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  1. Might be some of the reserves who played well enough to be given a contract after giving their all in achieving the goal that the Club promised them.
  2. Yes if you look at the centres , I think we haven’t been dominant especially when Hardcastle is abscent.Wish we had an up and coming Paul Newlove in the wings but you can’t have everything plus we are in a better position than I thought we’d be in before the season started.
  3. That young lad who died in his Hotel Room after his debut at Toulouse is a very sad day.Condolences to his family and friends.
  4. Listened to Rovers Tv and they said York were the better Team on the day and deserved the win which is fair enough.She said we looked really tired towards the middle of the second half.For me thats how it goes and I believe we can beat Batley convincingly in a couple of weeks.Chin up you can’t win em all.
  5. Heres me thinking it would be a close game 1 King Chisholm Albert
  6. Yes understand this.Went to Turkey a few years ago and you can pick them up for a tenner. BARGAIN
  7. If you’re bored with watching SL on TV like me just watch the NRL.Just watching Rabbitohs v Storm and what an enjoyable watch . Pure class. Started at 7
  8. True but I believe it’s better motivation to reach your goal in having a weaker side to beat than a strong one don’t you think.
  9. I obviously think regarding the Wigan players that if they don’t play we have a better chance of winning the game regardless of us being DR with Leeds.Am I wrong in thinking this,if so will you expand.
  10. Thanks for that.Looks like a tight affair tomorrow and an exiting one.Maybe King will win it for us with his sneak from acting half.
  11. Does anyone know if Swinton are playing without their Wigan players tomorrow and how they are looking strength wise ?.
  12. More than happy to finish fifth as we have imo 50/50 games against York, Toulouse and seriously Swinton at home this Sunday which im off to and envisage a cracking game with a narrow win for us .Think we’ll put a big score over Batley though.
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