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  1. yes unsure about newman, so very worried about the 7 position at the moment, if newman doesnt come back sure the club will sign a decent replacement, we need very good halfbacks to stand a chance of promotion next season, barrow, doncaster, hunslet and keighley all have very good 6 and 7's, hopefuly we do too.
  2. great signing bob beswick.
  3. dont keep us guessing haha any names?
  4. hoping for 200+ thunder fans at oldham, cant wait for sunday! come on thunder!!
  5. 80 seat double decker coach nearly full, plus people making their own way etc.
  6. play like we did first half few weeks back at oldham when we went 20-6 ahead we will win, play like we did in the second half that day we will lose again, didnt have our hooker keal carlile that day he was injured so missed that game, he was immense against doncaster on sunday, large thunder army support making the journey, i cant wait, come on thunder!
  7. in my opinion the finals should be at a neutral venue, a great day out for all the fans involved in the finals, that is my opinion.
  8. fantastic performance today, great win, cant wait for oldham in the final next weekend, come on thunder!
  9. read somewere we had signed hooker bob beswick from toronto wolfpack pete, no confirmation yet though, we shall see.
  10. when dony beat us 2 weeks ago we missed experianced aussie forward joel edwards that day due to injury, he was back last week and gave us more power in the forwards, also great to see big experianced prop alex rowe back in the squad last week too, hopefuly he plays again tomorrow after also missing the dony defeat, we missed 2 powerful forwards that day, glad both are back tomorrow, come on thunder!!
  11. we move on, bring on workington next weekend, hope big joel edwards is back for the worky game missed him bigtime today, knockout rugby from now.
  12. another win for us, now bring on the playoffs doncaster at home next weekend, come on thunder!!
  13. hoping hunslet draw or beat oldham and we beat keighley then we will snatch 2nd spot, hope so.
  14. 88-6 win for thunder, great win, 2 games left before the playoffs start.
  15. we shall see, haven will win the league in my opinion.
  16. the race for 2nd spot is on, hopefuly we beat coventry and oldham fail to beat dony then we will go 2nd, come on thunder!
  17. well done to oldham today, a game of 2 halves, we were great first half, awful second half, hooker keal carlile missed the game today and we missed him bigtime, 3 games left we have coventry home, north wales home and keighley away, 2nd spot is still to play for, come on thunder!
  18. well done on your win guys, a game of 2 halves today.
  19. seen somewere that beswick is joining next season pete, we shall see.
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