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  1. Poll - Manly Sea Eagles and Penrith Panthers Points Total - 82 Most Points - Manly Sea Eagles A very un-Rooster like performance against the Titans with three soft tries conceded inb the second half that saw the Rosters cling on in a classic . This might not be The Rooster way under Trent Robinson but it's a transition season in Bondi. Manly's Turbo's will keep the Sea Eagles in flight up to the semi-final. The Wabbits rattled the Penny Panthers last week and if sudden death is not motivation enough then the fact that it's the Battle of the West should be motivation for Penrith. Brad Arthur is the Jason Garrett of the NRL like the hapless former Dallas Cowboys coach he can take Parramatta to a certain level before the parra attitude turns the fans parralytic. Parra neeed new leadership but I fear Brad has bought himself a return ticket for 2022 Thanks, but I will play to the final hooter..
  2. Another dark day partly caused by Franchise Cricket https://www.ecb.co.uk/news/2247831 India could play, but do not want to because the IPL at £ 300 Million worth more than the £ 20-30 million they will have to pay the ECB in compensation. Please recall when the IPL dates came out the BBCI wanted the ECB to reschedule to the fifth test The current dispute is whether India have forfeited the match (Pakistan 2006) or it is simply cancelled - Who would be ICC match refereee Chris Broad.... Ravi Shastri was pushing sales of his new book "Stargazing the Players in My Life" in London and apparently it turned into a maskless free for all with the India fans, subsequently Ravi and the support staff with him tested positive. BCCI are furious with him, as with anything that threatens the IPL. Our sympathy should go out to Cricket fans English and Indian who bought tickets, took time off work and paid for travel and accomodation for this game cancelled at 08:44am this morning. On a brighter note,England's women bowled better last night in a nailbiting win over New Zealand.
  3. Balanced article from Matt Shaw https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/london-broncos-part-time-rfl-21527544
  4. Winners - Melbourne Storm, Sydney Roosters, Penrith Panthers, Paramatta Eels Points - 189 Poll - 4 Teams I think we are all tipping the same teams this week !. Best game of the round and most likely upset is Paramatta and the Knights. Parra are not playing in Bankwest and Brad Arthur rested first grade last week I am not sure you can turn the tap back on, but out of respect for Peter Wynn who was very generous to me a few years back I will stick with the Eels.
  5. Well played India, sometimes you just have to say you were beaten by the better team. Unlike 2018 when it could be argued that there were two even sides with England winning the key moments. This year it is India winning the key moments with the afternoon spell from "Boom, Boom" Bumrah winning the game. Something that is often forgotten about great players, and Bumrah is a great player, is that they are not great every time they bat and bowl but what they do is make an intervention when it matters to turn the game in your direction. As someone who though India would win 4-0, I am on course for a 3-1 outcome on the spinning pich up at Old Trafford where India will surely select Ravi Ashwin. In hindsight, whree England missed a trick was, with a ridiculous five tests played in six weeks, Anderson and Robinson were not rested for this game wheras Mohammed Shami and Ishant Sharma were (Virat Kohli insists BTW that Ishant Sharma was rested not dropped...) Both should be rested for Old Trafford you have to rotate if playing in that short a timespan. The chickens of English Cricket are coming home to roost with Saqib Mahmood the latest to pull up with a side strain. If you look at the players injured and burnt out these are the multi-format players, Stokes, Archer, Wood. Players now need to make a choice Test and ODI or ODI and T20. They cannot play all formats nor should be asked to. As Colin Graves justifies Tom Harrison and Sanjay Patel's bonus on the basuis tat tey "won" both of the world cups then surely using the same logic England losing both home test series in a summer which has not happened for a while is reason enough to withdraw the £ 2.1 million bonus something that would cause me to experiece Shadenfreude.....
  6. Gonna be an interesting last episode of Tales from Tiger Town following this performance. I did think the Dogs could sneak a win but this is an absolute trouting. Concord tomorrow morning
  7. Once India pass 250 England will be on the defensive. 300 is the upper limit for a chase at the Oval. Though Kohli would like four sessions to bowl at England bear in mind England could not bat 60 overs at Lords. The main problem for England is the opening pair. The only time England has got on top of the Indian bowling was at Headingley when there was a decent opening stand and confidence amongst press and fans is low. You go back to Duncan Fletcher's maxim about express pace and spinners who beat the bat both ends. Moeen was very dissappointing neither posing a threat nor keeping it tight and though you cannot fault the effort from the seam bowlers they were looking punchless. It was reminiscent of Australia in 2017-18 when England could change the bowlers and not the bowling. Four varieties of right arm medium fast If the want a point of difference for Old Trafford then George Garton left arm quick is the man. Mark Wood is not being rested for Old Trafford at present his problem is that although he can bowl he cannot throw otherwise. The absence of Ben Stokes is being felt as he could crank it up and bowl the "heavy" ball. If England's men have a James Anderson problem when he goes in the near future, then the English Women's team has a Katherine Brunt problem. Because none of the girls chosen to bowl medium pace have either the 70 mph speed or relentless accuracy at present to replace her. 19 wides defending a low total tells it's own story. You write off the batting as a bad day at the office, but the bowling is a concern. Interesting point made by Richard Thompson Surrey CCC Chairman on Thursday when chatting with Aggers in the TMS box. 2021 is a unique year in that because of the pandemic and people only recently being allowed out to sporting venues, combined with an inability to go abroad or even to parks of the UK there has been pent up demand to attend live events which has benefited Cricket along with other sports this year but 2022-2024 would be the years to judge whether you could declare a tournament "success" both at the ground and on TV. There are TRL threads which address the issue as to why Rugby League as a sport seems disturbingly not to have benefited from a post pandemic "bounce" amongst UK sports .
  8. Reading some of the press this morning you would think it was India will the lead. England still in a fair position remember if India are 100-0 they are in effect 1-0. India though have outfielded England who have dropped 5 catches to India's none this cannot carry on. The key for today is Moeen Ali and Moeen needs to give he ball a rip and act as an attacking spinner not someone holding an end up. All to play for.
  9. If you had asked England if they would take 191 after the toss they would have, a score inflated by Thakur's slogging. More crucially, England's openers have failed again. Mutterings in the press over Hameed who deserves the same run afforded to the likes of Keaton Jennings and Dom Sibley, but Rory's technical failings are exposed at International level. For sure they like him because of his "mental toughness" but that's not enough. In fact since the whisper about Hameed is all about a lack of mental touchness perhaps we could combine the two to create an opener Haseeb Burns or Rory Hameed. As expected England cannot keep relying on Joe Root. Fast whacked 30's don't cut it at international level so the pressure is on Olly Pope to rehabilitate himself and Bairstow and Ali to actually play an innings of substance. England's first target is India's 191 then to push on if they have wickets in hand . They will need a lead because James Anderson does not look right nor will he or Robinson appreciate having to bat before Tea.
  10. Rickys Raiders Routed by Roosters, Chooks Create Canberaa Coaching Crisis ?
  11. Day of the Fourth Test Match, most likely Pope in, Woakes in, Sam Curran out. For India a choice between Shardul Thakur and Ravi Ashwin. for Ishant Sharma. I can see where Kohli is coming from about the seam attack in the sense that if if your first 7 batsmen are not putting a competitive total on the board then its a bit much asking number 8 to 11 to bail you out and if you want four seamers Thankur is a decent enough Batsman. I am surprised that anyone is surprised that Moeen is vice captain, he has been a succesful white ball captain for Worcestershire and is the senior pro likely to play for the foreseeable future in lieu of any better spinning options who can bat. Surrey's captain, Rory Burns by contrast has yet to seal the deal as a Test opener. Players now have to choose between format's, Joe Root is a much better player since he bandoned the idea of being a T20 player. Conversely Jos Buttler is a far better ODI / T20 player than a red ball player. Watching Rory Burns playing T20 is like watching a fish trying to ride a bicycle. The game is dividing slowly and players need to make a choice,betyween formats. The attached link shows the base slaries of players https://www.sportingfree.com/cricket/england-players-salary/ Centrally contracted Test players earn £ 700,000. White Ball contracts £ 175,000 plus County contract. Players on an incremental contract earn £ 10,000 per ODI and £ 5,000 per T20 plus County contract. So playing red ball cricket for your country is more guranteed money than being a white ball gun for hire. The players that are having problems are the multi-format player trying to do the lot, Archer, Stokes, Buttler etc. In the not so recent past, you made your name in Test Cricket and played out your twilight years in T20 as a way to farewell the game. That's the best course of action for a young player, make your name in the traditional game Red Ball and 50 over and then become a gun for hire afterwards. Just a couple of weblink to articles on that recent tournament. https://beingoutsidecricket.com/2021/08/29/lies-damn-lies-and-the-hundred/ and a view from the Chris Waters of The Yorkshire Post that's in accord with mine https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/cricket/the-hundred-how-will-we-cope-now-this-unmissable-entertainment-has-ended-3363256 If you want a good Cricket read I would suggest The Grumblers digest (Essex Fan Richard Clarke) https://countycricket.substack.com/ Last night Tammy Beaumont a top class innings the sort you can play with 20 extra balls.. I will be taking my winter warmers to the 5th ODI at CAnterbury. I just hope I am not next to that Alexandra Hartley.... It's the Multi-format players that are burned out
  12. Winners - Sydney Roosters, Melbourne Storm, Penrith Panthers, Brisbane Broncos, Manly Sea Eagles, South Sydney, Gold Coast Titans, West Tigers. Points - 324 Away wins - 4 Poll - Eels v Panthers A front loaded round. Ricky's rebounding Raiders face a reinforced Roosters side needing to regain momentum, I would love to have tipped the Sharkies but a depleted Melbourne is the Storm and the Sharks are the Sharks so I tip Melbourne not to lose two in a row. Souths reserve grade to beat a SGI whose once promising season has fallen apart. although I have tipped the Tigers in the final match of the regular season I would not be surprised if the Dogs bite a chunk out of the Tigers. which could be the final chapter in the tale of woe that is Tiger Town this season..
  13. Stonking Game - Loved that Brian Carney quip pre-game about Eddie Jones "Eddie Jones thinks Rugby League players need to be fitter to play Rugby Union. We've had a magician in the house now we have a comedian" - Quality ! That said, these sides will meet again in the playoffs, when Warrington may have a full deck of cards to play with. They are a mercurial side that as the end of the first half showed do not need that much posession to put points on the opposition. St Helens are the most consistent side in the league but when its a one-off game I would put money on Warrington. That said, having a good coach helps, and that Steve Price interview with Jenna Brooks brought to mind the word Clueless... It will not be a problem for Warrington next year though.
  14. I would have the perfect tipping record had it not been for Brad Arthurs revenge and a new Parra attitude. I actually think that works for the Storm because if you go on a winning streak sooner or later it's coming to an end and rather now than the playoffs.. If your looking at the fixtures in particular the first three of Round 25. The playoffs are starting early with three absolute blockbusters to start the round. The Sunday games though are less inspiring....
  15. Very surprised by events yesterday, Like Dawid Malan I fully expected India to bat until at least after Tea and set England an unconfortable target. No expanation for another 8-63 collapse against a bowling attck that was simply plugging away on a 4th stump line. The corridor of uncertainty as Sir Geoffrey puts it. Even more surprised at Virat Kohli's post match comments which hint at retaining an attack of four seamers with Shardul Thakur replacing Ishant Sharma as opposed to Ravi Ashwin who must have spilt the tea over Virat's whites in the dressing room. As for Rishabh Pant, his KP "it's the way I play" impersonation is now going too far. He should have got a massive serve on return to the dressing room. Pant's reputation is proving to be all mouth and no trousers so to speak. With England, in English conditions, there are a number of fast medium bowlers now around that will make thje transition from Anderson and Broad smoother than might have been expected Robinson, C Overton, Saqib Mahmood and the return of Chris Woakes and the promise of George Garton as the left arm quick. can take some of the pressure off the Pacemen in Archer, Wood and Stone. Not so promising when it comes to spin though. If Buttler goes off on paternity leave then Jonnny Bairstow will be keeping wicket at the Oval and either Olly Pope or Dan Lawrence will be batting so little difference IMO. Sam Curran has got to be dropped if Woakes is fit. One of the more banal phrases in sports is don't change a winning team. Of course you change a winning team if you can improve it and if yuo take into account the bprevailing conditions. On a different subject, Steve Finn has left Middlesex after 17 years, someone who never quite realised his potential simply because he remains too nice a bloke lacking the Stuart Broad "i'm playing seven" attitude. Still Steve is to join Sussex Sharks and be available in all fomats, so at least the Sharks will now have a Finn.
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