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  1. Wallace lives in Wigan, of course. Nick Park says they chose Wensleydale as his favourite cheese because it sounded funnier than other cheeses.
  2. I'm currently contemplating a move to Yorkshire, and it's been quite noticeable how many Yorkshire flags are flying round the place. I always assume it's people who need a daily reminder where they are. Same reason you see flags everywhere in America.
  3. I think we'd find ourselves pretty competitive quite quickly. The losses from cancelling the world cup will bankrupt British RL unless the government stumps up some cash, and I can't see why they would. I'd expect most of our top players to be either in Union or the NRL (and hence unavailable for internationals) pretty sharpish. England v France in the situation where both countries instantly lose any good players would probably be fairly well balanced.
  4. Disappointing that it's someone with so much experience running RL in England that they've put out to kill RL in England.
  5. It's hard to see any future for professional RL in the UK if the World Cup isn't going to happen ever again. If I owned one of the bigger clubs, I'd be seriously looking at non-league soccer or opportunities in the yawnion pyramid at this point.
  6. There isn't really much to debate here is there? Surely no-one seriously thinks you can kick a player in the head, pick up the ball that he drops as a direct result and go on score a try? It's a clear mistake by the officials. I thought both of Marshall's tries were excellent. Also that Warrington showed a lot of resolve in defence - they haven't always looked like a team who'd grind out a win in difficult circumstances in recent seasons.
  7. Two of the three parkruns in Cambridge did not restart, so there was a concern that the one that did might be super busy, but it was still below its attendance record. Judging by the traffic on Saturday, I think a reasonable chunk of the population was driving somewhere for the start of the school holidays and of course a lot of people will be pretty cautious about events with lots of people, even outdoors. Norn Ireland parkrun restarted earlier than England - looks like quite a few of those running at Strabane were from England though.
  8. Think I'm right in saying they still don't have any juniors? Other clubs seem to fill gaps in the squad from the u-19s, St. Go not being able to do that means they always have to sign people from elsewhere, which must make it difficult.
  9. Who is this benefactor that you're crediting with funding TO? As far as I know, there is no such person.
  10. We had that one a while back - can't remember who posted it, but it's still one of my absolute favourites - the Cajun accordion and the fact that it's a Lousiana local taking on Chuck Berry's lyrics.
  11. Absolutely right, and in general, I think moving away from a county based format is the right thing to do - and politically difficult for the ECB. Just that due to the parochial nature of British sport, they've lost a big chunk of the potential audience right from the start, purely by the choice of names. People in Leicester or Derby aren't likely to support the Trent Superchargers, people in Liverpool aren't going to support 'Manchester', people in Bristol aren't going to support the Welsh Fire. Going down the Arsenal/ Saracens/ Wasps route of no geographical ties in the names might hav
  12. I think one of the big problems is the choice of franchises - and names. I'd enjoy it more if there was a team to support. I suspect a substantial number of northerners won't want to support a team called Manchester, nor one that plays all its games in Leeds. If you're one of the 5 million people in the southwest, 'your' franchise is the Welsh Fire. If you're one of the 6 million people in the east of england, your local team is London.
  13. Excellent. I think I've got to the point where age-graded scores need to be the target - did a 64.99% a couple of years back, nowhere near that today. Lovely to be back doing parkrun though.
  14. Widnes would've been at pretty much full strength. Can't be too common with the injury rate these days to have pretty much 100% of the squad available for selection. I'm guessing (as I haven't seen any news on here about it) that 40 000 people mingling at Wembley last weekend hasn't led to a huge surge in Covid cases in St. Helens, Cas, Fev or York. So maybe there is something in this double vax/ testing people business.
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