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  1. 2 hours ago, Rupert Prince said:

    My point is there is no reason why we cannot produce 2 Origin squads, good ones, based on 'Pennine' rules.  Every one does it... even the original Origin. 

    Sure, we could pick two decent squads. But you can't force people to care very much about who the winner is -  history suggests most of the players don't care and not many spectators do either.


    England vs Rob Burrow's all-star foreigners XIII would get more of a crowd and probably more feeling on the pitch and would at least give Mr. Wane a chance to try a few combinations out. 

  2. 21 hours ago, Rupert Prince said:

    Given the intense game last night, a similar Origin game, with England places at stake, might be worthwhile.

    Or realistically, a half-hearted game played midweek before 5000 at Leigh or Headingley. Half the Lancashire/ West of Pennine + random draftees team will have pulled out with groin strains/ unspecified other injury that magically heals before the next SL game in the week beforehand, as no-one really cares about the outcome. Just like it has been for the last previous ~125 years. It wasn't even a popular concept in the 1900s, why would it suddenly attract an audience now?

    It was only 2016 when we had 21k for an England v Scotland four nations game at Coventry. That's a measure of just how dismal the RFL has been in the last few years.

  3. 2 hours ago, Loiner said:

    You are quite correct with all that, I just think there must be an answer out there that we as a sport can do.

    An England RU international was called off last weekend. The big cycling thingy in Italy in the last couple of weeks had multiple teams drop out due to Covid. Loads of football players have missed games, including UEFA champions league and Nations League. Plenty of sports and leagues with far more money than us have just abandoned the league for this year. 

    Seems to me we're making the best of a very bad situation.

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  4. There was a 0-0 between Burleigh Bears and Wynnum-Manly Seagulls in the opening round of the Queensland Cup in March 2010. Televised game, two professional clubs, decent weather conditions. Bodene Thompson, Clinton Toopi and Kurt Sorensen Jr playing for the Bears that day.

  5. 4 minutes ago, DoubleD said:

    Which team is which? The team in black are 10-0 down now but have actually looked the better footballing side from what I’ve seen. 

    Good professional broadcast and officiating 

    Score is up on the right hand side of the screen. Legion shown as Kharkiv, Харків. Lviv is Львів.

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  6. As has been said, it's only the pro version of RU that may switch.

    Decline in playing numbers is a different thing entirely - all adult outdoor team sports have the same problem, it's not just us. We need to accept that times have changed and do much more to promote versions of the game that are easier to play and which have smaller teams. The days when you could 13 blokes in a pub or factory to play rugby are not coming back. 

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  7. 21 hours ago, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

    I'll definitely do it one day. 

    Why wait? 🙂 It's national novel writing month in November. The basic premise is write 2000 words or so every day for a month and you've got yourself the draft of a novel. Happens every year and there's  lots of support and resources. https://nanowrimo.org/ 

    I've written a few non-fiction books, had a call with the publisher yesterday about making a short promotional video for my current one (technical, university-level textbook). That seems easier to me than a novel though.

  8. 17 hours ago, Big Picture said:

    If casual viewers tune in anticipating the sort of crowd a soccer or RU match between the same countries, what will they think of seeing small crowds like that?

    When I lived in Cardiff, I went along to several Wales football matches that were attended by crowds of sub-5000.

    Cricket internationals are often played in front of largely empty grounds. It doesn't appear to affect anyone's enjoyment.

    What cheapens our internationals is when you have coaches and administrators describing them as 'friendlies' or 'warm-ups' and unlimited substitutions or whatever. Fine when you have dozens of games per year, not so good when it's England's only home game in 2 years.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, DavidM said:

    Why did he have to pick  English ?

    I guess the fact that his granddad, Ted Croker, ran English football for decades might have been a factor?

    Interesting childhood though - his mum left England to work for the Portuguese FA to promote Euro 2004, he got picked up by the Sporting Lisbon academy (which also produced Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo etc.) at the age of 9. His family stayed there until he was 16, when he stayed living at the football club and they came back to the UK. 

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