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  1. Bowl, sleep, repeat. Jimmy Anderson England cricket players autobiography great insight into pro sportsman life
  2. 1) I am the resurrection *stone roses* 2) Badlands *Bruce Springsteen* 3) blinded by the light *Manfred Manns earth band* 4) Nils lofgren 5) living years *mike and the mechanics* 6) land of hope and dreams *bruce Springsteen* Hope you enjoy
  3. This is amazing, 1999 reunion tour with the e street band, *bruce Springsteen*
  4. Key dates just announced,
  5. Good player, played a few games for us, good luck to him
  6. Spike

    Eliot hall

    League debut
  7. League 1 predictions, should be an exciting competition with some exciting squads and some good players. Should be interesting to watch
  8. Spike

    Eliot hall

    Scored 4 on his workingtom debut, looks quality, what was he like for you? It appears you have a good structure bringing good players in unfortunately bring sniffed by other clubs. Well done
  9. Good game at derwent Park, town were class our defence was brilliant, new signing eliot hall from Coventry scored 4, bodes well for the season, just to note the standard of refereeing is awful, mr Crashley always seems to be reffing us and is terrible, referees can make or break a game
  10. The draw had rochdale as number 9, but he drew 9 out and read it as Sheffield, but Sheffield are 9th down!! Who are we playing
  11. @WTRLFC WEBSITE Is the popular side open today?
  12. New workington town away shirt, it's based on the clubs original colours
  13. I noticed the our league apps been updated looks really smart, has anyone else had a problem with the fixtures showing up on the match centre page? Theu aren't there on mine
  14. Spike

    Away shirt

    Whens the shirt going to be released??
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