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  1. I had to go Tesco to buy food yesterday and was very impressed to see them operating a one-in, one-out policy and enforcing a 2 metre separation between people queuing to get in, and at the checkouts and cleaning down trolleys and baskets as people left. AFAICT, Sainsbury's had not really done anything special. My (large tech company) ex-employer has continued to pay various small local suppliers (e.g. for sandwiches, fruit etc.) but directed them (anonymously) to deliver to staff at Addenbrookes hospital instead.
  2. I suspect it's because the university is closed, the tourist sites are closed and the city centre shops are closed (no supermarkets in the centre). Probably a much higher than average number of people who can work from home too - all those software & scientific companies.
  3. I normally run in the daytime, in the local countryside, anywhere between 10k and 20k, four times a week. I rarely see anybody else while out running - more chance of seeing deer or a fox than a person. In the past week, I've seen at least three people out walking, running or cycling on every one of my runs and on Sunday, more than a dozen.
  4. Have a quick look at this drone video of Cambridge. It shows the main roads in and out of the city - which would normally be gridlocked with traffic. The city centre would normally be packed with pedestrians and cyclists on a sunny day like today. The place is absolutely deserted - looks like a film set or something.
  5. Manly beat Roosters 9-8, Melbourne beat Cronulla 12-10. One try apiece in each game. Statistically, taking the penalty seems like a good option. Bit different when both teams are racking up 30+ points.
  6. Watching the roosters game at the moment, with the sound off. I'd been watching for quite a while before I realised it wasn't just a normal Roosters home game. It was only when the camera panned out for a conversion that I realised they're actually at Leichardt (I think) and there's no crowd.
  7. The national profile RL had back then was massively higher - early 1990s was probably our peak for that. RL is bigger and richer now than it was then, in terms of the number of people watching live and the number of people earning a full-time living from the game. The difference is that football and RU are both way bigger than they were then. Football's premier league had only been going for 3 years, RU had had leagues for a few seasons in the UK, but was still nominally amateur (and with Orrell and West Hartlepool in the top division) and attendances significantly lower than RL. The ARL/Superleague war in Australia probably had more effect in terms of holding RL back in world terms than not merging 3 clubs to form Calder etc.
  8. I doubt that Mr. Rimmer would have arranged it so that Catalans & Toronto ended up drawing lower league opposition.
  9. Widnes 10 Swinton 10 HT Lewis Hulme, son of Paul Hulme, making his Widnes debut.
  10. No - I misunderstood what I was told - it's just on Sky Sports arena.
  11. Not sure wikipedia actually has all of his clubs - he was playing for Keighley last year, for example.
  12. Newcastle v Dewsbury is on BBC red button/internet at 3pm, replayed at 6:45. Cas v Saints (in SL, not the cup, obvs) is on Sky at 3:30 pm and is being live streamed on YouTube.
  13. The government "source" being quoted also said that they would be looking to provide financial aid to affected sports.
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