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  1. Workington, Right next to the lake district We also have 3 Costa coffees and a Muffin break
  2. Signed for saints for the rest of the season
  3. https://youtu.be/nghqjBwZTiE Think this song is relevant for what is going on at the moment
  4. Latu fifita, Scott Leatherbarrow, Jordan Tansey, Jamie Foster. Fifita was a total fraud was always injured and couldn't care less
  5. It wouldn't work in Cumbria, I for one know lots of existing town fans that wouldn't go any where near a merged side, I believe the hatred between workingtom and whitehaven is another reason why it wouldn't work
  6. Could you do some workington town mock ups please. Would be interesting to see
  7. Bowl, sleep, repeat. Jimmy Anderson England cricket players autobiography great insight into pro sportsman life
  8. 1) I am the resurrection *stone roses* 2) Badlands *Bruce Springsteen* 3) blinded by the light *Manfred Manns earth band* 4) Nils lofgren 5) living years *mike and the mechanics* 6) land of hope and dreams *bruce Springsteen* Hope you enjoy
  9. This is amazing, 1999 reunion tour with the e street band, *bruce Springsteen*
  10. Key dates just announced,
  11. Good player, played a few games for us, good luck to him
  12. Spike

    Eliot hall

    League debut
  13. League 1 predictions, should be an exciting competition with some exciting squads and some good players. Should be interesting to watch
  14. Spike

    Eliot hall

    Scored 4 on his workingtom debut, looks quality, what was he like for you? It appears you have a good structure bringing good players in unfortunately bring sniffed by other clubs. Well done
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