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  1. Not buying the Warrington fans downbeat view of their sides chances I think they a side that raises its game depending on the opposition and will do so today. So Warrington to win and Izt appears I am in their end to boot.....
  2. Well earned win for St Helens. They owned the last 60 mins of the game and were much the better side.
  3. I needed that Sharks win it will reopen the question marks about the Bronx The Bunnies are back and less of a surprise than it should be. The Cows have underwhelmed at home again.
  4. Was less than 10,000 in the ground at the start ( I am in block 120) filling up now. St Helens much more fluent in attack and it shows. Leeds had the territory in the first 20 mins but have not capitalised.
  5. Tiger trauma with 44 unanswered second half points for the Dragons. One of the big things about this year's NRL is that there are so many games that literally are a game of two different halves.
  6. Winners - St George-Illawarra, Gold Coast Titans, North Queensland Cowboys, Cronulla Sharks, Melbourne Storm, Penrith Panthers and Paramatta Eels. Points - 348 Away Wins - 2 Poll - 3 or 4
  7. Last week was a tale of tipping trauma and this week promises the same with the "will they won't they" question mark hovering over Origin participants and this weeks teams St George Illawarra v West Tigers At the 'gong so would favour SGI. All three Origin SGI players on the extended bench. No Sezer or Bateman for Wests but Olam back. Flanagan needed to give a serve to SGI last week at half time against the Panther cubs and it worked but as he said there is only a certain amount of times you can do that in a season. This looks like the sort of banana skin SGI slip on. Going to be close. - Dragons breathing fire? Gold Coast Titans v South Sydney Gold Coast with a win at Suncorp and Keiran Foran back at Home against a South Sydney side that should have Cody Wallker back on field to back up what he says with 'trell in the team talk. Again going to be a bit of a coin toss here as you can make a case that both sides are running into form at last. Who will be the Star at Gold Coast as opposed to In the Star at Gold Coast? North Queensland Cowboys v New Zealand Warriors Here is the conunderum for both coaches, do you stick with your reserve graders who chalked up some impressive results last week or do you immediately go back to your Origin / Injured players ?. Again a close call, but the fact that it's in Tropical Townsville tips it against the Wahs. - Ride Em Cowboys ? Brisbane Broncos v Cronulla Sharks Game of the week and if the Sharkies are currently on the crest of a slump, so have recent results revived concerns about the Bronx and their premiershiop credentials. It's a vital statement game for both sides, But consider this, the Sharks won in Melbourne without Nicho Hynes (and with a little referee controversy) but can the Bronx win without Reece Walsh and Adam Reynolds ? Broncos to get "Bronx Cheer" ? Melbourne Storm v Newcastle Knights Not a full strength Melbourne against an unchanged Knights side who corpsed badly at home last week losing heavily to a Dogs side that played 20 mins with only 12 on the park. Adam O'Brien hoping for a reaction. Craig Bellamy expecting one. That's the difference. - The Knightmare continues.. Penrith Panthers v Manly Sea Eagles After the Cubs got singed by the Dragons in the second half last week. the Penny Panthers rush their origin players back into the starting XIII against a Slivertails side that also featuresd theirs. Penny Panthers losing two in succession. Don't bet against it as Manly will not have a better chance at Blue Bet. The key to the game will be the Panthers pack which needs to achieve dominance over Manly in the way they did over Cronulla otherwise the Silvertail backline could cut loose. Panthers pounce on Silvertails? Canterbury Bulldogs v Paramatta Eels Monday early evening footy, and a humdinger at Accor, between a Dogs team eager to get one over on their neighbours, and an Eels side with Gutherson and Moses a competely different "kettle of fish" than without them. The Dogs are like kryptonite to me this year whatever way I tip with them it goes the opposite,. So Dogs fans must be overejoyed when I post - Parra adore Accor. As always good luck with your tips, It was all going well for me after game 1 last wek and then it went south rapidly. Expect more of the same this week.
  8. Winners - Paramatta Eels, Newcastle Knights, Penrith Panthers, Dolphins and Sydney Roosters Points - 218 Home Wins - 5 Poll - Roosters v Cowboys
  9. As Origin begins to impact on the league of the unexpected Paramatta Eels v Cronulla Sharks Both Clint Gutherson and Mitchell Moses return for Paramatta in a line up which looks more like the starting XII Parra fans would have expected at the year. As I have posted before on here "Gutho" is the heart of the Eels in much the same way that Liam Farrell is at Wigan, and Mitchell Moses contributes not just as a olaymaker but also as an organiser and with his defensive work. Up against a Sharks side that was exposed by the Penny Panthers big time last week much to my embarrasment. Yes, I could envisage them losing at Shark Park, but not being nilled and not by such a large margin. This causes a degree of "mental branding" on a team. In short to beat the Sharkies you, Gain forward dominance and despite Rudolf and Hamlin-Uele being on the bench Parra have the forwards to do this. Pressure the playmakers, in this case Atkinson and Trindall, and finally bomb the wingers in particular Sione Katoa. - No Nicho Hynes or Cameron McInnes for Sharkies so - Eels slither past Sharks. Newcastle Knights v Canterbury Bulldogs A coin flip game, but your attention is drawn to the Novocastrians home record. Newcastle is nopt an easy place to gaet a result and the Knights are off a bye week although I expect this to be close - Canterbury are in the Doghouse with me tip them amnd they lose, tip the opposition and they win No bone for the Doggies. Penrith Panthers v St George Illawarra - SKY When I saw the Panther Cubs in the NSW cup at Belmore earlier this season I was impressed. One of the reasons why the mountain men have shed big names in recent seasons yet remained perennial challengers is the quality of the juniors coming through. By contrast SGI also produce good juniors... who then go to other NRL Clubs. This and the absence of Hunt, Lomax and Su'a with Jack Bird injured. Puts SGI on the back foot. Sadly a favourite of mine in Mikaele Ravalawa this years SGI Bobblehead is a shadow of his former self having lost a step. He joins last years bobblehead the departing Zac Lomax as the curse of the bobbleheads rears its head at Kogarah. Cubs claw Dragons Dolphins v Canberra Raiders - SKY The fins let me down last week losing to a Wahs side minus NINE first grade players. They are up against Ricky's Reeling Raiders looking to bounce back after being trouted by the Roosters in the Capital. The swing facor for me it's not at cavernous and half-empty Suncorp but packed Kayo at Redcliffe. So I will stick with the Fins but who knows with them Sour Milk at Kayo. Sydney Roosters v North Queensland Cowboys - SKY Now its the season for upsets in the NR,L and there would be no bigger upset than the depleted cows coming down fromn tropical Townsville to put one over on a Roosters side that still looks pretty good on paper and has the Aussie test captain ready to prove a point over his Origin omission. Even the bookies struggle with this. Teddy Triumohs. As always good luck with your tips.
  10. Ahem not a Warrington fan actually, but interesting to know you have no faith in your team. Try watching mine and you would have something to complain about.... Couple more comments relevant to this thread, Firstly the idea was post - Vegas to have NRLW game as the third match at Vegas. This seems to have gone out the window. V'landys has sold this as a four year plan, it's not looking good if you then have to import to UK teams to bump up the number in attendance at Allegiant Stadium because it indicates the NRL is not cutting through and to be changing strategy after one event smacks of panic. Now going slightly off topic, on the NFL London Franchise, speaking last year at an NFL UK function at Battersea Power Station Commissioner Roger Goodell stated the long term goal for the NFL is to establish a European Division with four teams to increase revenue from TV in the US and Europe and to reduce logistical issues this side of the pond. Remember Jacksonville Jaguars already play two games in the UK (Home and Away) anyway and this will increase while the Jags stadium is rebuilt with the possibility of three games so in effect the Jags are already promoted as London's team. Comparing the NFL with over 40 years of International Games with the NRL in Vegas after one year is like comparing apples and oranges. Though perhaps the NRL missed a trick in not allowing the Roosters to return and buiold a following, to become the Jacksonville equivalent in the US as "America's team". as Uncle Nick wanted.
  11. Very surprised to read this as the Vegas matches are to promote Australia in the USA and to break into the US sports betting market. So I am not sure two northern towns which most americans have not heard of, would achieve this. Now if the article was about FOX TV ratings, then any team coached by Sam Burgess would be a draw in Australasia. But then if I was Warrington I would be thinking more about appearing in the Workd Club Challenge down under, which is a reasonable assumption as it stands, than playing a one-off game in Las Vegas.
  12. Take nothing away from KR who were far rhe superior side. London stuck at it with three tries from Waller, Macani and Bassett. That said when you already have the game won by half-time you do.losrxa little intensity and I would have thought that the KR half-time talk would have focused on keeping the Broncos off the score board so one Alex Walker got over that target was gone. Still at least the Broncos will not go through the season winless though it is hard to see where another win is coming from
  13. Double post sorry but not as tech savvy as you younglings. 0-46 at the half, a game between a top six Super League side and a mid-table championship side no two ways about it. London's try hards are not good enough. A tonic for the large number of KR fans but for the neutral coming to their first super league game........
  14. At the ground, 5 tries scored by KR off six sets. All to a greater or lesser degree on the right hand side. London just squandered possession in the KR 20. This is going to be a long afternoon
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