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  1. Wonder who the coach will be Squad could be interesting too
  2. Darkness on the edge of town? Springsteen
  3. Today is Cumbria t20 finals day at Workington Cricket Club. Get yourself down for what promises to be a great day! https://twitter.com/WorkingtonCC/status/1548595252314906624?t=Uu0C8DlIfm0jjVPK-7Ukog&s=19
  4. It's for a good cause mate Take your jam tinted glasses off for once
  5. Plays his heart out every week, which is what we want
  6. Anyone know when dec is back? One of our best players should never have been allowed to leave on loan
  7. Dave weetman joined Coventry on loan
  8. New signing at 1 today
  9. Don't ask fans questions, and then be shocked when fans ask questions
  10. Didn't realise we had?
  11. Seen on his Instagram that he was at a wedding or something so mightve been given time off?
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