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  1. You are far stupider than I first thought and I had you down as very stupid.
  2. What would you know? Wally Lewis was ruled out of a Kangaroo Tour by a Doctor when he claimed he was good to go.
  3. Think what you want. How many tries will he score this year and how many games do you think he will play? My thoughts, less than six tries and less than a dozen appearances unless the Roosters have massive injuries. I am done here when Davo5 the gibberer comes on to throw his opinion into the mix. And I rest my case Davo5, you should be banned from this site, you have caused many posters to leave this Forum with your antics, negative behavior and stupid emojis. You bring a lot less than you contribute to this place.
  4. Maybe if they sign a big name Test player who has the nickname WBW it’s easier to put them on the injured list than be asked why their big name import is not being selected as the first name on the team list. It is not unheard of in the real world.
  5. Always in the background chipping away with emojis and snide remarks Davo5, somethings never change. I have respected and appreciated many British players that plied their trade in Australia over the years. Ryan Hall is done, stick a Fork in it.
  6. We shall see this year. If he cannot score at least a dozen tries in a team like the Roosters then there is something wrong. His last season at Leeds had the writing on the wall. His best days are well behind him and I am sure if he does not become a first pick Winger at the Roosters he will be “injured” until they can offload him.
  7. What is that role Dunbar? I know he was that impressive he barely got a game and when he did he scored no tries in 6 games. Tupou scored 15 tries from 26 games playing the same role his Coach wanted you say. I would expect most modern Coaches want Wingers to finish and score tries and at times run the ball up to relive the Forwards when in their own half. Wingers roles are often the easiest to define.
  8. Was he injured for most of the season or just not selected? Name players are often “injured” when they are not selected. Tupou played most of the season and scored 15 tries. What role do you think you know Robinson wanted from Hall? When I watched Hall he looked like he lacked confidence and often passed the ball. I watched most of his games and I can not relate the “metres made” with what I saw. He must have run the length of the field 5 times in the one game I did not see.
  9. Stats..... Ryan Hall only played in 6 games and scored 0 tries. His stats look good if you take them from a distance in reality he had a very ordinary season either through "injury" or non selection.
  10. Is the term Marra part of the English language? I noticed you use it in nearly every post.
  11. He is on the slide at his age. Buying a player in his prime is one thing, signing a 34 year to play in a more physical code he has not played for some time for stupid money is something else. What marketing returns will they get? A winning team would deliver better marketing IMO $BW has always chased the money.
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