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  1. To gain success while wearing that shirt demonstrates the pride of the players who wore the shirt at that time - knowing it was aimed at a very young audience and when they attracted young fans to the sport. No other clubs who have had their shirts shown were successful. I would be quite pleased if the players wearing the Salford shirt shown in the OP lifted silverware this year - and Keighley Cougars,wearing their 2020 kit in 2021, also lift silverware. Sartorial elegance, on and off-field,is hardly a matter of importance, in the UK, in 2020.
  2. I was concerned about how the parents of the young players at the Academy would welcome 2 players with such a negative publicity regarding their off - field behaviour. Fortunately,Salford Red Devils have ridden to the rescue https://wrl.wales/wrl-enter-into-strategic-partnership-with-salford-red-devils
  3. As captain he has some responsibility.He seems to know that unpaid wages will be paid to the players. It seems professional preparation so the club is geared up to hit the ground running - should the decision be positive. 2021 isn't too far away.The club has some catching up to do...All during a pandemic.
  4. As this country is so keen to emulate the NRL I am surprised the system doesn't just use the latter part of club names/nicknames,as they do in the NRL. https://www.google.com/search?q=nrl+league+table&oq=NRL+&aqs=chrome.5.69i57j0l7.36195j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Even the teams shown in the Match Report today,on TRL, are listed until Panthers and Broncos. All the Australian press and media are with it,also.
  5. I think it is more a determination to benefit from,and not lose,monies from the broadcast deal. Could be touch and go between now and the end of the campaign. https://media.sportbusiness.com/news/sky-rfl-strike-super-league-payments-deal/#:~:text=UK pay-television broadcaster Sky,to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  6. I don't know where the quotes are taken from,or by whom he was interviewed etc but clubs to 'reshape' could mean different things to different people. I hope clubs in the 2021 fixtures can fulfill the commitment... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/aug/28/rfl-rugby-league-125th-anniversary
  7. I would hope that like in business,but,unfortunately,unlike rugby league,that a successor is in place before he leaves. I wonder if there has been a problem with this - https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/neil-hudgell-craven-park-purchase-4383653 which may have brought the decision announced today? If so,a new owner may be a problem.
  8. It is not Salford who are suggesting it. The suggestion has been made by Ian Blease,the current CEO,who happens to be a former player,and perhaps more intriguingly,a former player agent. It is good that someone should hold a viewpoint outside of his own club interest and give a whole game/Super League game,opinion. Bearing in mind the financial cost to the sport of Covid19,where it was suggested that some clubs were looking to lower the salary cap,the ending of the beginning,of the return of a reserve league,the young players leaving the sport altogether,or turning to the NRL,or the other code,it does throw up some conundrums to make it a more fair competition. I don't think the sport,either in the governing bodies,or club owners,are mature enough to consider beyond 'just getting by',but admirable that the CEO has put his head above the parapet and looked outside of the box. Agents may also be against the idea. In the cash rich sport of soccer,where academies and reserve players are commonplace,the 'elite' still hoover up the promising youngsters by throwing cash around.
  9. On the day the death of a former director is reported, I checked for the latest news on the proposed stadium development for Sheffield Eagles. I was surprised to find the club had lost money for the failure of others - and that a minimum number of seats will be constructed as the proposed stadium development takes shape. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/delayed-sheffield-olympic-legacy-park-developments-resume-september-best-case-scenario-2912766
  10. I believe you,and other Toronto Wolfpack followers,denied an opportunity to see a home Super League fixture,must have many kindred spirits with those Keighley Cougars followers,who,in the 1990's,were denied promotion to Super League despite their on-field success,right at the commencement of Super League. Breakfast,lunch,dinner and an overnighter would certainly improve on the offer of a lunch in London.You wouldn't even need the use of your knife... ( Welcome to the world of rugby league supporter(s) - Life ain't fair in an unfair world ) You have my sympathy.
  11. The bigger financial question may be how much is it costing the RFL - or the other clubs - to maintain the lease/stadium? https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/aug/17/bradford-odsal-stadium-time-up#:~:text=The costs of playing at,for a second division side.
  12. It appears as though the undignified sacking of Lee Radford hasn't made a great deal of difference,for Hull FC. Wonder if Newcastle Thunder made a bid,in their quest for Super League,should the modern day journalists be believed,Mr Pearson would sell up? May make a nice 21st anniversary present for those who follow Thunder...
  13. Gelling in the squad? Obviously I concur that innocent until proven guilty is certainly the case;but on the weekend when Wokey Warrington show support for BLM they also appear to demonstrate,perhaps, to the female gender,that domestic violence allegations are not so serious. Cognitive dissonance? It also seems over in the good ol' USA they are now dismissing diversity training.It's just so hard to keep up and be politically correct. I hope it doesn't change again while I'm asleep - https://theconversation.com/why-diversity-training-on-campus-is-likely-to-disappoint-143644 I hope it's a good game...
  14. The OP lacks quotes,and as Toronto are no longer in Super League they cannot be replaced. It also seems as if the Falcons/Thunder owner has enough going on, to be kept busy, without adding to his sporting portfolio. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-union/2020/08/01/unity-newcastle-falcons-fight-survival-helped-ease-semore-kurdis/
  15. That Queen person,of Great Britain,formerly the Commonwealth,and Australia and New Zealand,is a 'defender of the faith',and even attends church at Christmas,a time when English folk take a great holiday from work;the hypocrites! She hasn't taken the knee. As it would seem she has strange believes,should I expect the left-wing leaning rugby league journalists to use 'discriminatory' language and doubt her sanity? It could be fun...
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