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  1. Slightly closer to home - Scottish football - possibly back in June. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52236228
  2. Yes.You are correct.I had forgotten/not known about that. If it is the same fella,and it almost certainly is https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/338521-rfl-consultant-slams-opportunity-missed-in-manchester-decision/
  3. It is for the whole game pathway that I am thinking about. Local players should go to the local academy. What is in place to prevent one club from hoovering up all the best young talent? What if St Helens recruited players for their academy from Hull? I think it totally defeats the objectives of a long term conveyor belt of talent for a club willing to invest,in coat,staff and time to develop young players. The original plan was to aid the club,by saving on large transfer fees later on,and to improve the international game. https://www.rugby-league.com/leagues__competitions/super_league_academy How would the followers of the international game feel if the local clubs signed some young French,Italian,Canadian youngsters to their academy at the expense of their own young players? Once it starts it may go the same way as soccer clubs have gone...and it seems it has started.
  4. I haven't read it but I'm guessing it is the Ken Jones who was at Featherstone and Sheffield Eagles. He is probably doing now what he was doing prior to his involvement with rugby league.
  5. There should be rules and restrictions surrounding academies. While I have no doubt it may be pointless for Hunslet to attempt to attract youngsters,given the attraction of Leeds,it must be wrong to allow Hull FC to take youngsters from South/west Wales to their academy.What is the point? Does it not completely undo the purpose of the academy? Newcastle Thunder venture into Cumbria for some of their academy players.It could soon get to be as it is in the soccer Premier League,where they pay huge sums to attract the very young,from such diverse places as France and Africa,for their academy players. I do understand the frustrations for those in places where rugby league is not played;but not from where the sport is quite popular and the coaching there may very well match the coaching at academy leave,of Super League clubs. Given the finances needed for a re-structure of the governing/administration side of the sport,looking at the OP,it may end up with more spent off the field than what is spent on those on the field.
  6. Wasn't it the case that they over-spent and caused the club a lot of trouble? Selling Crooks and Schofield being part of an attempted rescue package
  7. I don't think Mourinho is the best example from the world of soccer - as he has gone from one wealthy club to another. The UEFA idea is quite good as the managers/coaches from all of Europe are coached to the same system.Interestingly,that Ferguson fella who got a knighthood and was successful did not have those qualifications.More interestingly,is that none of the players who played under him,have gone on to be successful managers themselves. I did gain the impression that the NRL coaching course is longer,and more intense than the one in England. However,nowadays there are 3 levels in the UK - https://www.rugby-league.com/get_involved/coach/coaching_courses/level_3 I can only find this for Australia.https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/SISSRGL512A It may have been Germany,when that blonde guy who fell over a lot became manager,while he lived in the USA,that he asked the Soccer authority to get more,better,coaches for the youngsters and pay them more than those at a far higher level.Including the national head coach job - his own. I also feel better coaches for the younger player pathway(s) would be far more welcome.
  8. Mr Elstone,and the Super League clubs,have agreed to veto signings of any controversial players https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/feb/05/catalans-chairman-super-league-meeting-israel-folau Won't be happening then,will it?
  9. That is an old update. There has been more worrying news since then - https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/mar/28/coventry-rugby-club-take-legal-advice-as-coronavirus-insurance-row-escalates As Coventry Bears play at their stadium I hope things go okay in that respect.
  10. If you meant Danny Allen,I continued the search. He went to Heworth ARLFC - https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/rugby/league/10958286.danny-allans-return-can-be-huge-boost-for-heworth-arlc/ But it seems he left there for a number of years,but returned last month,perhaps http://hewortharlfc.co.uk/first-team-fix-res/report/900
  11. On The BBC Yorkshire 'Live' page - prior to 2pm this afternoon,Hetherington is quoted as saying the Leeds players and staff have been paid for March but are now furloughed for the next 3 months - April,June and July.
  12. There should be a point in the calendar,when,should the sport become cognizant of a further delay,that there is a decision made by the clubs,whereby this season,as it stands with the league positions,games played,those cup games still to be played,the whole kit and caboodle is just postponed until 2021 and then this campaign begins and ends in 2021 - as a build up to the World Cup. It should make for a shorter but more intense campaign,and hopefully attract larger attendances. I see little point in playing games when society attempts to come to terms with the financial and health implications of it all. There is more to it than just the playing of the games.Player contracts being just one issue for next season etc.
  13. I think Featherstone,Barrow and York also gave him an opportunity. He was a bit special.
  14. It may not be very enjoyable to participate in the game stood 2 metres apart.
  15. Put some pathos in your pipe... https://vimeopro.com/cvmarketing/cougarmania?fbclid=iwar1qrr9im3fqvj4apq1l7dvk94brk6gix_fit2cusvsjpo7lkfkk9wnaszu
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