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  1. There's some brilliant rugby on display, enjoyed every game so far. It's odd because it's played in an empty stadium, and because the three northern hemisphere teams are pretty far from being representative.
  2. Presumably by the time the Aussies take the field there will be more people in the stands than on the pitch?
  3. This is hardly a representative French team though.
  4. Just highlights how seriously it's being taken in the northern hemisphere I suppose. Neither the RFL nor the WRL think it's worthy of a press release.
  5. Not a single story on the BBC website RL section about this event.
  6. This kind of discussion always fails to take into account that the owners of these stadia are under absolutely no obligation to rent them to the RFL, nor what the likely costs would be. Man Utd have done the RFL a massive favour in allowing their ground to be used for play-off finals for 30+ years for a payment that doesn't even cover a weeks wages for a couple of their players. There's no reason to assume that Spurs or Man City would be equally generous.
  7. It's a pastiche of the Marriott Edgar piece "Albert and the Lion", which Stanley Holloway made famous. Stanley Unwin did the nonsense "Unwinese" language.
  8. I *think* the whole thing was only 100% confirmed by the Aussies in April, well after our season had been planned. It was always going to be a half-arsed England team, same for the French.
  9. Widnes played 2019 with a mostly teenage squad. Several of those academy products have now joined other clubs on full-time contracts. The challenge for Sheens is producing more SL quality players, not so much signing them.
  10. Hard to be sure because obviously most neutrals were supporting Salford, but it looked to me like Salford shirts outnumbered saints shirts in the crowd and before the game outside, by some distance.
  11. 64102 the announced figure.
  12. Seems like Salford fans heavily outnumbering Saints outside the ground?
  13. Would have been weird not to, as they had celebrations of the 30th anniversary last week and Sheens was the Canberra coach back then.
  14. Miner's strike leading to Mr. Heath's 3 day week, so there was no electricity to be wasted on frivolities like rugby. Bramley's only ever trophy I think?
  15. Some clubs declined to participate last year (Skolars, Coventry, Crusaders) because long distance mid-week trips for part-time players were going to cause difficulties. I can imagine that's also true for Workington Town. Disappointing, but understandable.
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