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  1. Anyone got a link to commentary of game?
  2. Sunday 2PM Come on boys.. back to winning ways UTT
  3. Still didn't tell us Mellor and tickle left... so as far as we are aware officialy they are still here
  4. https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/12290860/andre-savelio-details-anger-at-alleged-racist-remark-in-hull-fcs-super-league-match-against-wigan-warriors Let's hope this is sorted as soon as possible.. doesn't look good
  5. Town weren't as bad as the commentator was making out... some good play 1st half Interesting that ollie said perry didn't enjoy Barrow and ollie himself didn't either...
  6. This refs a joke
  7. Town 6-10 Barrow
  8. Know as much as you mate, anyone know about shirts? I thought season ticket holders who donated got there names stiched in but they haven't said owt
  9. Chuckled when mr Jenkinson said he has long been an advocate for a new stadium
  10. It was stated the new stadium is one of 5 new projects, it was also said it will be 5k capacity
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