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  1. Dolphiins, 49ers, Browns, Eagles, Patriots, Facons, Bills ,Steelers, Titans Chargers, Colts, Seahawks, Lions, Bucs, Saints, Ravens
  2. In week 1 and 2 I pointed our that I had put the home team first. In each round I will be the home team will be the first team listed.
  3. Week 20: Good luck to one and all. Poll: Rabbitohs \ Roosters Points: 340, Aways 3 Winners:Broncos, Titans Roosters, Panthers Sharks, Eels, Warriors Dragons
  4. Thanks mate and thanks for running the comp. You are doing well in my NFL currently lying second
  5. Week 2 1. Matt Santos. 27 2. R L Winger. 25 3. Irish Saint. 23 4 The Red Rooster. 22 5. gingerjon. 21 6. Gerrumonside ref. 20 6.Walfird6. 20 6.Wiltshire Rhino. 20 9. redsi42. 18 10.Bleep1673. 6
  6. Winners: Browns, Bears, Rams, Cowboys, Buccaneers, 49ers, Steelers, Titans, Packers, Colts, Bills, Cardinals, Ravens, Chiefs, Seahawks, Raiders. the Red Rooster. 13 Wiltshire Rhino. 10 Gerrumonside ref. 12 R L Winger. 14 gingerjon. 12 Wolford6. 12 Matt Santos. 15 Irish Saint. 14 redsi42. 9 Congratulations to Matt Santos on his victory this week only denied perfection by the Saints loss to the Raiders. Well played everyone a high scoring week. I'll update league table later.
  7. Thank you lads just sorry I picked the Knights to beat the Dragons as R L Winger doesnt seem to want to present me with my prize It's alright mate you are doing well in my NFL tipping competition and I think your Steelers will have a much better year than your Dragons.
  8. Tonight we have all gone for the Saints should they win one player will score a perfect 16 from 16 this week and two others 15 out of 16 ...excellent
  9. Week 3: Good luck to one and all. Thursday 24th September 2020 Jacksonville Jaguars. v. Miami Dolphins Sunday 27th September 2020 New York Giants. v San Francisco 49ers Cleveland Brown's v Washington Philadelphia Eagles. v Cincinnati. Bengals New England Patriots. v. Las Vegas Raiders Atlanta Falcons v. Chicago Bears Buffalo Bills. v. Los Angeles Rams Pittsburgh Steelers. v Houston Texans Minnesota Vikings. v. Tennessee Titans Los Angeles Chargers. v. Carolina Panthers Indianapolis Colts. v. New York Jets Seattle Seahawks. v. Dallas Cowboys Arizona Cardinals. v. Detroit Lions Denver Broncos. v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints. v Green Bay Packers Monday 28th September 2020 Baltimore Ravens. v. Kansas City Chiefs
  10. 3rd and 31 against the Jets piece of cake back up quarterback doesnt even have to throw just hand it to the running back
  11. Congratulations to Railway End on his victory this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners
  12. Week 2: Goodluck to one and all. Browns, Bears, Rams, Cowboys, Bucs , 49ers , Steelers, Titans, Packers, Bill's, Vikings, Cardinals, Ravens, Chiefs, Seahawks, Saints.
  13. Week 19: Good luck to one and all Pol: 5, Homes: 6, Points 334 Winners: Rabbitohs, Panthers, Eels, Titans, Storm, Roosters, Raiders, Knights
  14. Week 1 1.Matt Santos 12 2. R L Winger 11 3.Wilshire Rhino 10 4. gingerjon 9 4. Irish Saint 9 4. redsi42 9 4. The Red Rooster 9 8.Gerrumonside ref 8 8. Wolford6 8 10. Bleep1673 6
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