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  1. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/the-nrl-was-spending-500-000-a-day-that-s-about-to-be-cut-in-half-20200328-p54eu8.html
  2. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/120614918/we-want-a-new-deal-channel-nine-tells-nrl-it-wont-make-its-next-payment
  3. Neil Diamond gets in on the act https://youtu.be/sPLgsV_Ms3Q
  4. Now pretty muich nailed on with the NRL potentially continuing to November 2020.
  5. It should never be forgotten that if there is an event impacting on Sport its not just the clubs and parties affected but a lot of other parties from caterers to the trade press. Rugby League needs LPL not just as a newspaper and magazine but also as the only organisation publishing a yearbook on Rugby League and as a forum for debate on the game. My regards to the staff at LPL and I hope the company can get through this troubled time without any impact on the continued employment of all staff working there.
  6. It is often the case in Employment Law that if an allegation of gross misconduct is made then Suspension from duties is the course of action taken by the employer but it is also clear to the employee and their representative that Suspension does not imply guilt. It provides a breathing space to allow a proper investigation to take place and for the facts to be established to lead the investigator to have reasonable belief as to whether or not an act occurred. I think you will find Ben Thaler has been suspended for more than a few weeks and as with any workplace his absence would have been noted and would have prompted speculation as to why. Announcing his suspension from duties pending an investigation kills the "why" aspect of his absence and while for the vast majority of people the fact that there is not enough evidence to support a reasonable belief in substantiating the allegation against Ben Thaler is enough, especially considering that Employment Law has a lower standard of proof than Criminal Law, you are never going to stop some people speculating about this. But over thime this will fade away.
  7. Reads like a good old British fudge. Keep the 12 clubs already in and promote the Championship Grand Final winner. As with most fudges it's not properly thought through. The one "positive" of the current coronavirus situation, in some people's eyes, would be that a cull of Rugby League clubs caused by the cash-flow would be the act of social darwinism that should cause a radical re-think of what type of professonal structure the game in this country needs. So the idea floaed on this board every now and then of a two tier professional league of 20 clubs based upon the ability to fund a full-time squad and other criteria such as Location, Grass Roots development, Value to the TV deal etc. The number of 20 clubs being enough to generate enough support amongst Championship clubs and other applicants to force this through in rugby leagues very own #metoo moment. I am afraid a franchised league of X number of clubs is becoming inevitable and COVID19 is in some ways accelerating history in that I cannot see the current structure surviving. Sooner of later the leading clubs and administrators will have to tajke some action to preserve the game in the northern hemisphere..
  8. Depends upon what the RFL's internal procedures are. Some Grievance procedures do have provision for regarding a malicicous allegation as a disciplinary matter. Its would depend upon whether those doing the investigation felt that any allegation was made with genuine belief that an act had occurred causing Ben Thaler's suspension. As for releasing details o the allegation. As it has been found to be of no substance by the investigation it consistutes hearsay, and as such, there is no reason to put this in the public domain.
  9. Common sense on Coronavirus from Israel's Ministry of Defence https://www.youtube.com/embed/TjkMhV17coI?wmode=opaque
  10. Some Photos from the last attended NRL game 1 Western Suburbs warm up in the trainiing ground behind the South end of the ground for the Canterbury Cup game 2 The St George - llawarra Flames Cheerleaders obvously knew I was coming and dressed accordingly 3 There was pnly 9,100 in attendance as thi shot of the North Stand attests. Only the sellout in Townsville 4 Match action and its was wet for p[art of the first half. 5 Going into contact 6 Ben Hunt Kicks on the last tackle 7 Tyson loking a little Frizzelled I was not going to miss this game as I was treated to another Benji Marshall masterclass pulling the strings and rolling back the years remimniscent of the old days with Robbie Farah, Pat Richards, Brett Hodgson and Gareth Elis in 2004/05 - Not so much WOKKA TRY as Wokka team that was. As for James Graham have to report that Jammer looked very much off the pace and appears to have played one year too many. Although the game was played on Sunday night one tackle on Benji was more like Monday morning it was so late. Much is made of the fact that St George bombed two tries near the end but gie the balance of play I am still Benji would have led to the tigers to victory regardless. I would say that Paul Mc Gregor's coat hangs on a shaky nail as St George Coach but I think the coats about to fall to the ground metaphorically speaking with an 0-2 start.
  11. And are really being helped out by the other NRL Clubs for syaying in Australia and validating the NRL Season... not https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/120472029/nrl-broncos-refuse-to-help-warriors-in-hour-of-need-by-loaning-tesi-niu
  12. From my own photo collection from Paramatta Stadium to Bankwest 1. 2014 - Towards the Peter Stirling Terrace 2 2014 - The Michael Cronin Stand 3 2014 - The Ken Thornett Stand 4 2016 - The Brett Kenny Terrace 5 -2017 - From the Demolished Peter Sterling Terrace to the Ken Thornett Stand 6 2017 - From The Brett Kenny Terrace to the Ken Thornett Stand 7 2019 - Construction underweay looking from the corner of Victoria Road and O'Connell Street 8 2020 From the same corner of Victoria Road and O'Connell Street 9 2020 Looking North down O'Connel Street in the directiion of Paramatta Leagues Club 10 2020 From the Inside of the Ground before Paramatta Eels v Canterbury Bulldogs 11 2020 Loking North from the Corner - Game On
  13. e-mail sent to me from QANTAS Relevant to the forum as there will be no new players friom down under and those antipodeans already here with RL Clubs now have a choice to make about staying here or going back home until this is over..
  14. First Day back at work and in crisis meetings, Schools anticipated to be off until September 2020. Situation grim.Not just London but whole of South East going into lockdown. Ghost Trains with the few passengers on them coughing and sneezing.. A point i did not make in mty earlier post, not that I am in favour of closing the borders as this backfires with Asian countries getting a second wave of coronavirus as nationals return but when I got back to Heathrow on Tuesday morning there was no attempt to check whrher or not I had a fever just straight through the I-Gates. You would think you could identify those pasengers who were coming in with a fever and thus protecting the population as a whole including getting the rest of the aircraft passengers to self-isolate if a COVID19 carrier identified
  15. I can see the Cup Final going ahead as the comp is sufficiently advanced and the remaining rounds would be used as a pre-season comp. Magic Weekend is gone and so is the Ashes Series. The Interesting thing is P&R and Toronto Wolfpack given that travel restrictions between the UK and Canada (Now sealed off from the US) may not have eased by then.
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