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  1. I can honestly see this season being cancelled and Clubs unless Sky bails us out going to the wall. I think we’ll be alright but it doesn’t make it right does it. As you look athe bigger picture which I have never come across as most of you haven’t even though we are Rugby fans it falls into insignificance when there are people dying.We must take it on the chin and think about our family coming through this vile time. Hope we are all in good health when this virus comes to an end. If the season does start it’s a bonus.
  2. What a fantastic avitar .Looking forward to celebrating Independence day with my large family this Friday. Hope Fev can gain promotion as well in this year ?
  3. Good stuff. At least I will appreciate your post as some on here haven’t got a sense of humour. Happy new year. Good health.
  4. Love is the only engine for survival ( Leonard Cohen )
  5. We get this boring bile from time to time and it’s your turn to churn this boring subject up . In a nut shell if we don’t use it to our benefit someone else will.
  6. Yes got mine ( great Christmas present) . Its that black square at the bottom which is scanned and is only connected to your details.
  7. Just come from an LGBT meeting this evening at the Town Hall. What an up lifting get together discussing equality. I left feeling uplifted for the future ahead.
  8. Agree. I just support any party that are against mass immigration who have no jobs to come to , rapists and peadophilles.
  9. I bet you’re looking forward to Brexit and tighter controls on immigration coming from Batley ( bearing in mind we all love every one whatever creed)
  10. Surely any decent/ christian person in Rotherham where You live would be serving a 3 year stretch due to massive social offences.
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