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  1. Theres a strong cricketing base in Cumbria, Ben played for cocketmoith. Always been lots if cricket in Cumbria marra
  2. Awful news, great servant for the club and he lived and breathed town. Knew him very well amd was a lovely bloke. Nice minutes applause at the start with his family on the pitch Rip
  3. I reckon it will be a very low crowd with the cricket world cup final on, will it be shown in the bar?
  4. What ideas can anyone come up with seen as tho the dinosaurs in charge of the council wont build the mew stadia
  5. Anyone have any idea which club he Is talking about
  6. Names? Source? Brothers best mates wifes uncles step brother
  7. Well she should. Shes useless
  8. Mr jenkinson please come on this forum and answer some questions from your constituents
  9. I'm confused what's happening?
  10. Signed back for leeds. Probably back up for Dwyer. Hoped he was coming to town!
  11. The reason he wanted to be released from his London contract was so that he could be closer to his young family
  12. Screaming commentator "remember the date 1066 the day of hastings hes gone and done it again"
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