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  1. Great effort with our full Team out we must be the second best Team. The only negative was Will Daggers performance. Hope its a one off.
  2. Bussey went over for a try and got the ball dislodged when there was two in the tackle???.He got punched to the face milling style bloodied and the player was only sin binned ????A bit unlucky so far
  3. I’ve never bought a paper for ten years as I seek my info through the internet .Whilst waiting for my hair cutting in O Rileys Barbers ( recommend it ) I read the p&Cas express and was pleased to see that it covered both Fev and Cas in equal measures which was totally biasedly different ten years ago.Well done to our local journalists and might consider buying it from now on.
  4. I am watching it at home on Sky but my son is watching it at the Junction Pub in Fev with his mates . Perhaps you can watch it at a Pub neat you Steve as its a good atmosphere especially if we are winning.
  5. Yes I know what you mean but Barrow are fighting to stay in our League where as Rochdale are nailed on for the drop and really only have pride to play for.I honestly think with having all our best players back we will score over fifty points against them.
  6. Has Chisholm got a niggle ? Can’t understand why our most influential player has been left out. Before this I thought it would be tight with the result going either way but now it’s made my mind up as an 18 point difference loss.However like most people I had this down as a definite loss months ago so I’m not disheartened.Looking forward it’s imperative we pile on the points against Rochdale next week as points difference is important for the top five.I am getting my calculator ready to take.
  7. Maybe if we had a better ref we would have won by a bigger margin.Incidentally the Toronto match is live on Sky Sports Arena channel at 6 pm by pressing the red button
  8. Can’t believe we are a better Team than last year with half the money to spend.Its like as advertised switching your shopping from Tesco to Aldi and getting more for your money
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