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  1. I can honestly see this season being cancelled and Clubs unless Sky bails us out going to the wall. I think we’ll be alright but it doesn’t make it right does it. As you look athe bigger picture which I have never come across as most of you haven’t even though we are Rugby fans it falls into insignificance when there are people dying.We must take it on the chin and think about our family coming through this vile time. Hope we are all in good health when this virus comes to an end. If the season does start it’s a bonus.
  2. What a fantastic avitar .Looking forward to celebrating Independence day with my large family this Friday. Hope Fev can gain promotion as well in this year
  3. Good stuff. At least I will appreciate your post as some on here haven’t got a sense of humour. Happy new year. Good health.
  4. Love is the only engine for survival ( Leonard Cohen )
  5. We get this boring bile from time to time and it’s your turn to churn this boring subject up . In a nut shell if we don’t use it to our benefit someone else will.
  6. Yes got mine ( great Christmas present) . Its that black square at the bottom which is scanned and is only connected to your details.
  7. Just come from an LGBT meeting this evening at the Town Hall. What an up lifting get together discussing equality. I left feeling uplifted for the future ahead.
  8. Agree. I just support any party that are against mass immigration who have no jobs to come to , rapists and peadophilles.
  9. I bet you’re looking forward to Brexit and tighter controls on immigration coming from Batley ( bearing in mind we all love every one whatever creed)
  10. Surely any decent/ christian person in Rotherham where You live would be serving a 3 year stretch due to massive social offences.
  11. What will be in the corners of ones tiny minds. People laughed and taunted Jesus on the cross. Enjoy your feeling of thinking you know best but the working class know what is going on.
  12. I live under a Labour Council for the last 100 or so years recently under the guidance of Yvette Cooper. I have friends who rely on food banks and family who are just keeping their heads above water that have good jobs .Kellingley pit shut, library, swimming baths , shops and people’s utter despair under Yvettes watch when she spends most of her days at her London residence sticking two fingers up at Pontefract.She knows she has a safe seat in Pontefract and surrounding areas due to the past history of anti tories on pit closures and is p#####g herself at the robot nature of old Labour voters keeping her in her high paid job. Listen to Blue Pike. Vote for the Brexit Party.
  13. Listen obviously I can’t tell you how to vote because it’s your decision.However may I please enlighten you to your decision.Like my ancestors I have been Labour through and through but our Labour candidate has been appalling ( don’t get me started on this) and the area I live in has been lowered to a despicable level. You have only two other options; The Conservatives which I know you won’t vote for because of the past history of pit closures so vote for the Brexit party
  14. First of all I’m not a liar as my photo shows . This is one of four biggies I can claim I have been lucky enough to work in the top echelon of Engineering world toppers throughout my working life. My brother in law worked for Linpac for 25 years in the early days when his pension was massive and at 55 drew his pension which only lasted a year before he died of a heart attack. This was a major wake up call for me and I’m gonna enjoy myself as a richer person next year. I got £24000 minus £6000 in ppi this year Which I tret myself to the best Pike fishing gear available on the market. Next year apart from making sure my sons are ok I’m gonna treat myself to my name on the Fev shirt hopefully unless they ask for a stupid amount
  15. Thanks for that. I’m cashing in a large life changing six figure private pension next December so may sort something out with the Club as it will tickle me with pride seeing my name on the Home shirt
  16. I agree with Suggy. Most people on here ( not you Robin ) haven’t been in his company.I have a few times and like the bloke. His posts may upset a few on here but he calls a spade a spade and is Fev through and through and a pleasure to be with ,long may he continue.
  17. Thanks for that I think you are right.
  18. Wasn’t Greg the player who got injured and the Club spent lots of time and money getting him fit after his injury only for him to stick twos up and leave for another Club or am I wrong and it was someone else , if so who was that player who acted dispicably.
  19. Just a hypothetical question but interested to know from someone in the know.If I had more money than sense and wanted my name,say on an area of the Home shirt. How much would it be for a one off payment as surely no large sum of money would be disregarded by the Club.
  20. The song that comes to mind whenever I see the Leigh supporters is “ Who let the dogs out !”
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