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  1. REALLY I'd have though the online broadcast would have dene better then. SURELY their facebook page would be busier then? As I say, if they have the cash and the willing then let them fly 4 teams over for an 8 team mini league and see what the standard, interest and finances look like! I'm all for expansion, but we had a guy in London throwing 2 million a year into the Broncos and look where they are now?
  2. I am suggesting a business deal. Nothing more, nothing less.....and it makes more business sense to have a single stadium used by professional clubs with paying spectators 30 times a year than it does to have 2 stadiums used 15 times each a year. Twice the expense for 74 unused weekends, or half the expense and only 22 unused weekends. Do you want to borrow my calculator?
  3. The winners of the London v Fax will compete with Fev for 4th spot. The game should be a cracker and from what little highlights I've gleaned from down here over the season and based on 75% heart and 25% Head, I fancy London by 10! COYB!
  4. So just to clarify. The much maligned Auntie runs a story about a New Union coach and mentions that this person has previously worked as a Rugby League coach as a way of explaining his credentials, a comment that is as you are happy declare is factually correct. You, for some reason that I can't quite yet fathom, think this is a "negative" and proof of an agenda by the BBC to undermine Rugby League? Sometimes I despair when it comes to fans of TGG. I have no doubt at all that if the BBC had announced this new appointment and NOT mentioned that the new coach had a League pedigree, then if not you, one of the other people on your ward would have commented upon that as proof of an agenda.
  5. indeed......especially if the points reduction was inflicted on them in the middle 8....
  6. TV contracts you say? WoW...I must have missed the meeting to discuss the 4....count them again 4 local amateur sides in Toronto and it's suburbs that represent the entire organised RL scenario in Canada, a country with a population of 35,000,000+ that would interest anyone other than access TV. In 2012 there were 9 domestic teams, now there are 4...... The late great Bill Hicks used to do a routine about kids taking LSD and then jumping of skyscrapers because they though they could fly. His stance was "good....."i......ng idiots......if you can fly, why not take off from the ground? Do you see pigeons catching an elevator to the top floor before taking off"? I'm with him on this. If this Canadian deal has got legs, then let's get
  7. alas, without the Doc there's little chance of their being a Salford RL club...definitely not one in SL!
  8. Don't talk daft man. He's a Billionaire don't you know! He didn't get all that money by luck......he's a very skilled Dr of Engineering......he built his empire up from doing MOT's from a garage at the back of Knowsley Road......he's a self made man! The council are wrong, Locke is wrong, Puletua is wrong, he didn't sign any agreements to honour debts and he didn't mistakenly think he's bought a football team. Did I mention his Billions?
  9. Ah....is that the same premier league that has had 47 teams take part but only 5 different winners? Blackburn (1)....now floundering in the 2nd tier Man City (2) ...bought and paid for...very franchise like Arsenal (3)....built a business around a very strong supporter base and excellent youth recruitment pedigree. Chelsea (4). Like city, show me the receipt Man united (14)......THEY SERVICE MORE DEBT THAT MOST AFRICAN NATIONS! From memory, Liverpool, Everton, Villa and Spurs are the only 4 other clubs other than the winners (less Blackburn) who have been omnipresent.....so 8 of 47 with the rest having no chance whatsoever of getting anywhere near success without either a sugar daddy, a paid of dodgy yanks who are good at refinance or a supporter base build around the North London Irish. Rugby League isn't soccer. If Leigh replace Wakefield this year, do you think they will perform better than Wakefield in 2016? I don't. Bottom 5 (excluding London and Bradford) last year were KR, FC, Salford, Widnes and Wakey. Bottom 4 this year are (currently) the same 5 teams....i'd lay pretty good odds that 7 of this years top 8 will be there again next year too....... ...what Franchising (if managed properly) did offer was stability....and that's the first thing RL needs in the UK. Not leigh replacing wakefield....and then wakefield replacing Leigh. Attendances DROPPED at the bottom of the table last year......wait and see what the turn out is for London at home to Salford in the middle 8 to see how much worse it's going to get!
  10. I use Spotify and Pandora when working at my PC, but otherwise I play Records. My wife bought me a set of "One's and Two's" a couple of years back and I am now to be found at record fairs across the North Island "fingering boxes" of 2nd hand vinyl and occasionally a new or re-release. I recently bought a box of records "unseen" in an online auction for $20 nz (£10) and in it got mint copies of Physical Graffiti, The Wall, The Song Remains the Same and about 20 other gems. I like using "free" streaming to listen to whilst doing something else, but there's not a lot to beat playing tunes to an appreciative audience as I will be doing this saturday at the Sprig and Fern in Petone, Lower Hutt NZ!
  11. There are 4 Domestic teams all within 50kms of each other and little in the way of interest in the game in Canada. I have no problem if they want to finance an entry level side the same way that Toulouse will join at the bottom and work their way up then fine, but a SL place? Give it a rest.....London has a bigger history and heritage in RL and yet 20 years and god only knows how many millions wasted have showed us that "parachuting" sides in doesn't work. If the backers are up for it, they should invite and pay for a couple of Championship 1 sides to attend a mini tournament over there first.
  12. As I've said in the thread about centralisation, the folly of Castleford and Wakefield not getting together to build a 15/20k stadium together, sharing the facility (not the name..this would not be a merger) is now coming to the fore. 8 Miles, but centuries apart it would seem.....and if it's purely because the council won't help one unless they help all 3, then invite fev and build an all weather pitch like Widnes have. I feel for the fans at Wakey who have been through the wringer over the last few years and I really hope that they get to come out the far end with a team to support, regardless of where they play and what division they're in!
  13. AC and Inter, Roma and Lazio, Juve and Torino....and these are clubs whose fans have been known to get a bit tasty when these clubs meet. I would never suggest a "merged" club, but a stadium...1 stadium....being used for 30+ weeks instead of 15 and serving communities less than 7 miles apart (based on the 2 development sites) has to make more long term financial sense than 2 stadiums with one having the potential to be a white elephant (should wakey go down) and the other requiring a level of regular supporter attendance not seen at Castleford for generations. Events at Wakefield today mean that the folly of 2 separate projects is being realised and as far as Google will tell me, Castleford aren't any closer to breaking soil than it was back in 2007.
  14. Option a; Castleford and Wakefield join forces and combine their revenue streams to build a 15/20,000 stadium, which they will share and which will see action for 30-34 weeks of the year, whilst enabling both clubs to use state of the art office facilities maximising revenue potential and having less debt hanging over them. Option b: Castleford and Wakefield decide to go it alone with 2 separate plans to build 2 new stadiums a short drive away from each other that will see action maybe 16 weekends a year and will otherwise sit their empty like a millstone of debt around each clubs necks. These "rivals" as you call them have gone for option B........well, they've been going for option B for years now with no new stadiums.
  15. Slightly OT, but does anyone know the rules on the minimum standard of stadium/ground required for the Championship? Rumours abound that London Broncos will be playing out of the Trailfinders Sports grounds next season (all weather pitch I believe) and at the moment, it has a seating area in it's main building that holds about 500 spectators. The Union club have been promoted to the 2nd tier of their comp, so it may be that a temporary stand will be in place by the start of our 2016 season, but is there a "minimum" requirement? http://www.tfsc.co.uk/ Only 250 quid a match to hire the pitch.....
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