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  1. He would be fourth seamer, as i suspect Stokes would come on first change, buthe does swing the ball and adds Left arm variety - probably long term a better batsman, and in addition is what they call a "golden arm" i.e he can send down an absolute pie and get a wicket - Just ask William Porterfield. The only concern would be leaking runs if he was being used as a stock bowler. which would impact on Archer as you say simply because you cannot create pressure on a batter if runs are coming freely at the other end. Rumblings out of the England camp about "resting" Woakes today, I suspect his knee is playing up and with back to back tests, as was proved at Edgbaston, you cannot have someone puling up lame once the game has begun. He was very sparingly used in conditions that should have been helpful. My bad because my response is not that clear, the original question referred to a decision pitching outside off-stump and the poster was a bit confused as to why this was not given out. when the pitch map came on TV. As you say, if had pitched outside leg then this would not have been an issue nor if, in the opinion of the umpire, he had not been playing a shot
  2. England doing better than expected with a welcome return to form of Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow. Pleased to see Jonny B back in the runs as due to his Dad he has a psychological need to keep wicket. Give the unwarranted stick he has got from the fourth estate since the world cup, all I can say is that I see a lot of his rival Ben Foakes and need to post: a) he is not in form and playing T20 b) he is not that much better a keeper than Jonny Though you can expect the 2019 version of the old Alec Stewart v Jack Russell debate from the 1990's to re-heat before too long. Dismayed at Jofra Archer's workload with 48 overs, Archer is a strike bowler who should be used in short bursts of 4 overs as per Australia with Mitchell Johnson in 13/14. Instead he risks burn out as was the case with Angus Fraser and Darren Gough. It can't be the case every time England are stuck Joe Root chucks the ball over to Jofra and says "get us out ofJail big guy". A strike bowler bowls in short bursts, a stock bowler bowls longer spells keeping it tight, Jofra is a strike bowler not a stock bowler. Given that Chris Woakes has a good record at Lords his lack of use in the second innings leads to speculation about his knee Injury. A possible opening for Sam Curran ? Unlike England, Australia will make changes, James Pattinson will return for Peter Siddle and Marnus Labuschange for either Cameron Bancroft or Matthew Wade. The mystery call is Mitchell Starc for Pat Cummins given Langer's rotation policy? England remain unchanged mainly due to a lack of immediate alternatives though you can expect a shuffle in the batting order - Denly to 3 and Stokes to 5. Dropping Joe Root to number 4. Joe is neither a good captain or someone who really likes being captain as his far better record in the ranks in the ODI side in recentb times proves. In his defence, you do not refuse the England Captaincy nor to you give it up lightly and in this sense again the lack of alternatives keeps his position safe though whether he would survive a 0-3 or 0-4 Ashes defeat remains to be seen. Meanwhile over at London Zoo, Chi Chi reacts to the news that Jason Roy remains England's opener.
  3. Australia in the pound seats going into the last day but if England can scapre a score of 200 plus and if Jofra Archer or Stuart Broad has a day. Who knows ? Certainly if England are 0-2 after this game its "goodnight charlie" to the Ashes (with apologies to the lae Tony Greig). They have found the answer to the Steve Smith question and that's genuinely quick bowling - something he did not face. If you recall during the last Ashes series down under the almost immediate impact Mark Wood had in te ODI series which England won 4-1. Unfortunately Fast bowlers hunt in pairs and the other two quicks England have are unavailable due to injury. Nothing wrong with the bowling attack, though I would like Sam Curran to play possibly for Woakes. The problem is who do you get to replace Roy and Denly. They are just starting a Country Championship round this sunday sandwiched in the T20 blast and Sam Curran will only be playing two days for Surrey before being substitued to go up to Leeds. You could do that with Dom Sibley or Zak Crawley but, if so, what does that mean for the integrity of the Championship ? A name that has come up who is scoring runs, albiet in the T20, and has got international experience is Dawid Malan. Selecting Dawid would cause chairman of selectors, Ed Smith to choke on his comments " it may be that his game is better suited to overseas conditions". Is he big enough to select Dawid? If you think this year is problematic, next year against Pakistan, between tests, England players will be required to participate in that clicket (sic) competition "The Hundred" I am absolutely certain that a night of having a merry swing while establishment "comedian" Rory Bremner guffaws on the BBC commentary will prove ideal preparation for facing Pakistan......... We shall see - all to play for today
  4. For the batman to be Leg Before Wicket the ball must pitch in line with the stumps if the batsman is playing a shot. It does not have to pitch in line if the batsman is in the opinion of the umpire playing no shot at the delivery. See the Video in the link below https://www.facebook.com/HomeOfCricket/videos/laws-of-cricket-lbw/10154632200123398/ The only team likely to win is Australia - Why?. Well they would have started out wanting to bat just the once and put England under pressure on day 5 getting approximately 400. With four wickets down for 80 they should not be looking at a score like that. What Tim Paine might be tempted to do is get parity with England and declare. This puts the pressure on England to avoid a second innnings collapse, a score of under 200 or a failure to bat 60 overs minimum - which given recent history is quite likely - reduces the remainder of day 5 into a limited overs equation for Australia where they can pursue the total and then shut up shop if losing too many wickets to bat out a draw. Of course England could bowl Australia out for around 150-160 by Lunch as Stuart Broad said they needed to at last nights press conference but then we get the same problem. Will England bat well enough to put the game out of Australia's reach and will they have enough time on the final day to take 10 Australian wickets ?. Remember England must avoid going 0-2 down in this series with 3 to play. In a match reduced by rain the side bating second has the advantage amnd England are very much under pressure. Another factor due to impact on this series, is the health of the bowling attacks - Australia have 5 fit Fast / Fast-Medium bowlers and a top line spinner. England have lost Mark Wood, Olly Stone, Adil Rashid and probably James Anderson for the series with Moeen Ali unselectable, so Its a good job the bowling is less problematic than the batting in this test as there is a lack of alternatives. Unless of course Sam Curran is taken off drinks waiter duties and gets in the starting XI....
  5. The old joke about it being a good day for England as they did not get on the field is doing the rounds. It's going to be difficult getting a result in this match because of the time lost, Yes you get an addition 8 overs each day to make up some of the time lost but any further time lost in the game cannot be made up and with play extending to nearly 7.00pm bad light is going to come into play as it certainly will in the Fifth test at the Oval in mid september. If your wondering - "hang on what about those floodlights", the ruling is when the artificial ligt takes over from the natural light in the umpires opinion your off. In England's defence, this whole Ashes series is the equivalent of England winning the Rugby League World cup and then being told you have France the following week, then in a fortnight an Ashes Series against the Kangaroos, "the same team we beat in the semis" "yes and with reinforcements". From the adminstrators this is sheer greed. In addition to which there has been an underestimating of the psychological effect of a once in a lifetime winning of the World Cup on home turf. Sure Australia played in the World Cup too but they were knocked out. On to the game, Undoubtably IMO Australia are a better team with Mitchell Starc in it, and I am baffled as to why they would select Siddle and Hazlewood when the choice was supposed to be Siddle or Hazlewood. Certainly James Pattinson might never get another opportunity to play an Ashes test at Lords. Tim Paine remains a stand-in skipper who will come under pressure if they start to lose, Bancroft's batting technique is gone to pieces and is David Warner that popular in the dressing room. As for Steve Smith why is it the rest of the world has less of a problem getting him out than England.. Might be down to the lack of variety in the England attack, It;'s a big ask for Jofra Archer with little red ball cricket to come in and turn the tide. What's interesting would be the continued omission of Sam Curran as the left armer swinging it in, in English conditions. As in 2017-18 the English attack is very samey all Right arm and medium fast. Bringing Jack Leach in though is a better option than Moeen. Traditionally English teams use their spinner not as an attacking option but to give the captain control in the game, the Graham Swann era being an exception, In my youth there was the Middlesex spin twins Phil Edmonds and John "Ernie" Emburey. Ernie was an England regular , Phil less so yet when both played in the side together Phil did most of the bowling as he was the one giving the ball a rip. Moeen made it difficult for England to build pressure on Smith and the other Aussie batters at Edgbaston regularily leaking 3-4 singles an over risk free into space on the leg side. Jack Leach's role is to dry up the runs creating pressure. Conventional wisdom is that you play 5 batters, an all rounder a wicketkeeper batsman and 4 bowlers. England will play 4 batters, two wickekeeper batsmen, 2 all rounders and 3 bowlers. With Trevor Bayliss admitting most of the side is suited to batting in the middle order. As Ian Chappell has said on FOX down under, if you pick a predominantely one day side no wonder you cannot bat out a day. Jason Roy is not a test match opener and never will be, Ultimately he will join Alex Hales in becoming a white ball only contracted player. Remember Hales, who has a better technique than Jason was also tried as opener. With the amount of T20 cricket going on, and little first class cricket there is a huge problem in selecting replacement players. Not that too many have been sticking their hands up with "pick me" performances in the county game. That's said there are a few England batters supping in the last chance saloon, let's hope for their sake, the barmaid is not from Standish...
  6. Correct, though I am a critic of our benefactor, he is the only one draining his retirement fund to keep the club, and it's impressiove junior structure, going. There has abeen a lot of smoke and mirrors in the press about potential club owners but you have to recognise a media beat up when you see it. I can however see London becoming a yo-yo club if they come down because I do see London being definately in the mix for promotion next year if they go down - Too good for the Championship but not good enough for Super League.
  7. London need to stay positive, The Wakefield coach has said publicly they only need one more win to secure Super League security. That means he cannot see London winning two. I do not think London are great frontrunners and play better when writen off, as has been said, these are four cup finals coming up. On ther face of it London should not win any of their remaining matches but London should not have won at Toronto and frankly, no-one including myself thought they would, so anything is possible and a couple of London wins increases the mental strain on the other big spending relegation candidates and we shall see who cracks first... As tradition dictates, a Rooster boost for the Opposition - Catalans by 16
  8. One of the worst things about Internet forums and facebook is the number of outraged reactions being posted by people who, like myself, were not at the game. and posters who try to score cheap political points and bait their rivals. Far be it for me to defend Warrington fans, but based on my own misspent youth in the 1980's when this kid of thing was normal at many soccer games I was at. When the truth comes out it tends to be "six of one and half a dozen of the other" or "it takes two to tango" if your looking for another cliche. So calm down and let the clubs and RFL investigate what really happened and why. and given that this has made BBC Breakfast news I think any investigation will be swift The only point I would make is this - Players have a certain responsbility to the game, and if your playing roughouse rugby on the field do not be surprised if it gets a reaction off the field. There is one blond Warrington fanette on a facebook video being singled out but IMO she was reacting to what was happening on the field and I think most of us react that way against perceived bad refereeing and foul play against our team. He or she without sin can cast the first stone so to speak. That is all.
  9. England in trouble if they cannot shift Steve Smith they are bowling 4th 5th stump line outside the offstump which allows him to work the ball to leg without risking being bowled or LBW. When Stokes stated bowling on off stump to him his scoring rate dropped. To get him out you first have to "dry him up" so to speak and cut off the easy runs then he will play across the line. If Smith is still batting at Lunchtime England will struggle to get out of this with a draw although weather could intervene . If Australia nose above a 200 lead the pressure is all on England and Travis Head will be doing a lot more bowling in the second innnings in a spin partnership with Nathan Lyon. The ball is also starting to keep low for the quicks. England remember have a history of being bowled out in a session three times in the last 24 months. Big problem for England but less so for Australia is that bowlers win matches and quick bowlers able to bowl at 90 mph and spin bowlers who give the ball a rip, present problems for all batters even on a slow wicket. England have neither in this game Jimmy Anderson should not have played and should call it a career, time catches up with everyone and one constant refrain about the test side is the club nature of the team and the problems Root has in asserting his authority over senior players. England need to move on from Jimmy, great fast-medium bowler yes but at the end of his career Currently Jimmy has Icon status a more Indian approacjh to players at the end of their career than an Aussie one. The other problem England face is no Red Ball Cricket being played at county level save a single round on 18th August So for Jofra Archer for example, two T20 matches bowing 8 overs in total and a Sussex 2nd XI game is not great prepartation for a test match. Things of course will be worse next year when The Hundred is inflicted on the public. I would rather be in Australia's position tonight but if Smith goes early the pendulum will swing violently to England. I have enjoyed this Test Match more so than I though I would given the diet of ODI and T20 cricket thuis summer. The Met Office forecast for tomorrow is a bit Iffy in the afternoon and Monday Morning making the draw a value bet if you are interested in having a punt. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/forecast/gcqdkqnss#?date=2019-08-04
  10. Every game for London is now win or bust. There is opportunity for Brock Lamb to make for himself and get a contract either in Super League or the NRL depending on how he performs. It would be nice to think he would ghave the imopact Jamie Soward did when he got of a plane and almiost singlehandedly changed the course of a match at The Stoop - we can but dream. Brock is an organiser up against the organiser supreme in Jackson Hastings who Salford will sorely miss bnext season. As Is customary I predict Salford by 16.
  11. Colours to the mast time, I am predicting 4-1 to Australia. Why for the following reasons In a what promises to be a low scoring series, will England put enough runs on the board to give the bowlers a chance. Bowling wise, Australia have all basers covered with their attack - England by contrast have two aging seamers, two crocked quicks, a bowler who can bat with a knee problem and a spinner who has lost confidence and is very much a confidence player The atmosphere is flat - England are World Cup Winners and that was the main event this Summer. Frankly we should not be playing the Ashes this year of all years -Try teling the ECB marketing men and women taht though... Winning the first is crucial in that as with the Womens Ashes, there a gap but not that big a gap between the two sides, Australia got off to a flier in that series and England visibly lost confidence only looking like the side the most of us who watch the game recognise, last night with the pressure off. Ditto this first test, Australia win my prediction looks good. England win and momentum shifts, I will still back Australia to win the series but 4-1 goes out the window. The word is Peter Siddle will play on an Edgbaston ground where it swings. the interesting call is will England find a way to shoehorn Sam Curran into the side. There's no point in picking Sam in the squad if there is no intention of playing him and IMO if he did play he might have a good time.
  12. An addiction to cheap and discounted tickets for internationals and major events which plagues the game today with fans (Including myself TBH ) waiting for the discounted tickets to come onto the market.
  13. I was in favour of keeping the Great Britain brand back in 2007 but I'm sorry reviving it in 2019 is pointless - except as a marketing exercise selling replica shirts. As the song goes ".. those days are past now and in the past they must remain.."
  14. Michael Vaughan was Impressed https://twitter.com/MichaelVaughan So was Melinda Farrell of ESPN Crickinfo https://twitter.com/melindafarrell
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