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  1. Well said Marauder, Barla did not stop anybody playing in any league and Barla cannot stop anybody playing as Barla do not run any Playing league, some Playing leagues are affiliated to Barla as some are to the RFL. this was the Pennine League that stopped players from Fryston going on block to another club and this was only in the Pennine League. The YML have stopped Fryston, Queens, Ossett and Upton but Upton have now been accepted, Think this may have come from an higher sauce to get Upton possibly in to the NCL. only my thoughts.
  2. The Pennine league tried to work with the YML and took their playing season to start later in September but the YML just made theirs longer and now starts earlier. think the YML and the RFL seem to want to get rid of Winter Rugby but cant see why as they do not have near enough referee`s to run all summer. what dates did you receive on the 9th November and for what league as the NCL had only just finished on the 28th October and the YML had not registered teams. we had a few NCL teams enter but 2 pulled out due to other commitments, Wedding etc.
  3. The Barla cups are set in the RFL Calendar The National cup starts before the Yorkshire cup final as the Final used to be held between Xmas and the New Year, years ago almost everybody had the week off between Xmas and New Year but that is now a working week and people find it hard to get time off during that week. Any cups within a league are run by the league. Any Barla cup and the Scholarships as well as the Academy games are all in the RFL Calendar, The National cup dates for all ages were put in on the 9th November but overlooked by the RFL with the u16`s on the 18th February as the scholarships started. If 2 teams are in the Yorkshire or National cup from the Pennine League then it is the discretion of the Pennine league if they wish to get this game played on a different date due to weather or cancellations, Most are played on the dates given in the RFL Calendar. The Yorkshire cup Final was brought forward a week due to the Challenge cup with one of the finalists in both, The NCL date of the 3rd March was brought forward as the NCL season started. The dates Barla gave on the 9th November was before any fixtures or dates were given out by the RFL or the NCL league so Barla have bent over again to allow clubs to play.
  4. Bang Right, or if nothing to play for the players leave and then the team has not got enough players to compete. this is working both ways as the Summer teams come August are folding too. It was all fine when all clubs played the same season as if someone left they had nowhere to go as the transfer stopped in February. the other problem why teams are folding from the lack of players is unlimited registrations. a winter team has over 100 players signed on, if this was brought back to how it was and maybe a few more, 35 per team then the other 65 plus would have to find somewhere else to play instead of just signing for the best team in the area and not playing one game. this has killed the small clubs.
  5. Barla once put all the dates for the National cup on the RFL Calendar but the NCL league would not allocate these dates as they wanted the clubs to play league matches, Barla now run the first 3 rounds before the NCL start their season and in between the Challenge cup dates. The RFL decided to bring out their own Competition the Challenge Trophy but have decided they don't know how to run a competition and loose money so they have scraped it this year. The Barla dates for the semi and Final are on Easter Saturday and the final is on Mayday weekend which the NCL teams do not play games or some do as catch up weekends. The Semi Finals are West Hull v Ovenden and Thatto Heath v Hadydock. That is 2 NCL teams in the Semi`s and Hunslet Club Parkside won it last year, Thornhill the year before and Egremont before that. That is 3 NCL winners in the last 3 years and both Thatto Heath & West Hull are in the semi`s as well as both were involved in the Challenge cup. It is the NCL teams that do not wish to participate but you cant make a team play as the Summer NCL season now is 10 months of the year, Some starting in January in the Challenge cup and finishing in November in the finals. cant really blame them myself for not taking part as its a long season. Hopefully this answers your questions Davo5 and little no it all.
  6. All the Barla cups are open to any club, not team, its up to the club who plays in the cup games, Egremont won the National cup 3 years ago and put their A team against Oulton in the NCL and played their first team in the semi final that the NCL was not happy about. The RFL and associate summer leagues wish to finish winter rugby off altogether and have sole power over all the playing leagues, there doing a good job as we have lost more clubs in last 5 years since summer rugby than we have in last 25 years previously. The Amateur game is struggling throughout and now the RFL with their so called community ideas are trying to kill off the youth game which by the looks of the comments Youth leagues are not happy with.
  7. The only reason Barla stopped playing the game between Xmas and new year is due to nobody being interested if it fell on a weekday between Xmas & New Year, years ago people had the week off but things have changed. The Yorkshire Youth & Junior cups were always played before Xmas but again due to the Season now finishing in November the fixtures cannot be fit in before Xmas. Featherstone are at home on the 21st January against York and also at home the 14th Jan as well as the 4th & 11th Feb.
  8. Hi, The dates of the Yorkshire cup has to be sent out when the entry form is sent out in August, This was before the Rugby League fixtures were out, once the Pro fixtures are published which was in November then the pro clubs can sort out their pre season friendly`s. Barla had originally put down for the 20th & 21st as well as the 28th. The fixtures could have been changed to the 21st but due to Featherstone at home to York on this date we had to stick to the date originally given of the 28th. Due to Featherstone home on the 14th, 21st Jan & 4th & 11th Feb we are a bit stuck for a venue and as well as the Scholarship games at the end of January and all through February we also have to get the u16`s final as well as the National open age & youth & junior games played before all leagues start playing. hope this answers your comment as the Yorkshire cup final was in the RFL calendar in August before any other games were put in including the Challenge cup.
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