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  1. Standards of sub-editing have seriously fallen. Do they teach nothing on Journalism courses these days? "Apostrophe Society comes to a full stop." "Apostrophe Societys End" etc.
  2. Maldives v Nepal in the South Asian Games Women's Cricket Competition. https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/18940/scorecard/1208804/nepal-women-vs-maldives-women-1st-match-south-asian-games-womens-cricket-competition-2019-20 Anjali Chand finished with 6 wickets for 0 runs conceded, in 2.1 overs.
  3. The leader of one of the secessionist parties (and self-styled general of the rebel army) went to Port Moresby (for the first time) specifically to watch the GB Lions game the other week, where he told local media GB were his favourite team. No guarantees that PNG (or Australia) will immediately agree to independence, even if that's the outcome of the vote.
  4. Saracens RU play at Barnet Copthall Stadium - home of London RL for many years. It's now renamed Allianz Park and currently has a capacity of 8500. The development of that stadium (not the cost of buying the land, just the cost of putting up stands) was over £20 million. Building a 3000 seat grandstand is costing an extra £23 million. We're talking about amounts which are larger than the RFL's income for a year. The only options are to be a partner/tenant with someone else.
  5. Where did I say there were 11 players who sat it out? (Although as it happens, there are 12 England players who've played a test match in the past year who are not on the tour.) No Jason Roy, Jimmy Anderson, Moeen Ali, Liam Plunkett, Mark Wood, Dawid Malan, Ben Foakes, or Olly Stone. Jos Buttler & Ben Stokes missed the T20 games, only played the tests, both were in the England T20 World Cup squad. Tom Curran, James Vince and Adil Rashid only playing the T20, all have played test cricket previously.
  6. June 9th 2019 St Esteve/XIII Catalan 6 AS Carcassonne 22 (played at Stade Gilbert Brutus) June 10th 2018 St Esteve/XIII Catalan 30 Limoux 26 (after extra time 26-26 at end of 80 minutes, also played at Stade Gilbert Brutus, Att 5 243)
  7. I assume he was explaining to the NRL reporter that they wouldn't be allowed to sign too many Antipodeans because of the RFL quota rules, not that they have actually made any agreement with the NRL. The quota rules will presumably need to change soon - the post-brexit UK will no longer need to worry about the Kolpak rules, for example, but there'll be a stack of new paperwork around visas etc. as players and coaches won't be able to just get on a plane and go and work in France.
  8. It's not exactly England's first choice test XI is it and doesn't count for the world test championship - the whole thing has an air of "contractual obligation" about it.
  9. Wales Dragonhearts v Malta being screened on facebook at the moment.
  10. Under-16s team entirely from Yorkshire amateur clubs - the under-18s looks a bit more representative of amateur RL.
  11. If you're going to post pointless topics to get your count up, at least make an effort to get the numbers right. For example, these two clubs have played each other six times in finals at neutral venues, plus various games at neutral venues for things like magic weekends, cup semi-finals and replays, going back to the South West Lancashire League Play-off in 1902.
  12. There's several answers I guess. One is that our sport is low profile. Most people who follow RL do so because they played when they were young or someone took them to games as a child. Not that many people find RL without some existing connection. So Warrington simply putting up advertisements in Knutsford, Northwich (or even Lymm or Runcorn) isn't going to do much. Another is that Exeter is the centre of a wider region - people travel there to do their shopping, go to the cinema or whatever. It's their nearest city. There's relatively few English SL clubs that could say the same - Leeds & Hull perhaps. I do think that competition is a big factor too and it's not just Liverpool & Manchester Utd. There's five NW clubs in the premier league and several others that have been there in the recent past. Every small town in the NW that doesn't have a RL team has a club playing at a decent level of football. Similar sized places elsewhere in the country tend not to. Look at the population of say Basingstoke compared with say Burnley or Accrington. Most RL clubs are in a market that's pretty crowded. Sale have shown that it is possible to build an audience for a team which draws from a wider region, in a relatively low profile sport, but they still struggle for fans and have made huge losses in spite of getting massively more funding than any RL club. Lancashire cricket have done the same for T20. Back on topic, I'm not really convinced that SBW signing for Toronto will have much effect on crowds here. Its like if a top NHL or NBA star signed for a British team at the end of their career - nobody outside of the small number of existing ice hockey or basketball fans would have a clue who they were - and they're already watching.
  13. Fair to say the St. Gaudens fans not happy about this. I can't remember the last time a pro game in Britain was postponed due to one team being ill. The Carcasssone groundsman probably not too upset though.
  14. Yep, Avignon in blue, Palau in red. 12-6 at half-time.
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