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  1. Those five earn more than the Captain? That would be unusual.
  2. Not sure if Vunivalu is still going to Union, they are really on their backside at the moment.
  3. It’s 1.2 million pounds. Bateman is chasing $800k au or 450k pounds per year in Oz
  4. Ricky Stuart has gone off big time about Batemans Manager in today’s media. Batemans Manager has had his registration suspended a few weeks ago by the NRL and is appealing it.
  5. John Bateman and Canberra have announced this will be his last season with the Club. The Canberra Raiders have confirmed restless English star John Bateman will leave the club at the end of this season. Bateman has been in the headlines regularly since grand final week last year after he controversially revealed in an interview that he was seeking a pay upgrade and would go elsewhere to get it if he needed to. Nine months later the saga finally has a resolution with Canberra unprepared to pay him what he believes he is worth.
  6. You really do have a chip on both shoulders don’t you ?
  7. You are obviously having a laugh. They must have a very good Financial team managing their Salary Cap. You can only name a handful of players and some of them are that old they have passed away. Angus Crichton was a Rugby Union player before getting involved with Roosters as an 18 year. Some big name in your list Sandor Earl, Ian Rubin, Blake Ayshford ?? Your style of writing reminds me of another poster, Jean Capdouze from from RLfans forum?
  8. I wish he would go home to England. I can not stand the man.
  9. Its Nick Politis. Eastern Suburbs / Roosters / Sydney City have hardly any junior teams, they do not generate many if any new first grade players into our game. They buy players that are developed elsewhere its a fact and has been a fact for decades. They have a team that can not in any fair minded fans opinion fit under the Salary Cap. It has been going on for decades. You probably know more than I do Manfred.
  10. Too far out by miles. you can not get a penalty try 8 metres out with defenders within the area.
  11. Canberra got the rub of the green big time in the first half from the Ref. Parramatta did well to get the win after Moses was injured. I don't like golden point and how it pans out but I will take the win.
  12. Manly used to be back when they had money and won a few Premierships. They were the Roosters of yesteryear. At least they had some Juniors from the Peninsular. The Roosters have always had wealthy backers in the last few decades, they have been like the Wigan team back in the 80's but with more competition from other teams in Australia than Wigan had in England
  13. Off topic. But I am not sure if many English fans realise the the Roosters are widely despised in Australia for buying players developed elsewhere and have little or no Junior Clubs or Rugby League development in their area. Its an area that Blue collar Rugby League fans left about 90 years ago. Most appreciate they are a great Team and are as good as plenty of money can buy. There best player is their Accountant and third party sponsorship manager.
  14. The Roosters have a great defense as well as attack. Many teams would take the two on offer.
  15. Roosters run away with it. The Dragons gave it a shake for most of the game, couldn’t stay with the Roosters at the end.
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