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  1. 10 minutes ago, DoubleD said:

    Nothing to do with the state education system, it’s to do with the people Sky employ. Wells, Carney and Clarke are very knowledgeable, as well as those on bbc 

    Jon Wells & Brian Carney, both of whom have Law degrees? Both of whom also have masters degrees? As you say, nothing to do with the state education system. 

  2. 34 minutes ago, Ullman said:

    Hull's pack have worked their balls off but the backs are a bunch of rabbits in the headlights.

    I think people are being a little harsh on Hull here. Wigan were the better team by some distance, but they had a couple of iffy tries to start with and Hull were playing catch-up from then on, leading to things like the length of the field try for Wigan at the end of the first half when the pass was pushed. The best defence in the world would not have stopped that beautiful try from Hardaker's kick. 

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Mr Plow said:

    If the game decides to scrap scrums and keep 6 again permanently I think matches will be shorter rather than playing 4 quarters

    Games are already a good bit longer than they used to be - you could expect a 3:00 KO to be done by 4:35 when I started watching - it's more like 5:00 these days. 

    Making the game shorter or having more breaks tilts the balance more towards size and away from 80 minute endurance, just like more interchanges does.

  4. 2 hours ago, Number 16 said:

    SA playing in black and not the nation's more recognisable dark green. Was this the norm for them in those early years? 

    There's some history/context around colours here - it was a real point of conflict with RU and by 1963 they had copyrighted the colours and badge to prevent RL trying to copy it. Not sure it explains why they played these games in a black kit though.


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  5. 5 minutes ago, Keith989 said:

    A bizarre response indeed. I would love to be fluent in Irish but unfortunately I didn't grow up in a gaeltacht and the way it's thought in most schools here is a joke.

    This thread have gone way, way off-topic, but one thing that strikes me is that Irish seems to be a slowly dying language in spite of the best efforts of politicians since Eamonn de Valera etc. - in the sense that the Gaeltacht is shrinking and many Irish people have a negative view of the language. Other things (e.g. the role of Comhaltas promoting Irish music not just in Ireland but among the wider Irish diaspora) seem to have gone far better in comparison.

    If I contrast that with Welsh, where (on the whole) Welsh people have a positive view of the language, often feel bad that they don't speak it well, particularly if they can't help their children with Welsh homework, and the numbers of speakers are increasing. 

    Maybe my view is not accurate? I wonder how much the academic way that Irish is taught is a factor? I don't think Irish people are any less patriotic or aware of their history compared with Welsh people.

  6. 10 hours ago, TheReaper said:

    Makes you wonder why nobody wants to stay at Widnes....

    I expect they're being offered more money by Ottawa. Probably the fact that a bunch of mates who they've played with for years are going to the same place helps persuade others to join. The Chapelhow twins will presumably be able to combine operating their personal trainer businesses in the local area with flying to Ottawa for games. Sounds like a pretty attractive proposition to me.

    Widnes have used 20+ first team players from their own academy in each of the past two seasons and clearly that means there's going to be plenty of ex-Widnes players at other clubs. Same reason there's lots of ex-Wigan players at other clubs - they're a producer of players.

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  7. On 02/09/2020 at 23:57, Gooleboy said:

    How many ex Widnes players is that?

    Seven out of the eleven in the list Scubby linked to are ex-Widnes players. Matty Fozard is from Widnes, but went through Saints Academy system. Ellis Robson, a Warrington player who had some games on loan for Widnes, is also in the squad.

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  8. 4 minutes ago, redjonn said:

    That's the starting point... market analysis. The no need to be guessing as we are on this thread.

    Which the RFL did actually do some years ago. Can't find it on google, but it pretty clearly said that a substantial majority of people who watch club RL first went either because they were taken by a family member or because they played themselves. The audience for internationals is different, of course.

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  9. 1 hour ago, fighting irish said:

    What I'm suggesting is that by introducing the footy (ball and the rules) to children in an environment where they can play the game with the emphasis on fun, they are likely to view the game positively, for the whole of their lives.

    That's whether they go on (in later life) to play, officiate, spectate, fund raise, form and administer clubs, etc. etc.

    Teaching the games skills at a young age, will convince more kids that they ''can do'' rugby league and want to be involved, in some way.

    For the majority, who don't go on to play, or those whose playing days are over, then having an elite club, or national team, they can align with makes it easier to hold their interest, (which might explain why the Australians haven't developed pro Soccer clubs) so I agree, there's more to developing the game quickly, than just increasing participation numbers but what i'm saying is, that whatever else you do, you must do the grass roots development, to ensure increasing numbers are exposed to it.

    Absolutely agree with this.

    The Richard Lewis era RFL published data from fan surveys showing that 90% of people who watch live club RL either played as a child, or they were taken to their first game by a family member. I would be quite surprised if that wasn't true for rugby union and cricket too.

    Of course, there are other models. NFL games get huge crowds at Wembley of whom only a tiny proportion have ever played. Plenty of people who haven't driven an F1 car are happy watching them go round and round in circles for hours on tv. Soccer in Australia & N. America have achieved wide participation without corresponding levels of spectator interest. (Although frankly, the A-league appears to be bigger in terms of attendance and tv contract than British RL is and MLS is orders of magnitude bigger).

    The line "For goodness sake, lets get our ars...s in gear and focus on increasing participation numbers year on year." is the single most important thing Ralph Rimmer needs to do, IMO, but I almost never hear the post-Lewis RFL talk about such things. 

  10. 5 hours ago, Man of Kent said:

    Cambridge United will have 2,500 in for their League 2 game on Saturday week, around 31 per cent of their 8,127 capacity (around half of which is terracing).

    That looks to be a decent rule of thumb for RL clubs.

    More complicated than that. They put season tickets on sale last week, and asked fans to indicate who they were in a social bubble with. If you're a family of 4, you can all sit together. If you go the game all by yourself with a flask of weak lemon drink, that reduces the capacity because they have to leave empty seats around you. They worked out the capacity of the stands based on that information.

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