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  1. Halifax 16 Dewsbury 18 is the full-time score. Wasn't expecting that.
  2. Sounds like a fairly bad-tempered game, one red card apiece and Halifax having two players sinbinned. Three penalties to Dewsbury make it 0-6 at HT.
  3. He missed the London game (hence Dec Patton coming in from Warrington.) Widnes are still looking for a prop.
  4. Excellent post. I never understand why people say we'd be doomed without Sky. Sky are not a charity, they're a profit-making business who recognise that people pay to watch RL games on tv. They channel some of that money from subscriptions and in-program advertising into our clubs. TV ratings and subscriber numbers are (long-term) as important as gate figures. I pay £50 per year to be able to watch all my club's first and reserve team home and away games online, a couple of days after the game was played. That's only the price of entry to two matches, but it's almost pure profit as the content already exists - no stadium to hire, no stewards to pay or anything like that. My brother and father almost never watch live games due to distance, but have stumped up £50 each too. I suppose the next step is to start selling advertising/sponsorship on those internet replays, too.
  5. There are some sports (boxing, wrestling, for example) where most spectators have never participated, but most people who watch football or cricket, or RU have played it and understand what's going on to some extent. I'd guess most (but not all) people who watch RL played as a kid. We've missed the boat and are still missing the boat in terms of getting people playing some version of RL - and that affects the whole sport.
  6. It's not an unreasonable position. The average French sports fan knows nothing about RL. They've been able to get five figure crowds to watch France beat Wales, Ireland, Scotland because general sports fans familiar with RU's six nations think these are decent opposition. Getting a 70 or 80 point thrashing from the Aussies makes it seem like France is a no-hoper and turns people off (France is pretty competitive in most things). Don't think it's still the case, but at one point, government funding was partly dependent on the win/loss ratio, so it made sense for France to play and beat Morocco, Serbia, Italy etc. and swerve the games against Australia or NZ.
  7. Not sure how much of a 'bubble' there was - probably expected to win at Oldham & Batley at home and I didn't expect a win against a full-time London team. Apart from the 2 DR players from Warrington, I'm not sure any of the Widnes squad would be a first-choice pick for the Broncos. A good season for this Widnes squad will be making the play-offs. A good season for London will be finishing top and/or winning the play-offs. Great to see two teams with so many of their own academy products. Thought the crowd figure for Sheffield v Toulouse was pretty encouraging considering lack of away support, poor weather and the game being played in Doncaster. Still expect Oldham & Haven to be the bottom two.
  8. Yes, accurate summary of the game, although I thought Widnes line defence was much improved. They had plenty of opportunity to practice. London looked a different class to Widnes and it was really the conditions that kept the score down. They played very conservative, one-man stuff into the wind in the second half, looking to hold on to the lead they had, and still won the half.
  9. Huddersfield the only unbeaten team after 3 rounds - doubt many people would've predicted that.
  10. 3680 the attendance at Widnes, 3640 for Bradford, 2942 at Leigh
  11. FT Scores Batley 20 Swinton 10 Bradford 22 Fev 30 Leigh 34 York 0 Sheffield E 24 Toulouse 26 Widnes 12 London 38
  12. HT Scores Batley 20 Swinton 0 Bradford 6 Fev 12 Leigh 10 York 0 Sheffield E 4 Toulouse 20 Widnes 2 London 26
  13. Widnes 2 London 22 after 32 minutes. Broncos absolutely dominant so far. They've run the ball on the sixth tackle pretty much every time - wise move given the wind behind them.
  14. Stadium building work started in January. Eagles will move back home for their game on 1st May.
  15. Kieran Dixon interception try WIdnes 2 London 10 after 20 minutes.
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