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  1. 12 hours ago, Eddie said:

    I was thinking that too, but how many clubs do you have left who’s home games might look exciting on tv to someone who hasn’t watched RL much before. Wire, Saints, Hull KR, Catalans and Leeds? Even they would need to put 25% on their normal crowds. 

    Have you seen NRL games? I've seen loads of games with about 6k rattling round the SCG or the SFS doesn't seem to hurt thier broadcast figures.

  2. On 18/11/2021 at 17:36, whatmichaelsays said:

    Agree, and I think there is actually a "human decency" element to all of this. 

    Arguing that the players "know what they're doing, understand the risks and should therefore live with the consequences" bascially just demeans them to the level of circus freaks, giving themselves live-limiting injuries and illnesses for our amusement, the financial gain of others and, in most cases, pretty modest financial rewards for themselves. 

    I'm not sure what that says about the people who want to derive entertainment, or to try and extract profit, from that. 

    Sorry thats a load of rubbish. There are loads of jobs that are much more dangerous than playing RL for alot less money. Military for one, roofers, fishermen, refuse collectors etc.. but none of them or there families are able to sue thier employers if they die or in later life have difficulty. 

    If these people could sue, society would literally stop. 

  3. On 19/11/2021 at 13:59, DC77 said:

    The problem with RU purists like Burden (and the same to any in RL) is what they like to see, the brutality, will kill off the sport, not just from a safety point of view, from a popularity one.

    The last Lions test series was the worst spectacle on record. It was eye gouging stuff. 

    South Africa have always been a millstone around the neck of RU. Not only have they been awful to watch, their emphasis on physicality and bulldozing the opposition into submission has pushed the others to become more attritional like them. A flair team as France once was would get smashed in the sport today. It’s for this reason France went from 13 stone 3 lb of flair that was Philippe Sella to an 18 stone 13 lb limited bruiser in Bastareaud.

    A 5 stone 10 lb change in one position, the centre, the midfield creator (well, meant to be). The problem isn’t so much the huge increase in weight and the nosedive in skill, it’s that such a change makes your team stronger. Only last week someone on here compared the weights of two RL packs and said the heavier pack of a current team, albeit having less skill, would wipe the floor with the more skilled one from the past. When physicality trumps skill, the sport is in trouble.

    I agree to some extent, but RU was just full of weak jessie's just look at what the bulls did to them in the sevens. 

    RU just had to catch up in defensive skills and training. We were 20 years ahead of them.

  4. 2 hours ago, JonM said:

    One of Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal & West Ham should rebrand as "London & South East England" to outflank their rivals. Aston Villa should rebrand as West Midlands Conurbation. Juventus should rebrand as Piedmont. In the other code, Sale could rebrand as Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire, but perhaps "Granadaland" would be catchier.

    To be fair on TV abroad Arsenal are Spurs always have a London added to thier name

  5. On 29/10/2021 at 17:44, Chrispmartha said:

    The design of the Leeds shirt is nice but the actual thing is just cheap tat!

    Ive got intouch with them because they don’t sell XS and the S is huge.

    Hopefully they sell the player issue shirts again because if not it will be the first time in about 25 years I haven’t bought one

    Yeah I went and bought one of the retro leeds shirts which look good on the rack. But as soon as you put it on you realise how bad oxen are. Material is the worse than market tat. And the cut is just really poor collar too small and sleeves are massive.

  6. Players are also renowned for their heavy drinking, abusing prescription pain medication and Street brawls. Would this not be brought up in a court case

    Bobbie Goulding for instance has admitted he abused alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs. He even lost consciousness when he wrapped his car round a tree while drink driving. He has also been in trouble for street fighting. How someone like Bobbie Goulding could link his unfortunate dementia to RL is laughable.

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  7. Bobbing Goulding's interview was a car crash.

    He was complaining about not seeing a doctor even he had just been discharged by Huddersfield Infirmary. Surely its up to the doctor to issue a sick note. As far as the club was concerned he was signed off fit by a doctor.

    He then admitted he said he was ok to play after being asked by the club. Sorry but if you do not tell your employers your symptoms then how can they be held responsible they are not mind readers.

  8. 21 minutes ago, Dave T said:


    The frustrating thing is that often the fans and media who repeat a lot of the negativity about the sport outside of Australia don't really look at some of the facts. 

    The viewing figures for things like the World Cups are very healthy and when they make effort, the crowds can be solid.

    In the WCC - when Leeds played in Melbourne, it attracted their 4th largest crowd of the season, and when Wigan played in Sydney it was their 2nd largest crowd that year.

    We have a challenge with the WCC around disparity in quality, but as we saw a few years back when we extended the tournament slightly, we got some great games and the SL teams actually started to perform better. 

    Yeah our media and pundits are often our worst enemy. When the SL teams were regularly winning the WCC it was because the NRL clubs were treating it as a joke not even as important as a preseason game. Once the NRL were back winning it was because the SL was just rubbish compared to the NRL. So rubbish infact that every time we had to discuss if the game was even worth playing anymore.

  9. On 12/10/2021 at 02:31, The Great Dane said:

    That's part of the problem, but the bigger problem is that there's a total lack of drawing power outside of the NRL.

    All the household name players in RL are in the NRL, or are former NRL players, and the lack of novelty of getting the rare  opportunity to see famous players from overseas badly hurts international RL in Australia.

    It's very hard to sell going to see a bunch of guys whom are effectively nobodies, whom are almost certainly going to lose, to the average punter.

    I know you lot don't like to hear this, but the WCC isn't even that in Australia.

    WCC is almost a total non-event in Australia. Aside from diehard RL fans most people don't even realise when it's happening.

    Oh I love these posts about how lowly the opinion is Australians hold about SL. Who bloody cares.

    In soccer I have never watched a La liga match, couldn't tell you who's top of the league same with Serie A, Bundesliga etc.. but I'm still interested in Champions League because international club games are interesting. 

    In RL we have 4 countries who have professional clubs its not beyond the realms of possibility to generate interest in international club games without making every Australian RL fan get up at 2 am to watch SL.

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  10. 43 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    I like watching NFL, but a lot of that is the glitz and glamour of it as well as the game itself, you just wouldn’t get that in a UK league where the standard would be rubbish and you’d have none of the atmosphere.

    I agree if you want NFL you just go to the London games.

    Going to a small soccer/rugby stadium with small crowds and rubbish amenities to watch semi pro American football is not why people follow NFL.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, Niels said:

    I think this is harsh on Toronto.

    They weren't just a team. They have their own fans who were very respectful and it feels now they are being derided and forgotten because a "new" team has emerged. 

    They also drew a lot bigger crowds in the UK than any other overseas team. 

    Regarding Featherstone, Sky aren't deterred if a team is  small or unfashionable. They have experts who can promote any angle. Look at the interest in Brentford. I think it was Martyn who said only league fans have this concern. 


    I don't think so, alot of soccer pundits and fans bemoan the amount of Burnley v Watford type games the PL has. 

  12. 16 hours ago, Barley Mow said:

    What is wrong with some people!

    Between this, and people suggesting Featherstone shouldn't have gone up if they won because they would "add nothing to Super League", it makes me almost lose hope.

    If a team wins the Championship grand final, promote them. It's what other sports do without question and it's not complicated!

    Not that many sports have promotion and relegation. Mostly its just soccer. 

  13. I've been hoping for the day Toulouse gets in SL for years. 

    Thankfully it has happened, even though it should of happened last year at least.

    I really find it amazing how we could be messing around with the idea of the likes of Leigh and potentially Featherstone in SL when we are fighting for our lives and trying to prove to sky we are an elite competition.


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  14. I'm extremely happy we have Tolouse in SL but in reality it should of happened last year if not 2/3 years ago.

    It makes the competition look and feel much more elite with another big city club, who are a proper historic rugby league club not just a team plopped in Toronto. 

    To think we could have ended up with Featherstone in SL when we are trying to prove to SKY that we are a top product.

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