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  1. Which sides outside of Super League are currently running reserve sides ? Do they get any funding from the RFL for this ot is it purely the clubs responsibility to fund these sides.
  2. Agreed and I agree with splitting like you said. Would be better for the A teams and new sides
  3. Apologies to Dearne. Could make it a midweek cup. If not there’s plenty of blank weekends schedule no reason a Doncaster Cup game couldn’t be played on them weekends Would be good to see a round robin for the over 35s and open age sides with both finals being played at the Keepmoat before a Dons game. Would put a few hundred on the gate.
  4. Will there be a return of the Doncaster Cup now theres Bentley Tollbar and Moorends all in the YML and playing summer ?
  5. I hope it does work. Think TWP is great for the game. Would love to see a strong Canada/USA league eventually.
  6. Which amateur side did the TWP host in the Challenge Cup
  7. Yeah judging Sherwood on reaching the 2nd round of the challenge cup. Would any of the A teams in the league have got that far ? Ive seen the players Moorends have announced on their Facebook page. Your telling me there Divsion 5 players ? Most wouldn’t look out of place in the Prem or Division 1.
  8. Not according to Aaron Bower on twitter. Excl: New York are holding ‘constructive talks’ with the RFL over entering the Challenge Cup in 2021 irrespective of whether they’re admitted to League 1. They’ll enter in round one and will play their home games in NYC if all goes to plan.
  9. Division 5 is ridiculous. No way should Sherwood,Moorends or Allerton should be in that league. Hard to expand the game when you’ve got established clubs like that in Division 5 that will just end up pumping the A teams and newer clubs.
  10. Who’s going to pay for the amateur sides flights and accommodation in the first few rounds if they manage to get a home game ?
  11. Quite interesting last night that Wigan seemed to focus the majority of their attacks down the Right Edge. Don’t know if loosing Sam Powell effected this. Should favour Liam Marshall this season if that is their attacking patterns though.
  12. What do we think will be the BBC Game ? Id like it to be one of the amateur games. Think Siddal vs West Hull will be a cracker.
  13. Odds are now on. What we fancying at the prices
  14. I think it would only be a win or loose market with maybe the handicap system. Can’t see them going into depth. Suppose we will find out later today or tomorrow morning if it’s something they will offer. Would make a nice acca to pick 5 or 6 winners out.
  15. Could be wrong then. I thought i saw they did for the first round last year.
  16. Sky Bet do They offer bets on all the NCL league winners market.
  17. Anybody know which firms will be offering match bets for the opening round this weekend ?
  18. What’s the dates for the early rounds ? Is there a list of confirmed entrants anywhere ?
  19. Surely the sides coming into the NCL should be playing the top division of the regional leagues. If not what’s the benefits of playing in the Premier Divisions of the YML and the NWML
  20. The National Conference League have confirmed they will not be replacing Salford City Roosters for the 2020 season and leaving it at 49 teams for now. The original plan was to create a fifth division for the 2020 season, but will now leave it at four and restructure for 2021. Chairman Alan Smith explained he had taken feedback from the clubs regarding the structure of the league going forward. He said: “One reason is that some Division Three clubs said that 26 games were too many. “The NCL will therefore be looking at a restructure for 2021 and the NCL Management has decide
  21. I think a few clubs passed the criteria and the first stage then the NCL just pulled the plug.
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