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  1. 9 hours ago, Kayakman said:

    Why did you have to tell them?...I was just about to have fun with this one!

    Comin to get you Fev...comin to get ya next weekend...gonna set the record straight on ya Fev.  Gonna sick the Big Bad Wolf on ya Fev.

    Steady on Kman.

    You should know by now that Fev don't play to the script.

    And Percy isn't scared of the big bad wolf.  Hope he's coming.

    I'm heading down to dirty London on Thursday to catch my flight over.  Really looking forward to it.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, gingerjon said:


    Because the ultimate reward is promotion, not just a title. It is therefore fair that the higher ranked team gets a greater reward for their performance in the league season.

    If RL teams in the top division were awash with 70,000 capacity stadiums then playing it at home venues might become relevant. Right now, it isn't. It's a deflection.

    Don't be silly.

    The higher ranked team already gets the benefit of home advantage in the earlier rounds.

    And your daft comment about 70,000 cap stadiums is the deflection.  Finals are generally played at neutral venues, which I'm sure you know, but true to form, you're being deliberately contrary.

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  3. 34 minutes ago, Tommygilf said:

    Agreed. Previously it has been "finals day" with the L1 Final/L1 playoff final too. Hopefully that would work at Headingley, especially if they only initially opened the terracing of the south stand first as opposed to the seating bit at the top too.

    Last time it was there (Fev v Leigh), they didn't open the south stand.

    The crowd looked quite good on TV, since the cameras couldn't really see the south stand.

  4. 4 hours ago, leaguefan13 said:

    Saw a headline from today’s League weekly suggesting Super league could be set for a private cash injection. Not had chance to pick up a copy as yet. Anyone know what was said or is it more pie in the sky ? 

    Reading the article, Elstone has only had initial discussions.  Doubt it's worth getting excited about just yet.

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  5. 17 minutes ago, Canis Lupus said:

    If honest it's all about TWP making the final that matters for me rather than the venue. If Leigh make second or third and win that game they could have a league trip to Toronto followed by a possible trip to Toulouse and then back to Toronto. If they lose that game but make the final it would be another trip to Toronto as it stands and that IMO is a lot to ask both club and supporters. York Bradford and Fev will have a big say in it but the scenario is possible.


    It is a lot to ask in terms of travel for those teams.

    But why are the 12 UK chairmen only thinking about it now?  It was obvious to me at the start of the season that we could have an issue with this.

    A decision has been made and rightly or wrongly, they have to stick to it this year.  Change it to a neutral venue next year, then we all continue to know what we're playing for.

    I doubt many would make a final in Toronto, we'd only get one week notice and it would be difficult to arrange time off etc.  Although I'd have a bloody good go at it if we (Fev) got there. Toulouse would be fine, it only needs one night away and is often cheaper than getting a train to London.

    A switched on UK chairman would hire a big screen at the stadium for the fans to view the game on.

    Anyhow, I'm flying out to Toronto on Friday and am really looking forward to what will probably be a once in a lifetime experience.

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  6. 3 hours ago, bobbruce said:

    The Bosman ruling was a perfectly sensible ruling no matter where it came from. Before it you had a situation were players were tied to a club even if their contract had run out. So clubs would have to pay a fee for a player who didn’t actually have a contract with the selling club. 

    Oh I agree.  A club "owning" a human being and treating him as a balance sheet asset has a whiff of slavery about it, not really something that should be happening in the modern age.

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  7. Most clubs sold as well as bought.

    Part time wages were significantly lower than those paid today.

    Backroom and medical costs were lower, there was no army of "trainers" and the "physio" was usually a bloke in a track suit, armed only with some Vaseline, Elastoplast and a bucket with some mucky water and a sponge.

    Attendance figure were routinely under declared, players were paid in conveniently untraceable and non VATable cash.

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  8. 23 minutes ago, Treize Hombres said:

    One of my workmates has watched Wigan for the past 15 years and knows absolutely nothing about rugby outside of SL

    He's never heard of the likes of York, Featherstone or Workington and this is despite me giving him my copy of League Express every week.

    In fact he hasn't twigged that I don't even support Wigan 

    Some people truly are blinkered 



    Happens more than you'd think. Was chatting to a KR fan a few years ago in Bridlington  (before they got relegated). He noticed my shirt and asked if it was an old one, cos he thought clubs like Fev no longer existed.

    There are young Rhinos in Ponte who ask why I'm wearing a Lions shirt (It's a Rovers shirt), cos they have no idea there's a pro club a mile and a half away.

    Despite Fev's decent marketing output, we need to up our game.

  9. 1 hour ago, The Future is League said:

    If and when we leave the EU some clubs are clearly going to struggle for players as any new labour laws will favour UK citizens over non UK citizens. 

    The days of the has been's and never was players from the NRL will be coming to an end and obviously so will the short term solution and really some clubs need to get their junior development sorted and soon. Thoughts.

    Conversely, if the CANZUK free trade and free movement area comes into being, Kiwis, Aussies and even Canadians will find it much easier to ply their trade over here and vice versa. 

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  10. 6 minutes ago, GUBRATS said:

    The interception won the game for Fev , brilliant reading by Chisholm , he misses it Leigh score and go 2 scores clear , he catches it and Fev take the lead , and the game 

    Good game , Shame to hear a few Leigh idiots booing Reynolds probably the same idiots who used to give him grief when he was at Leigh , if you see this Ben , 99.9% of the Leythers thank you for your time at Leigh and wish you all the best in the future

    Thanks Fev for a great day out , see you later no doubt  

    To be fair, two of Leigh's first half tries came from passes that colin kaepernick would stick on his highlight reel.

    One of the many "errors" that today's ref made.

    That aside, it was a tough, well fought game. Thought we won the energy battle and a late scare aside, the result was never in doubt after Chizzy's intercept.

    I'm sure Ben Reynolds got way less stick than 'ocky, Riddy and Scruffy Duffy got. Goes with the territory when you play a former team.


  11. On 02/07/2019 at 15:24, CanadianRugger said:

    I 100% agree, TWP is not viable long term if they are playing in the Championship.  Either they are allowed in to Super League this year or they fold.  

    There is no money in the Championship and the promotion/relegation formula used uniquely in Europe doesn't work in North America.  They are either a top flight club or they exit the game.

    Not that I think many Rugby League fans would care if they did.  I think Rugby League in the UK likes the idea of Rugby League becoming a big time sport but not if it means sacrificing a few Heartlands clubs.



    Sadly, I think you're right there.

    There are far too many people over here that think it's still 1956 and we have a god given right to 100,000+ crowds. We know we've got a great sport, but we are hopeless at promoting it and giving the wider public a positive impression.

    RL needs to be box office if it's going to grow.  I'm probably in the minority, but I think Toronto's addition to the top division is a step on the road to bigger things.

    You'll never get us to ditch the idea of promotion and relegation though.  The franchised model is just as alien to us as the P&R system is to you. Hopefully one day there will be enough teams to run a North American League, then RL will really be going places.


  12. On 01/07/2019 at 02:59, CanadianRugger said:

    Anyone else crossing their fingers we get out of the Championship this year?  I'm getting tired of us slaughtering every team bar Toulouse and one or two others.

    I'm hoping Super League simply expands to 14 and promotes both us and Toulouse.

    Think it will be a massive boost for the sport, both in Canada and Europe if/when you do get promoted.

    You've got a top notch coach who is well used to winning big games.  Hopefully you won't freeze like you did against London last year.

    No chance of Super League expanding to 14 teams before the new deal unless TWP and TOXIII bring a significant domestic TV deal to the table.  It's also not very fair to change the rules mid season.

    For entirely selfish reasons, I'm glad you didn't get promoted last year? I couldn't afford to bring the family over last year, but I can this time.

    See you all next Saturday


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