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  1. It was reported he had injured his Ankle at training and was out, unless he had a quick recovery.
  2. I don’t know why he wouldn’t want to play for Australia if he is in contention.
  3. He got four weeks. https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/billy-slater-hits-back-at-joey-leilua-nrl-ban/07aba4f9-eabe-4cff-829c-b6659585ea06
  4. Is Tedesco turning out for Italy again next time they are given a game.
  5. No NRL Clubs were prepared to pay his over the top demands.
  6. Give it up mate. You are like a broken Record that spouts bull ######.
  7. Austin thought he was worth more than Canberra were paying and put himself on the market, his form had him playing reserve grade at times. He took the Warrington offer. He is a slightly better than average NRL player he talked himself up as if he was Thurston.
  8. If you feel that way you can always watch the Qld and NSW Competitions, pretty open, good attack, sometimes poor Defense. A bit like Super League Ryan Hall FAIL Kallum Watkins FAIL Tomkins failed in every way, don’t bother spouting “stats” he was hailed as the English wonder kid on a massive transfer fee that was going to get the NZ Warriors to the finals and better. He signed a deal and did little to impress in his first year, his best play was to offload the ball to a team mate. He barely played in his second year through injury then cried off and went home, Out of ten he should have been 8+ He ended up being a 4, The Warriors a team that are normally were glad to see him get homesick and go home, what does that say?
  9. All ends well for everyone concerned. He had a great year in 2019. He has not played this year has he? He can earn good money with Wigan and be close to his family now.
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