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  1. This took place on an estate with a long record of prosecutions for illegal activity related to hunting and shooting, including killing a golden eagle, ownership and use of illegal poisons, unlicensed firearms etc. The Daily Mail and a few other newspapers had a few choice things to say about the police handling of the matter, including their telling locals who the witness who led them to the body was. Looks like the police are taking the Sycamore Gap incident seriously though - if there were any accomplices, they'd better hope they didn't leave any DNA on the scene.
  2. If it does turn out to be linked to raptor persecution, that will be a massive own goal by the grouse shooting types.
  3. Don't think I've ever seen my Facebook feed this angry - I reckon there's a few thousand (at least) pitchforks being sharpened in the North Pennines.
  4. Yes, you can see that the tree had been marked up with paint - and you'd assume someone has had to drive an offroad vehicle up there with the chainsaw etc. Probably needs to be in police custody for his own safety just now.
  5. And indeed there are several examples in British sport of exactly this approach.
  6. Not really the RL way is it? Would be more traditional to pick some random position within league 1 after the end of the season, then tell the clubs above the line they're now in the Championship and tell those below they're out of the league, but welcome to apply to the national conference if they want to.
  7. There two long-term posters that I know of who have become club directors long after they started posting here. And at least two former club chairs that I know of.
  8. For a 24 minute 5K, you're looking at around 15 seconds per 2lbs of weight lost for the average person (assuming you're not getting to the point of losing functional weight).
  9. I think this is a fair point. I could say that about 70% of people on the planet use on a daily basis something that I helped to build, although we might debate whether that's a good thing. Jobs where you are building something, or helping or providing a service to people are clearly much more satisfying than many office non-jobs. I've always enjoyed my work, always found it interesting, always had good employers, good managers and colleagues. But you only get so long on this planet, and there's plenty of other things I want to do, and many of them can only be done while I'm still pretty fit. Find it really hard to understand how people stay at work because they can't think of anything better to do. Like Dunbar, I end up giving advice on pensions, ISAs etc to younger colleagues and I always think that a few hours spent getting some understanding of such things might be the best paid few hours of your life.
  10. They did get their first ever Olympic gold medal in Rugby Union in 2016 and their only other gold medal in Rugby Union in the 2020 games (plus a Bronze for the women, in Rugby Union). Not to mention being 4 times winners of the RU World Sevens series. Most of the current Fijiian RUWC squad plays in Europe AIUI.
  11. Seems very likely - points differences are so close: Haven -317 Keighley -322 Swinton -324 Amazingly tight.
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