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  1. Not being a bad loser but I saw your confused face on my post regarding the rub of the green. Parramatta had a ball stripped two on one as he went over the line and just got a penalty. that could have been very different, at least 10 minutes in the bin. Roosters first try was given as backward from the hands and it went over a metre forward when it bounced, has the rule propelled forward been abolished? it does not seem to have been regarding knock on's Parramatta get a player 10 mins in the bin for being offside tackling a player 20 metres from the line, give me a break, that is a penalty every day of the week. The best team won but turning points in a game can alter outcomes, the Roosters do not need any external help to win.
  2. Parra not getting the rub of the green so far. Good competitive game though. Come on Parra!!!
  3. Come on Parra!!! This will be a tough game but give it everything. Parramatta is in the heartlands of the game.
  4. The New Zealand Warriors have just announced the sacking of Stephen Kearney. The New Zealand Warriors have sacked coach Stephen Kearney with two years remaining on his contract. He is expected to be replaced by assistant coach Todd Payten for the remainder of the season. The Warriors management made the decision Saturday morning after Friday night’s heavy loss to the South Sydney Rabbitohs. He seems like a great bloke, less than average Coach.
  5. I agree with everything you have just posted.
  6. I don’t know how he is getting picked for Cronulla, I know he has been injured but he looks massively out of condition and over weight. He looks like a player from 50 years ago playing for a Pub team.
  7. Is the thread about the best English players that had a go in Australia that were successful or not or is it the English players that did the best in Australia?
  8. Edwards only played a few games for Balmain, struggled to break into the team and was a bench player for a few games.
  9. I rate Klemmer pretty high. Good work rate and tough. Old Toongabbie boy ?
  10. Ben Hunt Corey Norman Andrew Fifita Darius Boyd Anthony Milford same inconsistency as Shaun Johnson, just not as good when he does turn up.
  11. Yes he moved to Australia as a toddler. He came across as a dinky die Aussie Ranga because he was brought up in Australia. I think a few Aussies were shocked when he was picked for England ?
  12. Brian Carney won the Dally M best winger. Not sure if many Aussies really considered Jack Reed English
  13. I was not talking about emigrants that moved to Australia as 2 and 4 year olds. They changed the rules to prevent the fiasco that was the selection of Semi Radrada.
  14. Wane could be the answer to a successful English team or IMO could possibly be a total disaster. He has a polarising personality.
  15. Time will tell. They are sitting on 6th this season. 3 wins from 5 games.
  16. I believe Parents are far enough back, Grandparents rule should be changed. Lots of Countries have changed eligibility regarding dual Nationality/Passports in the last 10 years. I am not sure if the UK allows the Grandparent eligibility anymore for Australians, certainly Parents from Australia is eligible.
  17. Players getting a pension even though they are/should be already wealthy. Some don't know when to quit. Benji was shot when he went to Union years ago. Turns up for the odd game. He must be mates with Shaun Johnson only a lot older and slower.
  18. I do not like the Broncos but they have plenty of good players. They lack direction and Leadership and perhaps Coaching at the moment. How do you think they would finish if they were playing in Super League if it was on?
  19. My comments are not related to tonight’s game. I do not like the rule in general or how it is implemented or applied.
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