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  1. 20 minutes ago, Scubby said:

    I won't! Not in a million years.

    But very commendable and will be amazing for the cause. Hope it is a roaring success and Rob can be there to start the race.

    I'll put you down for a bit of sponsorship then ūüėȬ†Good point about Rob being there for it.

    Looks like a reasonably challenging course with a climb on to the chevin.

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  2. I walked over to Elmpark Way to watch Heworth beat Beverley 40-8 in the NCL2. Very enjoyable afternoon. £2.50 admission, £1 for match programme. I'd guess about 300 people there, although some were in and out of the clubhouse watching the challenge cup on tv.

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  3. Miloudi is on a grade F charge, facing an 8+ match ban. Other players sin-binned in the game have received no charge.

    I think Jarrad Stack has been a bit lucky to escape with just the sin-binning, tbh. The disciplinary panel in the past has taken a dim view of a club captain arguing with the referee in what was a fairly heated situation. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Oxford said:

    What you've just said is fascinating, Jon.

    They're dull sports but saying they're dull is moaning about them.

    The role of money and its attendant effects is essentially what the discussion is all about.

    There are other very important elements too. The Boat Race doesn't just speak volumes it screams them at you.

    My Grandad used to say that the Oxbridge ru match was the best version of rugby "No quarter asked and none given!" It's terrible when growing up you discover that the people you love don't know what they're talking about and you can't rely on their advice and opinions any more.  And you have to depend on your own and not worry if someone doesn't agree.

    The Oxbridge RU match has largely died a death as an event from what I can tell. Seems to have been on at Twickenham last weekend. Didn't see any press or tv coverage. We were actually in Oxford, with the former head of one of the colleges, and he didn't mention it, and I know he follows rugby (union and league - a Dewsbury fan, improbably). 

    I think people might be surprised at how big a participation sport rowing is outside the university in Cambridge. My ex-employer had multiple mens and womens teams, and I don't believe any Oxbridge graduates were involved. The "town bumps" races typically have around 100 teams taking part and many thousands of people watching (and BARLA style committee spats over who is or is not eligible to take part).

    It's sufficiently popular that there is a charity which has spent the last twenty years buying land to build a second river, parallel to the existing one. They've scaled back their ambition somewhat (now planning to build a couple of miles of dedicated rowing lanes next to the river along with cycle and running tracks, facilities for anglers etc.) but it's slowly taking shape. 

  5. On 07/04/2022 at 08:40, Oxford said:

    It is fascinating how in defence of this it's never about the sporting characteristics of the event.

    The moaning about it is never about the sporting characteristics of it either. 

    IMO, it's dull, but less dull than say motor racing or golf. Still, some people like to watch those sports. It doesn't involve people being paid large sums of money, or indeed any money at all. It does feature people who are enormously dedicated athletes, among the very best in the world at what they do. It's half an hour of cheap tv that gets good ratings. No-one is forced to watch. 


  6. 3 hours ago, del capo said:

     Just looked on Skyscanner.

    Ryannair doing return flights for that weekend  from Stanstead for £25 return to Toulouse - train to Albi from there ( an hour ) about a tenner return........tempting

    Albi is a really lovely small city to visit - UNESCO world heritage sites, the Toulouse-Lautrec museum etc. Different world to British RL towns. You'll know there's a game on though, the mairie will make sure of that, and I've always found the locals happy to talk RL. Last time I went, it turned out the hotel manager was sponsoring the women's RL team.

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  7. 4 hours ago, stevecl said:

    I understand why we allow it but watching Wales is always tempered by the fact we are essentially an England development side and any real talent will change to the Tier 1 side. 

    It is pretty crazy that Wales have not played a full mens international since 2018 (and as things stand, no home game in 2022 either).

  8. On 03/04/2022 at 18:39, The Future is League said:

    Its an outdated event that has very little appeal nowadays

    Bigger tv audience than wimbledon men's singles finals most years. Certainly bigger than the challenge cup most years. Not sure they got 250 000 people lining the Thames this year, but still over 100 000.  

    It is like Formula 1 - incredibly dull unless there's a crash or the boat sinks or something.

    Olympic medallists in 3 of the 4 boats, the 4th boat (Oxford women) had a world champion gold medallist. I would be pretty confident that the mens boats had a way lower percentage who went to a British private school than the England rugby union team, and probably cricket team too, just because about half of the rowers are foreign.

    It is one of those threads that we get every year though.

  9. 1 hour ago, Davo5 said:

    Fraction of the marketing budget,they had Shane Richardson in charge,a large player investment and plenty of marketing and still averaged only 3500.

    Richo famously regarded it as his 'chip shop'. Sunk his life savings into it, expecting to have a job for life and instead his money was gone by the end of the season. There was neither much marketing nor a huge amount spent on players.

    If there's anyone currently in British RL who could make a go of a SL club in a new area, it's Mick Hogan. Let's give him the time to do it properly rather than rushing them in.

    Thunder did a good job of promoting a Monday night game vs Widnes, just as Dewsbury did a few weeks back, both got an extra 1000+ people showing up. Trick is to get those people to keep coming back.


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