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  1. see you guys on sunday, looking forward to the game.
  2. 28-8 win for thunder, travelling back home now, enjoyed my overnight stay in coventry, looking forward to next weeks game v workington.
  3. going to coventry tomorrow, stopping over 1 night, then back home after the game, looking forward to it, come on thunder!
  4. come on thunder! very happy we are at home.
  5. looking forward to our game v keighley, should be a great game.
  6. looking forward to our game at keighley.
  7. think our backs will love the pitch too, especialy lewis young at 1 with his pace, and QLT at 6, and keiron gill at 3, and bob beswick at 9, both sides have very good squads.
  8. very good win, especialy as new signings bob beswick and colton roach didnt play, either did clarke, aldous and luckley etc so add them to the squad hopefuly another very good season.
  9. ritson played 1 and young was moved to 6, he prefers 1.
  10. ritson is a quality 1 without a doubt, along with young from thunder and cresswell from barrow some quality fullbacks in league 1.
  11. young isnt a 6, hes a very good 1, so ofcourse doran would be at 6 instead of young.
  12. hawkyard just announced his retirement from the game this evening.
  13. looking forward to playing you guys on magic friday before the magic weekend, always a big crowd for us, should be a great game between 2 evenly matched sides.
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