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  1. Yeah. They’ll climb the leagues and the drop out and do it all again.
  2. How many teams do we think will be accepted?
  3. Bentley East Hull Siddal West Hull Yours ?
  4. Cracking win for Queensbury over Siddal. Looking like it’ll be a good battle for that 4th spot
  5. Think they were expecting to near top of the league, once this didn’t happen they seem to have lost interest. Hopefully they can get a side out the next few weeks especially for the away games. Feel for Nottingham they always seem to be the ones let down by the away teams.
  6. Premier league is fast becoming a joke. As soon as sides loose a few they throw the towel in. Already lost Bramley and Lindley. Cutsyke wouldn’t travel to Nottingham yesterday and heard West Hull are stuggling aswell. Not sure what the RFL can do to stop this but it’s not good.
  7. Draw for semi Bramley Buffaloes vs Cutsyke Raiders Oulton Raiders vs East Hull
  8. Cutsyke seemed to have signed quite a few players looking at their social media. Theyll be the dark horses for this seasons premier for me.
  9. Draw for the Quater Final Oulton Raiders vs Allerton Bywater Bramley Buffaloes vs Queensbury Cutsyke Raiders vs Bentley Brighouse Rangers vs East Hull These games are scheduled for Saturday 23rd March 2019. Provisional kick off times have been set at 14:30, but these may be changed. The draw for the Semi-Finals will be held next Monday (25th March), and the fixtures will be scheduled for Saturday 30th March 2019.
  10. Premier Hunslet Parkside Div 1 Feath Lions Div 2 West Bowling Div 3 Batley Yorkshire Clean Sweep hopefully
  11. Shocking. No place for it in the game. Hope they come down hard on them after all the publicity it’s recieved
  12. Kells confirmed the game against Bentley early Friday morning, Bentley then confirmed the bus booking and Kells text at dinner time to say the game was off. Bentley now have got a bill from the bus company and have to fund another trip up to Kells. Poor form.
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