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  1. Apart from bringing in ideas direct from the NRL for on-field matters - not a lot that has been reported. Having taken staff from the RFL it is hoped that he is making inroads into investment - both before and after securing a better broadcast deal.
  2. In fairness to Mr Elstone he did take a 40% pay cut - https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/super-league-chief-robert-elstone-takes-pay-cut/ and his priority is 'broadcasting deals and investment' - https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/robert-elstone-super-league-proposals-4155965 Equally,it does appear that some of those on the stage when he was announced do appear to be attempting to distance themselves. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
  3. Some clubs with a large travelling support do provide for their supporters to purchase away tickets from their home club. Booking online incurs additional charges - so in some in some cases it means one pays more. Anyway,post covid19 and the reduction of money exchanging hands, and perhaps the changing from tickets to cards, some new ideas may come into practice. Trying to attract lapsed supporters may be a good idea.
  4. Yes.Of course.Nor does it explain what the club was like after his 6 million pounds loan was returned and he left. It didn't explain whether or not he appointed the manager Chris Wilder who went on to great success which he is still enjoys at Sheffield United. Must know his stuff.
  5. I ain't a Wakefield follower but I have not seen anything written by Mr Carter on RlFans That I would find fault with. Some followers of the sport really enjoy reading the truth from a club owner, and information straight from the horse's mouth. It may be that the loan,or part of it,becomes a grant - https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/players-union-boss-calls-ban-22324343
  6. On the field they win games. Off the field they have the requisite number of seats.
  7. The last venture into soccer as a board member didn't go very well for Mr Lenagan. https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/sport/10350003.oxford-united-accounts-show-1million-loss/
  8. Yes.Operations Director at RFL 98-2000. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/culture-company-boss-jason-harborow-3496143 He's had a few positions - https://sa.linkedin.com/in/jasonharborow
  9. Interesting development - https://www.totalrl.com/former-rfl-official-joins-new-york/ http://www.sportindustryseries.com/featured/neom-sport-saudi-arabia-500-billion/
  10. I think criticism of the RFL is grossly unfair. How can they possibly make any decision until Super League decide on whether or not to relegate a club? Interesting that it seems one of those sat on the stage when Elstone was appointed now seems to want one governing body. Perhaps the fault lies with the Member Clubs...
  11. I don't think I have seen any classless posts from Kayakman. Surprised at that suggestion. Not surprised at the decision of no promotion/relegation. Once it was known the sport would take a financial hit none of the Super League club owners would like a change of clubs and the need to pay out central funding to a UK based club when that is not done in relation to Toronto Wolfpack. Any legal action would need to be addressed to two governing bodies - Super League - for the non-relegation - and the RFL preventing any promotion. That's a lot of money to pay out to get nowhere. Until the sport ends the in-fighting it ain't going to get anywhere. The hiatus hasn't led to any improvement or unity for on-field or off-field matters. Pity..
  12. There is some concern out there. BLM seem to have won the hearts and minds in the UK without their financial backers being revealed. In the world of sport,where an individual from the UK,via France,goes to the USA and manages to find financial backing is quite wonderful, but may also ring alarm bells due to the current situation. Sportswashing - https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2020/02/saudi-arabia-launch-of-womens-football-league-should-not-distract-from-abysmal-human-rights-situation/ Money Laundering - https://www.inbrief.co.uk/sports-law/money-laundering-in-sport-financial-task-force/ Russian Mafia - http://iecn.com/russian-organized-crime-operates-just-about-everywhere/#:~:text=The Russian Mafia has a,The Odessa or Bratva Mafia. I don't think the governing body for our sport - or government agencies - have the resources or the powers to investigate fully overseas funding.Even the money rich sport of soccer seems to struggle;or lack the principle. As a misanthropist who enjoys rugby league I really don't care - I just like to watch good players in action...
  13. I understand that - but if the RFL end one, or the other - either Academy status or Reserves sides - then,with the player pathway,it is futile continuing with the other. In the Sheffield Eagles case,the Academy was unable to continue - so the reserves side was dropped. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-eagles-was-my-life-says-devastated-teen-reserve-side-axed-65136 It will possibly change all over again post Covid19 and the financial constraints. I was kinda hoping all the brains department would be planning the way ahead for all clubs post 2021,but it seems getting the sport played again has become the one and only priority....and a World Cup.
  14. Some Championship clubs could NOT run reserve sides even though they had them for years. https://www.totalrl.com/keighley-heartbroken-by-reserve-grade-rejection/ Sheffield Eagles were not allowed to continue their Academy a few years ago.
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