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  1. Sheffield E 18 Batley 30 FT. Cracking last try to clinch it for Batley. Tom Gilmore MotM for me. Can't see him wanting to stay at Batley for longer than this season, but he looks to be in very good form and able to make good use of a dominant pack.
  2. Lead changed hand a couple of times, it's now Sheffield 18 Batley 20 with 8 mins to go.
  3. Rob Worrincy gets his second try of the game to make it Eagles 12-10 up, couple of minutes into the second half.
  4. Decent game so far at the Keepmoat, Batley dominating possession and territory and getting quite a few repeat sets, but Sheffield's defence doing well. 0-4 after 23 minutes.
  5. Phil Larder's Rugby League Coaching Manual (late 80s/early 90s?) says something like - you have the ball half the time, the other team has the ball half the time. So coaching defence should take up half the time, and coaching attack should take up half the time. What is true over here is that commentators don't often point out the different defensive organisations teams use. For example, if you watch SL games this weekend, keep an eye out for the situation where the defence is not properly set i.e a quick p-t-b, or where there's only four defenders instead of five on one side of the pit
  6. Yes, that's cricket added to the list of laughing stocks.
  7. Properly put the mockers on him with this thread. Couple of days later and he's picked up a syndesmosis injury that'll keep him out of action until July.
  8. Yes, Swinton dominated the first few minutes, and it was scoreless for 30 minutes. It was all Widnes after that, decent performance across the whole team. Widnes play Toulouse next week, which will be a rather tougher test, don't see them being good enough to win that. Swinton competed well throughout, few mistakes by Geronimo Doyle aside. Can't see Stuart Little being too disappointed with how his team played, just up against some much better players. 18 year old Brad O'Neill, on loan from Wigan, playing for his hometown team, deservedly man of the match.
  9. Rhodri Lloyd puts in a cheap shot, then appears to say something to the ref, and gets 10 minutes in the bin. 46-10 FT score.
  10. Lovely try for Swinton with a kick from Jack Hansen to put Butt in unopposed, touchline conversion from Hansen. 46-10.
  11. Nico Rizzelli, on a two week loan from St. Helens, goes in at the corner for Swinton. 28-4 after 53.
  12. Beautiful try under the posts from Widnes with about 10 offloads on the fourth tackle, leading to Ellis Robson taking the short kick through from Matty Smith on the last. 28-0 after 49 mins.
  13. Another set where Swinton fail to get out of the 20, leads to Widnes starting the set in the Swinton half and a great try for Tyrer in the corner after a lovely flick-on pass from Owens. 22-0 after 46 minutes.
  14. Kiwi fullback Geronimo Doyle drops a kick with no players within about 20 metres, Brad O'Neill throws a dummy from acting half and goes over to make it 18-0 after 37 minutes.
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