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  1. hoping thunder can make it 6 wins in a row with victory over the skolars, which would put us 2nd in the table and only 2 points behind whitehaven, come on thunder!!
  2. more big games this weekend, cant wait for sunday, come on thunder! come on thunder!!
  3. thunder 48 workington 10, another great win for thunder, get in!
  4. more massive games in the race for promotion, come on thunder!!
  5. another great win for thunder today, after 18-6 ahead it went to 18-18 i thought we had thrown it away, though last minute we get a drop goal, what a win.
  6. another huge game on sat, cant wait, come on thunder!!!
  7. ref was poor for both sides, we got the win very lucky or not, great win for us.
  8. thunder 26 whitehaven 20, great win thunder, may i also add lots of nice haven fans though also a few idiots, using lots of bad language, very aggresive and threats of violence made, as i say lots of nice haven fans, though a few realy bad.
  9. yes some great signings this week for us, come on thunder!!
  10. great win thunder 48-12 at north wales, travelling back home now.
  11. well done on the win guys, was impressed with how well we played against a top championship side.
  12. thanks deano, really enjoyed the game, we had a few players missing too, alex rowe, jack aldous, remy marginet, sam luckley and keiron gill, also a 17 year old at 6 mikey lewis on loan from hull kr making his debut for us, thought he played really well, and 19 year old at 7, not a bad effort from us at all, you guys are a top side for sure, ford is a top coach.
  13. great effort from thunder today against a side doing realy well in the league above us, now bring on crusaders next weekend, come on thunder!
  14. well done hunslet deserved the win, hopefuly the 4 players missing are back soon, we move on.
  15. well im happy at the moment, so far the top 3 havnt beaten thunder this season, we beat scolars away, drew away at whitehaven and beat oldham at home, lots of games still to be played, game tomorrow is massive for both sides, come on thunder lets make it 5 games unbeaten!!
  16. another big game for thunder, can we make it 5 games unbeaten?....come on thunder!
  17. great win for thunder, great crowd too, bring on hunslet on sunday.
  18. looking forward to our game tomorrow v keighley, big crowd expected, cant wait, come on thunder!
  19. top player harry, though hasnt been able to get into the side last few games.
  20. hi guys, joel edwards a good signing for us? seen clips of him on the net looks a real good player.
  21. so we have drawn york away in the 1895 cup, york are doing great this season in the championship, realy good side, look forward to seeing us testing ourselves against a quality championship outfit, bring it on, come on thunder!
  22. great win 38-12, now bring on the 2nd round draw 6pm tonight live on the ourleague app.
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