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  1. If he has half a brain he will have watched our victories and know how we tick. To switch it around for the worse will only bring on the wrath of MC imo.
  2. As I’ve said before looks good that, and will get better.
  3. My choice of Coach would be Peter Roe. Played some good Rugby under his tenure.
  4. Yes I do but think we have a better squad this time that are close knit. Think there were one or two individuals back then who publicly said they didn’t want to play for him even as we know he wasn’t up to the job as Coach. Think he was associated with Warrington wolves in a lesser role and MC took a liking to him.Still think its a Good Team for any Coach to walk into whoever it may be.By the way hope we have McClelland next season that would be a major plus.
  5. Just got a good feeling about next season. Will be disappointed if we don’t make the final tbh. I wouldn’t want to be anyone else apart from us next year. With the Team possibly 80% sorted I can’t see the Coach making that much difference imo
  6. Whoever the new Coach is , it must be much of an easier task than last year.Just walking in to a much done squad. It reminds me of all the good work and Team strengthening that Nigel Pearson did for Leicester City ( which nobody mentions which was a title winning Team ) and Ranieri appeared with a just let them get on with it attitude as they know what theyre doing. Hopefully a few more signings over the coming months to cover injuries but I generally believe with DR we have a really good Team for the Coach to work with. Hopefully Season Ticket sales will reflect this belief of a great season ahead.
  7. Strong rumour Longo in Telephone talks with Eddie Jones as he is free after the Word Cup.
  8. Yes Averaging 26 degrees. P#####g it down back home in it
  9. For me my number 1 hobby takes presidence ( Pike Fishing) but it will have to wait a few weeks while sunning it up in Lanzarote. Life goes on there is so much to enjoy in life apart from the Rugby which disappoints you half the time. Let our Club build slowly stronger for the start of the season and enjoy the time off.
  10. Whatever happens or wherever he goes, he goes with all my best wishes.What a fabulous job he has done without a pre season under his belt.
  11. True I can’t see Agar being much success for Leeds imo I don’t see his past record owt special. Maybe a different approach with a younger hungrier Coach in Carr may prove inspiring.
  12. Yes what tends to happen with players we sign from other Champ Clubs is they tend to have a good game against us but can’t recall him doing so but not for me to doubt our Coaching Staffs observations after the way the season has gone with the great players performing admirably.Onwards and upwards.
  13. Yes we have done well with Harrison and Day. Can’t see us eyeing up any more from Batley and Dewsbury after your disappointing seasons , may have to bring some over from oz again.
  14. If he goes missing, he’ll be missing from our Team sheet simples.
  15. I think the difference for 2020 is we have a good Team on the books ready to go with a good possibility of adding good players to it.When I get back off holiday I am gonna buy a membership card which is a first for me for 10 years so it maybe due to our success that we may get more season tickets being sold fingers crossed.The futures so bright that I have to wear shades.
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