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  1. What about not really wanting to go to Warrington? Is that an excuse?
  2. Not the first time they steal our rules and call it Rugby Union. Touch rugby being one
  3. Don't understand why Headingley never get these games anymore. Only city that will guarantee a good crowd whether at ER or Headingley. Maybe they charge too much to hold the games. So many games have been held over in Leigh and Warrington and have never got a good crowd.
  4. A small mercy is that its not being held in Leigh. But honestly that's all, nobody wants to watch an event in Warrington. 6-7000 at Warrington to watch this what is the point.
  5. Was just about to post this, she promoted the ball with her other hand. Should have been no try.
  6. In days gone by, they would have put 20 points on NZ in the last 15 mins.
  7. Absolutely no chance any Aussie gets a ban. They could have decapitated a kiwi player with a samurai sword and still not get a ban.
  8. How did you come to that conclusion? England haven't played either of them for 4 years.
  9. They have nobody close to the quality of Lockyer in this squad. This Aussie squad is the worst I have seen in 25 years of watching RL. They have alot of errors in this team that they just never had in years gone by. I think its 50:50 if Eng get through to the final.
  10. Yep even when the ref seems to do well, the Kangaroos still never get penalised. You've literally got to play the perfect game to beat them.
  11. It was a great game, and the ref did well in my opinion on the whole. But it does go to show how hard it is to beat Australia when they don't get penalised for anything.
  12. There not even a dot of what they were even 10 years ago Slater, Cronk, Smith, Thurston, Inglis and Lockyer. They have no one close to these players now.
  13. This will be interesting because this Kangaroo side is pretty poor relatively to the sides of previous era's but also the Kiwi side looks poor. Going life and death with Fiji is a little telling. But historically NZ do seem to play at the level of thier opposition.
  14. Just trying to get my tickets for ER tmw. Of course I can't get on the page to buy it. I will persevere but how many people would have given up because of this shambles?
  15. Exactly was so stupid. I assume it works with proper RL director in charge. But even so whats good about stopping the game for 2 minutes for a folly challenge.
  16. Captains challenge is so stupid, obviously Australia knocked it on. They didn't even look at the right thing.
  17. Ikind of tally's up with those Headingley press releases of only 150 seats left. Really weird as there was at least 1000 seats available on the night.
  18. Yeah its funny how much derision it gets but when the hooter goes it always a tough game.
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