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  1. Sorry, I wasn't very clear in my post. Tommy Martyn Snr would've been playing at second row. He played there in quite a few cup finals and when Warrington beat Australia on the 1978 tour.
  2. Tom Olbison at second row? The Warrington/Leigh/GB second-row forward of the 1970s, Tommy Martyn is probably a bit before your time and would be playing in the same team as his son Tommy at stand-off.
  3. Yep, central contracts for all players and the competing teams are not independent entities with their own owners. Crucially, it's only for five and a half weeks of the year, and players are free to work for whoever they like (i.e. their county clubs, IPL or big bash teams etc.) the rest of the time. Plus none of the teams are based outside of the UK. Worlds apart from any plausible RL set up.
  4. It's not in any way an analogy. They are separate companies. The Bosman ruling is one of a whole set of EU-wide legal decisions (e.g. the Meca-Medina ruling) that say that EU law always takes precedence over sports associations' individual rules. One of the fundamental principles of the EU is freedom of movement of workers. It is simply not legal to tell a Frenchman that they can't play for Catalans, they have to go and work for Castleford, or Toronto, or whoever.
  5. A bunch of separate, competing companies operating in the same industry get together and tell potential employees that if they want to join the industry, they have to work for a specific company, based in a specific location. Oh, and by the way, we've all got together and agreed a limit on wages too. Good luck with getting that through the courts. Major league sports in the US can do it because they're specifically exempted from all kinds of employment law, anti-trust law etc. Until that happens here, forget about it. Even if the UK government somehow says yes, I don't think the EU will overturn the Bosman ruling, freedom of movement etc etc just so that Catalan Dragons can play in superleague.
  6. You can read the original paper here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/ijcp.13528 There's clearly quite a lot of uncertainty in many of the variables used in their model, so there's a fairly wide error bar on the result, but they don't appear to have been misquoted, nor is there any obvious flaw, other than the impossibility of getting accurate numbers to plug in. Hopefully the Roche antibody data will give a more accurate view.
  7. For a couple of years, I ran the grad scheme at a large tech company (~250 graduates per year). A lot of big tech companies are still hiring like crazy (my eldest son finishes uni this month and his graduate software job is paying a jaw-dropping salary) but I'm hearing from a lot of other big companies that hiring is basically cancelled. I think this year is going to be a very bad year to graduate and it's going to be significantly harder to get a job than in previous years. There's evidence that those who graduated in 2008 are still on average on lower salaries than people who graduated a couple of years later - because they got stuck in not-so-good jobs. Police have had a revamp of the their graduate training program and they suddenly have big numbers of vacancies that they're struggling to fill - they have to hire another 3000 by March - with nearly half of those in London. The real question, though, is what do you actually want to do? Doing a PhD because you couldn't find a job doesn't sound like a recipe for happiness. Too soon to say whether travel is really going to be an option.
  8. I wonder if there's a case for letting those championship clubs who want to compete for promotion to run a mini-comp later in the year - London, Leigh, Fev, Toulouse (even if they have to play all games in the UK.)
  9. https://www.ntnews.com.au/sport/rugby-union/haughton-now-calls-top-end-home/news-story/5ffee71399eb9a738a6195664e0eea15 Firefighter in Darwin when this article was published.
  10. In Widnes win over Hull KR in 1964, they had two first round replays (against Leigh, first two games being 2-2 and 11-11), two third round replays against Swinton (5-5 and 0-0) and a semi-final replay against Castleford (7-7 in the first game) making a total of 10 cup games. Some of the games were played 2 days apart.
  11. That Halifax/Saints game was a great one - even when you know what's going to happen, it's still good to watch.
  12. I was travelling back to Plymouth after the GB/Australia WC Final at Wembley - and some very drunk RU fan spent about an hour of the journey telling me that that try was his favourite sporting moment of all time. I got the impression that he really wasn't very keen on teams from Leeds in any sport.
  13. Tsk. I came here expecting comments about curves being flattened.
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