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  1. League 1 is a good league, players like rangi chase and shaun lunt in next year
  2. Isc supplying cricket kit in Aus now
  3. Workington reds have one (8th tier) but workington town dont Interesting
  4. England store has been showing this for months, anyone know what's going on?
  5. Great to see two local teams coming together, hope everyone can support the game at workington CC
  6. Brad singleton just posted this...
  7. Think it will be an interesting league, I think Ottawa are taking a different approach Toronto by the sounds of it, looking towards more Canadian players, saying that they will be a force, theres a number of clubs that could end up with promotion
  8. 1 year ago today since one of English Crickets finest days, will live long in the memory
  9. Workington, Right next to the lake district We also have 3 Costa coffees and a Muffin break
  10. Signed for saints for the rest of the season
  11. https://youtu.be/nghqjBwZTiE Think this song is relevant for what is going on at the moment
  12. Latu fifita, Scott Leatherbarrow, Jordan Tansey, Jamie Foster. Fifita was a total fraud was always injured and couldn't care less
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