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  1. He is not a top shelf Coach IMO. The cattle he has at the Knights should be far more consistent than they have been this year.
  2. What is your plan? What is your plan for France, Wales, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Croatia, Russia and Scotland? Don't have a plan or even a thought on what you post Davo5 just a confused face? Says it all really.
  3. You do realise Australia is a Country with a very large immigrant population, especially from the Pacific Islands. There is a large uptake of Australian citizenship by the immigrants to Australia for many reasons. If they have lived in Australia since being kids and qualify and perhaps hold Australian Passports who are you to say they have been poached by Australia to play for the Kangaroos? Petro Civoniceva's family moved to Australia before he was One year old. Felise Kaufusi family moved to Australia when he was Seven years old. Hasim El Masri's family moved to Australia when he was Twelve years old James Tamou's family moved to Australia when he was thirteen years old. Karmicheal Hunt's family moved to Australia when he was Eleven years old. Lote Tuqiri's family moved to Australia when he was Fifteen years old. Antonio Kaufusi's family moved to Australia when he was Fourteen years old. I can not be bothered looking at the rest of them Radrada was probably the oldest player that came to Australia as an adult as a 19-20 year old. He moved to Australia in 2011/2012 he was selected for Australia in 2016 and many Aussies do not like his selection based on he had already played for Fiji. You are confusing Australia poaching players, when in fact Australia is selecting players that are Australians that have moved to Australia for a better life when in most cases were youngsters that were brought into the game through the Australian school system. You want to include three Aussies in the GB/England teams because they have Grandparents from the UK and have played in England for a year or two. What message does that send to any aspiring up and comers in England? What message does it send to Australian and Kiwi fans when cast offs are the best GB/England can come up with? If you believe any of the three you want selected will put any fear or concern into the Southern Hemisphere teams you are dreaming. If England/GB continue to select "Heritage players" and think it will be accepted by the other two of the so called "big three" fans.. it just drives another nail in the Test fans coffins. Look at the gems you have picked in the past. Maurie Fasavalu Rangi Chase Chris Heighington Chris McQueen.
  4. You obviously do not understand the rules. The only blatant overseas player that Australia has poached in recent memory was Radrada even though he may have qualified under the residency rules at the time. The Australians themselves changed the rules so that would not occur again.
  5. Maybe he is worried about living up the the higher level of proficiency and scrutiny in England as demanded by the fans in England. A bedsit in Bradford may be luxury compared with some parts of Auckland.
  6. Easy fix, get Henry Perenara to be one of the Refs that always officiate the Warriors games. That will cut out some of the cries of Bias.
  7. I doubt there is any sort of conspiracy, that is drawing a long bow IMO. They have been really badly run for many years. When my team plays them I have little or no interest in watching the game at all to be honest.
  8. I work with a bloke who is Head Coach at a Brisbane Club at a reasonable level and he told me that the Storm identify a half a dozen up and comers and pour more time coaching and money into them than other NRL Clubs spend on 30 + players. They employ specialist Coaches in whatever area the player needs, be it kicking, passing or tackling technique. I am not sure if this is true but this bloke knows what he is talking about.
  9. I doubt he will get any offers from the NRL. He has been marked as more trouble than he is worth.
  10. It is worth noting Child was getting plenty of critisism on the Catalan/Wire game thread long before the game blew up into the shambles it turned out. He comes across as weak and not in control when the ###### hits the Fan IMO and players will take advantage of this in a heated game. That is also my answer to your other previous question Dunbar on the game thread.
  11. There is a reason Parramatta did not try to hold on to him. He is a Penalty and mistake machine.
  12. I have no interest in taking my Family to a game anymore for exactly those reasons. I know swearing is commonly accepted in today's society but I believe in values that are probably outdated in today's world. At work I can swear with the best of them, its about the time and place and who is around you. People that swear in the worst possible way in front of Families with kids are just Scu* in my mind that have no class or morals. You can get your point across and say plenty without getting into the gutter with foul language in public.
  13. Nothing good to say about any of this. The Fans, The Players, The Ref........ Embarrassment to our game. One or two of the players need some harsh discipline handed out to them.
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