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  1. Cover/rotation for Lloyd White presumably, rather than first choice?
  2. Sam Wilde back to Widnes was announced in August. Kieran Gill to Bradford I think?
  3. Lovely to see hundreds of facebook messages (in Czech) going out to the Czech players from people back home.
  4. Juventus might have something to say about that Redcliffe are of course a couple of decades older than the Miami dolphins.
  5. You could argue that as you're going to have to relocate up to Newcastle, it's likely to be younger players who don't have a house to sell and an existing career outside the game to give up. Newcastle picked up several recent Widnes academy players in the last couple if seasons, but the experienced former SL players - Joe Mellor, Tom Gilmour etc. ended up at M62 clubs. Leigh have first pick of Wigan, Saints, Wire, Salford players dropping down to championship. Newcastle don't.
  6. Lebanese Grand Final to be live streamed tonight from Beirut https://europeanrugbyleague.com/articles/2040/lebanon-rugby-league-grand-final-to-be-l A once in a lifetime chance for Warrington fans to see a Wolves team win a championship?
  7. Their bid document went into some detail about naming and using the Redcliffe Dolphins name for the QRL team, so I'm a little puzzled as to why it's being presented as a new decision. I suppose it's an easy fix if it turns out to have been wrong.
  8. Cronulla-Sutherland became just the Sharks for a while Iirc and Canterbury were Sydney bulldogs and just plain bulldogs for a while. Two examples of it not working I guess. Arsenal seen to do ok without having become London, or Islington. Spurs could drop Tottenham without much effect and I've never heard villa fans shout for Aston. Saracens, Wasps and Harlequins seem to do ok with just a nickname. Maybe the people who've built up redcliffe dolphins to be such a big club know more about the QLD RL market than we do?
  9. Perhaps worth observing that the T.O president has been talking to the media about the extra millions they'll make from the UK TV deal and thousands of traveling British fans, plus the large number of away fans for the derby with Catalans
  10. Equally, if you look at the AFL, Footscray, Fitzroy, South Melbourne all changed names when they moved. Port Adelaide are the equivalent here, stepping up from South Australia state League to AFL which already had an Adelaide team. Kept their name but changed stadium, colours and nickname.
  11. Thats budget, not total player salary spend. Lower than say Leeds or Catalans for sure.
  12. I could take a photo of the newspaper There was an interview with M. Sarrazain in the Depeche du midi. You can Google but it'll be behind their paywall I would think.
  13. Club president talking about a 6 million Euro budget for next season (vs 3.6 million this year), which suggests they'll be spending full salary cap.
  14. Toulouse FC can still draw big crowds though. In my experience, random people in the city are likely to have at least heard of Olympique - Carlos had something of a media profile. Nice to see various regional Occitanie politicians making congratulatory noises today too.
  15. Toulouse is France's fourth biggest city. Not sure Leeds could claim to be Britain's fourth city, Manchester might take third spot though. The issue is not so much the size, as the comments Mark Evans made recently about not being the third football code in a market. Toulouse already has a big soccer club and a very big rugby union club.
  16. Albeit one whose season starts in October and which finished 9th of 10 clubs in elite1 last year. The centre de formation is possibly more important.
  17. His post-match interview confirmed that this was definitely his last game. I suppose there's always a chance someone might change his mind.
  18. One of the French papers today had a statement along the lines of - this year's 3.5 million euro budget won't be enough for 2022 in Superleague.
  19. Seeing quite a lot of French fans posting about the crazy atmosphere at the game, so I think it was just the Sky coverage - although you could hear the Fev fans just fine.
  20. Would've been interesting to see how they'd have coped with a close game. Halifax are the only team that've finished within 10 points of Toulouse this year and even there they were several tries ahead at half time.
  21. Gale had a good effort at dislodging the ball, but it was still in his left hand. Definitely a try.
  22. The little clips that Toulouse have been posting on twitter make it seem anything but flat - lots of flags, fireworks and noise.
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