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  1. Yes, forgotten about his concussion issues. Bit of a changing of the guard in the back row for the Rhinos in the last couple of years with JJB & Ablett finishing in 2019.
  2. Sam Walters was a stand-out in Widnes academy (not least because of his height) and also in England Academy's 3-0 series win over the Australian Schoolboys. You'd think Rhyse Martin and Stevie Ward would be first choice in second row, though, with Alex Mellor next in line, so injuries might determine how much game time he gets at Leeds. Leeds have done a good job in signing up a good portion of that England Academy line-up.
  3. 10 wickets for him in the game. He is not one for showing much emotion - same (non-)reaction to the wicket of Root or a dropped catch, pretty much.
  4. Embuldeniya has had a good game - 7 wickets in the first innings, shaping up to do something similar in the second and a potentially crucial 40 runs out of an innings of 126, batting at no. 10.
  5. I'd expect them to beat us comfortably in India in February, and for us to then beat them here (somewhat less comfortably) in the summer.
  6. Amazing series win for India's second XI.
  7. Several thousand books in the house, which I've decided is too many, so I'm slowly working my way through the shelves trying to decide which books will never be read again. Quite a bit of science fiction & fantasy that I haven't looked at since I was a teenager, and I've been re-reading before they go to the charity shop, post-lockdown. Asimov & Heinlein era stuff has held up better than I expected, couple of Simak books coming up soon.
  8. Comedy level excuse making. Smith wasn't cheating again, he was just doing a visualisation. A visualisation in a match where Australia weren't batting again, using the wrong hand to bat with. After visualising the imaginary left-handed shot he was playing, he turned round and scuffed out the Indian batsman's guard. Players know how they're supposed to treat the wicket, which is why fielders walk round it at the end of the over. All it does is guarantee that there's a camera permanently pointed at him.
  9. Ooh, I could talk about this stuff for hours... I had the very great pleasure of meeting John Chibadura (sadly, he died in the late 90s) and occasionally still listen to tapes of his. Although Peel (& Andy Kershaw) would correctly refer to this as Zimbabwean music, he was actually more popular in Mozambique. The Sungura style (e.g. the below) is copying music from Zaire to which John added a reggae influence. Pretty much impossible for most African musicians to get visas to play concerts in the UK any more.
  10. If the best you can come up with as a sledge is "no-one likes you", your average six year old would "own" him.
  11. I'd describe it as a mix of onion and melon, with a slight hint of sewer.
  12. I've seen Plunket Shield games at Eden Park and Lancaster Park (both big rugby union stadia) and a game at Cobham Oval, Whangarei, but the one that sticks in my mind was at Pukekura Park in New Plymouth, which is a grassy bowl-like arena inside a stunningly beautiful park - like walking round Kew Gardens, but with snow-capped Mount Taranaki 8000ft above you.
  13. Yes, he'd be first name on the team sheet in pretty much any test team. He comes across as a genuinely nice man too, which isn't always the case for world-class sportsmen.
  14. A weigh-in of 72kg here, but I'm not tracking it, so no need to add to the chart. Having discovered that I could only just do a pull-up, I've started a program of bodyweight exercises 4 times a week. Serious DOMS in the arms and shoulders after the first couple of days. I typically run 4-5 times a week, not sure how combining a bit of weight training with the running is going to work, but with no races on the cards any time soon, probably doesn't matter.
  15. Kiwis top of the world test rankings and their captain Kane Williamson top rated test batsman. Pretty impressive for a country with such a small pool of players, at a test ground (Hagley Oval) that doesn't look too different from a local park.
  16. Yes, you're right. Wikipedia says his other club was Salford.
  17. He was a brilliant player at times, but also prone to doing some crazy stuff. He had several spells at Widnes, also played for Wire, Wakefield, Bradford, couple of clubs down under, won challenge cup, league, world club challenge etc. Bit of a larger than life character, to say the least.
  18. I've read descriptions of Widnes travelling to a game at Barrow by train to Fleetwood and then by paddle steamer to Barrow. I've also read about Widnes travelling to a game at Bramley by train and then making the final part of the journey by horse and cart - and I think that was 1920s/early 1930s rather than 1890s.
  19. Sat next to the woman from Aqua ("Barbie Girl") on a flight to New York, without knowing who she was, although cabin crew asking for an autograph should've been a clue she was famous. She was very chatty - I'm the kind of person who would normally not talk to the person in the next seat. Ricky Gervais, also on a plane. Samuel L Jackson + minders in the lounge at Heathrow. Both drawing a lot of attention to themselves, cracking jokes, talking to random people. Susan George & Simon McCorkindale at a birthday party. Anthony Head, at a birthday party. Didn't know who any of them wer
  20. If you think Orkney is stunning, you really should get over to Harris & Lewis, and check out Callanish.
  21. Yes - vile stuff. There is a similar sweet called Turkish pepper which is like stronger tasting salmiakki but with added chilli and sugar.
  22. I've been using Duolingo since 2012 or so and find it very good, particularly for learning and practising vocabulary and grammar. You do have to supplement it with other resources. YouTube is seriously useful - I'm working on Welsh and Spanish at the moment and there are loads of videos aimed at learners. You don't have to jump straight to (for example) watching S4C programmes or Mexican soaps. Likewise, there are plenty of books you can find on Amazon or elsewhere which are written in simple language, aimed at learners at a particular level, or where you get English translation on adjacent pa
  23. There is (on other Duolingo courses at least), a way of skipping forward by doing proficiency tests.
  24. Remembered a few more in the odd eat meat category - reindeer & elk, and bear (wild shot in Russia). I've eaten tar in Finland many times. (They make it by burning pine and then extracting the burnt sap). Tastes exactly like you'd expect if you'd ever smelled tar being used to make roads. Used as a flavouring for meat, ice cream, sweets etc.
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