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  1. It’s all good Dunbar. ”Stats” have there place as do Anoraks and watching Dr Who. Ferguson does not come with the WBW tag last time I looked and he has done enough for Parramatta since he has been there to make opposing teams wary of what he can do in attack and draw their Defense to him. Has Mr Hall done this at the Roosters?
  2. I thought you would be busy at your Job without having time to come back to an old post of mine Dunbar. Ferguson has never been called by the absolute worst wan*y nickname in the world of sport as TWBW to my knowledge. He has had a good career and been highly regarded by the fans of the Clubs he has played for. I know in England there are people called "Statos" that revel in every detail regardless of the outcome of those details or where they are performed on a field or what point in a game. You seem to have better "Stats" than most it seems because you regurgitate them on cue relating to any player mentioned. Yards made. Set Completed. Tackle Busts Every player in any team that anyone asks about, game time minutes, (not just your team but a random team playing on the other side of the World) Like Canterbury last week. Now that is your prerogative, I have other things happening in my life beyond Rugby League and this Forum. Having a shot at Ferguson bothers me not at all, I know what I think of him and his lack of tries this season. My opinion of Hall is for me to decide I would have thought. At the end of the day he was signed to be an International Test Star at the Roosters not the fourth string Winger that only got some game time as players that were out preforming him got injured. Anyway stick a fork in it, this one is done. A bit like Hall.
  3. No. They are paying overs for all the players in their team and it seems they are continuing to do that with Fifita. They should be buying Halves, Five Eights, Hookers and Fullbacks. The Spine.
  4. Dunbar, you still have not answered the question. I have told you that Stats are only relevant to a point. I am disappointed in you, I thought you were a straight shooter that when asked a question would answer it rather than Fluff rubbish to avoid the answer. How do you rate Halls performance in the games he has been selected by the Roosters? 1-10 I am starting to wonder if your $5,000,000 budgets or whatever they were at your workplace are real, Walter.
  5. No. Stats have to be in context of where they are recorded. Two metres that get you over the try line are worth more than a hundred metres from your own in goal. Missed tackles are subjective too. When a posters can argue stats but can not answer a question posed two or three times it says it all. From 1-10 how would you rate the WBW's time in the NRL? (Ryan Hall)
  6. My career is involved in Sales. I did not take to much interest in the Wolfpack but the concept never rang true to me. Based in Manchester, no junior Canadian teams or development. It always struck me as an Aussies millionaires whim to throw some money at his hobby, when $BW was signed it confirmed that.
  7. The Titans have a pretty big junior setup they can draw from. Maybe they should take a leaf out of the Storms playbook and and focus on a few select players rather than look at bigger numbers with less personal development. The Storm spend far more on 20 players training and skill development than most Clubs spend on 100 juniors.
  8. Not since he joined the Roosters. He barely gets a game and when he does he is just an extra forward running some metres from way back in his own half.
  9. I am suggesting there would have been greater expectations than he has delivered in those 10 games so far. There have been some absolute floggings that should be unacceptable to any new Coach. 24-6 46-6 36-6 32-12 40-10 42-6 220- 46 does not seem like a great improvement. Maybe I am wrong.
  10. I do not accept your opinion. Answer the question below. If it is more than a 2-4 from 10 you are having a laugh. Ferguson without any tries would be a 7-8 for what he brings to the team. From 1-10 how would you rate the WBW time in the NRL? Ferguson is an established performer in the Eels team and his contribution is valued by his Coach, Team and Fans. The fact that Hall can not break into a regular starting spot for the Roosters is a fail for me. When he has played because everybody else was injured or could not move out of position from Prop to Wing. His defense has been suspect.. His team Mates do not seem to want to get the ball to him regardless of which Wing he is on... Hows his Stats Dunbar? A team with players that have Stats like his will win not much unless some of the Stats lead to tries or defending tries Stats mean nothing without some context in where the stats take place.
  11. The Titans have plenty of quality players that many teams would like to have. Their problem is their Culture, it is not a secret Surely hiring a new Coach who knows the situation better than you or I do would have greater expectations than being slightly better than they were last year. What did the Job Ad say, came last, last year, coming second or third last is good enough?
  12. Dunbar, you seem to be a Stats man looking at most of your posts. Stats are great but only tell a certain story, stats can often give false viewpoints on where they fit into the total game day outcomes. You quote them over and over again to prove a point, often a point I disagree with looking at the total game and the context of a players contribution Half of Stats mean nothing, they are only relevant to the part of the field they are in or the context of a game. They are often a general factor in a players or teams outcome. From 1-10 how would you rate the WBW time in the NRL?
  13. Holbrooks team are coming 14 from 16 with the second worst for and against diff. Paying massive overs for Fifita will see him Coaching back in Super League in 2022 if not before.
  14. From 1-10 how would you rate the WBW time in the NRL? I would not drop Ferguson and I would not sign a has been like Hall. Not sure if you are trying to drive a point home or just being obtuse, either way...... you are losing me.
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