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  1. I have previously played rugby league live 3, I wonder if theres plans for a rl live 5 or a different series all together, rugby union has a new video game every year rugby 18 rugby 19 etc, could something like this happen in rugby league
  2. Well... my dads, brothers, wifes, sisters, husbands, grans, nephew told me he was stood outside Gregs all alone with a bacon butty in one hand and a coffee in the other
  3. Welcome to town eliot
  4. Sorry mate but the unicorn is towns
  5. Have huddersfield moved to surridge? Always seen them as a cricket company
  6. He played a few games for town in 2018, he was a waste of space and was let go alongside jordan Tansey, scottr leatherbarrow and Ryan Bailey waste of time all of them
  7. Now that dane Chisholm tweet makes sense
  8. Mugs, pens, note pads, rugby balls, shirts, training gear, cotton t shirts polo shirts, wrist bands... should I continue?
  9. It's a tradition that in workington that town do a pop up shop at Christmas, selling all the new merch and kit
  10. https://www.townshop.co.uk/ Good deals at workingtom town
  11. If it finishes as a draw, scrap golden point and we put the 2 mascots in a cage and let them fight to see who wins
  12. Workingtom town have declined to participate next year
  13. Dont know what your watching of you think we should release miller and penky, Miller's best centre In the league and penky the best hooker!!
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