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  1. Fulltime 46 -- 6 Town. Good result considering a very hard game last week
  2. Forsters t/v interview, he was very fair saying Town were the best team in the second half, no disparaging remarks, however, it is easy to be magnanimous in victory. What a shame that the interview took place on the speedway track D/P and our Coach was not available for comment, nor did any of our club officials make themselves available for comment ?
  3. Same rivalry and passion as Wigan & Saints
  4. I agree with a lot of your comments, however the game changed when Dion left the field they were dealing with any thing we could throw at them he was like an extra forward tackling us out of the game. Things changed when Dion left the field and we got the upper hand and Town had the opportunity and should have won 22 - 12. I cannot understand how Karl got MoM when in my opinion he lost the game for us, Haven done what most teams would do, target him and wind him up, they didn't have to rough him up all they had to do was goad him whispering in his hear
  5. We had a massive opportunity to take this game, Haven were controlling this game until Dion left the field injured then their defensive organisation went to bag wash, he and Callum were tackling Town out of the game whilst however they were not creating a great deal in attack. We started to control the second half and took a 22 - 12 lead, however Olstrom could not maintain discipline, a talented player, but a loose canon his ill discipline gave away a penalty which led to them winning the game, no doubt Haven players would be winding him up, but he has proven he can be a liability. Keep up the good fight our day will come.
  6. Withe the upset this is causing with most of our players I would rather see Leon go and keep Jonty.
  7. Tansey & Foster were Leon's signings, being strong o/k but making the right signings in the first place is smart.
  8. If true he will be a big miss totally dedicated & committed to Town, shame he should go in such a manner. It would now appear we have more than enough problems of our own at D. P. Good luck Jonty the fans appreciate you.
  9. Not a shared gate so don't see any incentive for Haven to agree, however, applying to the RLFC may help.
  10. I agree, but same applies to Koukash ?
  11. As good and benevolent neighbors we could make a bucket collection for them at Sundays match against Donny, wonder how much we would raise ?
  12. EUNOCH on this we agree,
  13. Disappointed thought it would have been a tight game, and I hate listening to commentary , back on track next week.
  14. We are no better off every team in champ 1 is struggling for money and if we do not achieve promotion this year will we struggling ? As for rumors I was told this week by an electricians that we owe there company £1200-00 and they cannot get it, so lets not revel in the jambo's downfall as we do not know whats around the corner.
  15. Every one is down at the ground all hands on deck, after a R/L ground inspection this week we have 6 weeks to carryout improvements or the spectator capacity will be set at ZERO.
  16. I agree that we have suffered worse defeats in the past, "however" it feels worse due to the fact that we had high expectations for this season.
  17. To train 3 times a week for part timers is totally ridiculous and I question L.P's credential as a coach. Some of the squad have full time physical jobs, train twice a week and play eighty minutes on Sundays. L. P. should be aware as a coach that part time players can over train and leaving them without enough in the tank to perform on match days.
  18. Whats the point of this topic ? a combined team is like s - - t from a rocking horse it will never come to pass.
  19. Jason Mossop is more reliable in defence and a better all round player than Miller or Tansey judging on current form.
  20. Poor draw for the jambo's, but I am still envious of the fact they are getting all the media attention, league express team of the week, dominating the local press for coverage, even getting first mention before scot's R/U on border t.v, and perhaps the Catalan match on national tv, and a big if maybe a win. It's a pity, a terrible draw to get your asses kicked by the frogs and and lose money too boot
  21. Roughyed's also have a very good points scored against aggregate in champ 1.
  22. Billy Bob


    I would like to believe your blog, but why would they increase to their attendance figure when if checked by the taxman they would end up paying more v.a.t ? not logical.
  23. Thought if we had played them on their home ground today we would have been up sh-t creek without a paddle MOUSE what do you think of a fiver on the jambo's to win the cup as an outside bet?
  24. Billy Bob


    I also support a BIG wife and a small family.
  25. Perhaps he was just on a week to week pay as you play agreement, if true, does this mean Tansey & Moi Moi will walk if they get alternative offers, hope the wheels are not starting to drop off our plans for the season.
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