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  1. Spent the Majority of my life living in Sydney near Parramatta and the last 19 years in Brisbane. Rugby League is part of the fabric of life in these two cities.
  2. Australia does not discard proven long term incumbents from the Test team based on another players one off season.
  3. I agree but the Titans need a big boost at the moment, the new signing Watkins could be that boost if he did well. Who signs a seasoned Test player and hides away till next year?
  4. Why did people resign over what happened then and New Zealand were deducted points? New Zealand Rugby League executive chairman Selwyn Bennett has resigned over the Nathan Fien "grannygate" debacle. Bennett told AAP of his decision after the Kiwis were stripped of their only two Tri-Nations competition points yesterday and forced to drop Fien from their squad. The Kiwis had initially claimed Australian-born Fien's grandmother was born in New Zealand, which would have allowed him to switch allegiances, but it was later revealed the birth certificate he provided belonged to his great-grandmother.
  5. The fact that Watkins can not break into a team of crxp are dead last in the NRL is a worry.
  6. The Exiles were a bunch of castoffs more than Exiles and they still got up as much as they lost. It shone a light on the game in England that did not need to be turned on.
  7. Why is he currently the top Man of Steel contender then?
  8. Didn't it turn out that Fien's heritage claim was bullcrap "Grannygate" https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/grannygate-nz-league-boss-falls-on-sword-20061104-gdor2a.html
  9. Most of the comments from readers in the article below accurately some up what happened to Blake Austin in the NRL IMO. He tested the market was made an offer, dithered, offer was too much anyway and was reconsidered by Canberra who had moved on. Offered a cheap deal with Parramatta. Took Warringtons offer before his worth declined significantly in the NRL https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/canberra-playmaker-blake-austin-signs-deal-to-play-in-english-super-league-with-warrington-wolves/news-story/91e37f61e5dff860a1f8689497f11eab " David 1 year ago Raiders offered Blake 700+K a season, which HE knocked back to test his value on the open market. By the time they were asked to table another offer, re signings of others meant he wasnt offered the same amount as previous. Unless your one of the BIG four clubs, there are restrictions due to the cap.Blake will win the "Man of Steel" over there, so get on early. thumb_up Replyreply flag Brando 1 year ago Not one club in the NRL was interested and he has been on the market for ages, Eels threw him a cheap life line that no one would take.
  10. The Suns are the new kid on the block and their crowds are poor but still better than the Titans Crowds.' The Titans have bought good players that have underachieved time and time again. The Gold Coast is not really a City, it is a bunch of Suburbs on a coastal strip populated by mainly retired Pensioners and young delinquent drug addicts, hardly a supporters paradise is it?
  11. I doubt 99% of Australians would know he Coached a Club in Super League or how that adventure panned out.
  12. Every sport that has tried to set up on the Gold Coast has struggled or failed. The Gold Coast does not have the demographic to make most sports work in that area. AFL Clubs average 35k, the Gold Coast Suns between 11-14k depending on who you believe.
  13. Brad Fittler suggests the Gold Coast team should be relocated to Brisbane. I agree with him. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/move-the-titans-to-brisbane-brad-fittler-20190714-p52742.html
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