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  1. Is the a site/blog/twitter/facebook which has player movements ??
  2. Release date 19 June hopefully https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=858003830932920
  3. Screenshots https://www.facebook.com/RugbyLeagueLiveUK/posts/926826644027905
  4. Here is the front cover with Darryl Powell and Adam Milner Dave from Alternative studio's posted this on rugby forum we are very pleased to say that "Rugby League Team Manager 2015" for PC is getting close to its release (no firm date just yet), and here is the game's European front cover.3D_Box UK May 2015.jpg
  5. Great news always good to get more League on the tv.
  6. Yes i know got a few off Harry but £4 a issue was just seeing if anybody had some i could get a little cheaper. None on Ebay and Amazon are just the books which i have.
  7. That's a shame. I will just keep looking.
  8. I recently got Harry Edgar's fantastic books Rugby League in the 70's & 80's and also the 50th edition of the magazine i contacted Harry and purchased a few magazines and also Rugby League in the 50's & 60's part 2 and they are wonderful it's great to see all the old players in action and stories of the great teams and old Lion Tours and World Cup wins. It's such a great shame that the Tours down under are no more and they players that have missed out. I was just wondering if anybody had any copies of the magazine they no longer wanted ??
  9. What about Cumbria ?? Greg McNally/Kyle Amor/Brad Singleton/Oliver Wilkes/Ben Harrison
  10. Well when the challenge cup was the challenge cup only 2 amateur clubs got in so who made the most appearances in 1st Round and have any Amateur Clubs beaten League sides ?? Lock Lane made it 4 times
  11. Who are the most successful Amateur clubs in the Challenge Cup ??
  12. Excellent got a copy from Amazon for £2.81 with postage.
  13. Could somebody help me i'm trying to find historical challenge cup results wiki only has the a few and the early years only the finals.
  14. Take a team from National Conference Division 3 to Super League.
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