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  1. I don’t think anyone is suggesting a Nation has to be begged to play. There has been a few issues in the World in the last two years, there were contracts to sign to say a Nation was attending, the Kiwis signed it I don’t think Australia did. Its a bit like two years ago when Great Britain toured the SH and they had not got Australia on board to play when they organised it. it must have lost a fortune and was a disaster on the field that lowered GB/England’s standing in the game more than ever.
  2. On a positive note it’s a shame the WC is not going ahead but it will give England chance to develop some Players 1-6 in the backs. The current English squad would not beat many of the Pacific Island teams never mind Oz and the Kiwis.
  3. Did Australia ever sign up for the RLWC? They were expected to attend but never signed up for it.
  4. All of the teams have to be in the same bubble. Are you suggesting Canberra can support all of the NRL teams with accommodation and facilities to keep the game going? I can not see it myself.
  5. You can do one mate. Australia and NZ can make their own minds up. .
  6. So you hope someone wipes down the weight bench before your session. That is not a Bubble at all. Its a random joint use of a Gym with the hope that the basic pay cleaners are doing more than they are getting paid to do. Good luck with that. You wonder why AUS and NZ do not want to visit Visit Covid Island.
  7. Tough guy. You still as tough when some ones close to you dies,
  8. You obviously are a major decision maker and know what should be done.
  9. The Kiwis and the Players association have been saying in this last week that they are waiting on final details about the “Bubble”
  10. That is not what was talked about on a BBC podcast last week
  11. Maybe they are not happy with the shared Hotel and Gym facilities. Why would the Rugby League teams administrators look at what the Union teams accept or approve? They would look at what they are getting. So you are saying there was no isolation bubble at all? Maybe that is why the Kiwis were worried? I am neither for or against what has happened but some of the mad rubbish posted on this site in the last two days makes you wonder.
  12. That is what you believe. I am only quoting what was said on BBC 5 live podcast.
  13. It has everything to do with Covid, a lot of the World does not agree with the UKs approach. Tell me how is the Super League season going? But.. but the experts tell us we will have herd immunity and no cases soon after the spike.. maybe.
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