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  1. Thank goodness he didn't mention the lack of impartiality of referees - it would turn people off the sport,and away from the sport. Kelvin Fletcher is a rugby league fan and is currently performing on Strictly Dancing (?) on the BBC on a Saturday night which attracts a very high viewing figure.
  2. It is only my opinion,as I do not have the definitive answer,but based on earlier decisions on certain matters,perhaps London Broncos will retain their Super League position. They could also parachute another club in. What finance could Featherstone offer the elite clubs? Do they have a broadcasting deal?
  3. I thought Willie Poching was excellent - and not only because he stated that the standard of Super League had dropped. The guests should have more time to express their views - they are not journalists and do not have that much opportunity to get their message across.
  4. It was ironic to see Salford awarded the penalty in favour of them,with Rowley now on the coaching staff at Salford. I wasn't aware of the prize - but I did see the change of behaviour in certain players.Awful.
  5. I don't know if the RFL 'nod through' anything - but they were involved with the talks prior to The Scarborough Group entering the tendering process at a very late hour. The RFL may have granted permission with the belief that the given date for completion was acceptable. The RFL did appear to have their finger on the pulse - https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/whaling-slams-lying-sheffield-city-council/ You'll be aware Caborn was once a director at Sheffield United - and there is a link with McCabe,former owner of Sheffield United and head of The Scarborough Group - https://www.theguardian.com/football/2008/mar/05/newsstory.sheffieldunited
  6. Enjoyed watching the game,which was well refereed and played in a good spirit. I hope the League 1 sides continue it,tomorrow. Paul March appeared to be putting on some weight. I'm guessing he is now on the Fev coaching team as there will not be a reserve side next season.
  7. That is not quite the order of things as I remember them. The club was in trouble and money was raised by the supporters Trust,and other supporters https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/swinton-lions-rlfc-financial-problems-13354437 It was AFTER that when Andy Mazey joined - https://rlobsessed.com/2017/09/07/mazey-new-chairman-at-swinton/
  8. I recall Everton and Tottenham Hotspur being amongst the Big 5 who advocated the Premier League,just as both clubs began to falter.
  9. Castleford are providing free transport for 700 supporters. Game between 2 British head coaches should be very interesting.
  10. However,if he fails to achieve his remit he simply walks away with a little bonus to add to the salary he received from a very rich sport. His achievements,thus far,MW to Anfield and the lowest attendances on both days. Communicating with the broadcasting company covering Catalans games resulting in Catalans no longer being televised. No noticeable increase in attendances at Super League games. He was not well received by Everton football club followers and a petition was started which questioned 2 important roles now required by the sport of rugby league - this followed a new design of a badge where supporters were not consulted.. https://www.change.org/p/everton-football-club-we-demand-the-removal-of-mr-elstone-from-his-role-as-ceo
  11. I'm guessing you haven't followed the saga. They have just had a civic reception,in Sheffield.
  12. It seems one club,showing a duty of care,responded by demonstrating interest in having a player with a long standing shoulder injury,which should have been dealt with by other clubs,fixed and able to continue his career. It would have been nice to see Castleford play Wigan,with Hardaker,but it would be better for Salford to progress and let the rest battle it out. The battle in the halves holds a lot of interest.Wigan won't want their new signing injured,and with him up against a player getting to play in the NRL before him,it should be a good contest. Hoping Salford win,and their fans behave and have a great time.
  13. The only certainty being there won't be a stadium ready for the 2020 campaign A statement from Sheffield Eagles - http://www.sheffieldeagles.com/article/53352/statement-from-sheffield-eagles-rlfc?fbclid=IwAR0hd3ry9tnusjGEyv6wT54qM3HzmJNNf5nadUbpGDgSDNLEr4o5jiwj8EI
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