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  1. I can't quite understand the fairly recent love-in for Newcastle when in recent years,as Gateshead,they were struggling and were only rescued after being taken over by the owner of the union club,north of the Tyne.They don't own their own stadium and the club may not be on the firmest of foundations. York had one of the longest lasting owners,John Guildford,who went through a procession of head coaches but was liked by the supporters.That relationship suddenly changed during the time talks were being undertaken about sharing a new stadium with the local soccer club. See what happens when the new stadium 'bounce' settles down. Sheffield have enjoyed success on the field - spoiled somewhat by the enforced merger.Started again from the bottom and despite obvious hostility from the council,and foolishly accepting empty words from politicians have still enjoyed success without ever owning their own stadium. The determination to succeed,spearheaded by one man on and off the field,has not been emulated anywhere else. Despite Doncaster being taken under the umbrella of the soccer club they have not been so successful on the field.
  2. It may be mildly interesting to know if this was the idea of the RFL attempting to add to the idea taken by Super League from the NRL,or of the club owners,of championship/League 1 clubs, wanted it implemented. I shouldn't think the coaches and/or players were consulted. Or maybe the idea was drawn from a hat. We sometimes get informed as to how a decision was reached...
  3. May lose a certain sponsor if that were the case.
  4. It would seem a nice 25th anniversary present to those back at the club where they endured a bit of injustice to gain promotion in 2020 https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/discord-strikes-cougar-country-1614897.html
  5. Okay then,for the Super League-centric people,lets go back to the purpose of the salary cap - and the intentions of the governing body,apparently,from earlier decades. The salary cap would mean,apparently,a fairer distribution of the talent - in preference to the richest club buying up all the talent. There was also a plan to increase home grown players to assist an improvement in the international side;mainly England but perhaps home nations got a passing thought. I also think,that getting the sport into universities was intended to have the sport of interest to those going on to be captains of industry and spent their wealth on the sport. All that has been achieved,in some folks opinion,is a lessening of talent in the elite league.A league which has overseas players and overseas coaches Is the plan now to play the players who play in a higher standard NRL to represent the international side? Is the plan now to continue with overseas players,and coaches,and being successful in Super League is the pinnacle of the rugby league in the UK? What are the aims,moving forward? Perhaps Mr Elstone could produce a framing the future report and let us all know. Do the club owners who sat beside Mr Elstone,as he was revealed as the new supremo agree with the salary cap/marquee rule as it now stands.I think both Lenagan and McManus are both approving.Not too sure about Mr Moran. Is the plan just to do with the Super League elite,or can the rest have a change also?
  6. He acknowledges the salary cap in your link.Just as he does in this later one https://www.totalrl.com/leeds-land-richie-myler-on-three-year-deal/ Nowhere does he mention changes to it,raising it,getting rid of it. Not until 2019 after the confirmation that he has made an expensive signing at Toronto. I'm guessing you didn't find one from his time at London? Can you confirm you agree with him,please? Then confirm that those pleb clubs in League 1 and The Championship can spend what they like and get into elite Super League..from whichever country can find a wealthy benefactor... That you also think the way ahead is to sign expensive,well-known union players,from overseas....?
  7. Because Sharks are meant to be getting an arena on the same site I checked their website,and it seems all of the Basketball clubs have logos which feature a ball - http://sheffieldsharks.co.uk/
  8. On this logo there is not any mention of the sport.It's as if the sport is ashamed of mentioning rugby league. If the logo is to adorn the side of the main stand,should it be constructed at the Olympic Legacy Park,it would fail to inform the viewing public which sport it represents. As the city has a number of diverse sports played there,this logo fails to identify which sport it is.
  9. It'll be interesting to see who McManus selects to referee the game. Mr Hicks was the choice last season.
  10. I don't know exactly who the target audience is,but if it is the intention to attract young people to the sport,I don't think the young kids 'down on the street in the 'hood' will be tempted by it. It hardly shouts out 'exciting high speed collision sport played by athletic young men/and women'. It appears to be a static,overweight owl,and if you ignore the golden coloured beak,the eye may be pointing in the opposite direction. I can understand the tree,where Salford go back a little in history,but this badge will presumably be alongside the 'Blades' on the side of the new main stand,at The Olympic Legacy Park.Doesn't quite do it for me. I wish Sheffield Eagles well in 2020.
  11. It was only on 30th August that John Drake started a thread,relevant to the next edition of Rugby League World,questioning why rugby league fans were so negative,while Matthew Shaw questioned the 'blame culture'. Now we have journalists chomping at the bit to relieve one of the sports most successful coaches of his job. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/journalist-slams-rugby-leagues-blame-culture-21290/ I thought politicians were hypocritical...Observers of rugby league knock 'em into a cocked hat.
  12. Head coach Kim Williams is to leave West Wales Raiders. Statement on club website - https://www.raidersrugbyleague.co.uk/post/club-statement
  13. Veering slightly off-topic,but Mick Hogan,before returning to the other code,did attempt sell-outs at Wigan. https://www.wiganwarriors.com/news/2010-04-23-warriors-unveil-big-one-2 Maybe the governing body expect clubs to do what is their responsibility. Some of the RFL staff have apparently gone to assist Mr Elstone and Super League.Plus,the RFL coffers are running low and staff may have left for other reasons.
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