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  1. 2 hours ago, Saint 1 said:

     I just wanted to know if this was something people had any experience of

    Different career,  different company,  but we give new graduates a payrise every 6 months in their first 2 years and for the typical person I'd expect that to add up to at least a 30% increase over their starting salary as new graduates (in the UK anyway).

  2. Read "The road to Nab End" by historian William Woodruff, on a long plane journey this week. It's an account of his childhood growing up in 1920s Blackburn and the poverty experienced in East Lancs during the collapse of the cotton industry, which was a bestseller about 10 years ago. He went on to a place at Oxford and a Fulbright scholarship at Harvard after leaving school at 14, so it's a pretty thought provoking book.

  3. 3 hours ago, Farmduck said:

    I have this real stick up my a@@ about American franchise chains. Never been to Starbucks. Went to McDonalds once, in 1975.  Went to Pizza Hut once in the early 80s.

    When it comes to coffee I was always a big Lavazza fan but, in general, I think the critical issues are bean choice and time between roasting and drinking. Most big producers go heavy on the Arabica beans to appeal to mainstream consumers but any serious blend needs more Robusta to give it any edge.

    Australia (well Sydney/Melbourne anyway) had a cafe/proper coffee scene a couple of decades before the UK did.

    Not really a fan of paying £3 or £4 for a load of milky hot water myself. Another vote for the Sainbury's own brand beans though.

  4. 2 hours ago, gingerjon said:

    I didn't catch as much in the background last night, which is a good excuse to watch again I think.

    The BBC2 continuity announcer's line about hedgehogs before the program started was a good one.

    Some of the names of the shops and the adverts in the background are worth looking for.

  5. 7 hours ago, Futtocks said:

    A couple of call-backs in last night's 'League of Gentlemen'. The town being merged with Spent, the location of the original (radio) series, and the episode ending with the two women trapped "Inside No.9".

    Made teenage sons watch the first couple of episodes beforehand and there was a seriously impressive number of callbacks. I hadn't noticed the Huddersfield dialling code on some of the businesses the first time through, either. I thought it was brilliantly done. I rarely watch tv though.


  6. 2 hours ago, Farmduck said:

    The Sydney Harbour Ferries had a competition to name their new ferry. The breakaway winner was Boaty McBoatface. Since that name was already taken, they decided to name it "Ferry McFerryface."

    Bit of googling says that 3 (at least) local councils have Gritty McGritface.

    Looks like our local council is behind the times. Surrey did this a couple of years ago and have "Snow Surrender" "Roger Spreaderer" and "Gritty Gritty Bang Bang."

  7. On 11/13/2017 at 5:58 PM, Bedford Roughyed said:

    Its not the size of the card... Its the size of the card reader.  Meaning you can cram a bit more heat sink or battery in the phone.  

    Also, most of them don't go in phones - over 6 billion SIMs made this year. Will probably stop being a physical  thing before too long, anyway (e.g. latest Apple watch doesn't have a separate SIM.)

  8. Grrr. I had quotes this week for renewing my house and car insurance (£900ish and £300ish) from one of the UK's largest insurance companies. Ten minutes entering my details online has given me quotes elsewhere for basically identically cover for £200odd and £100 odd. Basically if you let it auto-renew you're paying a lot extra for the privilege.

  9. On 10/14/2017 at 10:49 AM, Maximus Decimus said:

    It's tolled at 2 quid a journey but they'll be tolling both bridges eventually.

    It's a work of art that bridge - pictures I've seen looks fantastic.

    My dad has been driving up from Shropshire to Runcorn & Widnes to go to the barbers & dentists for the last 30 years. The fact that you have to faff about with a website to cross the river means that he will probably never visit either place ever again.

  10. On 9/9/2017 at 0:11 PM, Flagedgetouch said:

    Also, if they had stayed out of the Chinese civil war instead of backing the Kuomintang and Chang Kai Shek and had allowed china to take a seat in the UN Security Council they may never have been forced to fight the PLA as well. China would in all likelihood have stayed out of the war (it was a risk that Mao took extremely reluctantly and only when he thought every other possibility had been exhausted) and the landings at Inchon and subsequent northern thrust by the US marines would have forced the North Koreans to retreat to the Yalu only without Chinese support; almost certainly leading to their surrender or annihilation by Allied forces. Thus avoiding another two years of war (including numerous documented atrocities on both sides) 

    Interesting to compare present day Vietnam (where the Americans lost) with North Korea (no-score draw.) The main streets of Ho Chi Minh City are lined with shops selling multi-national brands, american chain stores etc while the young, well educated urban population rushes off to work for businesses that mostly export to the western world. 

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  11. 7 minutes ago, Futtocks said:

    'Between the Woods and the Water' is the sequel to 'A Time of Gifts', so a good one to go for. It is a shame he never wrote about his very interesting wartime exploits.

    If you liked his writing, try some books by Norman Lewis, another interesting character whose journeys were more or less contemporary to Fermor's.

    I've read the sequel, but not the third one in the sequence. Thought he had written a book about some of the wartime stuff (the abduction of the German General that was dramatised in the film Ill met by moonlight) just before he died.

    Thanks for the Norman Lewis recommendation, haven't come across any of his writing (he lived in a village not too far from me, where Dodie Smith also lived.) I think "As I walked out one summers morning" by Laurie Lee is the closest thing to 'A Time of Gifts' that I've read.

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