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  1. Why not? It's a great place to watch a game. It's been used for interstate cricket finals and internationals in recent years, five figure crowds for women's state of origin in recent seasons etc. Realistically though, they'd play at Gosford and probably just the Manly game at north sydney. Not sure why the fans would go for that over just staying in the NSW cup.
  2. I believe he did a couple in Auckland when he was there for the Lions tour in 2019.
  3. I was wondering where Monsal Trail had appeared from. Cambridge may have disappeared, but we now have three parkruns in the city and several more in the surrounding area. A little bit of a frustrating story with Cambridge. Cambridge Sports Lake trust, the charity that was given the park by the council some years ago, decided that it was better to use the site for other things on a Saturday morning. Car parking fees from parkrun was their main source of income for some years, but lockdown seems to have resulted in many more people using the park. Not necessarily a bad thing I guess. Junior parkrun is still there on Sunday. Fourth place for me today, in a time almost 4 minutes slower than my course PB. Fair to say that conditions underfoot meant that a lot of the fast people went elsewhere, and brought the rest down to my level
  4. Presumably you are already on medication for it - I would've thought they'd be very keen to get that under control asap. I've found having a blood pressure monitor pretty interesting. With a few year's data, I can see that my blood pressure is lower in summer than winter (seems to be related to how much time I spend in the sun - but Vitamin D supplements don't make a difference). I can see that liquorice makes it go up, beetroot and spinach makes it go down. Stress levels don't make much difference either. Normal advice is to cut back on salt to reduce BP. I've found that salt with loads of liquid doesn't have much effect, but small amounts of salt with no liquid do. I.e. it seems like it's the concentration rather than absolute value that matters.
  5. As a native English speaker, and an adult learner of Welsh, I find Jonathan Davies (in Welsh) and JJB (in English) approximately equally comprehensible, in that I can pick out the odd word, but not always the whole sentence
  6. I have hundreds of issues of Open Rugby & other mags waiting to go off to a good home imminently, so it was easy to look. However, it was also easy to find with google. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_French_rugby_league_tour_of_New_Zealand_and_Papua_New_Guinea
  7. Not really the same. Swinton & Oldham move about from season to season, with no real permanent home.
  8. Not homeless. The RFL own the lease on their ground.
  9. On the flipside, how many of the Yorkshire clubs have ended up homeless, like Oldham & Swinton.
  10. France played 4 games in NZ in 2001, beating South Island in Christchurch, Central Districts in Palmerston North and Northern Districts in Huntly in addition to the test vs NZ where they were nilled. Four games in 11 days before two tests in the same week in PNG. They didn't have a 'test squad' and a 'midweek squad' and many of the players played in five of the six game tour. Doesn't seem like a great idea for France to fly out to NZ for a single game mid-season.
  11. https://europeanrugbyleague.com/articles/2069/kenya-rugby-league-federation-recommended
  12. At least Toulouse, by virtue of not being in the championship this season, have avoided playing a fixture on the Thursday we have off for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee
  13. I've never seen more than about 10 seconds of Only Fools and Horses and yet still knew the line you're referring to I wonder whether there'll ever be anything like that again - a tv programme that becomes universally known. Gene Hackman, 91. Continues to ride his bike, in spite of having been struck by a car when out cycling in his 80s.
  14. Widnes took over 1000 to some away games in 2019. South London is obviously a good bit further than say Oldham or Swinton, and it remains to be seen whether crowds will return to be pre-pandemic levels. But I'd still expect Bradford, Leigh and Widnes to bring hundreds of fans.
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