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  1. Good to see Mark Chapman back presenting Match of the Day after the recent bereavement of his wife.
  2. Congratulations to R L Winger on his victory this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
  3. Week: 9, Good luck to one and all Poll:3/4 : Homes; 4 Points: 327 Winners: Roosters, Titans, Rabhitohs, Panthers, Broncos Raiders, Eels, Sea Eagles
  4. As far as I am aware the tie- breaker only comes in to play if all selections lose in that particular round. So as I have gone for the Titans and you and Storm Girl for the Warriors the tie-breaker will not come into play this round.
  5. Graham one game per season my team show their full potential. This week I finished 153rd down mostly to having Gutherson as captain who contributed 332 points. From now on it's back to my usual also ran.
  6. At the moment the new name being proposed for the Redskins is the Red Tails. The Red Tails being the name given to fighter pilots of African and Caribbean descent in the American air force in the second world war. I shall run the tipping competition again this season.Free to enter to all as the Saw Doctors sing we are all the one. There will be a prize to the winner. I'm open to suggestions to what that should be within reason of course.
  7. Congratulations to Barney on his victory this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners
  8. Holbrook sitting all alone good luck to him he will turn them around . Goodwin now strolls over in the corner . Johnson's first failure from the sideline 40-10 three minutes left.
  9. Royce Hunt barges over for his first NRL try and Jjohnson with another easy two 36-10 seven minutes left.
  10. Some pressure here from the Titans .... and then the ball is spillled
  11. Townsend crosses for an easy try Johnson adds the two. Sharks 30-10 after an hour
  12. Having now watched the Eels game Sivo may well take headlines for his 4 tries but for me Gutherson was the star off the show. He gave a performance a certain other three full backs who shall remain nameless would have been pleased with. Even better he was captain of my fantasy team this week and did I need that.
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