elbow.
  6. Five minutes ago you were complaining that we didn't replace Peacock & Leuluai.... You do realise that those two were both late 20's when we got them and they went on to become legends at the club staying almost 10 seasons..... Peacock was a few weeks away from his 38th birthday when he was again in the SL Dream Team. For a Leeds fan you do like moaning about them. Give Sinfield a chance to do his job. Prior is arguably the best defensive prop in the NRL year after year. Moan if he doesn't play well, not 2 months before the first game!
  7. To be fair I would be a little embarrassed going through if they got disqualified!
  8. Maybe not alone, but the overwhelming majority are hoping for a Fev win. Isn't that what we like over here, we love the underdog. Ignoring the entire debate regarding the merits of the value of either side on SL (as directed at the top of the thread) most fans I've interacted with are chuffed for Fev and the run they have been on. In the same way London and latterly Salford have been everyone's second team this year too. Unless you're a pie fan, everyone will be cheering for Salford this week.
  9. The entire Rugby League community wants Fev to win, that might just spur them on to something special. Your flawed logic can be applied to 2018 and that didn't work out did it. Thank god sport doesn't follow such simplistic logic. Game of the season in the making. I cannot wait!
  10. Geez I feel sorry for Gale, if you believe half the posts he's finished! Why is he a crock all of a sudden? He was the best 7 in SL, England's first choice, Dream Team 3 or 4 years on the bounce and Man of Steel! He is not so much reliant on his athletic ability but rather what is between his ears. Unless he breaks down, which we have no reason to believe he will, then why would he not return at the same standard? Widdop at Wolves is a much bigger gamble (one which I'd still go for) as he is more reliant on his physical attributes, is also the wrong side of 30 and does have somewhat of a fragile body. If Cas are happy with the fee, great. World/International class halves don't grow on trees. I see no reason why Gale wont have the same effect on Leeds that Hardaker did on Cas in 17, Barba on Saints 18 and Hastings did this year at Salford.
  11. It is a perfect storm for Salford, I honestly think it could be their year. Only Saints have excelled this year and anything can happen in 80 minutes as the CC final demonstrated. Lui must be hurting if Salford do the business especially given every fan of every team (apart from Saints & Pies) is willing them on. There are not many cowards on a RL pitch but Lolohea comes across as one. He really is scared to get stuck in to tackle. That said he has very very silky hands, much better than any Leeds player including Lui. He really didn't get much of a chance at Leeds and I am hoping he continues to do well.
  12. Leeds have spent big on two players last season, Hurrell and Merrin. Hurrell is in the dream team and Merrin's collective stats show he was as good as any big forward in SL. Martin is also a great recruit. Apart from his debut when he was like a rabbit in headlights, he just doesn't miss kicks. Gale, pre injury, was the best English 7 and the best 7 in SL bar none! He was first choice for England and in the dream team for 3 or 4 consecutive years! He is not a Steve Ward with great talent but a body that cannot cope with the sport, he has simply had two back to back bad injuries. He is not a big runner, so he is the type to go on for another 3 years easy. If he comes back 90% Leeds have still got the best 7 in SL and the fee suggested is a snip!
  13. There are two quotas, irrespective of the foreign quota you have the home grown quota. He will count on that.
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