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  1. There was a lovely moment this morning where the family of Brian ritson sponsored a shirt in his memory, the club also announced they would leave a gap in the club photo where brian normally sits
  2. Spike

    Away shirt

    When will the away shirt be released?
  3. Who would be in your town team of the decade? Who would the captain be
  4. Retired from rugby league, the ms fir tour services, best of luck in the future
  5. In fact workington has more users than fev
  6. It's on their social media, taken it off their mate
  7. Love this from widnes, really modern, fave kit so far bar none
  8. Better photo, really like the kit this year
  9. ec856a_96f1b3dc03134e55b8c9596b0db3e67d_mv2.webp
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