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  1. Souths easily over a team of try-hards at the Doggies who basically are just not good enough
  2. Great win for the Warriors with the rest of the NRL engaging in Schadenfreude in the Broncos discomfort. As the NRL media are great at turning a broken fingernail into an amputation drama in the East Coast Goldfish bow,l you can prepare for reading about a whole week of Bronco angst... The true word on Blake Green is in the NZ Herald link https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=12345460 Two points Good luck with the recruitment as top drawer Aussies are reluctant to cross the ditch and play for the Warriors Blake Green would be a useful one year deal for a Super League club.
  3. Wowza -another cracking game and psst.. although no-one is talking about them being premiers the Pink Panthers are really rather good.. Lets just keep it amongst ourselves eh.. As for Wests ~BringbackBenji
  4. Sharkies beating one of the worst teams in the Competiton - can't argue with that but Cronulla has has a relatively soft schedule and is .500. Next weeks game against the Penny Panthers will determine if the club are contenders or pretenders Winning the Super League is not that highly ranked amongst NRL powerbrokers who would rather appoint an assistant from a successful NRL Club like Melbourne.
  5. That's just the thing though his hand is not on the tiller so to speak It's a three man selection committee with Shane Flanagan and Dean Young. Seen by some as a way of forcing him to resign rather than be sacked and save on not paying up the rest of his contract https://www.sportingnews.com/au/league/news/nrl-news-st-george-illawarra-dragons-2020-paul-mcgregor-line-up-matt-dufty/1ph9hnam1lxgw17nypjj7wka6i Good luck with recruitment for 2021 - Because the first thing a plauyer wants to know is who am I playing for ?
  6. You learn more from your losses than your wins, I am sure Trent Robinson will focus on the penal;ties given away in the second half by the Roosters and the fact they "won" and lost the game twice in the last 10 minutes. Of more serious concern are the injuries to Boyd Cordner and Daniel Tupou. Good Job the Roosters ghave a relatively easy schedule comiong up. Melbourne - Anyone who writes off a Craig Bellamy coached side with Cameron Smith is a complete tool. The storm will be there or therabouts in the Finals series. Three stonking games in the last three weeks, Roosters - Eels, Eels-Raiders and now Roosters-Storm. There's been a lot of mediocrity this year but when two quality NRL sides go at it there nothing better.
  7. Canberra still misfiring this season. Ricky's Raiders with a bit more composure would have finished off SGI before the half but SGI recovery in the second half probably means the St George Illawarra (SGI) board cab put off the evil day when they have to sack Paul McGregor which is going to damn SGI in the 2021 season as well as this season.
  8. North Queensland seem to go ok in tropical Towbnsville yet are uber ordinary away from there. Note of caution to the slippery Eels out there - You play your best footy in the finals series not in July.
  9. Back on topic I got my latest update from the London Broncos which reads:
  10. Melbourne for me, the loss of Victor Radley will be felt Roosters cannot win every game
  11. Brian Carney Presents GAA Sports on SKY as well as RL. We shall never know if he completed his legal studies his reason for leaving Gold Coast Titans or whether it was cover for joining Munster RU. Jon Wells, entrepreneur extraordinaire, Is legally qualified and has his own linked in entry https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jon-wells-0600b221 Before returning to his Native New Zealand around 2010, Graeme West was a Taxi Driver in Wigan
  12. Benji On the move ? https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2020-benji-marshall-round-8-transfer-news-dropped-shopped-around-wests-tigers/news-story/a1e7e03c4f31596238d708b48f402e92
  13. Bigest problem with SKY is thta it is now owned by CNBC and has no more involvement with Ruper Murdoch. This will affect league for there are no aussies with an emotional attachment to Rugby League involved in decision making. CNBC having a wholly different agenda. Believe it or not it bolis down to does the buyer like you and waht your bring to the party or not. If the byer has no background in the game that could be a problem.
  14. Reviving this thread is a bit like reviving GB. I was against ditching the GB brand for Test matches - which was done IIRC for Sport England funding. But now It was a mistake to bring it back last year. Times move on and its England now for better or worse. NB - Well over 40 poster
  15. Sad if "Woody" turns up at Belmore but this is a dogged but talent deficient squad and shorn of Hopoate, I do not see too many results going the dogs way in the near future
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