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  1. 1 hour ago, The Rocket said:

    I`m sorry but as an Australian I also think it is wrong, the vast majority of `Daily Telegraph` reading Rugby League supporters, and that is by far and away the League demographic, take very little notice of afl, they have their club and they have SOO.

    They used to follow International Rugby League, but apart from the occasional upset, we knew exactly who was going to win. I know people will trot out stats about the Kiwis in the 2000`s and England in Melbourne, but at the end of the day Oz won most of the time, always started winning again and are always red-hot favourites. It`s too predictable.

    If Oz got knocked off its` perch for a couple of years and then start to get challenged year in, year out, then people will flock back to international League, like they did pre-1990`s. Until then they will stick to club football and SOO as long as that remains competitive.

    I don't buy this argument. Everyone loves winning. I don't think suddenly losing will bring the fans back.

    The All Blacks have won 80% of their matches in their 100+ year history.


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  2. 12 minutes ago, JohnM said:

    In my view it should go ahead as planned. Replace Aus and NZ with two invitation sides named Loyal Australia and Loyal New Zealand,

    I agree, but RFL/IRFL would never have the backbone to ###### off NRL. Although they must realise that they are no longer friendly partners and the quicker we move on from them (NRL) the better.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Angelic Cynic said:

    Never needed to sign a superstar? Possibly why you struggle neare the bottom than the top,then.

    Your club blew money on Lui because you signed a half back you didn't like,after a handful of games - He went to Salford while Lui went in the opposite direction.


    Your club also appointed a coach they decided they didn't like - after a short time.

    Perhaps there is a pattern emerging - pointing towards recruitment - and a lack of signing superstars.



    Thats literally what I said.

    We never needed to sign big names due to our success in the past, now we are struggling to progress while we blow big money on firefighting.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Blind side johnny said:

    There still seems to be this attitude that, if Leeds whistle, the players will come running because.................well, we're Leeds. They, and I include most of their fans, still see themselves as the premier British RL club whereas they are also rans in terms of contracts and coaching systems.

    Maybe these are just some of the reasons why Leeds fail to sign the right players, who knows?

    Anyway, I reckon Eastmond gave it a go and found it didn't work, relinquished his (not massive) contract and will move on to something else.

    I'm not saying your wrong but as someone else mentioned in the last page. Leeds have never needed to sign a superstar. We have always lost players to Wigan, Warrington and Saints because of our previous salary policy. But we never needed to push the boat out because of the "golden generation"

    Who was the last World class singing Leeds made Ellis, Peacock? Were taking a decade ago. We haven't been challenging for great signing for years.

    Now we're blowing money on anyone that's available like Lui or at the time an injured Gale.

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  5. I think this is indicative of Leeds demise. It was a desperation signing.

    I might sound like a prima donna Leeds fans but the '17 GF win and last years Cup win has papered over some huge gaping cracks. We have been a poor side for 4 years now and we are a million miles away from Saints, Warrington and Wigan.

    We need a proper plan and stop with the desperate signings.

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  6. 14 hours ago, GUBRATS said:

    Why is it ridiculous , it has everything needed to have a televised triple header in a covid pandemic , anyway it doesn't really matter , you wouldn't have been attending anyway , would you ? 😀

    Because showing our showpiece games in a flatpack community stadium in a small town no one has heard of is ridiculous. 


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  7. 5 minutes ago, Hela Wigmen said:

    This is only for us plebs, rich businessmen, politicians and elite sport players are travelling all over the world. 

    If your rich or play professional sport Covid knows not to touch you.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, Yakstorm said:

    If Sky is going to have cameras at every game, then arguably they may actually broadcast more than just the 66 games listed in the Press Release.

    The wording very specifically states that those 66 will be 'exclusive' to Sky, but potentially those extra '20' up for re-sale, may also be simulcasted on Sky and BBC / Our League / etc.

    That said, that still leaves another 90 odd games which unless OurLeague can take, would be a bit weird for Sky to film, unless the plan is to sell that extra content to Fox League and Sky in NZ.

    It says 66 will be broadcast on Sky sports the rest will be shown on other free to air Sky platforms.

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  9. 1 minute ago, ShropshireBull said:

    Can I get a link or source to this?

    I've just had a look, I can only see a Yorkshire Post article. So it has not been officially confirmed by anyone.

    So I'm still a little confused because nowhere in the press release does it say games will go on terrestrial tele. Only that games will be on FTA Sky platforms.

  10. Anyone who really cares anymore? We will play about 4 games in this shirt and wont be seen for another 18-24 months where we will have a new kit provider and maybe a new badge design.


    It is just the case we are polishing up the same old ###### over and over. Until we start playing regularly it doesn't matter what the badge or kits look like.

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