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  1. Winner - Paramatta Eels Tries - 8 Points - 40 It will rain Sunday and the crowd will be mainly Eels fans. Penrith are overwhelmning favourites but this is the battle of the west with no love lost out there. If anyone has the secret sauce against the Penny Panthers it's the Ells so if anyone can the Eels can. (That's the last of my cliche's for this season).
  2. Having read the proposals on the Hull Daily mail website. Vety positive, not a lot to disagree with. the only caveat I would have is that you should be able to drop from Category A to B as much as the reverse. In 2002 Bradford Bulls would have been an A Club in 2022 not so. The reality of sports is that you do not stay on top forever and if you make bad decisions you will pay a price for it. Not be propped up. The old Licensing arrangement allowed three clubs to atrophy almost to extinction - Bradford, London and Salford. Hopefully the new prposals, as I read it , will avoid this.
  3. Slightly concerned for 25 minutes, but once the Penny Panthers got going - One way traffic. Four disallowed tries underscoring the gulf between the two sides. Not sure considering the Cows game and Penrith's slow start that having a week off really goves that muich of an advantage as oposed ti playing each week.
  4. Parra attitude wins the day, in a rollercoaster match in which Eels fans probably wemnt through the seven ages of man in the last forty.. Cows like Sharkies ahead of schedule this season but Parra wrer the more creative side making more line breaks than the Cows who played a more physical game. Man of the match Clint Gutherson, simply superb. All I now need is a penny panthers win.
  5. Winners - Paramatta Eels and Penrith Panthers Points- 86 Poll - South Sydney On the face of it in Townsville and with a weeks rest the Cows should win but this is the last hurrah for this Eels side so Head - Cows Heart - Parra - I am going with the Heart for a Paramatta Win Home advantage for the Rabbits but the Penny Panthers can physicallky dish it out as well as take it. Head and Heart in unison for the Panthers here Grand fInal - Battle of the West IV Good luck to all.
  6. The nost mercurial team in the comp progresses. Nice to ee a game of Rugby League rather than an all in stoush with a bit of rugby thrown in.
  7. Winners - Paramatta Eels and Cronulla Sharks Points - 87 in total Highest Points Scorers - Paramatta Eels Now or never for this group of Eels, Canberra played better than I expected against the Storm but the Storm contributed to their own demise. Sharkies cannot make the same mistake as the Roosters in getting drawn into a game of Thugby League against the Black-Hearted Bunnies. A strong ref with no tolerance for thuggery and play acting helps - Not that I am in any way salty about last week..
  8. Thanks but my tipping has been badly off these past few weeks. If Jim Bronco had stayed the course, you might have had a different winner, which shows that in tipping competitions , as in real life sport, Withdrawls do affect the outcome of a competition.
  9. PANTHERS POWER PAST PARRA HALF BACK CONTEST HAS CLEARY WINNER Its often forgotten that in matches between sides with an even distribution of talent. Its very difficult for one side to win all three contests between them and so it proved. I was not of the opinion that the result was ever in doubt in the battle of the West, even when Parra got to 8-7 up after 50 mins. Penrith had the better go forward and Waqa mess Blake made of dealing with the high ball the whole game.... That said, rule Paramatta out of the finals at your peril, especially if Mitchell Moses is back next week.
  10. Before this thread decends further into a political debate. Responsible journaliosm is about reporting the facts as they are, not slanting them to support your narrative. You do that and it is opinion not journalism. As for the Ryan Giggs saga, salacious gossip about celebrities and the lives of the rich and famous do sell papers at the tabloid end of the market. It's treated as a matter of "public interest" and proof of that is the existance of this thread...
  11. We should whether the third test proceeds this morning following advice from the DCMS (i.e The Government) to sporting bodies. There are three options Postpone the game and re-arrange for August 2023 (when there is no red ball cricket) as with the 5th Test v India. Extend the game by a day which South Africa, who need the point,s are willing to do Restart the game on Saturday concluding Monday as scheduled Taking each in turn The first option sounds attractive, but unlike the India Test in Manchester, the game is actaully underway in that the toss has been made, teams selected and the first day lost to rain. So as with the India test this year it's equally a question of context with both sides potentiually looking different and the World Test Championship cycle having run its course by then. The second option brings logistics problems for Broadcasters (equipment and costs) and Surrey CCC (catering, stewarding etc). In addition to which how many people can get time off at short notice to actually spectate at the ground. The third option is the most sensible, we could have lost today to rain as well, and it is the minimum disruption model. The snag with all this is that Surrey lease the Oval from the Duchy of Cornwall so in theory this is the now King Charles III land so the wishesw of the new monarch should be being sought about this. All will be revealed this morning.
  12. Winners - Penrith Panthers, Melbourne Storm, Cronulla Sharks, Sydney Roosters Points - 138 Poll - 3 Good luck to all tipsters as these are 4 cin flip match ups.
  13. West Tigers absolutely abject, it did occur to me following Brisbane's "performance" against SGI and Ricky dropping Wighton and Whitehead that Tigers could be in with a chance here with Canberra home and hosed but to be 42-0 down at the half, at one of youy own grounds, is indescribably bad / pathetic / disgracful take yopur pick of adjectives. Fell for the Tigers fans who paid to watch this, Ricky's Raiders resting a few more players and putting the que on the rack for the second half, otherwise it would have been way more than a 44 point shellacking. If I was a West Tiger, I wuld be thinking after that not so much have I got a future at West's but do I have a future as a Rugby League player full stop.
  14. No time to crow about the Roosters, because the game that matters is next week. With players returning and some maybe not, in particular joey Manu. Next week will be coin flip. Rumours of the Storm's demise are getting more credible by the day. They should polish off ricky's Raidersw or the Brox but then....
  15. Winners, Melbourne Storm, Canterbury Bulldogs, Sydney Roosters, NZ Warriors, Brisbane Broncos, North Queensland Cowboys, Cronulla Sharks, Canberra Raiders. Points 372 Away Wins - 4 Biggest Margin - I was tempted by the Bulldogs over the Silvertails but I am going for Ricky's Raiders to put the final coup de grace on the Tigers season. After last week some Tigers players wouls struggle to tackle a lamington let alone a Raider. Not that I am sore they blew it after I had tipped them... I cannot see the Melbourne Storm being that Indisciplined two weeks in a ro,w nor this Paramatta side holding it together three weeks in a row. The loss of Damien Cook and Campbell Graham for Souths will be decisive in the big match at Allianz. Though you did not think I was tipping the Wabbits did ya.... The Warriors at home to edge a high scoring game. Sharkies and Raiders will know what to do once the Cows and Bronx results are in. Good luck with your tips.
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