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  1. I just bought the Oxen Leeds Cotton Jersey and its the weirdest cut I have ever seen on a t-shirt. It's like a corset in the midriff,no wonder its on sale already.
  2. Huh!? Thats literally what I said. We never needed to sign big names due to our success in the past, now we are struggling to progress while we blow big money on firefighting.
  3. I'm not saying your wrong but as someone else mentioned in the last page. Leeds have never needed to sign a superstar. We have always lost players to Wigan, Warrington and Saints because of our previous salary policy. But we never needed to push the boat out because of the "golden generation" Who was the last World class singing Leeds made Ellis, Peacock? Were taking a decade ago. We haven't been challenging for great signing for years. Now we're blowing money on anyone that's available like Lui or at the time an injured Gale.
  4. I think this is indicative of Leeds demise. It was a desperation signing. I might sound like a prima donna Leeds fans but the '17 GF win and last years Cup win has papered over some huge gaping cracks. We have been a poor side for 4 years now and we are a million miles away from Saints, Warrington and Wigan. We need a proper plan and stop with the desperate signings.
  5. Because showing our showpiece games in a flatpack community stadium in a small town no one has heard of is ridiculous.
  6. Some Leigh Councillor must have something on the RFL because the amount we use that stadium is ridiculous.
  7. This is only for us plebs, rich businessmen, politicians and elite sport players are travelling all over the world. If your rich or play professional sport Covid knows not to touch you.
  8. I do feel alot of small town northerners seems to be homebirds. They are much more happy scrapping at a local Castleford or Wigan nightclub.
  9. You really have to think the Catalans always seem to have to play against 14. Warrington are getting away with everything.
  10. It says 66 will be broadcast on Sky sports the rest will be shown on other free to air Sky platforms.
  11. I've just had a look, I can only see a Yorkshire Post article. So it has not been officially confirmed by anyone. So I'm still a little confused because nowhere in the press release does it say games will go on terrestrial tele. Only that games will be on FTA Sky platforms.
  12. I stand corrected thanks for that, very good news. Edit- can only find one source, has not baan officially announced by anybody.
  13. It seems quite explicit that the free to air games will still be on SKY platforms so maybe Sky mix or red buttons or online. So I'm not sure why people are getting excited about C4 or C5 showing live games.
  14. Anyone who really cares anymore? We will play about 4 games in this shirt and wont be seen for another 18-24 months where we will have a new kit provider and maybe a new badge design. It is just the case we are polishing up the same old ###### over and over. Until we start playing regularly it doesn't matter what the badge or kits look like.
  15. Yep always remind me off those knock off England tops the supermarkets do during tournaments
  16. Yep, I suspect the BBC will only advertise that they will be showing the RLWC the night before the opening game.
  17. I don't get the replies of Leigh would be the most competitive. Toulouse have been the better team for 3 years.
  18. Just woke up from nightshift. What a disappointment just on every level. How on earth did they reach this decision!! I'm disgusted.
  19. There seems to be momentum with the Bulls. I think they are softening us for a Bulls comeback. I am really dreading Monday anorl.
  20. I get that now and again a stand out player from a mediocre team should win like a Rangi Chase. But McShane is a slightly above average hooker who has had a pretty ordinary season.
  21. Its crazy that the 12th club isn't known at this stage. Clubs have already sorted squads for next year, this 12th club will be fishing for scraps and with half Central funding. RL is really fantastic at making itself look tin pot.
  22. Yeah i thought originally Bradford had no chance. But more and more I hear noises that seem to be quite favourable towards Bradford. My opinion is they should be no where near SL at this moment.
  23. Just turned on. How has Kendall got another play-off game after the disaster last week!?
  24. So the master plan is to reintroduce the US sports stye nicknames that we did in 1996
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