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  1. Joan Baez singing a very under-rated Bob Dylan song North Country Blues - YouTube
  2. Congratulations to Railway End on his win this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
  3. Try to Riosters in last minute of half but that ball went forward. Hutchison now injured. Bunker says no try.
  4. Ferguson in again but going up as no try possible instruction. Is Feruson just short. No try
  5. Error by Gutherson but redeemed by Rooster knock on in trying to collect
  6. Mahoney now receiving treatment after tackle on Tapou
  7. Hannah Hollis saying Sam Walker injured but will continue to play.
  8. Eels challenging that Sivo strips the ball from Ikuvalu. Challenge successful. Parra ball 10 out.
  9. Now it's the Roosters making handling error scrum to Eels 30 out from Roosters line.
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