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  1. Size matters! Coaching,rugby league skills,application,team work,don't.
  2. I saw this quote,today,from a former owner of a soccer club. On the subject of overseas ownership, no investor is spared his censure, including the type of American wealth fund which bought his beloved Chelsea. ‘The Arabs. Qataris, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain... clubs are either a rich man’s plaything or what’s even worse, we’ve [tried to] follow the American style where they’ve got five or six national games, each with 10, 12 clubs, no relegation, and they’re all owned by wealth management companies,’ he says. ‘It’s just an investment to them. You don’t win things any more, you buy them and I think it’s disgraceful. It’s not the game.’ I hadn't realised there was no promotion or relegation in any sport in the USA. I found this link - https://urbanpitch.com/why-promotion-and-relegation-will-never-happen-in-the-u-s/#:~:text=Professional Sports in the U.S. are Closed Systems&text=And yet%2C none of them have promotion and relegation. And this one,from last month - https://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/explained-why-us-soccer-doesnt-have-relegation-and-promotion---and-will-mls-ever-change/7a2v9a1dga8v116cbjr5lspl1 Seems the closed shop is the way the sport has/will become from 2025.
  3. Some organisations do okay with gifted money https://www.artscouncil.org.uk/creative-matters/news/joint-statement-arts-council-england-and-english-national-opera Just as some councils give money to sport - even where one of those clubs IMG are touted to support for Super League... https://democracy.york.gov.uk/(S(aw2b23jofoyuejfc1asnl055))/mgAi.aspx?ID=11292 By helping a sport swirling in a pit of money. Even Newcastle Council ' facilitated ' the sale of Kingston Park from the university to the private owner. Of course,like the rugby league friendly Wakefield Council which covers 3 clubs,the dastardly Salford Council gave another loan to another club in the city.. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/town-hall-bails-out-swinton-13464148 These magic money trees keep appearing...
  4. A minutes applause for a gentleman https://keighleycougars.uk/cougars-announce-passing-of-volunteer-david-kirkley
  5. In this country where during my lifetime the politicians and councillors have failed to provide facilities - and tragedies occurred in soccer stadia before they were made reasonably safe - we now see leisure facilities,centres,and swimming pools being closed. This government release does mention ' elite athletes'... https://www.local.gov.uk/parliament/briefings-and-responses/parliamentary-debate-government-support-leisure-centres Perhaps the All Party Group could apply some pressure.Arts and Opera gladly accept hand-outs,while the kids on the street are allowed to turn to crime.
  6. There was weird me thinking why a League 1 side,in a town,close to other rugby league clubs,unlikely to gain promotion this year with onfield results,when I saw this - https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2018/september/26092018-led-advertising/ Yep.IMG approved. Just wait till Keighley Cougars play at Turf Moor.Premier League soccer club.Huge catchment.That'll show 'em! Good luck Oldham.Brilliant by the previous owner,Mr Hamilton.He certainly had his critics but he has kept the club going and appears to have handed over to people capable of a much better future. Bravo,sir!
  7. But for 30 years John Wilkinson WAS running s sustainable business model. It went very wrong,for him and the rugby league club,when he sought a new stadium for The Licensing era,( yes I know having a new stadium was not written down anywhere but minimum standards applied ) and then the banking/financial crash of 2008/9. They have been chasing their tail ever since. Some clubs,of course,ignored stadia issues and just spent on players.
  8. Some clubs were successful during Licensing when promotion was not allowed. Other clubs had dreadful owners. Anyway,rally round the saviours of the game. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2023/mar/22/rugby-league-could-go-part-time-again-warns-wakefield-trinity-chief-executive Rely on pesky foreigners to save old Blighty.
  9. The omens have begun...in favour of the Cougars! The referee is the same as on the day in 2022 when promotion was confirmed with victory at Doncaster.Scott Mikalauskas. We have a good record when he referees our games. It was an unbeaten run,at that time,and now seems as good as any to commence another unbeaten run. The incremental improvement continued as we lost to what I consider to be the best side we have played in 2023,despite a larger defeat to Featherstone. I expect good displays from former Bulls players,Doyle,Gale and Chisholm;if selected. Looking forward to it...
  10. The rugby union stadium in Llanelli for The Scarlets. http://www.peoplefirstwales.org.uk/2017/01/the-scarlets-how-county-council-funded.html
  11. Phil Caplan plays Devil's Advocate https://forty20rl.podbean.com/ The Keighley Cougars owners reply. ( starts approx 28 mins )
  12. The Keighley owners were addressing a single point. For example - if in soccer,where 2 clubs from the same city are now long established clubs,with a history of success,they can draw on that history.If they were to start soccer,naming it as a regional club,ie West Midlands,it would fail to have a 'local' identity the 'locals' could identify with and may fail to capture a local audience. They articulated that it would be better for the clubs in London to identify a local area to garner support.No soccer club,in London,is named London. The 'organic growth' was a reference to Cornwall and Midlands Hurricanes- despite the sterling work undertaken at Coventry. There is a shortage of community clubs thriving in Cornwall. The Keighley Cougars owners are as keen as the rest of us with regards to expansion. Business people identified and permitted to make decisions about the sport should address the issue. It seems London may be under the microscope - with the name remaining. Well,I suppose the other code has London Irish...
  13. Keighley Cougars have made their comments based on sports-centric observations. They have experience of not being allowed access to the inaugural season of Super League in the 1990's. It was the 'incompetents' at the RFL who initiated the broadcast deal with Sky,on which Super League has been dependent for all the past years. As I type this it is IMG who are bungling along with no plans which doesn't benefit anyone form top to bottom as the whole sport requires a very serious root and branch review. What is the long term plan that you mention? What are the benefits to the sport, as it seems any money goes to IMG? How do young players benefit? Will coaching improve? Should I expect the national side to win a World Cup in the future?
  14. I thought the team selection may have been based around the fact that Halifax had been involved in an energy sapping Challenge Cup game at Featherstone. It may also reflect that the League 1 players,having more time to understand 'the process' are more accustomed to it. The Director of Rugby ran off to York and we were left with a small,injury -riddled squad.Luke Gale only arrived in December. I was not in the slightest impressed with the less than required pitch markings or less than required enhancement of the 40 metres lines. I did like the look of Halifax.If Mr Rush isn't seen for the remainder of the season;I won't object. Rhys stated he had been involved for a long time over the dual reg agreement. Strange time to announce it - when the Hull KR lot are in France. No comments from any of the Hull KR coaching staff.Just from the CEO! He doesn't like the reserve team arrangements. I struggle to see how they will be training to learn 'the process'. I worry about how Phoenix LT played for us - before quickly being signed for KR. I worry about the agent for Luke Gale and his close association with KR. Being in the shop window was how we lost a staff member, very quickly,last year. I hope to be feeling more optimistic in the coming weeks.I may start to save up for Wembley to keep confidence high. It was yet another half back pairing.Two,new,threequarter pairings.Changes in the pack. Still early in the season,though. Hull KR are following us.We take the lead on injuries.We announce the arrangement. They sustain 4 head injuries in France. We'll have a good news day.One day.I shall endeavour to be the one to announce it. Keep the faith.Trust The Process.
  15. The 2019 performance levels were good - as they started the season with a 12 points deduction. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/46994143
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