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  1. On 20/02/2023 at 10:22, Barley Mow said:

    This could give IMG a great idea for a new trophy - The Winner Stays On Cup

    The SL champions start in possession of the trophy and keep it until they lose a match. It then passes to the team that beat them and they keep it until next defeated themselves, and so on. The club in possession at the end of the season are the winners. 😂


    A bit the the lineal world champion in boxing. 

  2. 10 hours ago, Madrileño said:

    It is played in the south too. I went to a game at gillingham(?) a few years ago.

    Union have a version that is in the paralympics.

    It looks nothing like this, and is played with a round ball. It started in America, and union took over it to gain exposure/funding. Personally, I think their version is garbage. 

    Union will change their rules (perhaps even the ball) based on this wheelchair RL world cup. Mark my words, I have been waiting for them to do it for a few years since I first saw wheelchair rl. Prepare to be plagiarised. 


    Not the first time they steal our rules and call it Rugby Union. Touch rugby being one

  3. 15 hours ago, Chrispmartha said:

    I personally think Headingley would be better and be reward for them getting decent crowds at the world cup, its also more ambitious 

    Don't understand why Headingley never get these games anymore. Only city that will guarantee a good crowd whether at ER or Headingley. Maybe they charge too much to hold the games.

    So many games have been held over in Leigh and Warrington and have never got a good crowd.

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  4. 8 hours ago, Stuff Smith said:

    Foot to the throat for at least a decade. Maybe more.

    Remember Darren Lockyer destroying us in the last five minutes of each test in a three game series?

    They have nobody close to the quality of Lockyer in this squad. 

    This Aussie squad is the worst I have seen in 25 years of watching RL. They have alot of errors in this team that they just never had in years gone by. 

    I think its 50:50 if Eng get through to the final.

  5. 8 hours ago, Dave T said:

    I think that's always the tough thing about when a ref allows a lot to go. When they do pull stuff it stands out and can be challenged. 

    FWIW I thought the try decision was right, but I thought the Kiwis didn't get the rub of the green. I thought they could have had a couple more penalties, there was a shoulder, a flop, followed by a knee into the ribs, and I thought the PTB penalty was Klein being played. On another day a couple of those decisions go in the Kiwis favour and it affects the game hugely in such a battle of attrition. 

    I do think it is a challenge of letting stuff go that other times would be pulled. 

    But that's sport, it was a cracking game, and I thought the Kiwis still had enoug in them to win. Stupidity like being offside at a kick and panic kicking by the halves cost them dearly. 

    Yep even when the ref seems to do well, the Kangaroos still never get penalised. You've literally got to play the perfect game to beat them. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, glossop saint said:

    I thought that the Holmes try shouldn't have been given but was marginal. The offside was the correct call. For me it was the fact that the vast majority of decisions erred on the side of Australia. Shoulder charges, 'fights', set resets, slow play the balls. NZ did get a couple of dodgy knock on/strips in their favour. I am definitely in a minority and accept that I am probably wrong but I don't think Klein had a good game.

    It also doesn't help that it was an Australian ref giving Australia those marginal calls. Somewhere where the game really doesn't help itself.

    It was a great game, and the ref did well in my opinion on the whole.

    But it does go to show how hard it is to beat Australia when they don't get penalised for anything. 

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