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  1. 17 hours ago, OriginalMrC said:

    What annoys me is that this is not the first time. Every time Hurricanes play well and deserve some credit that gets taken away because the opposition coincidentally had a 'poor performance'. What ever happened to saying well played to the opposition? How will a club like the Hurricanes ever be seen as equals when time and time again stuff like this happens. 

    Just finished reading the programme. 

    The Keighley Cougars chairman, ' The Midlands side is one that can cause an upset.'

    The Keighley Cougars head coach,' The Hurricanes are a good team who have shown since we returned to action from Covid last year that they are more than capable of beating the more established clubs and have been unlucky this year to not beat North Wales and Hunslet.

    Midlands play some really good footy and are good defensively.....'

    The Keighley Cougars skipper,'....As we saw last season,the Hurricanes are more than capable of testing and beating the heartland clubs in this division and we have to again be at the very top of our game to make sure we maintain our unbeaten start to the season.'

    With the addition of former Keighley players I think that Midlands Hurricanes were,and are,and will be seen as equals before,during and after games.

    I know,for a fact,that Mr Squires is highly respected,as,of course,is Dave Scott.

    I may have to find some pennies now,and travel down there for the equals re-match. 


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  2. 16 minutes ago, OriginalMrC said:

    According to Keighley socials it was due to a 'sub par' performance and nothing to do with the Hurricanes playing well. Funny how lots of teams coincidentally put in a poor performance every single time Hurricanes put in a good performance. 

    I think it is acceptable to write that a side did put in a sub par performance, while at the same time acknowledging that the opposition played well.

    I believe Keighley scored 2 tries on 2 separate occasions when Midlands were down to 12 men - AND Midlands scored more points than any other opposition,this campaign. 

    The last Keighley try may also have been scored after a forward pass.

    There may be a perceived slight felt by the Midlands club about comments made regarding the future of the sport,last year,but the performance by Keighley Cougars has not been as good as it has been,hitherto,which does not remove the fact that Midlands were also held up twice over the line and they caused Keighley Cougars more problems than any other this campaign, thus far. 

    If it isn't allowed to be a sub par performance - I would like Keighley Cougars to return to the form they have shown since the season started at Oldham and not repeat todays performance. 

    I would not like Midlands Hurricanes to repeat their performance in the reverse fixture.

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  3. 4 hours ago, ShropshireBull said:

    But as you said before they will just get pumped until noone watches. Unless they are going to shell out for an academy , which seems like an unwise investment when still in league 1, then you kind of half to pack your team with northerners with a few local players until your a decade down the line. 

    League 1 sides are not permitted an Academy - or reserve sides.There is not any League 1 side that has them.

    Rich get richer  poor get poorer.

    Just concentrate on Super League clubs - they need all the money,crowds,help.

    Not a level playing field.All things ain't equal.

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  4. The sport of rugby league doing its very best to alienate supporters during a time the cost of living is rising.

    Jolly good having train stations nearby, but travelling from Sheffield people are advised to book 3 months in advance for cheaper fares.

    With a bit of a Tennis Tournament going on,in July,accommodation may have been booked,in that area,some considerable time ago.

    No surprise people walk away from the sport - in this age of marvelous communication.

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  5. It was only a few years ago,the supporters of Featherstone and Leigh Centurions, and some head coaches,criticised ' expansion ' clubs for using players from overseas - how times change;quickly.

    As for Academies,while 'elite' clubs are allowed to take youngsters from far and wide,it may only be a matter of time before those positions are filled with players from overseas - as per Association Football. 

    They should abandon club run Academies,now. 

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  6. 21 hours ago, iamguyster said:

    C'mon fella. No need to be salty. Your lads won and WWR looked more competitive. Isn't that what everyone wants from them? It seems like you do.

    By the way, I got the impression of the 80+ from every post in this thread; someone even predicted 100. No WWR player suggested that. 

    I think there's something to be said for magnanimity in victory, rather than lashing out at the ref and the score board. 🤷‍♂️






    League Express - ' The match was refereed by Welshman James Jones,part of a history making bunch of officials.For the first time ever in a RFL league match all 5 were from Wales,the referee,two touch judges,reserve official and interchange official."

    Surprisingly,despite Keighley Cougars improving massively discipline wise,this year,and in recent games in particular, the penalty count was hugely against them.

    I can just imagine if St Helens were in a game refereed by Hicks,his 2 brothers touch judges,father -in- law reserve referee and uncle interchange official.

    I'll steer clear of skin pigmentation. 

    Why couldn't the history making be last week at the Welsh derby?

    Get me out of League 1.The Jekyll and Hyde league where anything goes, and no one cares.A League of doomed experiments.

  7. 4 hours ago, iamguyster said:

    From what I could gather after speaking to players, is that Keighley also had a couple of dubious tries allowed.🤷

    I think ultimately, WWR are trying to improve, Keighley came expecting to get 80+ on the scoreboard and found themselves frustrated that their opposition are actually giving it a go and not rolling over. 👍


    From what I can gather,from reading your post,is that you weren't in attendance but have spoken to WWR players.

    I didn't notice a scoreboard,while sitting in the main stand,discovered we led 0-2 after scoring a try and missing a conversion,and endured the 3 Stooges ' giving it a go '.

    Why would any WWR players suggest Keighley were ' expecting to get 80+ '?

    Perhaps they haven't listened to the head coach of Keighley Cougars recently.

    Delighted WWR are not rolling over.I don't think anyone has ever,in the past 4/5 years,suggested that they have.

    I hope Cornwall have competent officials for next weeks fixture.


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  8. Keighley Cougars dominated throughout, despite a number of first choice players having been rested,but still sustained injuries.

    The referee ,from Cardiff,had a shocker.The try awarded to WWR appeared, to lots of pairs of eyes, to have been dropped to the floor by a virtually upright WWR player.

    My worst nightmare was averted as the officials performance did not have Alan Kilshaw in the stadium.

    Please do not force me to watch League 1 in 2023.

    Even Stebonheath Park is beginning to look neglected.

  9. On 30/04/2022 at 13:41, Gav Wilson said:

    Dane Chisholm to... Keighley.

    Correctamundo.It may have jeopardised the move but possibly prevented a lot of self-harm in London - letting them down in good time.

    Chisholm to Keighley until end of 2023.

    Toby Everett,who went through the London Broncos system,on loan from Batley to Keighley.

    West Wales causing panic I hear you say...

  10. 7 hours ago, clogdance said:

    Oh dear Sylvain. You had a little cry when Leigh got selected for being fast tracked into Super League, and now you have got upset once again ! So it's the RFL's fault you did not strengthen your championship winning squad, even after you released 2 players, and subsequently only won one game. Last time I checked you are only 4 points adrift, and play at home to 'out of form' Wakefield. Also in July TO have 4 home games, so stop blubbering. 🙄

    I think you'll find it is the owners of Super League clubs who decide who is in Super League - not the RFL.

    When Leigh were last promoted - it was an ' independent ' decision.

    Toulouse may not have been able to strengthen their squad given 2 players were in dispute,and they were paying all travel costs for the 'entitled ' elite clubs. 

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  11. I think I should credit the head coach of London Skolars as his assembled squad effectively lost the game in the opening minutes,yet they never niggled,time-wasted,whinged or resorted to any dirty play.

    I have no idea where the players were resourced from,but no coach can get a team firing when it is assembled,into a squad,at a late time before the season commences.

    Mr Mbu also managed to conduct himself on the sidelines,from what I could see, like a mature adult and a professional - unlike a male in south Leeds.

    From a sporting situation - it seems all 3 professional leagues have divisions of an unhealthy divide,between those at the top,and those at the bottom.

    Independent governance required urgently.First job - reserves and youths at all clubs. 

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  12. 13 minutes ago, Jughead said:

    As dangerous as the game Leigh and Featherstone appear to be playing with their recruitment to get out of the Championship, the game of Rugby League has helped create this monster by insisting on promotion and relegation, despite numerous indicators that it doesn’t quite work.

    As long as there’s a Million Pound Game, the consequences are not something The RFL particularly cares about. 


      Could you state the reasons why you are of the opinion that promotion and relegation do not work? I seem to have read that the owners of both Leigh and Featherstone want promotion,as do their supporters,and the broadcast people don't object.

    Please also state the benefits of Licensing.Both Lewis and Findlay who put it together,have left the sport.It doesn't seem to have benefited, Bradford,Widnes,or the progression of Super League, or the national side.

    On topic - allowing convicted criminals into the country simply adds to the malaise around governance - of both country and sport.

  13. One day,perhaps,there will be a statement released by Leigh Centurions, that we will have to read because,well,that seems to be the way it is,where in that statement,Derek Beaumont will NOT inform the weary reader,that he invests money.

    He MUSTbe the only owner of a rugby league club to do this.

    Sooo good of him,when the mushroom syndrome is the usual treatment meted out to the underclass rugby league follower.  

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  14. It is beginning to look like the sport may lose more rugby league followers,as I follow the concerns for the past months/years of Broncos followers on their forum.

    Only the sport of rugby league could,at the time of some people recommending large city names for clubs,lose Toronto,and have the worries about London Skolars and London Broncos. 

    Even regional names for clubs don't seem to ensure longevity.

    The sport needs a root and branch review,and,like the wealthy sport of soccer,where little Forest Green Rovers,with their lone millionaire owner and his sustainability and vegetarianism/veganism are managing success,we should also,immediately, have an independent regulator. 


    A 5 years and a ten years business plan would also help.

    Wealthy owners seem to leave the sport quite hurriedly, as at Widnes,Salford and Toronto.

    There has to be a better way.

  15. 43 minutes ago, Snowys Backside said:

    Your quite right. 

    You get promoted and Can't spend a bloody penny once you are up, just like Toulouse. 

    Let's see how sustainable they will be, or will the goalposts be moved to keep them in existance. 

    Le Skint! Toulouse have a habit of saying Au Revoir! 

    You seem quite unsympathetic, just because Leigh couldn't take advantage when they were #Super League Ready.

    Leigh Centurions didn't have other clubs against them - https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/toulouse-olympique-super-league-concern-21827448


    Or have to pay the travel costs of the other clubs - https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/why-toulouse-are-paying-for-away-travel-costs-in-super-league/


    Lots of overseas signings for Leigh in The Championship, though.

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  16. 52 minutes ago, The storm said:

    One day the vikings will attract a big investor 

    You had one.That is how Widnes were elevated to Super League and free advertising to lorries came about.

    Beginning to look as though players from outside the area,en masse,isn't a good idea for so-called expansion clubs.

    Not helped by injuries,apparently.  

  17. 11 hours ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    So why continue with the FT plan if the money wasn't there?

    Contractual obligations,I guess.It seems to be an honourable club.

    At the end of the campaign they asked their fanbase for 20k,as they had forgotten to pay HMRC.

    I think it was all tied in with the stadium, the council,and a potential investor,where the stadium and council avoided and the investor averted. 

    It would have been good to see how Mark Aston got on as a head coach if, at anytime,things off the field had ever run smoothly. 

  18. 9 minutes ago, gazza77 said:

    As Sheffield themselves found a few seasons ago, there is a significant difference in having full time players and a good team. 

    Yes - but I believe the individual behind the initial financing left for the USA before the season started and the full time salaries were not better than part-time salaries.

    Newcastle Thunder haven't encountered similar problems,such as a change of stadium,that Sheffield suffered.

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  19. 29 minutes ago, Jughead said:

    I’m sure this isn’t even the first time this has happened under the Raiders guise. It’s shambolic. I’m all for new places playing rugby league and the game being played in unusual places but those in charge of West Wales, by all accounts, shouldn’t be allowed to run a bath let alone a rugby league club. 

    First game of their first full season - https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/west-wales-issue-statement-following-newcastle-game-postponement/

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