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  1. It was January 2013 when Dr Koukash took over. The stadium had been in use for a year or two. Wilkinson agreed to the stadium terms. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/fond-farewell-from-john-wilkinson-mr-1293316 It was amazing how the Labour government had a stadium built in overcrowded Stratford.London.without any problem.Not even a lesser-spotted Newt to delay things. Helped West Ham FC and the local criminals. All Labour councils should be the same.
  2. He had been playing well,this year,up to that point. I think he may have blown his international chances. More importantly, I hope Elijah Taylor makes a full recovery. It would be nice to rid the sport of the deliberate act.
  3. I think Salford have been unlucky,with their original well- intentioned plans hit by the banking crisis of 2008 curtailing them. https://www.leisureopportunities.co.uk/news/Salford-stadium-company-in-administration/76223 Dr Koukash is a property developer so another stadium,if land could be found,wouldn't seem to be completely out of the question https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/koukash-angry-stadium-plan-suffers-8700287 If any club,and supporters,can do it tough,Salford can. Always in the news and always keeping going. Good luck to 'em!
  4. A death threat is a police matter yet there is no mention of this in the link to the newspaper report. The bleeding heart liberals have destroyed my country, but this acceptance and easy way out ain't working. I kinda accepted the splendid referee Mr Hicks being splendid - but once is more than enough. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/9720684/super-league-referee-meets-fan-who-issued-a-death-threat-face-to-face/ The police were,seemingly,involved in the initial stages. Being stiff upper,take it on the chin,just seems to proliferate the number of objectionable,self - cent
  5. More brilliant publicity for the sport,then. Not content with squirrel grips,the elite players in Super League, dependent on money from the Sky broadcaster,who are just a bit big on 'Taking The Knee' - and the anti-racism stance,now gain even more bad publicity. I am just amazed parents aren't ensuring their children boost the participation numbers,and families aren't queuing around the block to attend rugby league games. Right now, at a time some soccer fans may be slightly disillusioned with their sport. Rugby League never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity...
  6. The player pathway differs from Leeds,which is a Super League club and those outside of Super League. It seems a lottery when it comes to which clubs have Academies,and which clubs can run reserve sides. Even those clubs where the funding was supplied by supporters lost their reserve side. It may be a money saving idea - and a fairer distribution of young talent,if the governing body controlled and ran Academies,regionally,and then clubs could select a youngster each to join their club - as an alternative to the rich clubs getting richer and continuing to advantage of a
  7. There appears to be an athletics track at this venue. Do you know the number of seats available,or whether standing is allowed behind the posts? Difficult to guess from the photos on Google Maps.
  8. Are your Swinton friends keeping you out of the loop? MEN part of Reach - https://local.reachsolutions.co.uk/brands/manchester-evening-news/ https://www.inpublishing.co.uk/articles/reach-appoints-matthew-shaw-as-rugby-league-live-editor-17192 Much improved. The last 2 rugby league stories 8n the Daily Mail,including the coverage of a Challenge Cup Final by one of their better journalists,who normally covers soccer,was extremely good - and believable.
  9. After all these years,there still seems to be dissatisfaction with the Video Referee. Sometimes the incorrect decisions do benefit Hull FC https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/video-referees-essential-waste-time-10288/ If the video referee was scrapped - the sport would save money! The contentious decisions will stimulate debate.The decisions will stand.The sport will continue. It will never be a level playing field.It will never be perfect.The sport should try getting some money...and/or saving money.
  10. Half an answer better than nothing? https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/rugby-league/how-wigan-warriors-will-benefit-from-change-to-loan-rules-3157271
  11. Sheffield Eagles are playing their home games,during the 2021 season,at The Keepmoat.Doncaster.An all-seater stadium of a League 1 soccer club that could accommodate,and has accommodated,a crowd for a Challenge Cup semi- final. One of the better stadia where rugby league is played,in England.
  12. In today's RLE - Gary Thornton,head coach at Hunslet is quoted '' When we were still in the stage of playing warm up games and with the RFL changing rules now where you can do it on a 14-day loan period, it seemed a perfect opportunity to have a look at them and see if they would fit into our system for later in the season if required.''
  13. Loan deals lasting all of a fortnight must either be a) A Trial or b) Having better players in certain positions than the forthcoming opposition. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/57903/york-city-knights-announce-two-loan-deals#:~:text=York City Knights have confirmed,at the LNER Community Stadium. Funny old game...
  14. I think that may be a case of premature evaluation as the first 4 weeks of the Super League season has not been reached yet. Short-termism seems imbued in the sport from governing bodies,administrators, club owners,and now spectators. The Super League table will not look like it does now,in a few months time.
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