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  1. 29 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    Again, football games arranged at short notice get large crowds and always have. 


    If you have 10k fans and 20% can't make it, you get 8k. If you have 60k fans and a 40k stadium and 20% can't make it, you still get 40k.

    13 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    Really? FA cup semi finals don’t get low crowds and they’re arranged at short notice. Plus fans have to travel to those games. 

    5 week gap between Fa cup QF and SF. It's 5 or 6 days for our play offs.

  2. 1 hour ago, Eddie said:

    It’s more of a cultural thing that RL fans don’t go to extra games. 

    There's an economic argument for ditching the playoffs and adding a couple more rounds of fixtures with top two in the grand final.

    As I have said many times - playoffs get poor crowds because they're arranged at short notice. A reasonable proportion of people can't rearrange work or other things they do with only a few days notice.

  3. 11 hours ago, welshmagpie said:

    What’s the deal with St Martin de Crau? Our Marseille way that isn’t it?

    Yes. The camargue national park is the rhone delta - lots of wild white horses, flamingos and other birds. St. Martin is where the RL team is, but it's basically on the edge of Arles which is the big tourism magnet. Definitely worth a visit.

  4. 3 minutes ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    Little bast ard! There is no way he has done it on his own though when you see the pictures of the tree. That has been a very experienced person that's done it with how clean the cut is. 

    Yes, you can see that the tree had been marked up with paint - and you'd assume someone has had to drive an offroad vehicle up there with the chainsaw etc. Probably needs to be in police custody for his own safety just now.

  5. 2 hours ago, Barley Mow said:

    In the British context there would be nothing wrong with calling constituent parts of a division 'conferences'. Equally I would have no objection to them being called the Eastern Group and Western Group within the division, or something similar. 

    And indeed there are several examples in British sport of exactly this approach.

  6. 12 hours ago, LeeF said:

    So after the best relegation battle for many a year the next step is to merge the 2 leagues…

    Not really the RL way is it? Would be more traditional to pick some random position within league 1 after the end of the season, then tell the clubs above the line they're now in the Championship and tell those below they're out of the league, but welcome to apply to the national conference if they want to.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Maximus Decimus said:

    So much of the PB thing is mental I think. For a while I saw a 25 minute 5k as unachievable but I can beat it quite easy now. My PB is 23:46 and I look at 22 minutes as impossible but I know it's probably in my head. If I trained right and lost another stone, I probably could make it easy enough.

    For a 24 minute 5K, you're looking at around 15 seconds per 2lbs of weight lost for the average person (assuming you're not getting to the point of losing functional weight). 

  8. On 18/09/2023 at 17:02, graveyard johnny said:

    it must also come down to what you do for work - in construction I  can drive around years after and say "I built that" - not sure you can get that from a waste paper basket full of paper or a computer full of old spreadsheets etc 

    I think this is a fair point. I could say that about 70% of people on the planet use on a daily basis something that I helped to build, although we might debate whether that's a good thing. Jobs where you are building something, or helping or providing a service to people are clearly much more satisfying than many office non-jobs.

    I've always enjoyed my work, always found it interesting, always had good employers, good managers and colleagues. But you only get so long on this planet, and there's plenty of other things I want to do, and many of them can only be done while I'm still pretty fit. Find it really hard to understand how people stay at work because they can't think of anything better to do.

    Like Dunbar, I end up giving advice on pensions, ISAs etc to younger colleagues and I always think that a few hours spent getting some understanding of such things might be the best paid few hours of your life.

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  9. On 19/09/2023 at 13:53, Sports Prophet said:

    Fiji have never made a RWC semi and have only made the quarters twice.

    Still, RU is more popular.

    They did get their first ever Olympic gold medal in Rugby Union in 2016 and their only other gold medal in Rugby Union in the 2020 games (plus a Bronze for the women, in Rugby Union). Not to mention being 4 times winners of the RU World Sevens series. 

    Most of the current Fijiian RUWC squad plays in Europe AIUI.

  10. 10 minutes ago, Barley Mow said:

    I know your advocacy of Salon being in Elite 1, but as they aren't at present it's slightly surprising to see one of their players selected ahead of all of those who are playing in Elite 1.

    Does anyone know anything about Enzo Griffier?

    See comments upthread?

  11. 39 minutes ago, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

    Soccer doesn't even have kids mascots from what I can see which my kids always love at games 

    A lot of clubs do. My kids (and all of their mates) used to look forward to their annual birthday card from the Cambridge United mascot, Marvin the Moose.

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  12. 2 hours ago, Sports Prophet said:

    Ice Hockey does have its advantages. It’s played on an indoor, compressed playing rink vs an open RL field which often has no cover from the elements. It has opportunity for music to bounce off the walls and build the crowd up… and it is a pretty good spectacle really.

    Which, to be fair, is pretty much what happened for the Wheelchair RLWC games in Sheffield last year, which got great crowds, rave reviews from tv.viewers and so on. But there doesn't seem to have been much attempt to follow up on that. Or if there has, I've missed it.

  13. On 08/09/2023 at 04:06, The Masked Poster said:

    Ok so here goes. 

    I'm about to give up (not redundant, my choice) my well paid job and get one for much less money. The people I've told have said I'm crazy but here's my logic......

    I am not rich, or even able to retire but what I have done is paid off my (quite substantial) mortgage and my kids are grown up and mostly left home. My job involves a fair bit of travel (only West Yorkshire now but still) and working anti social hours...like now for example!

    So far this year 2 of my oldest friends have died and it's really made me think about what is important - and I've decided it's TIME. Sure, when I had a young family I had to work whatever paid most but now? I'd rather spend time in the garden with my Mrs. And when one of us is gone, we can cherish that memory. Money is great but I would trade it all for one hour with my wife if she was no longer here. 

    Apologies for the ramblings of a crazy guy but I have been really weighing this up and have chosen what I'm going to do. Any thoughts? Interested to hear views. 

    I stopped working completely in my late forties, on the basis that I had enough money to do so, kids grown up and left home etc. A combination of very well paid engineering job and low spending meant I had a lot of savings and pension. My wife continued to work at a shelter for homeless people and since we moved up to the dales, she now volunteers at a foodbank a couple of days per week. I published a couple of books, did loads of travel, lots of gardening, cooking, running, music and other stuff I enjoy, probably the fittest I'd ever been

    Got a 'far too good to turn down' offer from my old boss to do something related but different, so I've returned to work (90% remote), which I'm really enjoying, but not planning to keep working past 55, although possibly something part-time and fully remote might persuade me otherwise.

    So I would definitely say go for it.

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  14. 24 minutes ago, Fevrover said:

    Right, fans are queuing up to get in( some do searches certainly bag searches at Fev) but how on earth can you tell if someone is a trouble causer before they go in ? 

    You can't. But presumably there isn't an unlimited supply of idiots, so if you catch someone causing trouble once, you stop them coming in again and you make sure that away clubs know who they are too. And hopefully stewards are in a position to de-escalate things.

    To be fair, I stopped going to Fev because it wasn't a safe or enjoyable place to take family members, and the club clearly wasn't bothered about having reduced numbers of away fans and didn't need my £100 or so. So if security and stewarding have got better recently, I wouldn't have noticed anyway. 

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