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  1. The club photographer seems good at his job - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=474927733282877&set=a.116589825783338&type=3&theater The 2 players are Rowland Kaye and Archie Snook - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2420767668179649&set=a.1387861221470304&type=3&theater
  2. Are you the London fan who predicted Skolars wouldn't win another game all season - just prior to them going on a winning run? Kim Williams is contracted for 3 years - with more responsibility than just WWR http://everythingrugbyleague.com/meet-kim-williams-the-coach-with-the-toughest-job-in-rugby-league.html Me thinks the public perception should change - https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/08/fort-william-how-the-worst-football-team-in-britain-kept-their-club-alive
  3. Hard to explain why there are so many Welsh players in Super League,and The Championship,in contrast to the lack of players from York,when the Welsh don't like rugby league. How do you define the attitude of people from York towards rugby league?
  4. I would guess that York have more personnel available to spread the word,and market correctly,than Sheffield have. How would you suggest efforts to 'entice' have been tried? For how long and in what areas of the city? Clubs do not have the staff to do the work.Supporters are not organised sufficiently. The clubs lack guidance and support in the need to entice.Not to mention the financial aspect of it.
  5. You must have selective amnesia.When Crusaders played at Bridgend they went through the divisions - National League 2;National League 1;Super League.Drew 4 figure attendances. Like heartland clubs with over 100 years to be perfect they suffered financial difficulties.The lesson would seem to be have good teams on and off the field. Now,because of the greed and inadequacies of others,a lack of funding will prevent progress to many clubs - not just those outside the heartlands. Perhaps you could inform us all of your efforts to grow the sport... Perhaps you are just a critic from a distance and a non-starter.
  6. Yep.WWR lost in their last home game 10 - 72 to Hunslet,and 8-72 to Oldham at home,back in April. ( Thanks to Roger O for the info.The website has got worse since last season )
  7. The much maligned Mr Agar seems to be the most important difference.Even the Australians,signed by/for Mr Furner,seem delighted to play for him. Does Mr Elstone NOT attend games involving the club he follows? I thought Super League was going to be much improved and attendances would increase.Struggling on both counts,it seems.
  8. Anyone got any information on who may be replacing Martin Gleeson at Salford Red Devils? The replacement for Long at Saints has been named.Seems to be a shortage of rumours;which may be a sign of a professional club.
  9. One or two vacancies to fill at the RFL - I hope they have been filled since it went to print. One or two are also multi-tasking.
  10. It may be for the same reason as one or two other clubs,hospitality. The business people,apparently,prefer the Friday night,thereby leaving the Saturday and Sunday for the golf course/other sport,and family.
  11. He mentioned 'mates' and a former teammate at Bradford does play for Toronto. TWP have been in west Yorkshire,today - and before today.
  12. Yea.I saw it on the Widnes website. Difficult for the players.May have holidays booked and now have to find other clubs and/or ascertain their future. Although in fairness to the board at Widnes - they did make statements which outlined the financial position and since then they have been denied money which may well have been factored into their projections for this campaign. Widnes may actually be ahead of the game - seems a shortage of cash in,and around,the sport.
  13. Final score at Bradford similar to a few years ago after the Sheffield Eagles Players were informed that they were returning to part-time. The players were informed - I cannot recall if the supporters were informed at the same time.
  14. I didn't imply there was something wrong with that - it is within the regs. I think I may be right if I predict a win for Doncaster at West Wales Raiders,next week.
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