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  1. Probably the shattering of yet more illusions down south. Mount Pleasant is not the easiest place to get a result and London are conceding a minimum of 20 points per game. I am not optimistic.
  2. Best chance Leigh have to turn the season around, I assume Leythers only in the ground. They should get behind the team. If Leigh can get off to a decent start then this could swing it. I am going for Leigh by 2. Enjoy.
  3. Tough this week due to form and injuries Winning Teams - Newcastle Knights, Manly Sea Eagles, Canberra Raiders, South Sydney Rabbitohs, Sydney Roosters, Paramatta Eels, Melbourne Storm and Penrith Panthers Total Points - 330 Away Wins - 5 Teams with 9 points or less - 0 Toss up between Wests & Knights, Turbo-charged Manly to win, If Ricky cannot beat the Bulldogs well... The last five are more predictable but if Sam Walker is out it makes Roosters and North Queensland interesting.
  4. THe observant will have noticed that the twop challenge cup ties on Friday were moved to SKY Mix and thus FTA. Though as not in HD much poorer quality viewing The You tube link was announced Friday when the Leeds Game was advertised. This is the SKY FTA arrangement .
  5. Full time London 50-Newcastle 30 - The Thunder making the errors in the seconbd half, London;s forward's dominating the half, Two tries for Gideon Boafo and a Sammut masterclass in the second half capped by a brilliant individual score. Miski ending the game with an interception try. London have to be unhappy conceding 30 points, equally Newcastle were dissappoining given all the experience we were told earlier in this thread was in their side and the fact that they had a 12 point lead London slowly shuffle away from the relegation zone but Batley await next saturday at Mount Pleasan
  6. Half-time 18-18 - London beating themselves with a knock on as the hooter sounded summing up the first half. Newcastle getting the first points off a Sammut shocker. Fozard scotting over for a soft equaliser at 6-6. Then London getting a player sin-binned and Newcastle scoring two soft tries off London errors. Curiously once London got back to 13 on the field they dominated the rest of the half with Sammut, having a curates egg of a game, setting up a bomb for the second try. London fumbling and stuimbling along getting posession within the 10 metre line only for Meadows to kick away posession
  7. Pre-match I know very little about Newcastle Thunder save Bob Beswick , Still they are a place above London and as Bill Parcells said you are what your record says you are. A game London should win despite no Cory Aston. Will Newcastle kick to Abbas Miski on the Left wing that would be a mistake, and what version of "The Jam Sandwich" will turn up today, Tasty or Stale. As Paul Broadbesnt astutely noted, Jarrod Sammut is a front foot player and so London's pack needs to be able to hold its own. Will they do so ?
  8. Hull FC are a big club - and Brett Hodgson is an L-Plate coach at First Grade level having coached the Western Suburbs magpies in the NSW Comp. In addition, his ties in the UK were with Huddersfield and Warrington. that's important in the sense that Adrian Lamb, as an example, was a Wigan player before being appointed first grade coach so for an overseas coach would know something about the history, tradition and expectations at the club. So in short, is a bit of a punt to take on an inexperienced overseas coach with no prior connection with the club., That said, he does appear to have ch
  9. Well played Hull . As a critic of Brett Hodgson's appointment as Hull Coach consider me silenced or as Jiffy said after the final hooter, Hull are " a well coached side this year" which is a very subtle and apt comment. Hardaker horror show for a Wigan side that never got going, by contrast Adam Swift showing what he can do with a chance to play first grade on a regular basis, something he wass not going to get at St Helens. With fans coming back for the Semi-Final, the odds must by shortening on Hull winning the cup again.
  10. Disappointing performance from West Tigers, You cannot spot a side three scores in three sets and expect to come away with a win. The game is a great humbler and for Zaz Cini, it's Hero to Zero. The young man should learn from that. I wish I had gone with my gut instincts when tipping on Ricky's Raiders Faders as another 16 point lead evaporates in the Riverina against a non-vintage Newcastle Knights. As they say on Fox League, Headlines like Canberra Capital Crisis - Don't believe a word of it. It's a squad of blokes pulling together for the Green Machine. No trouble in the cam
  11. Sharkies spanking at Penrith was about as predictable as a North Korean Presidential election. It's what happens when you hire an ordinatry coach who selects ordinary players on big money. Craig Fitzgibbon has to have a three year plan to turn this around. All I can say about the Parra attitude on display against a Roosters side being held together with sticking tape was with that amount of posession the scoreline should have been closer to Thursday nights not a game still within the Roosters grasp. I await their end of season implosion. Parra have also achieved something unthinkablk
  12. Still very much the case, in the 21st Century just substitute Supporters Trust for Chairman. I live in Kent and the County is a bit of a sporting wasteland, The only professional soccer club is Gillingham FC - One of the London Broncos ground options and of course Kent County Cricket which used to have a lot of grounds dotted around the county but now centres itself on Canterbury (East Kent CCC). There is no Rugby Union club of any note in the County. The lack of a rugby culture is a plus and a minus for any league side, but there are logistical drawbacks (i.e where to play. ther
  13. Did I enjoy that, Thursday night footy is sponsored by Red Rooster and enjoyed by The Red Rooster It may have been raining in Sydney but a Storm hit Stadium Australia drowning out the woeful Wabbits. Six tries for Josh Addo-Carr and anyone studying the game Film of this match would salute Fantastic Mr Fox . The most impressive thing about Melbourne was the desire to keep the battered bunnies out in the final miunutes nornally in a game when you have won it by the 50th minute there is a tendency to let the opposition in for a few tries in garbage time which makes the score more respec
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