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  1. Eight pages on something not officially announced..... Some points not being made on this thread, BT might offer more money but Super League takes the lower priced SKY deal. There are a couple of reasons to support this. Firstly, SKY sports subscription base is far bigger than that of BT sport so you would end up with fewer viewers and this would have a commercial effect as less eyeballs were on your product. Secondly, most people cannot afford TWO sport subscriptions, so If Rugby League went to BT then because SKY has Cricket and the NFL along with SKY Movies and SKY Atlantic why risk marital discord by changing Pay TV channels. Personally I would still watch my Club live and whatever makes Free to air but stick with SKY. I also read that Robert Elstone was in discussion with about ten platforms for the game which could include channels 4, 5 and Amazon. If you have say 10 games on FTA it drags down the value of the Pay TV deal as even as a simulcast since Pay TV no longer has exclusivity. Finally, a FTA package is not a panacea in itself, for sure it brings the game to Older People and the unwaged but it is not perhaps how the young and monied consume sport these days and they are advertisers target audience. Take Cricket as an example, when last years viewing figures on SKY drew more of the young target audience than the BBC https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/cricket/article-8711573/ECB-blow-25s-pick-Sky-Sports-BBC-Englands-Twenty20-matches-against-Pakistan.html Being on FTA definately helps the profile but as the example above proves if your off FTA for a while it takes time to build an audience. Yes,, I know the BBC covers the challenge cup and will cover the world cup (on the redbutton for most - sorry to dissappoint) but FTA coverage is sporadic and not like the old Grandstand coverage of years past.
  2. All the signals coming from Elstone & Co and the media is that the SL chairmen have decided to "Run with the Bulls Yeah alright !" * and if it does not work out for the RFL - there's always stock car racing at Odsal https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/18895708.readers-react-odsal-looks-set-host-stock-cars-soon/ * anyone remember that from the late 1990's
  3. Winners in Bold Last weeks losses were "hard to take" but unless Jerry Glanville comes out of retirement to coach the Falcons It's Las Vegas Baby ! Upsets - Baltimore over Pittsburgh at Three Rivers and the value bet Jacksonville playing tough and with journeyman Mike Glennon as starter to beat a Ckleveland side shorn of Myles Garrett as well as Odell Beckham and with Baker Mayfield at QB more dangerous to the Browns playoff chances than the opposition. Detroit Lions. v Houston Texans Dallas Cowboys. v. Washington Pittsburgh Steelers. v. Baltimore Ravens Atlanta Falcons. v. Las Vegas Raiders Buffalo Bills. v. Los Angeles Chargers Cincinnati Bengals. . v. New York Giants Indianapolis Colts. v Tennessee Titans Minnesota Vikings. v. Carolina Panthers New England Patriots. v. Arizona Cardinals New York Jets. v. Miami Dolphins Jacksonville Jaguars . v. Cleveland Browns Denver Broncos. v New Orleans Saints Los Angeles Rams. v. San Francisco 49ers Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Kansas City Chiefs Green Bay Packers. v. Chicago Bears Philadelphia Eagles. v. Seattle Seahawks
  4. It will be season ticket holders only to begin with and capacities varying according to size and location. If Rugby League restarts after 22nd March 2021 crowds will be in albiet restricted at first.
  5. Trap game for St Helens, the most consistent side in Super League, against a team of galacticos, Catalans being a sort of Warrington with a proper coach in Steve McNamara who, despite what many of you think, did a good job as England Coach. Difficult to call, for if Catalans expensively assembled outfit clicks, Kristian Woolf might end up with a repeat ofJustin Holbrook's first seaso,n dominating the league but nothing to show for it (I don't count the hubcap). The romantics on here will want a final showdown between Jammer and Lockers but as Steve Waugh put it, there are few fairytale ending in sport. I am tipping Catalans and with my record that must causing many sighs of relef in WA10....
  6. Rude scoreline at the end of the game not reflecting the way the game had played out but the Hardaker try early in the second half killed the game at 19-2. Hull FC fans usually start the season with high expectations and end in crushing dissappointment. This time round post Lee Radford's televised sacking pre-lockdown, expectations would have been much lower and in that respect Hull FC probably exceeded expectations for once so perhaps their fans can look at 2021 with cautious optimism for a change. From an outsiders perspective the club is on the right path.
  7. Winners in bold - Siome surprises in store as some teams play to their proper potential like Atlanta against a combination of Taysom Hill and JaMISS Winston. Raiders to do the double over Kansas City Seattle Seahawks. v Arizona Cardinals Cleveland Browns. v. Philadelphia Eagles New Orleans Saints. v. Atlanta Falcons Washington. v. Cincinnati Bengals Carolina Panthers. V. Detroit Lions Jacksonville Jaguars. v. Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens. v. Tennessee Titans Houston Texans. v. New England Patriots Denver Broncos. v. Miami Dolphins Los Angeles Chargers. v. New York Jets Indianapolis Colts. v. Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings. v. Dallas Cowboys Las Vegas Raiders. v. Kansas City Chiefs Tampa Bay Buccaneers. v. Los Angeles Rams
  8. On paper Wigan should win this, however on paper, Wigan should have beaten Salford in the semi's last year and look how that turned out. It's got to be at the back of Adrian Lam's mind and will be on a lot of Wiganers minds if Hull are in the game come the final 20 minutes. Andy Last may be on to something at the FC building a "tribe" plkayers that dont just play for the shirt but their mates in the team. A XIII that plays as a team will always beat XIII glacticos who do not. it's the secret of Salford's success over the past year and a lesson learned it would seem in West Hull. Give my tipping record in the playoffs , I can only predict a nailed on Wigan Win....
  9. Tough for Leeds, but they care building a club there on the lines of the mid noughties era with a team wuith a locally developed core supplimented by overseas signings who are addition to rather than the fulcrum of the side. That club has a bright future.
  10. Fundamental problem with this is, I and many other championship club supporters donated their season ticket money to the club. I would still buy a 2021 Season Ticket for London Broncos. If however we had a situation where having paid for a 2021 ticket, I was then being told I had to pay again to watch the Broncos, my response, politely, would be I have already paid to watch my club at home so it would be taking the p**s to charge me again. At a minimum, I would expect a free livestream for ST Holders While I have come to realise that there is a large clump of TRL posters who either never go to matches or go very infrequently. Those of us that do go, at some expense, to support their club and Rugby League events across the country are, some might say, the bedrock of the game and this is a sport that, when things do get back to normal, will need fan goodwil more than ever. So why even contemplate pay per view. Incidentally, I make the point again when the RFL engaged in a PPV exercise with the England v Samoa game down under a couple of years ago, rumour has it in a competitior magazine that less than 1,000 paid to watch. It's an experiment the RFL has never repeated since which gives some credence to the story.
  11. Robert Elstone gave he game away before the Warrington v Hull game with his emphasis on "supporter base" I picked that up and so did Brian Carney. If you look at the other candidates the two non-heartland area clubs do not average more than 2,500 and the other heartland clubs have a glass celiling as they compete for fans in the same area as established Super League clubs, which leaves you with Bradford for the reason you outline.
  12. Well Played Hull a total team effort. Glad to see that my Rugby League score predictions remain consistently... bad As for Warrington, they do not appear to like being front runners and when push comes to shove you get 13 individuals on the field. That's down to coaching, when I have been in Illawarra there was incredulity that Steve Price was seen a s coaching material by a cashed up Super League club.. If his coat was not hanging on a shaky nail before it certainly is now..
  13. Difficult to predict this one, French sides do not travel well in either code and Leeds are a side that is currently flying under the radar despite being Challenge Cup holders, when it comes to Super League. Prediction - Ronnie Rhino will look happier than Drago come the final hooter.
  14. I would like a win for the Airlie Birds but being a Rugby realist, there is absolutely no way Warrington Wolves will lose at Home .
  15. Winners in Bold and I demand a recount on last Monday's Jets v Patriots game with Joe Flacco throwing deep into double coverage with just over 5 minutes remaining when they should have run out the clock and then the Jets leaving 12 men on the field for a field goal attempt giving an automatic penalty and a first down goal to go to the Patriots when they looked down and out - This is skullduggery Tennessee Titans. v. Indianapolis Colts Cleveland Browns. v. Houston Texans Detroit Lions. v. Washington Green Bay Packers. v. Jacksonville Jaguars New York Giants. v. Philadelphia Eagles Carolina Panthers. v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Las Vegas Raiders. v. Denver Broncos Miami Dolphins. v. Los Angeles Chargers Arizona Cardinals. v. Buffalo Bills Los Angeles Rams. v. Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints. v. San Francisco 49ers Pittsburgh Steelers. v Cincinnati Bengals New England Patriots. v. Baltimore Ravens Chicago Bears. v. Minnesota Vikings
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