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  1. Week 4 Results Winning teams: Bengals, Washington, Bills, Bears, Cowboys, Colts, Browns, Giants Jets, Chiefs, Cardinals, Seahawks, Ravens, Packers, Buccaneers, Chargers Wiltshire Rhino 7 Gerrumonside ref 9 R L Winger 9 DeeDeuce 8 Irish Saint 9 redsi42 8 gingerjon 5 A low scoring week due to a few 0-3 teams causing upsets. Congratulations to this week's winners Gerrumonside ref, R L Winger & Irish Saint
  2. Good luck to one and all. Bengals, Falcons Bills, Bears, Cowboys , Dolphins, Browns , Saints Titans, Chiefs, Rams, 49ers, Ravens, Packers, Patriots, Chargers.
  3. 1. Irish Saint 33 2. redsi42 32 3. DeeDeuce 29 3.Gerrumonsideref 29 3 .gingerjon 29 3. R L Winger 29 7. WiltshireRhino 26
  4. Week 4. Good luck to one and all Week 4 Thursday, Sept. 30 Jacksonville at Cincinnati, Sunday, Oct. 3 Washington at Atlanta, Houston at Buffalo, Detroit at Chicago, Carolina at Dallas, Indianapolis at Miami, Cleveland at Minnesota, New York Giants at New Orleans, Tennessee at New York Jets, Kansas City at Philadelphia, Arizona at Los Angeles Rams, Seattle at San Francisco, Baltimore at Denver, Pittsburgh at Green Bay, Tampa Bay at New England, Monday, Oct. 4 Las Vegas at Los Angeles Chargers,
  5. Week 3 results Winning Teams : Panthers, Bills, Browns Ravens, Titans, Chargers, Saints, Falcons Bengals, Cardinals, Broncos, Raiders, Rams, Vikings, Packers, Cowboys Wiltshire Rhino 10 DeeDeuce 10 R L Winger 9 Gerrumonside ref 11 gingerjon 9 Irish Saint 11 redsi42 11 Congratulations to our joint winners this week Gerrumonside ref, Irish Saint and redsi42
  6. Good luck to one and all. Winners: Panthers, Bills, Browns, Ravens, Titans, Chiefs, Saints, Giants, Steelers, Cardinals, Broncos, Raiders, Rams, Seahawks, 49ers, Cowboys
  7. My Hometown - Bruce Springsteen Well the world goes around
  8. 1. Irish Saint 22 2. redsi42 21 3 gingerjon 20 3. R L Winger 20 5. DeeDeuce 19 6. Gerrumonsideref 18 7. WIltshireRhino 16
  9. Good Luck to one and all NFL Week 3 2021 schedule Thursday, Sept. 23 Carolina Panthers @ Houston Texans Sunday, Sept. 26 Washington Football Team @ Buffalo Bills Chicago Bears @ Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens @. Detroit Lions Indianapolis Colts @Tennessee Titans Los Angeles Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars New York Jets @ Denver Broncos Miami Dolphins @ Las Vegas Raiders Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks @ Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers Monday, Sept. 27 Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys
  10. Week 2 results Winners: Washington. Panthers, Bears, Browns ,Rams, Broncos, Bills, Patriots,49ers, Raiders, Cardinals, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Titans, Ravens, Packers Wiltshire Rhino 10 Gerrumonsideref 10 redsi42 11 IrishSaint 11 R L Winger 11 DeeDeuce 12 gingerjon 9 Congratulations to this week's winner DeeDeuce a mighty impressive score
  11. Lawnmower - Sparks Dont punish me with brutality
  12. What a difference a week makes. Last week we could all not agree on a team to win a game. This week of the remaining 15 fixtures there is uniform agreement on 10 of them and the early entries last Thursday all selected Washington.
  13. Rest in Peace Jimmy Greaves greatest English footballer I had the pleasure to see.
  14. Good luck to one and all. Winners,Washington, Saints, Bears, Browns, Rams, Broncos Bills, Pats, 49ers, Steelees, Cardinals, Bucs, Chargers Seahawks, Chiefs, Packers
  15. Week 1 1 .gingerjon 11 1. Irish Saint 11 3. redsi42 10 4. R L Winger 9 5. Gerrumonsideref 8 6. DeeDeuce 7 7. WiltshireRhino 6
  16. Winners: Buccaneers, Cardinals, Texans, Panthers, Chargers, Bengals, Eagles, Steelers, 49ers, Seahawks, Chiefs, Broncos, Saints, Dolphins,Rams, Raiders redsi42 10 Wiltshire Rhino 6 Gerrumonsideref 9 R L Winger 9 DeeDeuce 7 Irish Saint 11 gingerjon 11 Congratulations to our joint winners this week Irish Saint & gingerjon. League table to follow
  17. Good luck to one and all. WEEK 2 Thursday, Sept. 16 New York Giants at Washington Football Team Sunday, Sept. 19 New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago Bears Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns Los Angeles Rams at Indianapolis Colts Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins New England Patriots at New York Jets San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles Las Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens Monday, Sept. 20 Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers
  18. Early games underway,a few regulars havent' entered this year one of whom has won the NRL tipping competition with so few games left he cant be caught. I would have liked Oldbear from Canada to have joined us this season as he contributed good posts to the NFL thread last year. He too was in the NRL competition but sadly since a week in hospital in May has not returned to the forum , may he be healthy. A welcome to our new entrant Dee Deuce this season. Good luck to one and all
  19. It's all threads on the forum these days. Quite a few on here... remind me of a Robin Williams line in Good Morning Veitnam.
  20. Okay some rules. Quite a few of the players are anti- vaxx it has been alleged that teams are using this to cut them, the most noteable being Cam Newton being cut a few hours after Bill Belichick stating he had improved. Last year no games were lost to covid some were re- arranged. I don't know if the NFL will go down the line of 24-0 if a team fails to fulfil a fixture whatever decision the NFL make is to what I will adhere Can I ask if one changes their selection any game can they inform me by pm or either by a post on here. Finally for the prize I was going to award Mike Florio's book but it isnt released to March For our Australiian friends something about that make believe team called the Kangaroos( do they exist ) one sees on www.nrl.com . Perhaps a book on their glorified inter-county cup sadly only two counties are allowed to enter unlike in Ireland were all counties can enter even those without a prayer it's the taking part that matters. That was in jest my Australian friends If anyone has any suggestions on the prize let me know. Good luck to one and all.
  21. Bucs, Titans, Jags Chargers Bengals, Panthers Falcons Bills, 49ers, Seahawks Chiefs , Broncos, Saints, Dolphins Rams, Ravens Good luck to one and all
  22. Week 1 Date Time (ET) Away Team Home Team Thu Sep 9 8:20 pm Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sun Sep 12 1:00 pm Arizona Cardinals Tennessee Titans 1:00 pm Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans 1:00 pm Los Angeles Chargers Washington Football Team 1:00 pm Minnesota Vikings Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 pm New York Jets Carolina Panthers 1:00 pm Philadelphia Eagles Atlanta Falcons 1:00 pm Pittsburgh Steelers Buffalo Bills 1:00 pm San Francisco 49ers Detroit Lions 1:00 pm Seattle Seahawks Indianapolis Colts 4:25 pm Cleveland Browns Kansas City Chiefs 4:25 pm Denver Broncos New York Giants 4:25 pm Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints 4:25 pm Miami Dolphins New England Patriots 8:20 pm Chicago Bears Los Angeles Rams Mon Sep 13 8:15 pm Baltimore Ravens Las Vegas Raiders Week 2 Apologies for delay first game thursday night. Prize to be decided
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