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  1. 1 hour ago, Harry Stottle said:

    If as you most obviously think MK is a great person as well as being a great player why would the TO club and specifically the coach want to see the back of him, I think there is much more to this than has been made public.

    TRL piece 6th Feb indicated TO were Kheirallah announced he was expected to leave.

    Kheirallah said he was ready to play on Feb 8th on his Instagram.

    This is what the TO President had to say in La Depeche. Feb 10.

    Mark Kheirallah's case is trickier.  "It's more complicated" conceded Thursday, February 10, President Bernard Sarrazain in the columns of La Dépêche du Midi.  "We had a problem, he cheated with us."  reveals the strong man of the TO.  Indeed, Mark Kheirallah would have obtained a fake vaccination pass and would have tried to use it with his leaders.  "We tried to explain to him that we could forgive him in relation to his approach", continues Bernard Sarrazain, "but he refuses to be vaccinated. He also refuses to sign the repentance that he was offered and which was mandatory  , by law. We are still in a conflict situation with him. But that will be resolved in the coming days."

     Mark Kheirallah's attitude would have greatly displeased internally, especially coach Sylvain Houlès.

     For this historic first Super League match, the club will also have to deal without Mathieu Jussaume, injured in the preparation match against the Catalans Dragons, lost 26-10 by the Toulouse team on January 26th.


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  2. 2 minutes ago, David Shepherd said:

    Some, like forcing a medical procedure on someone or they'll lose their job are quite obviously wrong.  I'm still struggling to believe that this was even considered in alleged liberal democracies, let alone actually enacted.

    I think it was the law in France that pro sportspersons had to be double jabbed.  

  3. 1 hour ago, StandOffHalf said:

    That's is why I described it as off-putting. He wasn't happy to take one of the ''vaccines'', and the club term that ''gross mis-conduct''.

    He could still be there and helping keep TO in SL, if the passe vaccinal segregations have been changed (due to political expediency, mass unrest, and impending elections).

    Some way to chuck the fella under the bus. And Johnathan Ford too.

    I was a Toulouse fanboy. That's changed.

    How do you know what his contract said?  There might be terms in there that he had to fulfil.

    I notice Keirallah says he got the jab & the pass sanitaire but he doesn’t say when.  From what I’ve seen, Houles is a reasonable man and iirc was one of the first to say that he was in discussion with MK early on.  It was in Houles interests to get him playing for TO so to then say there was no future for him at TO means he didn’t hear the right messages.  

  4. 7 minutes ago, Dave T said:


    I have a real issue with this type of tackle. It may have been for a short amount of time, but Lueluai's feet were both off the ground, and his left leg at least was in an unnatural position for a tackler. That removes some of the argument of a pure accident. 

    I think we need to be very careful with these tackles, I see no reason for anyone to be doing them, and the fact we have seen a couple of injuries so far this year from these fouls shows how dangerous they are. But the disciplinary don't seem to be taking them seriously. 

    We are banning players for 3 to 5 games for punching now and I don't think we have seen any injuries from them, but treating these tackles as minor fouls despite serious injuries coming from them. 

    I don't think we should ban players based on individual injuries, but we should now be looking at these as dangerous and based on players being injured for a couple of months I'd argue that they need to be seriously clamped down on. 

    I don't like these tackles one bit, and 1 or 2 match bans are not going to see them being resigned to the bin. 

    As soon as both feet leave the ground the tackle is out of control and the twisting & pressure is on.  High risk of a lower joint injury.  The disciplinary know this.  



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  5. 16 minutes ago, EagleEyePie said:

    To be fair the decision last night was exactly the same as the decision with Albert Vete's challenge on Iain Thornley. That incident was looked at by the video ref and then put on report rather than being dealt with through use of a card.

    There's no change there. Dangerous contact results in being placed on report more often than having a video ref suggest a ref should sin bin or send someone off. Probably because there's more of a grey area in the interpretation, particularly when there are multiple people in a tackle.

    Indeed.  It would will just give the disciplinary more time and angles to view it, so they are certain.  

  6. 10 hours ago, Sports Prophet said:

    If it takes coaches to demonstrate to a referee and the disciplinary panel the difference between intent, recklessness and carelessness, then the wrong people are in charge.

    There hasn’t been suitable leadership at the RFL since Lewis.

    To be fair to SM he hasn’t said that.  He is saying that it isn’t in the coaches interest to keep players on the pitch.

    In my opinion, and I raised it in another thread, not enough collaboration has been done between coaches and referees.  I mentioned Radfords comments and now we have Matt Peet saying this didn’t happen until too late, so I think it is partly a leadership issue, lacking in timely communication.  If Moorhouse advice is so strong then why not immediately the season ended?

    I would prefer any incident is adjudged on the pitch though and not delayed by an easy ‘on report’.  Referees are caught in between their own decision and the VR these days.  We’ve had a couple of mistakes but our Refs have not been that far off.

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  7. 51 minutes ago, Sports Prophet said:

    Consulting coaches about action on foul play. 

    Well that’s as about as ridiculous as it gets… unless of course the decisions being made are even more ridiculous.

    RFL should tell the coaches to rack off.

    Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Maybe we will get an official statement from the RFL, maybe not.  It would be good to see something from Ganson and also from SL/RFL considering everyone is ‘aligned’ now.

  8. Fighting through the adverts……

    Referees will look to show more caution when brandishing cards after the RFL’s disciplinary chiefs met Super League head coaches for urgent talks about the state of the game.

    The start to the new season has been dominated by the governing body’s crackdown on foul play with a vast swath of yellow and red cards in the opening six rounds. Although supporting the RFL’s bid to reduce injuries and clean up the sport, coaches and players alike have felt they have gone too far with many fans also becoming increasingly disillusioned.

    What may before have warranted a penalty has now, in 2022, often seen sin-binnings or even dismissals. Coaches have become increasingly vocal about how the heavy-handed use of cards is ruining the spectacle of the sport. However, they held positive talks with RFL’s match review panel chief Paul Cullen, head of match officials Steve Ganson and director of operations and legal Robert Hicks for over an hour on Wednesday to discuss the hot topic.

    The Daily Mirror understands that, especially after Mahe Fonua’s farcical yellow card for Castleford last Thursday, all parties agreed it is crucial for the sport’s image that more games, if at all possible, see 13 v 13. Although coaches have been reminded of the need for continued work on players’ tackle technique, from hereon in, some downgrading on on-field offences will come into play. 

    For example, if referees feel a foul could warrant a yellow card or a penalty, they will err on the side of caution and award a penalty. Likewise, where there is doubt between red and yellow, officials will be encouraged to show yellow in a bid to dampen the furore.

    It is understood there was plenty of common ground met during the meeting as both parties sought to find a positive way forward and it was noted that many players have already adjusted to the changes made in the off-season.l  my


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  9. 21 minutes ago, WN83 said:

    I’ve always just felt Hodgson overplays a bit and takes too much ball away from his halves. He’s also been pretty ordinary each time he’s pulled on an England shirt. 

    Sam Powell isn’t good enough unfortunately. I’m a Wigan fan and not one who rips in to him either but he’s just not got enough to his game IMO. 

    I think our three main hopes are Leeming, McShane finding top form or Clark finding his fitness and form. I wouldn’t be against Roby sticking his hand up but can’t see it. McIlorum I always felt would’ve been an excellent international hooker in his pomp, as he’d really lead our line speed and intensity but his best days are probably behind him (although he has started well). 

    One out of the box option I wouldn’t laugh out of town would be George Williams. He started out playing quite a bit of hooker at Wigan, there aren’t many better defensively and he’d carry a real threat with the ball out of there. It wouldn’t be my first choice but spells in there could work. 

    Yep.  I did think of Williams.  We aren’t spoiled for choice.

  10. 1 hour ago, Hvy wg said:

    Rougé can barely tackle in Élite 1, he's a couple years away from SL at the very least

    The Esteve team at the weekend had Da Costa, Seguier, Le Cam, Rouge & Laguerre in it.  I know the pitch was heavy but you would never have guessed any of them was WC material.

  11. 11 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    We can keep listening to Yorkshire men, or we can try and be progressive and modern and have voices and faces that speak to a wider audience that give us different views and angles. 

    I know which I prefer. 

    I’m from Yorkshire and I would prefer a neutral accent for RL. I’m amazed that Sky didn’t realise the value of Eddie Hemmings accent.

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  12. 57 minutes ago, WN83 said:

    The hooking role is probably my biggest worry for England ahead of the World Cup. It's unusual to think like that as an English fan because we usually have far bigger concerns and we've been pretty settled in that position. 

    I don't rate Hodgson anyway tbh but it's one less option if he misses out. As for the rest Clark looks to be really struggling with injuries, McShane does not look in the best of form, Roby is retired and most of the other options aren't good enough. As things stand I'd probably pick Leeming but he's untested at the very highest level, so it's not ideal. 

    It is for me also.  Barring Leeming, none of our, normally first choice, hookers give me confidence they pose a threat or have strong organisational skills.  Having said that, I dont think Leeming is a starting hooker.

    I dont get the hate for Hodgson though.  He was a cracking hooker for HKR and he has done his best years within the NRL.  How many of our exports will ever play at the standard he did remains to be seen.  

    If we are considering changing Robys mind (i thought this might happen), why not consider McIllorum?  Neither would let you down but would they compete or finish the tournament?

    Right now, I would say Liam Hood is a similar player to McShane but imo is playing better.  Sam Powell is busy concentrating on his discipline but will be in with a shout.  I think we may end up with one solid starting hooker, say Powell/Leeming, and end up subbing him for a Clark/Mikey Lewis.  Speculation i know, but we have a lack of strike power in that position.

  13. 2 hours ago, DavidM said:

    The saddest part is it went or report . One feature I don’t like about the NRL is to often in recent times on report is used as a bit of a cop out , to the detriment of on field sanctions . How can ten weeks not be a send off . And it was almost automatic from Sutton

    I agree with that.  If the punishment can be done on the pitch, do it.  

  14. 4 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    I think the use of cards is something that has always been a challenge between the club and Test level games. The Aussies rarely send somebody off (red). 

    I have the view that an Aussie wouldn't have sent off Morley all those years ago. He'd have gone on report. I think the stricter rules may assist us, if a British ref is stricter in a big game then it is less likely to catch us out. 

    Stricter will most likely bring bans which we do not want to see in a WC.   

  15. 1 hour ago, Dave T said:

    Yes, that's the way it's always been, and they have been updated to include many of the recent changes. 

    I suppose interpretations become more important, but then when you have refs from the other side of the world you will get that anyway. 

    Could be wrong but Stuart Cummings was supposed to be reviewing all of this before the WC last year.  

    The issues for me will be the habits formed between both hemispheres players and also, we have to remember, minor nations.  Anything here, around the head on televised matches, seems a penalty and a card, ranging from Fonua to Pryce.  We seem to be penalising, what appears to be, less serious tackles than the NRL but they appear to issue bans for longer.  These 1 - 2 match bans could really affect teams.  Do we relax this initiative just for the WC?  That would be going against the grain of RFL disciplinary and Moorhouse rules.


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  16. 5 minutes ago, Just Browny said:

    There's a valid debate to be had about the crackdown and what it means for the game. I was as annoyed as anyone about the Fonua yellow.

    This 'challenge' by Pryce is not the place for that debate.

    I think there is a meeting today with the clubs, Refs to clarify the whole situation.  Could be some more detail after that.



  17. 3 hours ago, Chrispmartha said:

    I don't think that's even confirmed or if he is nobody knows in what capacity. He was originally employed in a player development role looking after the academy, scholarship and women's side, he may go back to that, not sure if he did it would have much impact on the day to day head coaching role.

    Just read he’s taking time out Chris.  So you were right.  

  18. Just now, Chrispmartha said:

    I don't think that's even confirmed or if he is nobody knows in what capacity. He was originally employed in a player development role looking after the academy, scholarship and women's side, he may go back to that, not sure if he did it would have much impact on the day to day head coaching role.

    Didn’t GH mention that RA would be helping find the new coach?  If that’s the case, he must be in a position of influence Chris?  Maybe I misheard as Gary’s but at the end had already been said a few times before.


  19. 1 hour ago, Scubby said:

    Nobody else made him an offer. We don't know if that extension has a break if offered an NRL job or whatever. As I said, I would want him to remain there he is perfect for Catalans. Leeds job is to get the best person they possibly can - he is the best UK candidate by far.

    If they are looking to Australia Shane Flanagan is the best person without a club atm. Either would do a great job at Leeds. They should be in that top 4 and pushing for honours every single season given the resources and catchment they have.

    I don’t think Flanagan is a bad call.  Granted I don’t know his promotion chances within the Dragons or what his plans are but Leeds are one of the few teams we have who would offer the right kind of money to tempt him.

    The only negative I see in that is that Agar will still be there.  Far from perfect situation imo

  20. 6 minutes ago, FearTheVee said:

    No disrespect to Danny Ward but strikes me Leeds would be mad to appoint him.

    Surely they will look for a highly thought of NRL coach looking to progress through to an NRL gig - Maguire / Holbrook / Woolf style.

    To be fair to Ward, Tony Smiths record at Hudds before he became Leeds Coach wasn’t so good at all.

    Like you I have my doubts though.  He’ll probably be earning plenty with the union side anyway.

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