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  1. I've watched Widnes at several of the above, and watched ARL games at Leichardt and North Sydney. I doubt too many people will have made it out to Parkes though? Possible contenders for the has anyone else watched a pro game locations - Richardson Oval, Darwin & Anzac Oval, Alice Springs? Also Stade Lucien Desprats, Cahors, Stade Henri Lagarde, Villefranche & Stade Maurice Chevalier, Cannes? Wingham Park, Greymouth, NZ?
  2. Atlantisman has reminded me that I'd forgotten about Dewsbury (x2) Batley & Nottingham. Also Loftus Road. 93 then.
  3. I make it 58 in the UK, 16 in France, 12 in Australia and 2 in NZ, so 88 total. But I've probably forgotten some. Unsurprisingly, London accounts for the biggest number by far.
  4. You may well find by 2022 that some of those clubs have merged/moved/folded and that others have sprung up Worth following clubs on facebook etc. before you go, as even at Elite level, fixtures can change kick off time, location etc. without anyone bothering to tell the public, as everyone who is likely to come already knows what's happening... In my experience, people are incredibly friendly, particularly if you let slip that you're a RL fan from Britain on your holiday.
  5. In theory, this would tell you about the other clubs http://www.pacaxiii.com/ligue-paca/ but it's not very up to date. Some of the facebook & twitter links from there may be more useful.
  6. Depending on how wide a boundary you consider from Avignon, Apt & Cheval Blanc are in Federale poule A, St. Martin de Crau (down by Marseille) in Nationale Poule C. Vedene & Le Thor in the same league , Entraigues in Elite 2 (all suburbs of Greater Avignon/ separate villages in the Avignon commuter belt depending on your point of view). Cavaillon have currently merged with Caumont due to (I think) storms damaging their home ground and are playing at Caumont.
  7. 458K for 2013 WC (counting the double header attendances only once, obviously) vs 382K for 2017 WC.
  8. Interesting how these things work out. My wife has lost about a stone this year, she's now thinner than when we got married 20+ years ago and her wedding ring is slightly too big. My weight has stayed the same. I'm over 2000km running for the year so far, definitely going to be less than last year.
  9. Craven Park is already better than the stadiums of many other professional clubs. It is certainly bigger and offers better facilities to away fans than some grounds which have been used in SL in the past couple of years. I read that article as quite a positive looking one - the Barrow board is looking to add electronic ticketing, better catering & merchandising, better facilities for womens teams and so on.
  10. They don't seem to have claimed Trump. His mother was from the Isle of Lewis, but for some reason, I don't see the Scots claiming him as one of their own either. A few minutes flicking through the 19th century census returns for Widnes or St. Helens will tell you that the bulk of locals will have plenty of Welsh & Irish ancestry and possibly some from Eastern Europe too. I believe I'm correct in saying that our Queen has more recent Irish ancestry than Joe Biden.
  11. His byline picture must be about 30 years old.
  12. Looked like the Sam Tomkins of 10 years ago for that first try - amazing turn of pace.
  13. I wouldn't necessarily hold Sale up as an example though. If Warrington want to get bigger than they are in terms of paying spectators, they pretty much have to start pulling in support from a wider area - and I think Warrington have done a pretty decent job of trying to do that. I see plenty of evidence of them having done marketing things in Runcorn schools, for example. Some people on here say that teams need to merge or change names to do that, but I don't think it's at all the case. Sale attract fans from across the NW without changing their name to Manchester or Lancashire or NorthWest England - the fact that they're named after a small suburb doesn't stop people supporting them. The comparison with Cambridge United is a fair one though. By any estimation, they are a smaller club than Warrington, or Wigan, or Saints. Mostly that's because most people who live in the Cambridge travel to work area came here from somewhere else and if they follow sport, follow a different team. But they have enough fans in places like Ely, Huntingdon, St. Neots or out in the fens which are 15-20 miles away that there are supporters coaches to away games departing from those places. We are nowhere near the situation where say Ellesmere Port, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Northwich, Irlam or Altrincham have more than a carful or two of people supporting Warrington. I understand why that is, and how massively hard it is to change, but that is the reality of what growing the attendances for some of the biggest SL clubs means. Growing sponsorship, corporate hospitality, tv revenues may be a different story of course.
  14. Yep, I think Wigan do better on this than any other club.
  15. But that's part of the problem. We don't have any regional sides. Leeds Utd are a regional side. Even Cambridge Utd are a regional side, in tier 4 or 5 of soccer. Leeds Rhinos aren't. Wigan & Widnes in the 1980s were able to attract supporters from a wider area. There's no reason why Sale can draw support from the whole NW but SL clubs can't.
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