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  1. Blimey that was a surprise, can't moan about that coverage.
  2. Hull KR website has crowd as 11011. It was reported in the week that it would be a bumper crowd but this appears to have exceeded expectations. These figures are very easy to find.
  3. Bearing in mind the video ref merely confirmed the referees initial decision and at one point could have awarded a try on a rediculous technicality it seems to me that it is now a complete waste of time. It removes all the spontaneity of the game and it is a much poorer spectacle.
  4. The Leeds attendance was on the BBC match report, all the others available on the club's websites. All seemed decent crowds to me.
  5. Just done loads of searching, look at the trophy, it's the world cup! It must be the 1954 final. The PARC de France was a velodrome as well. They did look like two bloody good teams!
  6. The swinton liverpool on the pathe site is different. This is def in France, the crowd look way too stylish. A man with messy hair and a leather jacket! The ground also does football and is a velodrome, could be Marseille. The handling skills seem very high and the cup even looks French. Could this be a French cup final as the crowd is very big As well.fantastic footage
  7. The BFI site is well worth exploring. Being based in Blackburn mitchell and kenyon toured the local towns, shot a film then showed it in the local cinema as a way to earn money The up shot is that there seem to be more films from the early 1900's covering league than any other sport.
  8. Great comments on the BBC sport football roumours tab from Rooney, Carrick and Barton.
  9. This grand final has the potential to be the best ever in front of a massive crowd regardless of the sport. It will be one of the ten most attended sports games in the world this weekend. I grew up watching the game in the 1980s when 30000 was a huge crowd. That's progress in anyone's book.
  10. I'd second that. I was a student in Huddersfield 25 years ago. In a pub quiz in a pub full of locals there was a question about the team which no one got right much to the Embarrassment of the landlord who was clearly a fan. It's a slow growth but hopefully s sustained one.
  11. Yes the best of luck. Hope for a great French Derby in the next three years.
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