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  1. You can spend hours on the ferry, but if you're not taking a car, it's generally quicker and cheaper to fly.
  2. Mr. Kendall is going to be running out at Wembley on Saturday, taking charge of the 1895 Cup Final. I'm sure he'll do an excellent job, as always.
  3. In fairness, he's 37. Most fast bowlers would have been retired for several years by now.
  4. As Spidey says, it depends on the facilities at the home ground. York v Fev on Sunday was probably the worst in terms of camera position and pillars in the way - made it quite difficult to follow the ball at times. Best cameraman in the world can't show you the whole game when they're seemingly stood on the touchline. I seriously doubt there'll be the same problem at Wembley.
  5. The Spanish RL facebook page announced a 3 conference (Levante == Valencia + region, Andalusia, Madrid) league this season, with 5 teams in the Levante conference. Ontinyent Rugby Tavernes RC Valencian Warriors Tigres Torrent Xàtiva Roosters However, I never saw results, league tables etc. although certainly some games were played (Roosters played Warriors and Tigers, for example.) There was also a Madrid v Valencia representative match.
  6. You'd expect most rugby league fans to know the date of 1895?
  7. Widnes were definitely bothered by it, to the point of resting players before the semi-final (and this week) and wild celebrations from players and fans after beating Leigh. Only chance of winning anything this year, quite a few thousand tickets sold.
  8. I just watch on the ourleague website. They've been fortunate with their choice of games - shown some real crackers this year. Skolars v Oldham was the only dud I can think of, and I was actually at that one. I'd happily pay for OurLeague.
  9. Smith is one of the few players to wear a helmet without any neck protection. They're planning to make those illegal, hopefully he will take action sooner. Cricket Australia actually put a video on YouTube ahead of the series showing their fast bowlers hitting the opposition with bouncers, so I think it's highly unlikely they'll make any criticism.
  10. More like watching a game from the terraces at Belle Vue, through a pair of binoculars.
  11. Swinton 32 Halifax 12 FT Att 909: Couple of players sent-off after a punch-up near the end.
  12. Dewsbury 10 Bradford 34 is a full-time score. 2285 the crowd
  13. York 10 - Fev 12 at half-time, excellent game so far. Half-times elsewhere: Dewsbury 0 Bradford 18 Leigh 22 Widnes 6 Sheffield 16 Barrow 12 Swinton 20 Halifax 6
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