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  1. We finished 12th, some players were simply not good enough, and some didnt put 100 percent effort in, in my opinion, williams will be a great signing at 7 for us.
  2. Williams at 7 will be alot better for us than woods was, williams a class signing at 7.
  3. Robson was rubbish glad hes gone, peachey too, eaves was rubbish, we finished 12th with that squad, happy most are leaving, load of rubbish.
  4. Like ta'ai gutted hes gone, dee only played a few games before injury cut short his season, games he played in though didnt stand out for me, though most of the squad didnt stand out hence the 12th place finish, halsall from wigan and local lad noakes were better centres than dee.
  5. As long as we still have a club to watch next season thats all that matters to us, had more downs than ups over the years though love the thunder to bits and always will do, nobody knows how much we will spend next season and that is a fact its all rumours, if i was the owner id be peed off too this season, we will come back stronger from this, without a doubt.
  6. I do love the club to bits, and will always support them.
  7. Never felt as down about the club for years, last time i felt so down about us it was when we won 2 games in 3 seasons as gateshead thunder about 20 years ago, demolition job on sunday, easy batley win, will murder us.
  8. I will say batley 60 thunder 6, dont worry batley fans...easy batley win this.
  9. Huge game for us, need a win to keep our 6th spot play off hopes alive, plenty of games left to play, either way an improvement on last seasons 11th placed finish would be great for us.
  10. Thanks fevrover, you guys have a great squad this season, good luck for rest of your season too.
  11. Thunder got 6 of our best players back in the squad after they missed the fev game, also we have sam halsall and alex sutton on duel reg from wigan, so them 8 players will improve our squad for tomorrows game, another tough game though, come on thunder!!
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