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  1. Brilliant - some fantastic running rugby in that clip
  2. I think we get too hung up on there only being three teams who can realistically compete / win the world cup. I have just checked the football world cup winners and for all its global dominance only 8 different teams have ever won their world cup in the last 90 years. There must be an awful lot of also-rans included in every tournament simply there to make up numbers and nobody seems to care...
  3. That really is a wonderful attendance / achievement for our sport and for women's sport in general. Onwards and upwards....
  4. Thank you - you will stick with whatever is going on in your own little planet DC....
  5. ........or the only sport that is really "gripping" is golf.....
  6. Good post RP - unfortunately, when DC gets his teeth into something he has a tendency to repeat himself over and over again despite other, often more realistic, points of view ....
  7. ....and a fond welcome back to the rfu propaganda rep....
  8. Good article and he called last night's game just right - "....won't be a landslide by any means but I think the Roosters will be too strong."
  9. I thought it was - my comment was tongue in cheek....
  10. Where's the video ref - his foot must be in touch......?
  11. Eddie Tees - great fullback pre- another great fullback at t'Northern, Keith Mumby.
  12. The only one flogging a dead horse is chippy you kiyan. Get over yourself ?
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