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  1. edit While a player cannot be tackled in mid-air when fielding a kick from the opposing team, an attacking player can.
  2. They have little or nothing coming through their own systems so they have to poach what they can I guess.
  3. Suliasi Vunivalu has signed with the Qld Reds In 2021 Another Fijian Winger goes back to his roots.
  4. Wally is a fantastic guest speaker, it will be a great night.
  5. I like Stats and they don't lie but they can depend on plenty of factors. Jake Trbojevic is the second highest penalised player and that surprises me. Victor Radley, Mitchell Moses and Josh Hodgson are all in the top five for missed tackles... Plenty of teams run at the smaller players in attack which are often Halfbacks or Stand offs. Lots of players that make plenty of tackles per game often have a higher rate of missed tackles.. I get your point about the Dragons, maybe Maloney will make a positive difference to that team?
  6. James Maloney is the best buy of that bunch if he takes his NRL form to Super League.
  7. Let him go to Toronto. There will be plenty of potential Wingers like him will be coming through from Fiji every year.
  8. Because it is not the national side or Test strength squad It is a team made up of some regular Test players and some fringe up and comers.
  9. Australia played Fiji in 2017 after Fiji beat NZ. Australia have been sending a select Squad to play PNG every year for many years. This year they played Fiji.
  10. Because they play a sport with a bigger global reach and have more competitive Nations to play against?
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