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  1. In a carcassonne team Guasch stood out more than Albert who has some ability but not consistent application. He hasn’t shown he offers a lot at all mate.
  2. I believe TO have just re-signed Albert. I imagine as back up to Gigot and Ford. Not sure that’s a good move tbh.
  3. It’s a good outlook to have. Come on England!
  4. I think Brian is thick skinned enough to ignore the slatings he might get for his comments and I also think any coach who’d been under the financial pressure that TWP created would be glad of some time off. 100% agree with Ryan Carr and to a certain extent with one of Scubbys choices in Craig Lingard but Brian is a very focussed bloke and I’m sure has some points to prove in that he can still do the business, which is exactly the right attitude. No ones mentioned Danny Ward, or is he spoken for?
  5. I see Cats are still chasing Pearce. Same money as Maloney. If the Knights get chance another half back I think he’ll come to SL. I was hoping it was to Hull mind!
  6. Very few posters are other than the few holding prejudice against the French clubs. The same posters whose teams have a history of recruiting french players.
  7. Add to the squad in the ‘hope’ that there are players available and if they aren’t go down the loan route?
  8. I think the OP says that really DC but SL have decided to push it back to the RFL. But I would agree to a certain extent with the last paragraph as we managed when the Colts system existed. I am not 100% on how clubs ‘manage’ their academy teams these days. By that I mean how much they liaise and interact with the parent club plus, how they continue to mentor fringe academy players who continue to play at the parent club.
  9. The same predicament in that TO face the same challenges - little time to recruit, shallow squad depth. My comment had absolutely nothing to do with Leigh’s current status or plans. One thing I would say though on the current status is that we’ll see who’s plan is effective and who’s isn’t.
  10. What you said was ‘the game kicked on ‘ after WW2 and related to the international success. The ‘game’ in France, barring the international team absolutely did not. Vichy, RU pillaged the finances and wrecked the infrastructure. Because they did on for a time doesn’t mean the actual game wasn’t damaged.
  11. Unfortunately, as has been commented many time, that’s P&R in SL. Not enough time to prepare a squad etc. There are a couple of players currently playing in Elite that I think might be snapped up by TO before the SL season starts. TO might have a little more strength in depth than Leigh but they face the same predicament.
  12. One reason I posted it is that I thought someone could clarify if the cuts where on Clubs who hadn’t been given elite licenses. It could be that. If it is, that wasn’t made clear when those announcements where made. This could be why SL has shoved it back to the RFL as the audits where their undertaking.
  13. Didn’t know about this. Isn’t it about time the relationship between these two was sorted out? Excerpt from LRL website:- ‘Academy funding is being completely cut from 2022. Some clubs have already started to reach out to fans and sponsors stating that their academy must become self-financing with no help from the RFL or Super League. Although Super League still hold the purse strings due to the broadcast deal, they have refused to comment – instead passing the buck on to the RFL. It is another example of an issue getting stuck between the dual governance in rugby league at present.’
  14. I think it came out of nowhere that one. His brother (at the Knights) seems to be doing ok too although it’ll be another year or so to see if he’ll crack it. On UK kids travelling to Aus to take their chance. There are a few routes available. Someone very close to me got asked if he would be interested in going to Keebra Park college (linked to Wests)after they had watched a few videos of him playing. He didn’t take the opportunity which we respected but it just shows, NRL people are looking in every corner for potential and will support it.
  15. Why no complaints about teams such as Leigh signing French players? Bergal and Dezaria played for Leigh as 21/22 year olds.
  16. You can’t change history to prove your argument Harry. RL as a ‘game’ was banned. This includes all related amateur teams, schools and any players playing both codes. Certainly the international game in France came back into its own but without infrastructure or money. This is without even considering the prejudices. Even now, RL is not permitted in all schools but the Dragons/TO success, plus 2025 WC should kick start it further forward. If it does, we all win. Players identified by British clubs as good enough can be identified/bought/loaned and vice versa. Improvement in the pro game means more money into the semi pro/amateur game as well as Pole Espoirs, other colleges and schools. That, in turn, creates a more marketable product and TV interest, imo, and more money all round.
  17. He’s played for London broncos, Scholars and Sheffield, now going to TO Elite 1 side. All the English clubs have had a chance to sign him.
  18. I imagine coverage with the BBC would attract more people, like you I think C4 could be good. Many years ago they covered NFL and it was excellent. I hope they choose presenters with neutral (as possible) accents.
  19. I think the key point that has been missed by whoever decided this, is that Boston was most probably has been one of the main icons from Wigan’s heritage. Where he came from, what he achieved, what respect he has in the community & wider communities and that also he is still alive. Wonder what he thinks? Probably just shrugs those big shoulders. A modern day take on what counts. £ over heritage and history.
  20. I ve just bought one. I think it would be easier if they put all upcoming games available for purchase in ‘Match Centre’. Unfortunately, there are no matches being played today on that link button.
  21. scroll down and there’s a big green and yellow flag with Jordan’s mug in the way. Buy Now button is on the right of that.
  22. Away fans normally go in Puig Aubert which is the end stand. There is nothing to stop you buying a ticket for any stand really. I sat in Guasch about 7 rows back for a few seasons but you might be able to get a seat in the lower levels nearer the pitch. Bonsoms is known as the best stand and for this game I think will be the easiest to get a seat but the most expensive. Give them a call. I would get in Guasch if you can. Better atmosphere.
  23. No he’s been playing at Bradford. Got a bad injury, recovered then got another in pre season and has been back around 6 weeks I think. Still no update on a new contract for him at Hull FC.
  24. Part time might suit Lewis. I think moving away from home as a relatively young man (20) might not have been right for him. That and opportunity. I don’t believe that Hull were convinced with him over Bowden, Green, Matongo or an ageing Micky Paea and after the RFL cancelled the Reserves comp he went out on loan. Sometimes, despite him being an obviously strong man, confidence has a big part to play and being able to feel wanted. If he gets settled and comfortable again I’m sure he’ll have a point to prove at the Broncos, who are getting a relatively fresh player as well. Daft as it might seem, if he starts to play to his potential, another SL club will come in for him but he has to recover some playing form first. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of him.
  25. Well he’s announced Oliver Roberts being transferred but Roberts is saying he knows nothing about it. Same old. I saw that you question was asked but no reply was the answer. Maybe now?
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