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  1. Also problematic with their being no previous relationship between Messrs Haggerty and Chester - and with Chester signing the players. Wasn't there an earlier problem when Cunningham signed the players? Anyway,good wishes to Chris Chester.I was quite impressed when he was at Hull KR and had the players involve themselves in the community.
  2. I was under the impression that The Willows was sold off to a housing development ran by one of the club directors. https://watson-homes.co.uk/portfolio/the-willows/ However,following the earlier Banking Crash that caused huge problems for a new stadium,there then followed a housing crash. I haven't read this,but it may be slightly close to the truth - https://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=2068
  3. I read on here that Sky had instructed our sport to 'improve the product' and that they wanted large city names in the competition. It was very suspicious as no name was ever quoted and I had never heard of Sky Television giving instructions to any other sport. Now there is this - without any of the above. It's a funny old game...
  4. Reading the RFL Spokesperson response it seems the current expression,' Tone Deaf ' applies -
  5. The original officials at Salford council,and the originating regime at Salford Red Devils (Salford City Reds/John Wilkinson),have all moved on. The individual who took on the debt,also moved on. The individual who took over works in the profession dealing with debt, and conformed with the regulations pertaining to debt. There should not be any ill-feeling with the current incumbents.I personally think that it is not right,but that is how this country rolls. I am just relieved,and pleased,that rugby league clubs appear,at this moment in time,to be paying HMRC. Small steps... I reckon another British head coach for Salford.It seems to be the way the sport is heading...
  6. Workington have played the least number of games in League 1,and may be recalling players after a long lay-off. Keighley have found some form,and momentum, in recent weeks. Make every effort to attend the fixture,or make certain to view Our League. It should be an exciting contest...
  7. I agree,sorry,obviously Crusaders did apply pressure,but not to the amount when Keighley were down to 12. I can think of no better supporters to be welcomed to Cougar Park for the Grand Final. Superb vociferous support to rally your players once the final hooter sounded. You were well applauded by Keighley players and staff.I think they heard you!
  8. A London follower,on their forum,pondered whether the move to Plough Lane is because they have been informed they require a certain standard stadium for Super League in 2023. Mr Hughes, can save some money, by going part time for 12 months. It may also explain Bradford returning to Odsal. Rumours of the Top 6 in The Championship next year may not apply to those clubs. I just hope Hull FC and Kingston Rovers merge. Great sport is rugby league.No other sport like it.
  9. Wow! Yet the NWC followers didn't state anything similar. Keighley Cougars took a commanding lead at the start.Points win games;not stoppages. The only pressure came when Keighley were down to 12 men.Why would Keighley attempt to slow the game down while in possession? They finished the stronger with 2 tries and kicked towards Massam and ran fairly briskly to prevent him getting in his stride,for a good portion of the game. However,many of the games this year have been stop - start.This last one at Colwyn Bay wasn't too bad.I thought the referee was very good.Silly me. Could you name the Keighley players who appeared shot,please? I shall endeavour to make enquiries on their welfare - I am worried about them. I don't think Scott Murrell is renowned for his pace,but,hasn't he done remarkably well to lose the weight he carried during his Halifax days,during the first Lockdown? I shall attempt to take some positives.I thought it was just miserable weather at Colwyn Bay on Saturday night...
  10. Imagine imagining that rugby league is decided by what happens on the field:after merges,promotions,and Toronto,in recent times. Imagine where Keighley Cougars may have been if,because of what happened on the field in the 1990's,they had been allowed the rightful promotion into Super League.
  11. I am certainly NOT having a go at North Wales Crusaders.Not in the slightest. Seems to be organised from above.It may also be that home advantage for the higher finisher has been altered. No issue with NWC - I think the vociferous,good natured,sporting and helpful supporters should be replicated with every club.
  12. I don't think London Skolars have a social media coverage - even on game day. It doesn't seem as though London Skolars followers have been informed that their head coach will be coaching in a higher division,next season. Then the sport wonders why supporters lose interest...
  13. I hope the lighting is adequate for the Our League camera lot. Not easy finding accommodation for a one night stay in Colwyn Bay. They do care about League One,don't they? But supporters... Oh,neither,you say...
  14. When was the last time they had 17 for any fixture? Still,better than South Wales Ironmen who failed to fulfil their season of fixtures despite a guy involved in ' Participation ' being on the board. Such a well governed sport...
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